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    Home / College Guide / Side Effects
     Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT

    This angel holding a sword and a pen. Electronic surveillance is legal, and to date there are no nation’s laws that differentiate between the electronic circuitry of a machine: a personal computer, a vehicle, a phone… or a human brain. The human brain technically runs on electricity. From http://www.ninds.hih.gov ‘Brain Basics: The life and death of a Neuron’ : “ Neurons are information messengers. They use electrical impulses and chemical signals to transmit information between different areas of the brain, and between the brain and the rest of the nervous system .” Consequently funding for human hacking is legally and conveniently worded as: electronic surveillance , and slips under the radar of appropriations committees. Every human has a brain signature or electromagnetic pulse, (EMP) that can be mapped and mined. Once the human-EMP is uploaded into a computer system weapons program the brain signature can be locked onto and the brain loaded with streamed directed energy weapons. This streamed DEW is nothing more than a non-physical EEG without the electrodes attached to the skull. The DEWs and weaponized Brain Computer Interface impact, manipulate, experiment on, and test reactions of the neurons of a TI’s brain and body while being recorded, uploaded and labeled into its own computer hardware program under the TIs name.

    The program can then be bought and sold. All targeted individuals are human trafficked. 24/7 neuron- bombardment eventually causes a PTSD-type of continuous fight or flight response that releases cortisol from the subject’s adrenal glands. Stress, danger and change cause cortisol release and increase levels of glucose in the body. As with any sugar, glucose causes immune system drop, tiredness and induces hunger. Glucose is also produced in the brain when melatonin is destroyed by microwaves streamed from iPhones, smart devices, cell towers, satellites or directed energy weapons attack. The pineal gland or ‘third eye’ is the source of melatonin that regulates circadian rhythm. The pineal gland is also where psychic phenomenon makes itself known to the brain. It is this targetedartist’s educated opinion that the powers that be want to destroy all human ability to connect directly with their own body’s portholes of divinity (the word ‘gates’ is used in the Bible) -places where God the One by Any Name is and can be perceived first hand. From the Bhagavad Gita 26 “ Those who renounce attachment in all their deeds live content in the “city of nine gates,” the body, as its master.

    They are not driven to act, nor do they involve others in action”. (BG, 5:13) In the Bible the physical body of humans is referred to as ‘temples’ with gates that open to the Holy Spirit. “Therefore Jesus said again, ‘I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep.’” And, In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (ESV) , he asks, “ Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? … You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.” The destruction of psychic gifts targeted individuals suffer is done with neuroweapons that shut off access in the human body and brain to pathways that have led to the divine through mental or physical functions known or unknown since childhood. -Yale and Oxford Universities, the National Institutes of Health and NIMH- National Institute of Mental Health, with NCRR, National Center for Research Resources, and NARSAD- the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression are hoping to use neurostimulation to augment ‘voice-hearing’ groups of schizophrenics. Oddly enough most targeted individuals going to their local law enforcement about being DEW targeted, gangstalked and experiencing Voice to Skull weapon attacks are placed in 96 holds and labeled schizophrenic, paranoid and delusional.

    Will these institutions pay voluntary human experimental subjects in their research in ‘neurostimulation’? The YaleNews of September 2016 Bill Hathaway’s article, ‘ Psychics help psychiatrists understand the voices of psychosis ’, tackles how one in 25 people hears voices in their lifetime, but most are not mentally ill. “Patients with schizophrenia were much more likely to report negative experiences when hearing voices or when discussing the voices with other people.” The psychics have a “much higher degree of control over the voices,” said Philip Corlett, assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale University. Yale neuroscience graduate student Megan Kelley assisted Corlett in his research with clairaudient psychics . Corlett said, “We predict this population: psychics, will teach us a lot about the neurobiology, cognitive psychology and eventually treatment of distressing voices… The research may be unusual, but big, intractable problems require creative and sometimes unorthodox solutions.” -The Yale Department of Psychiatry and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation provided primary funding for the research.

    From Yale School of Medicine ‘ Hear Voices ’ by Christopher Hoffman in their magazine of 2019 Spring wrote… “Albert Powers MD, and Philip Corlett PhD reached out to the president of the ‘ American Association of Psychics ’ Connecticut chapter… Powers started going to association meetings and psychic fairs with another researcher, Adina Bianchi, to talk with clairaudients, Corlett says.” The main difference found between psychic and psychotics’ voices is that psychics ‘control’ their ‘friendly’ voices. Psychotic ‘voices’ are less comforting, and they are negative, and cannot be controlled. – The latter voices sound exactly like V2K delivered remotely with DEW/BCI streamed to targeted individuals EMPs or brain signatures to mind-control them to depression and/or suicide . Powers and Corletts’ findings were published in August 11, 2017 issue of Science magazine. They note that neuromonitoring brain devices are planned in the future to “ short-circuit brain activity” in psychotic patients. Since 2016, 7-20-21 danger 7 magnetic radiation at 0-3 magnetic started on north side of home and in kitchen.

