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    Home / College Guide / User:Ant2242/Commonwealth
     Posted on Tuesday, October 12 @ 00:00:09 PDT

    |Line 28:||Line 28:| |?||+| |?| 43, 12 October 2021 - [User:Ant2242/sandbox01] - [User:Ant2242/Referencing guidelines] - [User:Ant2242/GECK and Creation Engine terminal entries page guidelines] - User:Ant2242/Fallout 3 terminal entries verification project - User:Ant2242/Fallout: New Vegas terminal entries verification project - User:Ant2242/Fallout 4 terminal entries verification project - User:Ant2242/Fallout 76 terminal entries verification project - [User:Ant2242/GNR radio verification project notes] - [User:Ant2242/Terms project] - [User:Ant2242/Dialogue file project] - [User:Ant2242/Dialogue file format] - [User:Ant2242/Random characters] - [User:Ant2242/Random locations] - [User:Ant2242/Protectron pod] - [User:Ant2242/Technology, Robotics, Computers, Terminals, Hacking, and Lock picking Overview orders] - [User:Ant2242/FO4 standardized character location comment table] - [User:Ant2242/FO4 companion activities and surroundings comments] - [User:Ant2242/FO4 companion quest reaction comments] - [User:Ant2242/Holodisk audio source project] - [User:Ant2242/Horse] - [User:Ant2242/Donkey] - [User:Ant2242/Hubology] - [User:Ant2242/Walden Pond] - [User:Ant2242/Glossary of Hubology terms] - [User:Ant2242/Glossary of the Fallout universe] - [User:Ant2242/HubLink] - [User:Ant2242/Lyons Brotherhood of Steel] - User:Ant2242/Resource Wars - [[User:Ant2242/ - [User:Ant2242/Robert E.

    Lee] - [User:Ant2242/Divergence] - [User:Ant2242/Fallout setting] - [User:Ant2242/List of businesses] - [User:Ant2242/External links project] - [Forum:New Policy:Dialogue file page format] - [Forum:New Policy: Guarding against Link Rot] - [Forum:New Policy: Merge the Reference Policy] Lava Lamp {204}{}{Okay, here you go. One Hy-Mag. Kinda looks like a lava lamp, doesnt it? Oh, dont drop it... its pretty fragile.} [Vcrandal.msg](/wiki/Vcrandal.msg) - Open admission to editing source texts for the purpose of correcting grammatical errors. - We can only quote the content of the files. Whats inside the files cannot be altered. What we do with it can. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/REPCONN_Aerospace?type=revision&diff=3364329&oldid=3364327 - Glossary of common wasteland terms https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Glossary_of_common_wasteland_terms?type=revision&diff=3365090&oldid=3365089 Page verification and dialogue lines verification on: - [Skizzer] : {102}{}{Fellow Crypter, you doing fine.} ( [SKIZZER.MSG] ) - [Rock] : {134}{}{The Foolish shall perish.} ( [ROCK.MSG] ) Also the lines from the Black Mountain Radio need to be GECK checked. Similar to how the GNR radio page was Never added or checked for accuracy to the game file until very recently.

    Probably just link the refs that use it directly to the page. missing links on the NcProsti.msg page: Paper bag, Slaver convention, Slavers Guild, Christoper Columbus and Mikey Mouse USA and US Armed Forces pages reference notes were removed for some reason. Sarah Lyons: All Im saying is, the longer we sit here, the more time they have to shore up their defenses. We should hit them sooner rather than later. Owyn Lyons: We barely have the manpower to keep the Citadel fortified. Weve been over this before, Sarah... Sarah Lyons: So we just wait until they decide were next on the list? If the Pride goes in now, we might have a chance. Owyn Lyons: And if you fail, then what? The risk is not worth the reward. Reginald Rothchild: I agree. Without the G.E.C.K., the purifier is useless to the Enclave anyway. They may give up before long. Sarah Lyons: I dont like it. Owyn Lyons: You dont have to like it, Sarah. You just have to follow orders. Sarah Lyons: Yes father. Sarah Lyons: If the Enclave has the G.E.C.K., theres nothing stopping them from starting the purifier. Theyll figure out the code eventually. Owyn Lyons: Im afraid youre right. We need to act now while we can. Sarah Lyons: Send the Pride in.

    We can do it. We can win this! Owyn Lyons:All right, Sarah. The Pride goes in. But I want them to have some extra firepower. Rothchild, is it ready? Reginald Rothchild: What? No! I mean, Li and I have solved the power problems, but weve only barely finished diagnostic tests. Owyn Lyons: So? Reginald Rothchild: Its not ready for field tests, let alone live fire situations. The weapons havent been calibrated, the navigation detection system is offline... Owyn Lyons: Rothchild, enough. Can you make it work? Reginald Rothchild: Honestly? I dont know. I think we can scrape by, and I suppose if we cant it wont matter in the long run anyway. Owyn Lyons: Then its decided. Sarah, you take the Pride and use the robot as support. Take our friend here and secure that purifier. Sarah Lyons: Yes, sir! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/780502870 Fallout: New Vegas for California Community Foundation Wildfire Relief 10/24/2020 // Notes // Post BoS because stolen tech they all dead yo bla bla bla oh also made the detection system which isnt the same as what the BoS used to find the main nest glass cavern [Edward Hayes](/wiki/Edward_Hayes) , talks during search for refs here // Notes for Raleighs bunker terminal page: Do we have a page for that Defiance Has Fallen transmission? Where is that one terminal?, Why is that conditional? Can the bunker be accessed with Hacker or does it have to have the password? Free States seems to have PIP-Boys abundant enough for use in their Scorched Detection System.

    Links of page probably needed [[relay tower]]s, uplinks, a [[satellite]]. [[motion sensor]]s [[radio]]ed // Pages needed Operation Clean and Clear a redirect, Scorchbeast lure, Operation Cooldown and Scorched Detection System // // SDS developed before? // Development after Defiance fall? // [[1]](#cite_note-1) [[2]](#cite_note-2) Abbies bunker terminal, rose and abbies dialogue, radio tower terminals, and thats all i can think of After Defiance has fallen??? // detection system before lures?! // lure idea, and development // [[3]](#cite_note-3) [[4]](#cite_note-4) [[5]](#cite_note-5) [[6]](#cite_note-6) // Verified Full scene Not the Pre loop stuff about Institute actions Needed on its page and probably associated pages // // Mankind-Redefined Directorate Scene // [[Shaun]]: Good, were all here. I think its time we begin. [[Justin Ayo]]: Sir, excuse me, but... {{Tooltip|What exactly is {{Tooltip|he|Male}}/{{Tooltip|she|Female}} doing here?|distrustful}} Shaun: I will address that issue, but there are other subjects that require our attention first. The level of unrest in the Commonwealth continues to rise, as were all aware. Your report? [[Allie Filmore]]: All Institute facilities remain completely secure, with.

    .. the exception of one notable breach. Otherwise, internally things are as tight as theyve ever been. Doctor Ayo has been keeping an eye on things topside. Justin Ayo: Yes, ah... Watchers show no additional threats beyond those previously identified. Were still monitoring the increased activity around Fort Independence, but there are no immediate signs we should be concerned. Boston International Airport remains occupied, with Brotherhood presence noted at several other points throughout the Commonwealth. Intelligence suggests that this Railroad continues to operate, and is becoming more... ambitious. {{Tooltip|SRB agents are monitoring all known situations, sir.|emphasis on all, suggesting someone in the room is also being watched}} Shaun: Very good, thank you. Its clear that our safety needs to be the primary concern going forward. To that end, where are we on Phase Three? [[Madison Li]]: {{Tooltip|Ah, sir. Are you sure that this is the time to be discussing it?|hesitant, concerned}} {{Tooltip|Given... well, considering all parties present?|concerned}} Shaun: Ah, yes. Thats true. Have you heard anything about Phase Three? // Player Interactions here then rest of scene // Perhaps the rest were from a different Directorate meeting? // ([[Shaun.

    txt|Shauns]], [[JustinAyo.txt|Justin Ayos]], [[AllieFilmore.txt|Allie Filmores]], and [[MadisonLi.txt|Madison Lis dialogue]]) Contents - [1 Actual retcons] - [2 Wastelander Water Request] - [3 Curie III] - [4 Tektus] - [5 Nuka-World] - [6 Background] - [7 Layout] - [8 Scorched Detection System] - [9 References] - [10 Logical deduction help please -- Also Tooltip Improval thing here too!!!!] - [11 Yangtze Memorial characters have their own page?] - [12 Great Khans] - [13 Random: Graham and Needed pages] - [14 Add whatever naming thing is here] - [15 Holodisks and notes] - [16 The Commonwealth] - [17 Background] - [18 References] Actual retcons - Fallout 2: Super mutant immortality, and breaking Fallouts story, where the only claim of functional immortality was ZAXs idle speculation - and Vree came to the conclusion it increased lifespan, but didnt render you immortal. You still died - and the Master went all suicidal after considering that and agreeing. Wastelander Water Request [Wastelander Water Request] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiQQhEVZD5M - [Joe] appears to be the settler in rags -- Is joe random?? - The Missing [Scavenger] [Brotherhood of Steel Knight] and [Brotherhood of Steel Paladin] s Dialogue needs their own pages.

    [Jopselestra added their raw dialogue to the wiki] . I saved a copy and lack the finished format ...and ability to create it, to add it to the wiki. - Is the title of the unmarked quest correct? see here: [Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Tour of Broken Steel] -- is it an unmarked quest? Curie III // Merge the Springvale elementary school and associated pages // Once the Water Distribution Network and associated pages are done go through Underworld and Andale. // Review Point Lookout tribals and faction // review references on Harkness and Christianity // review refs for Lieutenant?type=revision&diff=3548315&oldid=3482229 Caesar%27s_Legion?type=revision&diff=3548383&oldid=3537170 and Dog_and_God?type=revision&diff=3548221&oldid=3538214 and Thomas_Hildern?type=revision&diff=3550501&oldid=3493024 and Alex_Richards?type=revision&diff=3550361&oldid=3530297 and Ada_Straus?type=revision&diff=3550359&oldid=3502836 and Argyll?type=revision&diff=3550360&oldid=3323453 and Enclave_remnants?type=revision&diff=3550548&oldid=3533478 and Enclave?type=revision&diff=3550596&oldid=3550180 // and see if Robodog is Merged Robodog?type=revision&diff=3550379&oldid=3351982 // [User:Ant2242/Curie III](/wiki/User:Ant2242/Curie_III) [User:Ant2242/Gerard](/wiki/User:Ant2242/Gerard) [User:Ant2242/Water Distribution Network](/wiki/User:Ant2242/Water_Distribution_Network) [User:Ant2242/Split Jack](/wiki/User:Ant2242/Split_Jack) The Apostles of the Eternal Light is an order of the [Church of the Children of Atom](/wiki/Church_of_the_Children_of_Atom) , founded by [Curie III](/wiki/Curie_III) less than two weeks from the activation of [Project Purity](/wiki/Project_Purity) in [2277](/wiki/Timeline#2277) / [2278](/wiki/Timeline#2278) .