    From the Oxford Academic the Schizophrenic Bulletin 2017 and Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine and Maryland Psychiatric Research Center… excerpts of a discussion on Albert Powers, Megan Kelley and Philip Corletts’ article regarding their work with psychics and psychotic patients: “The voice-hearing experiences of clairaudient psychics exhibit striking similarities and important difference from help-seeking voice-hearers. There were very few differences in the low-level acoustic characteristics, content or frequency of their experiences… investigation into participant’s early voice-hearing experiences revealed a younger age of onset in psychics compared to their treatment-seeking counterparts, with accompanying positive experiences on telling others of their voice-hearing.” Psychics also reported a higher ‘multisensory hallucination’ rate than psychotic individuals. The psychiatrists involved in the study were extremely grateful to the psychics for assisting in helping them better understand what they called ‘voice-hearing’ people. Danger 6 magnetic radiation set on 0-3 magnetic, on 7-30-21 Neuroweapons can also cause illness, disease and weight gain/loss from the continuous 24/7 streamed directed energy weapons controlling every aspect of the human body.

    What is the most embarrassing function a human body can do? Emit gas from the anus, i.e. flatulate or fart. Who hasn’t accidently let a fart escape out in public? What TIs experience during BCI and DEW attack is much more than ‘toots’, when their neurology is manipulated. The goal of DEW attackers is to completely discredit their targets and what better way to do that than to publicly shame them with their own actions? Many TIs have spoken to me about experiencing ‘monstrous sounds’ emerging from their anus, against their will. Sounds so loud, unusual and bizarre sounding that grown men within hearing distance, I am told have reacted with fear. Because what is happening is not normal . So how can neuroweapons do this? When microwave weapons are remotely locked on and streamed to a stomach some TIs say they can actually feel bubbles being produced. Targetedartist spoke with a friend who said, “ It always happens in a public place where I am sitting down, I guess because the weapons cannot produce the same affect when I am moving? Or maybe it is just that when I am sitting down in public, I’m usually in an intimate social setting? So they know I feel ashamed.

    The bubbles in my stomach from energy weapon targeting I can actually hear! The gas is produced quickly whenever they want it to be. This manufactured gas bubbles rapidly, and when this happens I get a picture in my mind of a pot of boiling, and bubbling water. Since this has happened before, lately I have actually been clenching my legs together, but nothing helps. Usually air is forced from my bowels in a loud and almost violent manner… and there is nothing I can do to stop it. If I walk away, it stops. But how can you walk away when you are in a restaurant with friends? I would have to stay away the entire meal.” The small and large intestines -which together comprise some 15 feet in length can hold 100-200 cubic cm (6-12 cubic inches of gas) under normal conditions. However when neuroweapons produce the carbon dioxide (and other more odiferous gases) in huge quantities the manipulated forced air from the anus can sound as loud as an actual fog horn. I have spoken with TIs who say they are, “ Manipulated into an altered state ” before their independent enteric nervous system of the gastrointestinal tract is remotely DEWed to make huge amounts of gas to discredit them.

    According to these TIs, they never hear their DEW-manipulated-flatulence, and only smell their methane-hydrogen-sulfide-ammonia ‘gale’ if someone around them reacts to it. Said one, “ No one in their right mind would so violently force air from their body at work, or in a public place. These perps do it to disgrace and dishonor us, which discredits anything we are working toward”! Targeted Individuals’ intestines and anus are as controlled to force-extreme-flatulence , as their heart is palpitated , and their arms and legs are jerked at night keeping them awake. The gastrointestinal tract is managed by the independent enteric nervous system . Researchers investigating the role of sensory nerve endings in the anal canal speculate their role is to distinguish between flatus and feces. Neuroweapons impact all nerves in the human body. From Johns Hopkins Medicine: ‘Gastrointestinal Issues: What’s Your Brain Have to Do with It’? https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/gastrointestinal-issues-whats-your-brain-have-to-do-with-it -“Linda Lee, M.D., discusses the connection between the brain and the gut , and how gastrointestinal (GI) issues impact the brain.

    She notes that while digestive disorders often affect women differently than men, both are impacted by this connection. “… Nerves in the wall of the gut…” says Lee. “We collectively refer to these nerves as the enteric nervous system .” All aspects of the body can be controlled by remotely streamed neuroweapons. In the article ‘ Neurological and psychiatric aspects of some gastrointestinal diseases’ by Zsuzsa Aszalos 11-2-2008 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18952527/ the author writes, “The gastrointestinal tract is controlled by the independent enteric nervous system. It is also closely connected to the central nervous system, and bi-directional communication exists between them. The communication involves neural pathways as well as immune and endocrine mechanisms. The brain-gut axis plays a prominent role in the modulation of gut functions. Signals from different sources (e.g. sound, sight, smell, somatic and visceral sensations, pain) reach the brain. These inputs are modified by memory, cognition and affective mechanisms and integrated within the neural circuits of the central nervous system , spinal cord, autonomic and enteral nervous systems .

    These inputs can have physiologic effects, such as changes in motility, secretion, immune function, and blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract. One of the most important neurotransmitters is serotonin” … (Serotonin needs to be replenished in TIs especially due to constant DEW attack… and can be acquired naturally by eating eggs, which boost blood plasma levels of tryptophan, cheese, pineapples, tofu, salmon, nuts and seeds, turkey and ripe-spotted bananas.) Targetedartist has a xeriscaped front yard. Rocks are collected whenever visiting friends or relatives. This month two rocks were shattered by a powerful force. A large one shattered to pieces. And a small ocean rock was shattered into two perfect halves. What force can do such a thing? Then there is the question – How can neuroweapons change a TIs weight? From the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience , University of Chicago, and the Department of Psychiatry, Yale University is the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative article, May 1, 2017, ‘ Clinical Commentary: eat to live or live to eat? The neurobiology of Appetite Regulation’ by Kathryn R. Kinasz, Dave A. Ross, and Joseph J.

    Cooper. Listed on a government site: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5712899/ – When directed energy is streamed to the lateral hypothalamus nucleus: neurons are affected. The orexigenic neuron- stimulates desire for food. The brain under remote neuroweapon attack exhibits leptin resistance, making it hard to feel satiated. When dopamine a neurotransmitter is not being produced people end up eating more and oftentimes the food does not taste as good as it should. These neuromodulations result in an increase in eating highly caloric food: or comfort food to feel better. (Dopamine is found naturally in spotted bananas.) The National Institutes of Health and the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative that are funded by the US government- are working to pinpoint the exact neurobiological stimulation involved in weight gain and weight loss… They note that appetite regulation experimentation on animals is being done and seen as ‘necessary’. Legal experimentation on humans is extremely costly… Non-consensual experimentation on humans is probably not as costly especially when they are TIs being human trafficked. ‘ Neuroimmunogastroenterology : At the Interface of Neuroimmunology and Gastroenterology ’ – By John Michael S.

    Sanchez, J. Scott McNally, Melissa M. Cortez, James Hemp, Laura A. Pace and Stacey L. Clary… From the Departments and Divisions of Microbiology and Immunology, pathology, Radiology, Advanced Imaging Research, Neurology, Imaging and Neurosciences Center, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, and George E. Whalen Veterans Affairs Medical Center … all in Salt Lake City, UT, United States. In this article the authors write: “ The central nervous system (CNS) is an important regulator of the gastrointestinal tract, and CNS dysfunction can result in significant and disabling gastrointestinal symptom manifestation. Neuroimmunogastroenterology lies at the borderlands of medical specialties, and there are few resources to guide neurologists in this area”… “The brain-gut axis incorporates bi-directional signals from the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, enteric nervous system , gut microbiota, and immune system to respond to the dynamic needs of human physiology”… And “Evidence for the role of the gut microbiota and the intestinal barrier in neuroinflammation has been found in a number of disease states including autism spectrum disorder, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

    Understanding the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota and intestinal permeability influences neuroinflammation is an intense area of research”. Is the targeted individual inside the borders of the United States the Guinea Pig all these institutions rely on to ‘understand’ and ‘pinpoint the exact neurobiological stimulation’ that manipulates every body organ, nerve ending and cell in the human body? Question of the day: What is the difference between God and Artificial Intelligence? God does not need a power source because God is the power source. AI needs a power source. God created everything. God is, was and always shall be… AI was created by humans. Humans are created in God’s image. Does artificial intelligence want to upload God’s image from humans, to eventually know God? Or become a god? Front yard. Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today for family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants, finances, health, food, drink, air, water, earth, sun, oil, wood, metal, fire and me. God forgive all those harming us. The beauty of your planet will assist us in healing. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.

    Thank you dear God. I love you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

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