    Practiced out of their [recently constructed monastery](/wiki/Holy_Light_Monastery) in [Springvale](/wiki/Springvale) , this evangelical off-shoots [[7]](#cite_note-GerardGuideFO3-7) main tenants are arguably heretical to [the cult](/wiki/Religion) . - Background While meditating in [Springvale](/wiki/Springvale) Curie was approached by four members of [Lyons Brotherhood of Steel](/wiki/Lyons%27_Brotherhood_of_Steel) on their [water delivery run](/wiki/Water_Distribution_Network) to [Megaton](/wiki/Megaton) . When they found her there, she told them where she was from, and they told her to share the water with her people. [[8]](#cite_note-8) In her religious stupor she took this to be a vision from Atom himself. That four armored angels of war appeared, to giver her the barrels of [Aqua Pura](/wiki/Aqua_Pura) and bless it with [radiation](/wiki/Radiation) to spread the cults message of enlightenment to everyone. [[9]](#cite_note-9) [[10]](#cite_note-10) [[11]](#cite_note-11) [[12]](#cite_note-GerardPleaseStop-12) [[13]](#cite_note-13) [[14]](#cite_note-FO3BSCurieSermon-14) [[15]](#cite_note-15) [[16]](#cite_note-16) She and [Brother Gerard](/wiki/Gerard_(Broken_Steel)) would leave Confessor [Cromwell](/wiki/Cromwell) s flock, no longer believing in the [Great Division](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Great_Division) , (seeing this belief as misguided and the [C-23 Megaton](/wiki/C-23_Megaton) [nucler weapon](/wiki/Nuclear_weapons) as a great symbol of Atom) [[17]](#cite_note-NoGreatDivision-17) to found a new order of the cult in Springvale, the Apostles of the Eternal Light.

    They constructed their monastery in the ruins of a home, adding exterior walls in front and installing a tabernacle. From the podium the radiation devices are activated on the pulpit, between which a bathtub rests. The actual order resides in the basement. Their small but growing order seek to tend to the ill through their brainwashing [[18]](#cite_note-CultBrainWash-18) and charitable works; [[19]](#cite_note-19) [[20]](#cite_note-CultPamphlet-20) [[21]](#cite_note-WandererCynic-21) [[14]](#cite_note-FO3BSCurieSermon-14) giving away their newly ir [radiated](/wiki/Radiated) [water](/wiki/Water) . With few interested in their cult, and most seeing the power of the atom as destructive, she seeks to use this [holy water](/wiki/Holy_water_(item)) to secretly irradiate and convert them. [[22]](#cite_note-22) [[23]](#cite_note-23) When consumed by hapless and unknowing wastelanders, [[24]](#cite_note-GquotedMc-24) [[25]](#cite_note-25) [[7]](#cite_note-GerardGuideFO3-7) holy water harms them and even kills those frail enough. [[26]](#cite_note-26) [[27]](#cite_note-27) They are used to religious persecution and they refuse to answer violence with violence, [[28]](#cite_note-CurieTheft-28) [[29]](#cite_note-29) [[30]](#cite_note-30) [[31]](#cite_note-31) to a point.

    [[7]](#cite_note-GerardGuideFO3-7) [[32]](#cite_note-32) [[33]](#cite_note-33) [[34]](#cite_note-34) With their theft of Megatons weekly water shipment the settlers have become extremely agitated. Sending nasty letters to [Elder](/wiki/Brotherhood_of_Steel_hierarchy#Elder) [Owyn Lyons](/wiki/Owyn_Lyons) , [[35]](#cite_note-35) and he in turn blaming all Megatons water problems on [Scribe](/wiki/Brotherhood_of_Steel_hierarchy#Scribes) [Bigsley](/wiki/Bigsley) . [[36]](#cite_note-36) Already barley getting by with Megatons native, barely functional, [[37]](#cite_note-37) [water processing plant](/wiki/Water_processing_plant) the tantalizing prospect of being given barrels of pure clean water and having it snatched away has driven some to the breaking point. A small number have gathered to get water from a passing caravan on its way to [Big Town](/wiki/Big_Town) . Without interference the denizens will attack the caravan and its Brotherhood guards will open fire, killing them all. [[38]](#cite_note-38) [[39]](#cite_note-39) Curie III can be convinced that people cannot be forced into accepting [salvation](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Salvation) , that using deception to spread the word of their cult is wrong and a mockery of her faith.

    [[40]](#cite_note-40) [[41]](#cite_note-CurieConvinced-41) Alternatively she can be convinced that the Lone Wanderer is Atom himself. Instructing her to not irradiate the water, instead she returning the water she stole and only proselytizing those who seek her out. [[42]](#cite_note-42) [[43]](#cite_note-CurieTricked-43) [[44]](#cite_note-RadiatedFailure-44) Should the C-23 Megaton nuclear weapon at the heart of Megaton be detonated by the Lone Wanderer, Gerard and Curie III wouldve been there to preach their order to its populace. He will emerge from the ruins as a [ghoul](/wiki/Ghoul) , his faith seemingly confirmed by Atom himself. Curie III, however will emerge as a [feral](/wiki/Feral_ghoul) . Delirious from his traumatic experience he will decide to stay in the ruins of Megaton to think, pray, and wait until Atom reveals his plans to him. [[45]](#cite_note-45) [[46]](#cite_note-46) [[7]](#cite_note-GerardGuideFO3-7) [[47]](#cite_note-CurieGuideFO3-47) - Beliefs In Curie IIIs vision Atom didnt call upon his flock to seek [Division](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Division) , but instead to seek [Enlightenment](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Enlightenment) .

    Specifically, that only through Atoms supreme and total Enlightenment that they may attain [salvation](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Salvation) in [Eternal Light](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Eternal_Light) [[48]](#cite_note-48) [[21]](#cite_note-WandererCynic-21) [[20]](#cite_note-CultPamphlet-20) and become [ghouls](/wiki/Ghoul) . [[49]](#cite_note-49) [[50]](#cite_note-50) [[51]](#cite_note-51) [[14]](#cite_note-FO3BSCurieSermon-14) Seeing their transformation as a rebirth, so that they do not hunger, suffer, or age. Needing only [Atoms Glow](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Atom.27s_Glow) , so they are happy. [[52]](#cite_note-52) [[17]](#cite_note-NoGreatDivision-17) The origin of this religious epiphany may be because her own son became a [feral ghoul](/wiki/Feral_ghoul) , and she needed to explain away why her god took away her [child](/wiki/Child) . Now she believes that he is living in both the real and spiritual realm and has taken the final steps on their journey. Despite the fact that much of her sons higher functions have disappeared, and only instinct is preventing the confused [Glowing One](/wiki/Glowing_One) from attacking. [[53]](#cite_note-53) Furthermore they believe that drinking their radioactive pure water will cleans their speech for discourse.

    This belief comes from a corruption of [Revelation 21:6](/wiki/Christianity) . In their words to drink deep of the Water of Light, so that it may sanctify our tongues, and render us purified for discourse. [[20]](#cite_note-CultPamphlet-20) [[54]](#cite_note-CorruptWaterLight-54) [[55]](#cite_note-55) [[56]](#cite_note-56) [[57]](#cite_note-57) [[58]](#cite_note-58) - Organization This loose order is led by Mother Curie III, with Brother Gerard acting as gate keeper. - Outside relations The cult stole Megatons water shipment [[59]](#cite_note-59) and has been irradiating it to give away. Those that drink the aforementioned holy water suffer radiation poisoning and in some cases death. Entrance to the monastery requires one to become irradiated. [[60]](#cite_note-60) [[61]](#cite_note-61) [[62]](#cite_note-62) - Interactions with the player character - [Holy Water] , the player must stop the cult from irradiating hapless wastelanders with stolen water. - [Wastelander Water Request] , the player encounters desperate NPCs due to the cults actions. - Technology They constructed a fortified tabernacle in the ruins of a Springvale home. Two [radiation traps](/wiki/Fallout_3_traps#Radiation_trap) are operated by a switch on a podium, between the traps is a bathtub.

    - Members - [Mother Curie III] , founder and leader - [Brother Gerard] , first officer, guard [[7]] - [Novice] , brainwashed cultists [[18]] - [Sun of Atom] , confused passive feral glowing one - [Atoms Champion] , confused passive feral ghoul reaver - Notable sayings - Where others walk only in the dying waste, we offer the path of eternal light. – Curie III [[24]] - We will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the Water of Light. – corruption of [Revelation 21:6] [[20]] [[54]] - Notes - Should the [player] have completed the [quest] [Project Impurity] by infecting the [water] supply with [modified FEV] Curie III wouldve irradiated the water effectively neutralizing [the virus] . [[63]] Tektus A rabid fanatic with megalomaniacal ideas, Tektus is a zealous member of [the Children of Atom](/wiki/Church_of_the_Children_of_Atom) and a fervent believer in [the cult](/wiki/Religion) s creed. [[64]](#cite_note-SurprisedAwe-64) Unlike High Confessor Martin, who lost faith over time, Tektus faith is only strengthened by adversity and his mercy tempered by devotion to the Glow. Though he is willing to maintain peaceful relations with the Acadians because they supplied the Children with the Nucleus, he is vehement in his hatred of the residents of [Far Harbor](/wiki/Far_Harbor) , frequently deriding them as heathens and sometimes even sending some of his followers to sabotage their defenses.

    After Martin left, Tektus became the high confessor and he began to take a far more aggressive stance against the harbormen. {{citation needed}} High Confessor Tektus has been a Child of Atom for over at least over a decade. He and his predecessor [Confessor Martin](/wiki/Martin_(Far_Harbor)) left [Megaton](/wiki/Megaton) to evangelize non-believers at the behest of [Confessor Cromwell](/wiki/Cromwell) , whom he believes is Atoms great prophet. After leaving the [Capital Wasteland](/wiki/Capital_Wasteland) he believes that they were guided to [Mount Desert Island](/wiki/The_Island) . There they settled among the islands native population, the harbormen. [[65]](#cite_note-65) Along the way to [Maine](/wiki/State#Maine) they discovered the then [Enclave](/wiki/Enclave) [Lieutenant](/wiki/Military_ranks#Enclave) [Brian Richter](/wiki/Brian_Richter) trapped and alone. After freeing him, Richter would convert and follow them in their journey. [[66]](#cite_note-66) As tensions rose among the believers and non-believers the conflict eventually resulted in the exile of the Children of Atom from Far Harbor When they left Far Harbor, it was the [Mother of the Fog](/wiki/Mother_of_the_Fog) , a child of Atom, who led them to the from the wilds to the Mount Desert Island Naval Facility.

    [[67]](#cite_note-67) After a time, DiMA would give them the facility to make as their new home. They would rename it [The Nucleus](/wiki/The_Nucleus) . Rising tensions After their settlement at [The Nucleus](/wiki/The_Nucleus) , one of their own, [Brother Andrews](/wiki/Andrews_(Far_Harbor)) , who was murdered by [Allen Lee](/wiki/Allen_Lee) . Although he was not the first to die trying to evangelize more of the harbormen, he was beloved by his community, and his death was the catalyst for even more direct hostility. With Andrews death, then Confessor Martin began to grow more hostile to not just Far Harbor, but also to [DiMA](/wiki/DiMA) , due to his assistance to the inhabitants by way of the [fog condensers](/wiki/Fog_condenser) . Martin tried to persuade DiMA that they should both try to convince the harbormen to leave the island, both for the harbormens safety and to satisfy the Children, but DiMA wouldnt be swayed. [[68]](#cite_note-68) With Martins zealotry lingering and losing control of his flock, one member came to him to discuss her crisis of faith. [Sister Gwyneth](/wiki/Gwyneth) , upon seeing documents describing what an atom was, [[69]](#cite_note-69) could no longer believe that the religious figure of Atom was real.

    For the better part of two hours, they discussed their dogma, with Martin reminding her of all the gifts they believed Atom bestowed upon them, their [radiation immunity](/wiki/Radiation_Resistance) , their family and their home on the island. That eventually calmed her down, but as she left for bed, her questions lingered in his mind and raised doubts that Martin had had for some time. Martin questioned how wise she was, although this would be blamed on DiMA. [[70]](#cite_note-70) [[71]](#cite_note-71) This would have great impact on Martins faith. Eventually Confessor Martin would choose to leave, to slip away one night after going to sleep in his chambers. Tektus rule After their previous confessor Martin disappeared, after an unsuccessful search with the other Zealots, [Tektus](/wiki/Tektus) elevated himself from grand zealot to high confessor. [[72]](#cite_note-72) With his growing influence came a grater amount of paranoia, all those connected with the old regime would be suspect for heresy. As [Aubert](/wiki/Aubert) saw this with growing concern, her lover [Edgar](/wiki/Edgar_(Far_Harbor)) believed that even if the new high confessor had a problem, his friend [Brian Richter](/wiki/Brian_Richter) would tell him.

    Edgar did urge Aubert to continue to use their shared footlocker in the storage room to share messages to avoid the gossip that spread so easily in their community. [[73]](#cite_note-73) [[74]](#cite_note-74) Edgars trust was proven to be misplaced, as the grand zealot would not be there to stand for him when he was declared unfaithful. The grand zealot would cover for his death and Aubert coming to despise Tektus. [[75]](#cite_note-FearAndHatred-75) Believing that only Martin was worthy of leading the congregation. [[76]](#cite_note-76) [[77]](#cite_note-77) [[78]](#cite_note-78) This leaves her in the same position as all those who do not blindly follow Tektus, frightened into submission [[79]](#cite_note-79) [[80]](#cite_note-80) [[81]](#cite_note-81) [[82]](#cite_note-82) [[83]](#cite_note-83) [[84]](#cite_note-84) [[75]](#cite_note-FearAndHatred-75) so they are not subsequently executed as a heretic. [[85]](#cite_note-85) [[86]](#cite_note-86) [[87]](#cite_note-87) [[88]](#cite_note-88) [[89]](#cite_note-89) [[90]](#cite_note-FaithAndGratefulForLife-90) [[91]](#cite_note-91) [[92]](#cite_note-92) [[93]](#cite_note-93) The New Arrival After the detectives arrival on the island, and subsequent entanglement in the local conspiracies, they may have gone to the Nucleus seeking further answers.

    From there to [Atoms Spring](/wiki/Atom%27s_Spring) and further following the Mother of the Fog to [their shrine](/wiki/Children_of_Atom_shrine) . If so the high confessor will be surprised that an outsider saw their important divine messenger, both in awe and unsure how to interpret it he will welcome the Sole Survivor into their fold. [[64]](#cite_note-SurprisedAwe-64) [[94]](#cite_note-94) Wherein they can quickly climb the ranks of the cult. Whether truly a new convert, or not, the Sole Survivor is soon tasked by the high confessor to weed out those that dont follow his rule blindly. After these heretics, both real and imagined, are dealt with [[95]](#cite_note-95) [[96]](#cite_note-96) the Sole Survivor will have to choose the fate of the islands inhabitants. Should the Sole Survivor either truly convert to the cult, or just wish to side with the Children of Atom, Tektus will have them deactivate the [wind farm](/wiki/Wind_farm_maintenance) causing the power to the fog condensers to fail. Resulting in the complete devastation of Far Harbor and the harbormen as the wildlife floods into the territory. [[97]](#cite_note-CleansingLand-97) Should the Sole Survivor either truly convert to the cult, or just wish to help the Children come to [Division](/wiki/Glossary_of_Children_of_Atom_terms#Division) they can retrieve the [nuclear launch key](/wiki/Fallout_4_keys#Nuclear_launch_key) .

    The Children, now with the means to live their faith, will launch the [SLBMs](/wiki/Submarine-launched_ballistic_missile) on board the [USS Democracy](/wiki/The_Vessel) , destroying everyone and everything within the Nucleus. [[97]](#cite_note-CleansingLand-97) Should the Sole Survivor side with DiMA and seek to force the [Reformation](/wiki/Reformation) of the cult, he will be murdered and replaced by the [synth](/wiki/Synth) [Cole](/wiki/Cole_(Far_Harbor)) . As a result of his doppelganger peace, albeit a tense one, will return to the island. [[98]](#cite_note-98) // Needs his dialogue help please -- User:Ant2242/Random characters#Tektus // Nuka-World Ant2242/Commonwealth was a [amusement park](/wiki/Fallout_4_locations) maintained by the [Nuka-Cola Corporation](/wiki/Nuka-Cola_Corporation) and is the setting of the [Fallout 4](/wiki/Fallout_4) [add-on](/wiki/Fallout_4_add-ons) [Nuka-World](/wiki/Nuka-World_(add-on)) . Background Pre-War The idea for Nuka-World was born on a Memorial Day weekend as [John-Caleb Bradberton](/wiki/John-Caleb_Bradberton) watched hundreds of Americans enjoying an ice cold Nuka-Cola at the fairgrounds. He thought, A day like this should be everyday! and the idea for Nuka-World was born.

    Construction was started in [July 2049](/wiki/Timeline#2049) , and despite everyones doubts, opened less than a year later on May 1, 2050. Nuka-World featured [Nuka-Town U.S.A.](/wiki/Nuka-Town_U.S.A.) and [Kiddie Kingdom](/wiki/Kiddie_Kingdom) as its two main attractions. Nuka-Worlds opening day saw tremendous success with over 40,000 tickets sold. Due to the overwhelming success, the plans to expand Nuka-World were immediately set in motion. [Dry Rock Gulch](/wiki/Dry_Rock_Gulch) opened in [2058](/wiki/Timeline#2058) , followed by [Safari Adventure](/wiki/Safari_Adventure) in [2067](/wiki/Timeline#2067) . On both occasions, the number of visitors almost doubled overnight. The [Galactic Zone](/wiki/Galactic_Zone) , the last and most ambitious of the planned parks, opened to the public in [2072](/wiki/Timeline#2072) . [[99]](#cite_note-InfoT-99) It wasnt long after opening that John-Caleb Bradberton realized he wanted to share the joy of making Nuka-Cola with his audience. The local bottling plant was remodeled and updated to allow for guided tours and sampling. On the eve of the [Great War](/wiki/Great_War) , the featured drink was [Nuka-Cola Quantum](/wiki/Nuka-Cola_Quantum) . Together with Kiddie Kingdom and Nuka-Town, it formed the nucleus of the park.

    [[100]](#cite_note-100) Kiddie Kingdom was the original featured park of Nuka-World. Famous for its sugary dessert theme, John-Caleb Bradberton wanted to focus on a place for younger children to enjoy. Some of Kiddie Kingdoms more popular attractions include the Ferris Wheel, King Colas Castle, Nuka Racers and the Fun House. [[99]](#cite_note-InfoT-99) [[101]](#cite_note-101) Dry Rock Gulch was the first of Nuka-Worlds planned expansions. Its grand opening was held on Memorial Day weekend of May 2058 which coincided with the introduction of Nuka-Cola Wild to the public. Inspired by John-Caleb Bradbertons own love of the Wild West as a child, and as a celebration of the Nuka-Cola Wild soft drink, Dry Rock Gulch was designed to take visitors back in tome to the days of cowboys, horses and saloons. Dry Rock Gulch features Mad Mulligans Minecart Coaster and an outdoor theater where you can enjoy child friendly entertainment. Also popular is Doc Phosphates Saloon where Dry Rock Gulch features its very own inspired Nuka-Cola product to beat the heat: Nuka-Cola Wild. [[99]](#cite_note-InfoT-99) [[102]](#cite_note-102) Safari Adventure was the largest undertaking by John-Caleb Bradberton. It took a grand total of seven years to build thanks to the valuable input from a variety of zoological and environmental scientists.

    It opened its gates during the Labor Day weekend of 2067, 9 years after Dry Rock Gulch. Popular attractions at Safari Adventure included Cappys Treehouse, the Primate House, and the Reptile House. Another ride, the Angry Anaconda Rollercoaster, was scheduled for opening in [2078](/wiki/Timeline#2078) . [[99]](#cite_note-InfoT-99) [[103]](#cite_note-103) As the shining pinnacle of Nuka-World, John-Caleb Bradbertons final inspiration was to bring his customers a taste of the future with the Galactic Zone. Opening at the start of the season in 2072, it set records as the most popular attraction in Nuka-World to date. The Galactic Zone contained a unique collaboration between the Nuka-Cola Corporation, [Vault-Tec](/wiki/Vault-Tec_Corporation) , and [RobCo Industries](/wiki/RobCo_Industries) , allowing visitors to go on a space adventure at Nuka-Galaxy, prepare for the future at Vault-Tecs Among the Stars, and finally, experience RobCos achievements in robot technology at the RobCo Battlezone. [[99]](#cite_note-InfoT-99) [[104]](#cite_note-104) [writing it] . Post War [writing it] . Abandoned after the Great War, Nuka-Worlds size and defensibility of each location eventually attracted wastelanders who made it their home.

    The town prospered as a trading hub for years, but unfortunately, it also attracted an unsavory crew. In 2286, three raider gangs ( [The Pack](/wiki/The_Pack) , [Operators](/wiki/Operators) , and [Disciples](/wiki/Disciples) ) invaded the city under the lead of Overboss [Colter](/wiki/Colter) . Killing the defenders and enslaving the remainder, they instituted a brutal reign of terror. Nuka-World was to become their fortress and the heart of an empire. [[105]](#cite_note-105) Fortunately for the wasteland, Colter grew comfortable in his position as Overboss and was content to tinker with his [power armor](/wiki/Overboss_power_armor) , while the situation deteriorated. [[106]](#cite_note-106) Faced with dissolution of the park and the raider empire, [Porter Gage](/wiki/Porter_Gage) orchestrated Colters fall in the Gauntlet, to replace him with the [Sole Survivor](/wiki/Sole_Survivor) . [[107]](#cite_note-107) Layout Nuka-World is divided into six distinct districts or parks: [Nuka-Town USA](/wiki/Nuka-Town_USA) , [Kiddie Kingdom](/wiki/Kiddie_Kingdom) , [Dry Rock Gulch](/wiki/Dry_Rock_Gulch) , the [World of Refreshment](/wiki/World_of_Refreshment) , [Safari Adventure](/wiki/Safari_Adventure) , and the [Galactic Zone](/wiki/Galactic_Zone) .

    Nuka-Town USA lies on the south end of the park, and hosts the three raider gang headquarters as well as the Overbosss personal quarters at the [Fizztop Grille](/wiki/Fizztop_Grille) . Going counter-clockwise from the northern tip of Nuka-Town USA, there is Kiddie Kingdom, the World of Refreshment, Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, and the Galactic Zone. A river separates the former three from the latter three and bridges facilitates navigation. There are many more locales to Nuka-World than just those in the parks; several homesteads dot the map, as well as a [power plant](/wiki/Nuka-World_power_plant) in the west, a [junkyard](/wiki/Nuka-World_Junkyard) to the southwest, the company town of [Bradberton](/wiki/Bradberton) and a [reservoir](/wiki/Northpoint_Reservoir) to the north, and even a [museum about shovels](/wiki/Wixon%27s_Shovel_Museum) in the southeast. - [Raleigh Clays bunker terminal entries; Outgoing notifications station, Scorchbeasts] - [Raleigh Clays bunker terminal entries; Outgoing notifications station, Scorchbeast Lures] - [Raleigh Clays bunker terminal entries; Terminal, Early Thoughts] - [Raleigh Clays bunker terminal entries; Terminal, First Plan] - [Raleigh Clays bunker terminal entries; Terminal, Promising Results] - [7.

    0] [7.1] [7.2] [7.3] [7.4] [Fallout 3 Official Game Guide] Game of the Year Edition p.64: Brother Gerard First officer of the Apostles of the Eternal Glow, this evangelical off-shoot of the Church of the Atom has plans to sweep the Wasteland by beckoning their followers to bathe in light. Gerard is direct and friendly to a point, but keen to further the Churchs causes no matter what the cost. If you run into Brother Gerard after a nearby nuclear explosion, he greets his new and terminally singed appearance as the ultimate sign on his path to radioactive righteousness. ( [Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census] ) - [Jefferson Memorial terminal entries; Bigsleys terminal, Megaton Report] - [Lone Wanderer] : Wait a minute... are you saying this Holy Water is irradiated Aqua Pura? Gerard: That is what the unbelievers from that so called Project Purity call it before we fill it with Atoms Holy Light. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : How do you make your holy water? Curie III: It was a gift from Atom. I was meditating right here in Springvale, when four of His armored angels came to me. When I said I was from Megaton, they gave me barrels of Aqua Pura, and said I should share it with my people.

    They were very clear on that. Naturally, I understood Atoms message. And so, Ive been busy blessing this holy water and sharing it with the world. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Where did you get your water? Gerard: Our Luminescent Mother went to meditate outside of the city, and as she wandered in a trance, she was visited by Atoms angels of war. These angels brought her Aqua Pura. Water so pure, so pristine, and so unsullied that she knew it would make the perfect vessel for Atoms Glow. Since that day, she has busied herself consecrating Atoms pure water into the Waters of Light. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Im sure you mean well, but this has to stop. Gerard: Stop helping the needy? I dont think so. And even if I did, its not my decision to make. Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie the Third, our Luminescent Mother. And shes far too busy to speak with outsiders. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : You know this water is full of radiation, right? Gerard: Its full of Atoms Light, if thats what you mean. Brighter and warmer than any water Ive ever seen before. Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie III, our Luminescent Mother.

    But her work keeps her busy within the monastery at all times. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [14.0] [14.1] [14.2] Curie III: Children of the Light, hear my words and feel Atoms warmth! For too long, our world has been barren, and our people have become empty. Their hearts have become dry and cold, and thirst consumes the weak and the strong alike. But we can save them! For Atoms bounty has granted us the gifts of mercy and compassion! Oh, my brethren, let us share with them the Waters of Light! Let them be fulfilled by Atom! Let them know his glow and be truly Enlightened! And let them live forever, and walk with us in the grace of Atoms Glow, and never be empty again! ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Isnt there some way I can convince you to stop? Curie III: Were doing holy work here, tending to the suffering and hopeless. Our holy water gives warmth to those who would only die unsaved, otherwise. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : You cant trick people into enlightenment. They have to accept it knowingly. You judge what you do not understand. By introducing them to Atoms Light, we are saving them from a life of misery. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [17.0] [17.1] The [Lone Wanderer] : Youll see the true power of Atom when I detonate that bomb in Megaton.

    Curie III: No! No you mustnt! We left Cromwells church precisely because we DONT believe in the Great Division. Atom calls us to reach Enlightenment through becoming one with his Glow. We believe in transformation - not destruction. Please, leave the Great Symbol of Atom alone. Let the Confessor preach his misguided message to the heathens. Join us here. Gain enlightenment. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) Note: This line can be spoken if the player has yet to complete the [quest] [The Power of the Atom] . - [18.0] [18.1] [Novice] : Our veins flow with Atoms Eternal Glow. ( [Novices dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Luminescent Mother, I need to speak with you about your holy water. Curie III: Yes? If you wanted some, Im sure that Brother Gerard would have gladly given you a bottle or two. We dont charge for charity, you know. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [20.0] [20.1] [20.2] [20.3] [Holy water pamphlet] - [21.0] [21.1] The [Lone Wanderer] : Sounds like a nice little setup youve got. Have fun poisoning people! Gerard: Laugh if you want, but our good deeds shall not be corrupted by your cynicism. We will continue to help the needy. Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie III, our Luminescent Mother.

    And she works tirelessly in our monastery to Enlighten the world! ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : You need to stop contaminating the Aqua Pura for your holy water. Curie III: Dont be silly! How else will we spread the word to the unenlightened? So many misunderstand Atom, and fear the Glow of his Light as a thing of destruction, rather than humanitys next step towards perfection. With this marvelous holy water, they drink without fear, and by the time the Glow consumes them, they have no need to fear ever again. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Thanks, but Ill pass. Ive had bad luck with cults. Gerard: As you wish, of course. In this cruel world, simple prudence says he who offers help in one hand, conceals a knife in the other. But I assure you, we wish only to help the unfortunate, and expose them to the eternal light that can guide us all to salvation. That is why we offer our blessed water to any and all who are athirst. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) Note: This line is referring to either the [Treeminders] or the [Point Lookout] [tribals] .[verification needed] - [24.0] [24.1] The [Lone Wanderer] : The Apostles of Eternal Light? Is that just you? [Gerard] : No, no.

    Ours is a modest order, but our ranks are growing slowly, as others hear our words and are Enlightened. As our Luminescent Mother says, Where others walk only in the dying waste, we offer the path of eternal light. And to spread goodwill, we offer this holy water to any and all supplicants. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Your holy water is poisoned with radiation. Gerard: No, its full of Atoms Light. Its a tragedy that not everyone is prepared to accept Enlightenment, but such are the ways of the divine. Besides, we never force anyone to drink it. We simply give the opportunity to those who thirst for something more. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Micky] : Please, water. Im so thirsty. [Rosa Meitner] : Oh, poor dear. Here, Ive got some water I can spare. Micky: For... for me? Crystal clear water? Oh, bless you! Bless you! Rosa Meitner: No, bless you. Im glad to help. Micky: I havent tasted water this pure since... urk... Oh. Oh god, whats wrong? Water... Rosa Meitner: No! Thats not supposed to happen! No, get up! Get up! You cant pass out, youre supposed to get better! I gave you holy water, and everything! Rosa Meitner: No... What do I do? He cant be dead. He just cant be! It was just water! Oh god, somebody help! ( [Mickeys] and [Rosa Meitners dialogue] ) - [Rosa Meitner] : What should I do? He asked for water, and I thought I was helping him, not killing him! The Lone Wanderer: Slow down.

    What happened here? Rosa Meitner: I just gave him some water I picked up on the way through Springvale. It tasted pure, and it looks clean. How was I supposed to know? ( [Rosa Meitners dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Please, youre endangering innocent people who think your water is safe. Curie III: Is that truly what it looks like to others? We only mean to tend to the ill and offer them salvation before they pass - were saviors, not murderers! We offer salvation, not death! We must not give the world another reason to fear Atoms Light. If that means no more holy water, then so be it. We will leave the clean Aqua Pura for the residents of Megaton. We will save our ministrations for those who seek us out. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : I have to go now. Curie III: Thank you for choosing wisdom over violence. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Im putting an end to your twisted cult, right now. Curie III: Ah. We are accustomed to this sort of religious persecution. However, I refuse to respond to violence with violence. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Enough cultist crap. This is sick. Mother Curie III: You are welcome to your own beliefs, of course.

    But I would ask you not to profane in our monastery. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Okay, I tried asking nice. Lets do this the hard way! Gerard: Must it really come to this? So be it. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : I cant believe you made me drink that crap. I had no idea. Youre so dead. Gerard: I made you do nothing. You chose to imbibe the Waters of Light of your own volition. A choice most wise, indeed. As for your threats to my person, I fear not. I am aglow with Atoms Holy Light. You may do violence to this vessel, but my spirit is inviolable. I shall smite thee, heathen. Atom fill me! ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : If you dont stop, Ill have to make you stop. Forcibly if I have to. Curie III: If you feel you must resort to violence, then you will do so. I will not fight you. But I cannot say that my disciples share my commitment to peace. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : You think maybe Megaton is trying to con you out of more water? [Bigsley] : I dont know WHAT to think. I got Lyons breathing down my neck about it though. Apparently Megatons sending him nasty letters demanding a shipment. I JUST sent them a weeks supply! A months, if they ration.

    Look, if you can straighten out Megaton so I get Lyons off my back, Ill make it worth your while. ( [Bigsleys dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Ive stopped the cult that was stealing Megatons water. [Bigsley] : A cult? Theres something about Megaton, isnt there. Its apparently THE place to start a cult these days. Guess I can start sending them water again. Hopefully they can keep their grubby hands on their shipments this time. Here. Its not much. Most of the assets have been exhausted, but take this. Its definitely worth getting Lyons off my back. Thanks. ( [Bigsleys dialogue] ) - [quest] [Treatment] in [Fallout 3] . - [quest] [Wastelander Water Request] in [Fallout 3] . - [Megaton settler] : Youve still got plenty of water. Look, the brahmin is loaded with it. What you gave us wont last more than a few days! [Scavenger] : Hey, it isnt my call. I just take the water where the Brotherhood tells me. Dont shoot the messenger, you know? Megaton settler: Look, theyre giving the water away. What do you care whether you leave it all here or somewhere else? Scavenger: I really dont care. I mean, youll have to take it up with those boys... Megaton settler: Youre not leaving here with that water.

    We need it. Were taking it. [Brotherhood of Steel Knight] : I hope youre not thinking about getting stupid on me. Sorry, pal, but you already got your quota. Our orders are to take the rest of this to Big Town. Alright, lets move out. Megaton setter: We just need the water. All of it. Come on, Joe, help me get the water. They arent really going to stop us. Brotherhood of Steel Knight: You guys are unbelievably stupid. Brotherhood of Steel Knight: Woops. That got out of hand quick. They shot first, right? [Brotherhood of Steel Paladin] : Uh, yeah. Water delivered to Megaton without incident. Thats what my report will say. ( [Megaton settlers] , Scavengers Brotherhood of Steel Knights, and Paladins dialogue[verification needed]) Note: These are the events of the [unmarked quest] [Wastelander Water Request] if the characters are not interfered with. - [Lone Wanderer] : You cant trick people into enlightenment. They have to accept it knowingly. Curie III: Hmm... You have a point, one cannot be forced into salvation against ones will. To do so would be unjust, even in Atoms name. Perhaps youre right. We must not use deception to spread the word of Atoms Light. To do so would be to make a mockery of salvation itself.

    We will stop using the Aqua Pura for our holy water. We will save our ministrations for those who seek us out. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : I am the Prophet of Atom. Stop irradiating water. Curie III: Why... you ARE the Prophet of Atom! I didnt recognize you until now... Your eyes are aglow, your very skin radiates with Atoms Heat! I didnt realize... My Lord, now that you have revealed yourself to me, I do... I see the errors of my ways. Forgive me, for I knew not what I was doing... we will spread your word without the use of the holy water... we will return the Aqua Pura to Megaton. It shall be a test: the worthy will seek us out, and finding us they will find the Message of Atom, drinking the Waters of Light in their souls. Yes! I leave you now, Lord. I can not bear to look upon your shining face any longer. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) Note: This is the successful option if the [player character] has over 800 [rads] . The sex of Atom changes biased on the players choice during character creation. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) Note: This line is spoken after the player convinced Curie that they are Atom in a greeting. - [Lone Wanderer] : I am the Prophet of Atom.

    Stop irradiating water. Curie III: You may not agree with us, but you need not mock our beliefs. The Prophet of Atom would be so aglow as to outshine the sun. You are not he/she. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) Note: This is the failure option if the [player character] has over 800 [rads] . The sex of Atom changes biased on the players choice during character creation. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) I must stay here. Pray and think. Think and pray. It will come to me. What must be done. Soon Atom will reveal his plan to me. Yes. Yes. Y s! Atom in my head. Atom in my heart. Atom is in all things. Atom is all things. Atom... Atom... Atom... ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Fallout 3 Official Game Guide] Game of the Year Edition p.86: Mother Curie III Overseeing the operation is Mother Curie, who believes firmly that she is doing Atoms will and helping the world grow, and they find that consecrated Aqua Pura is actually much more potent than any other dirty water. She has prepared a rich and varied history to read to her flock. Should you find her in her second state; she has received her greatest wish, as she bathed in the light of infinite candles, and reached a higher realm of consciousness. In fact, this worked so well, her mortal corpse has become a frothing, savage Ghoul with no knowledge of your previous interactions.

    ( [Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Tell me about your order. [Gerard] : Ah, the Apostles of the Eternal Light were first introduced to the majesty of Atoms Glow by the holy teachings of Confessor Cromwell. And we were content to stay in Cromwells Church, until Atom gave a vision unto our Luminous Mother. She learned that Atom did not call for Division, that sundering which drives us apart. Atom calls for Enlightenment, the warmth which feeds us. For it is only through Atoms supreme and total Enlightenment that we may attain salvation in Eternal Light. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : You mean, you turn people into Ghouls? Curie III: Thats a vulgar term, used only by those who are jealous of their gifts. We recognize them for the Enlightened beings they are. But to receive such Enlightenment, people need to be exposed to a tremendous dose of Atoms Glow. Thats why our holy water is so important! Sadly, only a small number of supplicants truly achieve Eternal Light. The rest must be satisfied with Enlightenment and an end to their suffering. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Turning people into Ghouls? But that requires an amazing amount of radiation! Curie III: Thats correct, it does.

    But we can work miracles with our holy water. Free of impurities, this Aqua Pura is perfect for carrying Atoms blessing. Sadly, only a small number of supplicants truly achieve Eternal Light. The rest must be satisfied with Enlightenment and an end to their suffering. ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Spreading tainted water under the guise of helping humanity? I can relate. [Brother Gerard] : What you see as the taint of radiation, we see as Atoms Eternal Light. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) Note: These lines are only available if the [Aqua Pura] is poisoned with [modified FEV] during the [quest] [Project Impurity] in [Fallout 3] .[verification needed] - [Lone Wanderer] : Why are you doing all of this? Curie III: Why, to offer Enlightenment to all those who suffer, of course. No more, no less. Atom came to me with a vision: the starving, the ill, the weak, all being made whole and well by receiving the sacrament of Atoms Glow. And so, with our holy water, we can make this vision a reality. When exposed to Atoms supreme Glow, the ill are reborn in his glowing visage. Those reborn never hunger, never suffer, and never age. All our Enlightened brethren need is to know Atoms Glow, and they are happy.

    ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) - [Fallout 3 Official Game Guide] Game of the Year Edition p.97: Son of Atom When a human transcends mortality and straddles the ether, they can be seen to be both living in the real and spiritual realm. Mother Curie III firmly believes her own son to have taken the final steps on this journey. In fact, much of her sons higher functions have disappeared, and only instinct is preventing this confused Glowing One from attacking. ( [Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census] ) - [54.0] [54.1] Gerard: Weary traveler, welcome to the monastery of the Apostles of the Eternal Light. Oh, but you must be parched from your travels! Please, accept this gift: holy water, blessed by our order. We must drink deep of the Water of Light, so that it may sanctify our tongues, and render us purified for discourse! ( [Gerards dialogue] ) ( [Gerards dialogue] ) ( [Gerards dialogue] ) ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Lone Wanderer] : Oh... Ive made a huge mistake... Gerard: Nonsense! The Eternal Light is faultless and blameless. It cleanses our bodies as it cleanses our transgressions. Walk in Atoms Glow, and you have nothing to worry about. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) - [Megaton settler] : Have you heard about that new cult? They took our water! Here, read this.

    Its one of their pamphlets. ( [Megaton settlers dialogue] ) Note: In this encounter with a Megaton settler, they give the [player character] the [holy water pamphlet] . - [Lone Wanderer] : I need to enter the monastery. Gerard: Ah, but of course! You have been blessed by Atom with Eternal Light, and are most welcome to our monastery. You will find many kindred spirits within. Please, introduce yourself to our leader, our Luminescent Mother, Curie the Third. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) Note: These lines are spoken if the [player] s [radiation] [count] is [clarification needed]. - [Lone Wanderer] : Come on, Im irradiated. Let me in now. Gerard: You have been marked, but I feel your dedication is still too weak. Our holy site is only open to the truly blessed. Perhaps after you have spent more time praying to Atom in warmth, you will be deemed worthy. ( [Gerards dialogue] ) Note: These lines are spoken if the [player] s [radiation] [count] is [clarification needed]. - [Lone Wanderer] : I am consumed with Atoms Light. Let me into your monastery. Gerard: Oh, truly your Light is second only to the Suns of Atom themselves! You are more than welcome. Please, speak with our leader, our Luminescent Mother, Curie the Third.

    ( [Gerards dialogue] ) Note: These lines are spoken if the [player] s [radiation] [count] is [clarification needed]. - [Lone Wanderer] : How do you make your holy water? [Curie III] : It was a gift from Atom. I was meditating right here in Springvale, when four of His armored angels came to me. When I said I was from Megaton, they gave me barrels of Aqua Pura, and said I should share it with my people. They were very clear on that. But when I shared some with my Enlightened brethren, it made them terribly ill. I questioned why Atom had brought a pestilence upon us. Thats when I thought to consecrate it with Atoms Light. And lo and behold, it removed the pestilence and made the finest holy water imaginable! ( [Curie IIIs dialogue] ) Note: This is the response given should the [player] have completed the [quest] [Project Impurity] by infecting the [water] supply with [modified FEV] . - [64.0] [64.1] The [Sole Survivor] : I found this icon. The Grand Zealot said youd be interested in seeing it. Tektus: Is that... ... the Mother. So the whispers were true. You saw the Mother of the Fog. Many of Atoms children spend their whole lives wishing for such a boon. It would seem He expects great things from you, child.

    As will I. Now, was there anything else? ( [Tektus dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : How is it you came to this place? Tektus: We were guided here, many years ago, after our exile from Far Harbor. The first of us, my predecessor Martin and I, had come north at the behest of Atoms great prophet, Confessor Cromwell... ...from a small refuge in the Capital Wastes. When we arrived on the island, we found a few souls receptive to Atoms message. Anna... the Archemist... was formerly Far Harbors doctor before she found the Light. But most... they thought us a menace. We were chased from the town, driven into the wilds. Barely escaped with our lives. Some of us were... never the same. It was only thanks to the grace of Atom that we survived... and finally found a place that we could call home. ( [Tektus dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : You seem... different, from most of the people here. Why is that? Brian Richter: Brazen thing, arent you. All right. I was a soldier before I came to Atom. Lieutenant Brian Richter. Recon, Captial Region. Had been on a long-term scouting mission up north when we picked up the trail of a reserve of Fusion Cores from an old disposal facility. Wed made our way into the containment cellar, only our team engineer hadnt set the door locks right.

    Fifteen inches of lead-wrapped steel slammed shut behind us and locked tight, not to open again until Division. And I got to watch them all crumble and die while I lasted on two sips of water a day and the occasional roach. The High Confessor - he was still a zealot back then - he eventually turned up a couple weeks later. They cracked the seal on the door, pulled me out, dragged me back here where the Archemist nursed me back to health. Its only thanks to Atoms blessing that I didnt die vomiting my guts onto the floor, forced to eat my own shedding hair. Now, did you have any other questions? ( [Richters dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : What can you tell me about the Mother of the Fog? Tektus: The Mother is one of Atoms most revered messengers. Many years ago, when we were driven from Far Harbor, it was she who guided us through the wilds to this sanctuary. We might all have been lost if it wasnt for her. You should be honored she found you so... interesting. ( [Tektus dialogue] ) - [An execution] - [Gwyneths journal] - [Sister Gwyneths visit] - [A Vengeful Creature] - [Sole Survivor] : What happened to the Confessor before you? Tektus: Martin? No one knows. One night he was sleeping in his chambers in the vessel, and the next morning, hed simply vanished.

    The other zealots and I organized a party to try and find him, to no avail. I wouldnt be shocked if he took up in Far Harbor or fled to the south. His dedication to Atom had become... questionable. Hed done nothing when Far Harbor executed one of our missionaries, so I dare say its best that he fled. ( [Tektus dialogue] ) - [Auberts note] - [Edgars note] - [75.0] [75.1] [Aubert] : Edgar... youd tell me what to do... Wish Id never written that damn thing. Anyone hears about this, Ill be branded for life. No, no. I dont want anything to do with you. Nothing more to say to you. You should get out of here. Better not hear any rumors flying around. I didnt do anything wrong. Stringing me along with stupid questions... ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : You dont like Tektus, huh? [Aubert] : Who wouldnt? Mans a damned-- That is... I-I like Tektus just fine. But I... I think you should go. ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : Why would someone be denied a place in the crypt? [Aubert] : Youve been out there, right? This place... its dangerous. Take a wrong turn in the Fog? Sorry, brother. Lost to the family. Wander too close to the wrong settlement. Lost to the family. Atom help you, you look at Tektus the wrong way.

    ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Auberts note] - [Sole Survivor] : Sister Aubert. I found this note you penned. About the High Confessor. Something like this could get you in a lot of trouble. [Aubert] : My note? My note. L-listen. I-I was mad. High Confessors a good man. I wouldnt... please, please just let me have it back and Ill get rid of it. We can pretend this never happened. Please. ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : Dont worry. Ill tell him everythings above board. Here, take this and destroy it. [Aubert] : Oh Atom above, thank you. Thank you. Just, when you report back, tell him Im loyal, all right? Please. ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : I might be inclined to help you, if I heard the jangle of some caps. Aubert: Yeah. Here. Everything Ive got. So, youll keep this secret? Let me have my note? ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : Look, no matter what I do, youre not safe here. You need to leave. Now. [Aubert] : Shit, youre right. Shit. Just, give me a little time before you say anything, all right? Please? ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Aubert] : You havent done it yet, have you? Just please let me have the note and I swear, we dont ever have to discuss this again.

    Our little secret. Please? ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Aubert] : Tektus is a damn fine confessor. Best weve had. ( [Auberts dialogue] ) ( [Tektus dialogue] ) ( [Tektus dialogue] ) ( [Tektus dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : What kind of job? [Brian Richter] : A matter of heresy that needs to be dealt with. There is a woman, one of our own. Or, she was. Gwyneth. But shes given herself over to something... dark. The Confessor ordered Zealot Theil to track her down, but the heretic eluded her. Now Gwyneth has begun profaning our holy sites with her mad ravings, openly flouting the word of Atom. The High Confessor wants her found. And executed. ( [Richters dialogue] ) - [Far Harbor] [quest] [The Heretic] . - [Aubert] : Word is you talked to the High Confessor for me... thanks. Here. You should have this. How you convinced Tektus, Ill never know. Cant thank you enough. Atom above, youre a good one. Atom above, will you leave me alone. ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : You dont like Tektus, huh? [Aubert] : Not saying anything else to you on the subject. Tektus is a superb Confessor. The best. But I think you should go. ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : You dont like Tektus, huh? [Aubert] : I-Ive got no problem with Tektus.

    Fine leader. Now, suppose, I should get back to it. ( [Auberts dialogue] ) - [Sole Survivor] : What was happening with those two Children of Atom you were, uh, interrogating? Brian Richter: An issue of loyalty. Not something you need to concern yourself with. Now, unless youve come to join Atoms faithful, I suggest you go on your way. ( [Richters dialogue] ) - [quest] [Visions in the Fog] in the [Fallout 4] [add-on] [Far Harbor] . - [quest] [The Heretic] in the [Fallout 4] [add-on] [Far Harbor] . - [quest] [Witch Hunt] in the [Fallout 4] [add-on] [Far Harbor] . - [97.0] [97.1] The events of the [quest] [Cleansing the Land] in the [Fallout 4] [add-on] [Far Harbor] . - [quest] [Reformation] in the [Fallout 4] [add-on] [Far Harbor] . - [99.0] [99.1] [99.2] [99.3] [99.4] [Nuka-Town USA terminal entries; Nuka-World Information Terminal, History] - [Nuka-Town USA terminal entries; Nuka-World Information Terminal, The Bottling Plant] - [Nuka-Town USA terminal entries; Nuka-World Information Terminal, Kiddie Kingdom] - [Nuka-Town USA terminal entries; Nuka-World Information Terminal, Dry Rock Gulch] - [Nuka-Town USA terminal entries; Nuka-World Information Terminal, Safari Adventure] - [Nuka-Town USA terminal entries; Nuka-World Information Terminal, Galactic Zone] - [Fizztop Grille terminal entries; Colters Terminal, We Made It] - [Fizztop Grille terminal entries; Colters Terminal, Need To Move] - [Taken for a Ride] [Scorched Detection System] This proves that the BoS met the FS after they became the Bos Harpers_Ferry_Armory_terminal_entries#Brotherhood_of_Steel https://www.

    youtube.com/watch?v=QYVOdC2Ba2s Background They would only learn of Abigayles abilities and possibility survival from the two defectors that managed to join their ranks. These Rose lines properly formatted and in context.{{Clarify}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgRnS5TGiZI 47:47 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=354PkoSOtrE 13:35 // The prompt for this is INVESTIGATE REMAINS on MADIGANS CORPSE. // Oh I see now, youre here about that guy, huh? Good luck getting anything outta him. Hes been dead a while. He came up here to negotiate with my Raider associates. They strung him up, and left him to die after... convincing him to spill the beans about what he was up to. Before you ask, I dunno, I wasnt there. Anyway, youre probably looking for that scorched detector uplink thingamajig he was trying to install when they caught him. Seems real handy. I know where it is, but... Im not ready to talk. Maybe if you help me out Ill trust you enough. And you just keep him in a cage up here? I didnt put him there. That was the previous tenants. They were real slobs. You know, I keep meaning to find a maid service. But who has the time, right? // During The Missing Link - This comes if Into The Fire has been completed.

    // So, did you find that uplink thing you were looking for? It got a little banged up when we shoved it through the storage system. Youll probably need to bring it to someone in the Free States who can fix it, but jokes on you, theyre as dead as everyone else out there. You know, at least one or two of em defected to us when they got sick of livin underground. They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Tech-smart, you know? I bet you can find something down in her bunker thatll help you fix that doodad. Its in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction. Now go on and scram. Maybe youll actually be able to get rid of these Scorched things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLF8xsw8f9s 7:47 onward missing from dialogue file! // Bing, bang, boom, and its subsequent lines - these only trigger if youve completed into the fire and are not in the process of completing early warnings // Youll probably need to bring it to someone in the Free States who can fix it, but jokes on you, theyre as dead as everyone else out there. // During The Missing Link - This comes if Into The Fire has not been completed. // Hey, theres a weird Scorched Detector uplink device down there that we stole from one of their guys.

    Do you see it? We were going to ransom it back to the Free States people. Seemed pretty important to them. Jokes on us since theyre all as dead as everyone else out there. But, you know what... Years ago, some of their people came and joined up with us. Beats living in a crappy bunker, I guess. They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Supposedly, she had a good head for tech. Maybe theres something in her bunker to help you figure out what to do with that doodad. Its in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction. Im pretty sure itll help us do something about these damned Scorched things. If only we didnt kill the guy who knew how. Eh, hindsight. Eventually Abbie would make a program for [Rose](/wiki/Rose) , [[Holotape for Rose]] who Abigayle learned of via its [garbled radio broadcast](/wiki/Top_of_the_World_Radio) . Not knowing who or what Rose was she decided to not contact her over safety concerns. [[Abbies bunker terminal entries#Radio Signal|Abbies bunker terminal entries; Abbies terminal, Radio Signal]] References --> Logical deduction help please -- Also Tooltip Improval thing here too!!!! - Tooltip Works here [File:FNVDM VeraKeyes ConclusionHeights.ogg](/wiki/File:FNVDM_VeraKeyes_ConclusionHeights.

    ogg) Not so here? https://fallout.fandom.com/index.php?title=Spain&diff=3312888&oldid=3312675 https://fallout.fandom.com/index.php?title=Dean_Domino&diff=3312887&oldid=3312678 Hold it together, Dean, youve been in worse jams. Like Madrid. Christ - Madrid. - Logical deduction From timeline page edit by ALLYourFavorites (this terminal entry isnt dated and 2082 doesnt make much sense - scorchbeasts werent even created in the enclave til 2083) Need completed explanation....see below in quotations...and the section below that. - The Brotherhood of Steels priorities begin to change focusing on securing essential supplies from nearby factions in order to begin operations to hunt and kill Scorchbeasts. [[2]] [scorchbeast] sighting was here at Fort Defiance, but is undated [in the log] . However both [Sam Blackwell] and his daughter [Judith Blackwell] saw the creature [before her death on 02/15/84] . Furthermore the first [Enclave] entry about bats [was labeled 2.5] . Assuming 2.5 means February 5th and [Thomas Eckhart] started trying to trick [MODUS] into giving him command of the automated nuclear silos in 2082. Soooo 2082, because of the Ranks being used exclusively, (first known instance is in the cut content note [Squire Ashers journal] dated June 20, 2082) and before February 15, 2084 when Judith Blackwell Died.

    ” // They arrived at Camp Venture in the winter of 2077. // BoS Already had Thunder MT before Defiance 2079 // They set up at Camp Venture for training before 2081. They were still using US Army ranks and referred to themselves as Army Ranger (almost) // 2081 is when Recruit E Fisher went AWOL. Possible raider? Raider leader? See Dam Nuking! Christmass Flood!! // @Ant2242 2081-2082. 2081 is the last time they used Army ranks. 2082 is the first time they used BOS ranks. Source please // BoS using new Squire/Scribe/Paladin/Knight ranks before Fort Defiance reconnaissance and securing // /// Soooo 2082, because of the Ranks being used exclusively, (first known instance is in the cut content note [Squire Ashers journal](/wiki/Squire_Asher%27s_journal) dated June 20, 2082) and before February 15, 2084 when Judith Blackwell Died. /// // Second early sighting former Cutthroats at Big Bend Tunnel East c.2085 // [Scattered Journal Page #2](/wiki/Scattered_journal_pages#Journal_page_2) // BoS Actively fighting against Scorched since at latest 2088 // [Scattered Journal Page #3](/wiki/Scattered_journal_pages#Journal_page_3) // BoS Active at Big Bend Tunnel East from 2088 through 2093 move to Ft Defiance // [Scattered Journal Page #4](/wiki/Scattered_journal_pages#Journal_page_4) // BoS quickly abandons Big Bend Tunnel East in 2095 // [Scattered Journal Page #5](/wiki/Scattered_journal_pages#Journal_page_5) [Yangtze Memorial] characters have their own page? They dont have them for no reason.

    ... Great Khans Random: Graham and Needed pages - What is the story of the [Cranberry Island Bog] / Island(s)/ Family? The story that is presented is a little too vague to determine specifics. - Is Aubrey Copland a male or female? - Are those two skeletons in the [Harbor Grand Hotel] Aubrey Copland and Madison Young? - Those unique generic raiders in the BADTFL regional office Must Be Referenced! Dialogue file? Missing Mr Gutsy Encounter dialogue page. [[Mister Gutsy (Fallout 4)|Mister Gutsy]]: The [[Sole Survivor]]: ([[REChokepointSC02_MrGutsy.txt]]) - Needed pages https://fallout.fandom.com/index.php?title=Nahant_Oceanological_Society_%28faction%29&diff=3183899&oldid=3183628 - Boston Port Authority - Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources - National Aquatic Protection Symposium - Monterey This is a Stub page. Add whatever naming thing is here From Discord page: Im pretty sure its .txt. The editor ID because that way you have a unique way of referring to the character in question, and the .txt is (probably) inspired on the Fallout 1 dialogue format where the file extension (then .msg) indicates that its raw data exported from the game FDekkerToday at 11:21 AM That export is equal to the GECK ID/Editor ID! May not Be A Written Policy.

    From Talk page: Keep The if it has a map marker with it, think weve done the most now. The Gwinnett Restaurant, The Shamrock Taphouse and The Generals Steakhouse are proper nouns, and they are named like that already. Same goes for The Prydwen and The Citadel, I renamed them. Keep The Island as it is, otherwise it loses its recognizability. Id consider it a proper noun here. [Jspoel](/wiki/User:Jspoelstra) [15:10, April 4, 2020 (UTC)](/wiki/User_talk:Jspoelstra) |Page Name Description Table - They Because And Why Of It| |Page name||Grammer links||Description as to why.| |The Commonwealth is the page name because: | |West Roxbury station is the page name because: | |Andrew station is the page name because: | |College Square station is the page name because: | |The Island is the page name because: | |The Castle is the page name because: | |The Generals Steakhouse is the page name because: | |The Gwinnett Restaurant is the page name because: | |Hesters Consumer Robotics is the page name because: | |Judge||Zeller is the page name because: | |Pretty Sarah is the page name because: | || || || || |Public works maintenance area||Public works maintenance area is not its own page because: | |Cave (Super Duper Mart)| |[[]]||| [The Commonwealth] Full name for the super-state government: New England Commonwealth.

    Full name of the state is Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Far Harbor PIP-Boy map icon reads The Commonwealth. PIP-Boy map corner reads Commonwealth. [West Roxbury station] PIP-Boy map icon reads West Roxbury Station. PIP-Boy local map reads ?[verification needed] [Andrew station] PIP-Boy map icon reads Andrew Station. PIP-Boy local map reads ?[verification needed] [College Square station] PIP-Boy map icon reads .[verification needed] PIP-Boy local map reads ?[verification needed] [The Island] Full name of the island is: Mount Desert Island. Far Harbor PIP-Boy map icon reads The Island.[verification needed] PIP-Boy local map reads ?[verification needed] Colloquial terminology has the name of the territory as the island. Note: Check dialogue for proper grammar about name. ie the island/the Island [The Castle] Full name of the fort is Fort Independence, original name the Castle. PIP-Boy map icon reads The Castle. PIP-Boy local map reads ?[verification needed] Interior Creation id TheCastle01. [The Generals Steakhouse] Proper noun? PIP-Boy map icon reads The Generals Steakhouse. [The Gwinnett Restaurant] Proper noun? PIP-Boy map icon reads The Gwinnett Restaurant. [Hesters Consumer Robotics] Proper noun? PIP-Boy map icon reads Hesters Consumer Robotics.

    PIP-Boy local map reads ? Its in-game sign reads Hesters Consumer Robotics. Its guide entry reads HESTERS CONSUMER ROBOTICS: p.501. [Zeller] When observed, the character title is Judge Zeller. Furthermore the [blood contract](/wiki/Blood_contract) referes to him as Judge. [Pretty Sarah] Cannot be Sarah (Fallout: New Vegas) as there are three Sarahs in Fallout: New Vegas. Her GECK editor id is WestsidePrettySarah. When observed, the character title is Pretty Sarah. [Klamath Bob] [Whiskey Bob] [Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ] [Sentinel site Prescott] PIP-Boy local map corner reads Public Works Maintenance Area. [Parking garage] Holodisks and notes - Define the naming convention for the holodisks/holotapes and notes pages. - Is the page layout correct? [FW:LAYI] - Are they all from an unmodded source? (ie Direct from game, Not Creation Club its mods) - Does their text come from a [RAW game data] Do we need them to begin with? OR from a [character(s)s dialogue file page] ? Do we even have them all to begin with? - Are they all categorized properly? (ie holodisk/tape and/or terminal entries, etc. Check Gamepedia for categories and their order) - Are they all linked properly? (ie Standard format for header? Correct links to other pages) - Do they have all their proper pictures needed? (ie location, in game note if game engine make it possible) The Commonwealth // Alternate maps is okay to have someplace // |local map2 =Fo4 World Map.

    png // This is how the links to the specific regions locations should look like at the bottom of each section. Although when I added them to the FO4 map page they were named as was in the guide. So this will need work, as some are merged with marked locations for some reason. // Background Pre-War A powerful force in the history, industry and culture of the United States, Massachusetts was a site originally inhabited by Algonquian [tribes](/wiki/Tribes) , and the name is, in fact, derived from the tribe of Massachusett , and European settlers didnt arrive until the early 1600s, settling at the [Massachusetts Bay](#Zone_4:_Coastal_Commonwealth) and forming friendly relations with the native Wampanoag people (survivors of the early 17th century plagues that killed approximately 90% native Americans in the region). [Religious](/wiki/Religion) immigrants continued arriving from [England](/wiki/United_Kingdom_of_Great_Britain_and_Northern_Ireland) , resulting in sustained growth and rising religious unrest, which included atrocities such as the [Salem](/wiki/Salem) witch trials of 1692 , [[11]](#cite_note-118) which coincided with the arrival of the new provinces first governor. Neither the governor nor England were popular in Massachusetts, which became a hotbed of secessionist sentiment.

    The conflict between colonists and the Crown was only aggravated by attempts to tax the colonies without giving them representation in the Parliament, the [Boston Massacre](/wiki/Boston_Massacre) , and the Boston Tea Party . The powder keg finally ignited in [1775](/wiki/Timeline#1775) , when the Thirteen Colonies openly rebelled against the Crown [[12]](#cite_note-:1-119) starting the [American Revolutionary War](/wiki/American_Revolutionary_War) . [[13]](#cite_note-120) [The battles](/wiki/Battles_of_Lexington_and_Concord) of [Lexington](/wiki/Lexington) and [Concord](/wiki/Concord) were the first engagements of the war, which spilled across the colonies. Massachusetts was a vital battleground in the revolution and a major center of political thought. Not all influence was purely intellectual - the Shays Rebellion of 1786 provided the impetus for drafting a stronger [national constitution](/wiki/Constitution_of_the_United_States) in place of the Articles of Confederation . Massachusetts was the sixth state to ratify the constitution in 1788. In the 19th century, Massachusetts prominence increased, becoming one of the centers of the industrial revolution and abolitionist thought on American soil, thanks to a combination of robust infrastructure, coastal location, natural resources, and active immigration from [Europe](/wiki/European_Commonwealth) and [Canada](/wiki/Canada) .

    Despite initial opposition to abolitionism, culminating in riots in 1835 and 1837, Massachusetts soon became a firm anti-slavery state. During [the Civil War](/wiki/American_Civil_War) , it became the first state to allow African Americans to serve as [soldiers](/wiki/American_soldiers) (in the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment ). [[12]](#cite_note-:1-119) Its industry continued to play a prominent role well into the 20th century, although the development of the South and Midwest led to a gradual decline that was turned into a freefall by the Great Depression . The 1920s saw the collapse of Massachusetts principal industries: Textiles, shoemaking, and precision mechanics. The state began to change midway through the 20th century, [[12]](#cite_note-:1-119) most notably after the formation of the 13 Commonwealths in [1969](/wiki/Timeline#1969) . [[14]](#cite_note-121) 21st-century America The evolution transformed the face of Massachusetts, with the states economy supercharged by the emergence of a vibrant high [technology](/wiki/Technology) sector spearheaded by the [Commonwealth Institute of Technology](/wiki/Commonwealth_Institute_of_Technology) . Located in [Cambridge](/wiki/Cambridge) , the CIT was one of the foremost centers of higher learning in the nation, providing it with many great minds, including [Robert House](/wiki/Robert_House) , who founded [RobCo Industries](/wiki/RobCo_Industries) in [2042](/wiki/Timeline#2042) , after graduating CIT, and turned it into one of the most profitable [companies](/wiki/Pre-War_companies) on the planet within five years.

    [[15]](#cite_note-122) As private and public interests flocked to Massachusetts, the face of the state changed as well. Skyscrapers sprouted across the financial district, with cutting edge facilities established by nearly every major corporation on the market. To accommodate this boom, a sophisticated network of elevated superhighways and monorail lines was developed, [[16]](#cite_note-123) all of which spanning from the 2040s up until 2077. [[17]](#cite_note-124) This mosaic of old and new was host to the several companies and [government agencies](/wiki/Federal_government) in the United States, including [Mass Fusion](/wiki/Mass_Fusion_(company)) (the states primary energy provider), [Vault-Tec Corporation](/wiki/Vault-Tec_Corporation) (which also established a number of its [vaults](/wiki/Vault) across the state), [Poseidon Energy](/wiki/Poseidon_Energy) , [General Atomics International](/wiki/General_Atomics_International) , [Galaxy News Network](/wiki/Galaxy_News_Network) , [HalluciGen, Inc.](/wiki/HalluciGen,_Inc._(company)) , [Nuka-Cola Corporation](/wiki/Nuka-Cola_Corporation) (setting up [Nuka-World](/wiki/Nuka-World_(location)) in the western part of the state) and many more.

    The ports of Massachusetts continued to bring in commerce and traffic, until the beginning of the [Resource Wars](/wiki/Resource_Wars) and especially the [Sino-American War](/wiki/Sino-American_War) in [2076](/wiki/Timeline#2076) . Boston shifted easily into its new role, providing the [United States Army](/wiki/United_States_Army) with technologies to fight communism on all fronts as the country slid towards authoritarianism . [Cambridge Polymer Labs](/wiki/Cambridge_Polymer_Labs,_LLC) developed nanotechnology to further refine the militarys weapons. [Sentinel site Prescott](/wiki/Sentinel_site) to the southwest of the state was erected as a deterrent against enemy [nuclear weapons](/wiki/Nuclear_weapons) . [[18]](#cite_note-125) However, the erosion of civil rights and basic morality did not spare the state or its people. Corporations operated as if unhindered by labor or environmental regulations, especially those with exceptions by the state. The pollution eventually reached such a degree that [mutations](/wiki/Mutations_and_their_causes) started to occur in the marine wildlife. [[19]](#cite_note-126) Military checkpoints proliferated across the United States, with Massachusetts no exception.

    The military routinely responded to [food riots](/wiki/Food_riots) with violence, including the massacre at the [Boston Police rationing site](/wiki/Boston_Police_rationing_site) , where the [184th Infantry Regiment](/wiki/184th_Infantry_Regiment) gunned down hungry Bostonians with impunity. [[20]](#cite_note-127) In spite of the violence, the [Boston Bugle](/wiki/Boston_Bugle_(company)) continued to distinguish itself as a voice of reason, with dissident journalists continuing to cover the atrocities of the regime regardless of risk to themselves. [[21]](#cite_note-128) Additionally, a number of other military facilities and projects were based in the Commonwealth. The region was used as a major staging point for military aircraft. [[22]](#cite_note-129) [Fort Strong](/wiki/Fort_Strong) served as the development ground for the [Fat Man](/wiki/Fat_Man_(Fallout_4)) portable nuclear launcher and the testing ground for the Army Corps of Engineers [T-51b power armor](/wiki/T-51b_power_armor) . Military outposts such as [USAF Satellite Station Olivia](/wiki/USAF_Satellite_Station_Olivia) and the [National Guard training yard](/wiki/National_Guard_training_yard) also dotted the landscape.

    The [Defense Intelligence Agency](/wiki/Defense_Intelligence_Agency) operated unhindered across the state, operating [the Switchboard](/wiki/The_Switchboard) and a network of hidden caches across the state, while the [federal surveillance center K-21B](/wiki/Federal_surveillance_center_K-21B) monitored citizens for compliance. The Army, in cooperation with General Atomics, established the covert [RB-2851](/wiki/The_Mechanist%27s_lair) facility beneath [East Boston](/wiki/East_Boston) , where prisoners would be harvested for use in [robobrains](/wiki/Robobrain_(Fallout_4)) . [[23]](#cite_note-130) As international tensions flared and the worldwide energy crisis erupted into the [Resource Wars](/wiki/Resource_Wars) , the Commonwealth experienced an even more higher military presence as the threat of Chinese infiltration and nuclear war drew closer. Echo Company of the 104th Infantry Regiment was subsequently deployed to man the [South Boston military checkpoint](/wiki/South_Boston_military_checkpoint) , and began conducting mandatory inspections of all vehicles passing through it on August 1, 2077. While the inspections purported to detain suspicious elements, they discriminated against those of Chinese origin, [[24]](#cite_note-131) many of who were already located in Chinese internment camps.

    [[25]](#cite_note-132) Financial reports from this time indicated that increased military spending was coupled with a reduction in healthcare, utilities and public transportation. [[26]](#cite_note-MSH_Terminal-133) Combined with rising energy costs as a result of the Resource Wars, along with hyperinflation and war weariness gripping the country, especially after [the annexation](/wiki/American_annexation_of_Canada) of [Canada](/wiki/Canada) , public order became a serious issue, especially after images of U.S. atrocities were made public. [Lieutenant Governor Graham](/wiki/Graham_(governor)) placed Boston under martial law in 2076, [[26]](#cite_note-MSH_Terminal-133) [[27]](#cite_note-134) while American units serving in China and on the [Anchorage Front Line](/wiki/Battle_of_Anchorage) found themselves pulled back to deal with domestic unrest at home. [[28]](#cite_note-MartialLaw-135) Few survived the blast, besides those who were able to gain entry to the various [vaults](/wiki/Vault) and bomb shelters located in Boston and the surrounding area. As Boston itself was not targeted directly, much of the city survived the initial bombardment relatively intact, including such locations as the [Massachusetts State House](/wiki/Massachusetts_State_House) , [Boston Common](/wiki/Boston_Common) and (/wiki/Diamond_City) .

    The military attempted to maintain order in the aftermath, utilizing power armor to help quell unrest and transmitting [emergency frequency RJ1138](/wiki/Emergency_frequency_RJ1138) over the airwaves to other Commonwealth Army soldiers promising food, shelter and aid at the South Boston military checkpoint. With its command structure in tatters, however, the military eventually disbanded. The heads of various government sectors presumably survived the blast, at least initially, including the mayor of Boston who holed himself up at the [Boston mayoral shelter](/wiki/Boston_mayoral_shelter) ; when the shelter was besieged by an angry mob, the mayor and his family perished. [[29]](#cite_note-136) Ultimately, dwindling supplies, disrupted communication networks and the lack of a clear leadership structure prevented any form of organized government from reasserting control in the Commonwealth. The Great War On October 23, 2077, the day of the Great War, the nuclear conflagration that lasted only two hours plunged the state into chaos. Following nuclear strikes on Pennsylvania and New York at 9:42 am, a nuclear missile hit a designated site southwest of Boston at 9:47 am, with another missile simultaneously striking the [Washington, D.

    C.](/wiki/Washington,_D.C.) area. [[30]](#cite_note-137) The Commonwealths ground zero held industrial and military significance, housing arms factories and manufacturing plants, [[31]](#cite_note-138) including the Sentinel site. Additionally, the Chinese [Yangtze-31](/wiki/Yangtze) submarine, which infiltrated the bay and bypassed missile defense systems, fired its full payload of six strategic nuclear [SLBMs](/wiki/Submarine-launched_ballistic_missile) at the U.S. eastern seaboard, before being damaged and forced to seek shelter in Bostons harbor. Despite the success of the Chinese attack, the [132nd Engineering Corps](/wiki/132nd_Engineering_Corps) stationed at Sentinel site Prescott was still able to retaliate by firing their own nuclear stockpile before the Chinese missiles hit [[32]](#cite_note-139) due to early warnings via radar. The brief bombardment spared most of the city, with military units stationed in and around the city struggling to maintain order. To the southwest, the [Glowing Sea](/wiki/Glowing_Sea) was born in the nuclear fire, with the aforementioned nuke in the megaton range detonating northwest of the sentinel site, turning a vast stretch of land into a radioactive hellscape that would persist for centuries, bolstered by the destroyed nuclear reactors seeping fuel into the atmosphere and the ground.

    Harsh crackdowns by the military only contributed to the chaos, with any semblance of order eventually collapsing in on itself. [[33]](#cite_note-140) Post-War The CIT was hit hard; although the college survived intact, the staff had trouble surviving the conflagration, with the science staff taking refuge underground, slowly carving out a subterranean habitat for themselves. [The Institute](/wiki/The_Institute) was formally founded in [2110](/wiki/Timeline#2110) , as the [children](/wiki/Child) of the original survivors dug into the earth and built increasingly sophisticated habitats and laboratories, starting an ongoing process of expanding the Institutes facilities and infrastructure. [[34]](#cite_note-141) Isolated from the outside world, the scientists continued their work, disregarding the mayhem and destruction occurring outside of its grounds. As they worked on creating [synths](/wiki/Synth) , they attempted to work peacefully with the people of the Commonwealth using first generation synths, but mutual mistrust ended that relationship quickly and they returned to isolation. [[35]](#cite_note-:02-142) The key element of the future Commonwealth was founded at the ruins of Fenway Park stadium in the mid 2130s, [[36]](#cite_note-143) when [Diamond City](/wiki/Diamond_City) was established.

    The settlement greatly benefited from its central location and the natural protection afforded by the baseball stadium, gradually rising to the position of the Great, Green Jewel of the Commonwealth and becoming an integral part of the regions history and its many factions. It also became the site of many of the regions miseries, such as when the [Commonwealth Provisional Government](/wiki/Commonwealth_Provisional_Government) , the first and only attempt to form an unified government for the Commonwealth, was wiped out by a synth from the Institute. Whether it was deliberate sabotage or a play made by one of the factions within the Institute, the loss of the CPG doomed any future attempts at organizing a government, and led to the Institute sealing itself off from the surface permanently after developing the molecular relay in the 2180s, [[37]](#cite_note-144) [[38]](#cite_note-145) The Minutemen came closest to becoming an organized army protecting the Commonwealth, rising to prominence after defending the City from a super mutant attack in 2180 - the mutants being the first experiments released by the Institute into the wild as part of their research into organic synths. [[39]](#cite_note-146) Their rising star was snuffed out in the middle of the 23rd century, after [the loss of](/wiki/Battle_of_the_Castle) [The Castle](/wiki/The_Castle) to [Mirelurks](/wiki/Mirelurk) in 2240, after a [queen mirelurk](/wiki/Mirelurk#Mirelurk_queen) decided she fancies the location.

    [[40]](#cite_note-BattleCastle-147) [[41]](#cite_note-CastleHistory-148) The loss of their headquarters, radio station, and General [McGann](/wiki/McGann) sent the Commonwealth Minutemen into disarray. Without artillery support and their resources, they were picked off one by one. [[42]](#cite_note-149) [[43]](#cite_note-150) The formation of [Goodneighbor](/wiki/Goodneighbor) by exiled criminals from [Diamond City](/wiki/Diamond_City) that same year also signaled a shift in the Commonwealth, with it becoming a quagmire of violence and misery. The [Broken Mask Incident](/wiki/Broken_Mask_Incident) of 2229 and the revelation of third generation synths to the general population established the Institute as a bogeyman and contributed to the mutual distrust and paranoia that kept the communities of the Commonwealth divided. [[44]](#cite_note-151) Since then the situation has remained miserable, but stable: The Institute continued to experiment on the surface and use it as a source of raw materials for the expansion of its underground habitats, raiders and [Gunners](/wiki/Gunners) preyed on the people of the [wasteland](/wiki/Wasteland) , too numerous to be killed off, but too disorganized to take the Commonwealth over, while the Minutemen died a long death.

    The [Railroad](/wiki/Railroad) continued its guerrilla war against the Institute, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of the Institutes pursuit. However, the fertile soils of the region, its technological legacy and the ready availability of salvage meant that region remained a crucial source of trade and resources. [Tobar](/wiki/Tobar) has once included it in his trading circuit, [[45]](#cite_note-152) while caravans from the north, south, and west continue to pass through the region, contributing to the wealth of [Bunker Hill](/wiki/Bunker_Hill) and especially [Diamond City](/wiki/Diamond_City) . Perhaps the single greatest upheaval came with [2287](/wiki/Timeline#2287) , when the [War of the Commonwealth](/wiki/War_of_the_Commonwealth) started with the arrival of the [Brotherhood of Steel](/wiki/Brotherhood_of_Steel_(Eastern_division)) in the Commonwealth, setting its sights on the Institute and its atrocities perpetrated against humanity in general and the Commonwealth in particular. [[46]](#cite_note-153) References - [Fort Defiance terminal entries; Paladin Taggerdys Terminal, [Change of Priorities]] - [Courier] : Is there anything you can tell me about the Great Khans? [Monroe] : Theyre an outlaw group, primarily trafficking in drugs and other contraband.

    They usually stay out of NCR territory, though. ( [Monroes dialogue] ) - [Courier] : How did you end up joining the Great Khans? Melissa Lewis: It wasnt easy. Theres a lot of initiation rituals to go through, and Ive got the scars to prove it. But, in the end, I was tough enough to be made a member. Proudest day of my life. ( [Melissa Lewis dialogue] ) - [Courier] : What are you doing up here? Melissa Lewis: Awaiting a delivery, but its a no-show. Im guessing that the Deathclaws in the quarry have something to do with that. The Courier: What kind of delivery are you expecting? Melissa Lewis: Supplies to make chems. The NCRs the best source since theyre hard to come by anywhere else. We dont really use the chems ourselves, just sell them to anybody with the caps. If it ends up hurting the NCR in the process, thats a bonus. The Courier: Seems like an odd place to pick up a delivery. Melissa Lewis: The Khans and the NCR dont get along - they prefer to shoot us on sight, even if were not looking for a fight. ( [Melissa Lewis dialogue] ) - [Courier] : What happened between the Great Khans and the NCR? Melissa Lewis: Bitter Springs happened. Women and children died when the NCR attacked the Great Khans there, and the NCR just pretends it never happened.

    ( [Melissa Lewis dialogue] ) - [Courier] : Where can I find the rest of the Great Khans? Melissa Lewis: Our main camp is up in Red Rock Canyon, but we dont allow just anyone to come on in. The NCR cant touch us there - too many places for us to ambush them. We see their scouts poking around once in awhile, but they keep their distance. ( [Melissa Lewis dialogue] ) - [Courier] : I got the chems for you. Melissa Lewis: You actually came through for us. I... didnt expect that. Anyway, the Great Khans pay their debts and dont forget their friends. If you ever come out to Red Rock Canyon, Ill put in a good word for you. ( [Melissa Lewis dialogue] ) - [Courier] : Tell me about the Great Khans. Melissa Lewis: Were an independent group. We take care of our own and dont take crap from anybody, especially the NCR. ( [Melissa Lewis dialogue] ) - [Courier] : Just trying to get on the good side of the Great Khans. Melissa Lewis: Thats a smart move. The Great Khans look out for their friends. ( [Melissa Lewis dialogue] ) - [Fallout 4 Vault Dwellers Survival Guide] p. 330: Once a quaint coastal town and seaport, this tourist destination was infamous for its witch trials of 1692. Nowadays the population has dwindled considerably due to Gunner activity in the area, the crazies worshipping a radiation crater down the road, and the large number of mating Mirelurks in the waters all around the bay.

    Proceed at your own risk. - [12.0] [12.1] [12.2] [Commonwealth of Massachusetts on Wikipedia] - [Sole Survivor] : Im interested in the history of this place. [Freedom Trail] [Tour bot] : Let us go back hundreds of years. It is the year 1775. For seven years, thousands of British soldiers have camped on this very soil in their orderly rows of tents. Led by General Thomas Gage, they seek to quell the growing tide of Revolution. The night of April 17th... Colonel Smith: The officers are assembled, General Gage. General Gage: Four days prior I received word from the Earl of Dartmouth. We have our orders. Lieutenant Colonel Smith, gather 21 companies of our best men and carry them with the utmost expedition and secrecy to Concord. Once there you will seize and destroy all artillery, ammunition, provisions, tents, small Arms, and all military stores. Colonel Smith: But what of the colonists, General? General Smith: Take care that the soldiers do not plunder the inhabitants, or hurt private property. But we can and must defang them. Freedom Trail tour bot: So near midnight, Colonel Smith marched with 700 Redcoats to face brave American patriots in the Battle of Lexington and Concord. And thus the Revolutionary War began.

    Continue on the trail to walk through more of our great citys history. ( [RR101TourBot.txt] ) - [Fallout 4 Vault Dwellers Survival Guide] Collectors Edition p.471-472: [14.01] MASSACHUSETTS STATE HOUSE The “new” state house was completed in 1798 to house the government of Massachusetts State. The land selected was originally John Hancock’s cow pastures. The first dome was constructed of wooden shingles and covered in copper smelted by Paul Revere. The state government used this building continuously until the formation of the Thirteen Commonwealths in 1969. This is part of the Freedom Trail. The number “4” is daubed on the circular ground plaque pointing at the letter “L.” Outside, one corner of the structure has collapsed, allowing lock-fiddlers the chance to open a wall safe (Novice). ( [Fallout 4 Vault Dwellers Survival Guide Map] ) - [A tragedy has befallen all mankind] - [Mass Fusion building] s presence, taken into account with their founding, gives an aspect as to when the urban refurbishment occurred. - [Nahant Oceanological Society terminal e

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