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    Home / College Guide / Dr. HR Nagendra, Health News, ET HealthWorld
     Posted on Friday, January 14 @ 00:00:05 PST

    Global acceptance of yoga: Yoga has reached a very high level in India. With hundreds of thousands of people gathering instead of thousands on International Day of Yoga, which could reach Rs 1.8 billion last year and Rs 2.5 billion next year, yoga is pervasive in every home and every corner. And the corner of India. Thanks to a wonderful speech by our prestigious Prime Minister on the overall vision of yoga, International Day of Yoga has been accepted by UNO and many countries have accepted it and are celebrated on June 21st each year. So last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought this to the most countries, except a few. Next year, it will probably go to every country in the world. That is the global spread of yoga that is about to come. Ideas behind the University of Yoga After I was at the University of British Columbia, I went to NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center to work on the Space Shuttle project. From there, he came to Harvard to work on dimensions related to the spread of flames, the danger of fires, and how to simulate them on a computer. I was at Imperial College of Science and Technology. This provided a background on how science and technology work in the world, as well as its limitations and benefits.

    We need to understand and develop our dimensions in order to meet the new challenges that are emerging around the world to overcome our limits. As Professor Amit Swami tells us to move from the current material-based paradigm to the consciousness-based paradigm, from upward causality to downward causality, where we have to move. Yes, the whole world is moving in that direction to understand the subtle causal relationships of this whole universe dimension, and that is what inspired me to establish this yoga university here. Holistic vision of modern science and Ayurveda Modern science has understood the entire physical world. More than 400 years after Newton and Descartes rolled the ball, the ball became so high that we entered the era of science and technology. We understand what all objects are made of, and we know the laws that govern them. Every object is made up of molecules, protons, neutrons, electrons, elementary particles, quark energies, or packets of energy. Next, the laws that govern them in Newton’s laws of motion. This is called a deterministic approach to classical mechanics. But when the electron goes at extremely high speeds, such as rotating around the nucleus, we have to go to the higher laws of special relativity, quantum mechanics, and stochastic mechanics.

    So science is now an eternal point beyond physics. Interested in yoga and Ayurveda? This is where yoga spirituality emerges, which has helped me to understand my understanding of yoga spirituality and reveal the overall vision of the entire human system. We are not just physical bodies. There are four body sectors: Plana Maya Kosher, Manomaya Kosher, Viginana Maya Kosher, and Ananda Maya Kosher. Apart from the physical Anna Maya Kosher, that is what we must understand today, thereby giving a new direction to science itself, thereby emerging in our multidimensional character. We are dealing with challenges. Make yoga mainstream through educational institutions When I returned, I was in Kanyakumari, Vivekananda Kendra, and under the guidance of Shri Enatoji Ranade, who built a beautiful rock monument on a large sea rock, how should I bring this dimension of yoga? I was able to get a direction about what to do in the field of education. We went northeast to Arunachal Pradesh and used yoga techniques to bring the lowest evolutionary people to the highest mainstream for children. The purpose of education is to build perfect personality, and as Swami Bibekananda said, you have to go from artificial education to bread-making education, and that is because I bring full personality.

    Inspired to develop a specialized integrated yoga module for development, vision improvement, voice development, hearing development, memory development, IQ development, creativity development, anger management, greed management, stress Management etc. What a result! We have created a series of yoga modules for primary and secondary education in Arunachal Pradesh, and how wonderful the results were. Thanks to Swamiji and Viv Cananda Kendra’s wonderful devoted team, these kids have become mainstream and are the most needed kids in the world. Gain recognition from S-Byasa University Then we entered the higher education system and UGC said we needed a syllabus for this. Therefore, we were able to start developing the syllabus with the help of all yoga masters in the country and include this aspect as a whole. Therefore, this university was formed, and in 2002, it became a status considered to be a university. Now in 2022, the 20th anniversary of the celebration, we have been able to bring this whole aspect of yoga and its benefits to the general public and the broader perspective of yoga. Five divisions: Yoga Spirituality, Yoga on Life Sciences, Yoga Management Studies, Physical Sciences, and Humanity.

    In all of these, the UG, PG, and PhD programs have been launched and there is an excellent team of faculty members who can bring these aspects of the overall vision of yoga to all these areas and study them as a key foundation. .. .. Swami Vivekananda said it would combine the best of the east with the best of the west. The highest in the west is modern scientific research, and the highest in the east is the spirituality of yoga. They had to be one together to bring new effervescence to the whole world. And that’s what we can do here. Here, in both offline and online modes, about 250 people have PhDs and about 2000 have Master’s degrees, which is expanding all over the world. It went to Japan, Singapore, China, and nearly 80 other countries. It has begun to grow, and this is the way we spread this magnificent wisdom of our ancient India. It was a sea of knowledge we had and had to uncover secrets and tell the public. That’s the way we are everywhere. That is the role of this university that we have established. It is a very unique university in the world where we also have the best laboratories. Nowhere else in the world is this complete understanding of research to understand what is happening at the prana, mind, emotional, and intellectual levels, as well as what is happening in the body, and we.

    Has complete knowledge being studied brings evidence-based to everything we talk about and introduce here. Talk about integrated healthcare delivery Yoga benefits everyone in society. Because yoga has a message to everyone, the health scenario faces the big challenge of non-communicable disease (NCD). The modern medical world is wonderfully well understood, resulting in very strong pharmacological and surgical interventions. Currently, 5,000 types of surgery are possible, and any part of the body can be replaced. Although we are replacing genes to completely change our personality, we have not been able to address challenges such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer. I used to be a diabetic, but I am always a diabetic. If you have high blood pressure, you will have high blood pressure for the rest of your life. And if you get cancer, your days will be counted. why? The modern medical world is based on modern science, which has a knowledge base of the physical world in nature, and these modern challenges of NCDs are not really physical, but mental calm. These NCDs and stress challenges are based on lack of knowledge, emotional excitement, and deep-seated psychological conflict.

    Therefore, we need an overall vision of yoga that deals with the mind, emotions, intellect, and spiritual foundations that it gives to the overall dimension, not just the body. It is a multi-faceted challenge we face and we must take a multi-faceted approach. That’s what we’re doing here. An integrated approach to treatment and treatment As a result, the integrated approach to yoga therapy at Arogadama, a 400-bed facility, was able to handle all of these complex cases with excellent results. Then we thought we had to embrace the dimension of Ayurveda, an ancient science thousands of years ago. Again on this conscious approach, we have brought about naturopathic remedies, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and several other wonders we want to integrate into our health delivery system. It is what is needed throughout the world. Not all problems can be solved by one system, so the whole world is heading for an integrated system. Both of these must be combined to make this possible. Here, understand the great benefits of rejuvenation not only for prevention, but also for improving health and coping with modern illnesses. People come here in wheelchairs, run up stairs, come on stretchers and walk happily.

    That is the power of yoga, the power of the AYUSH system. Therefore, you need to use this dimension. AYUSH is a great contribution to Indian thought and culture, and the modern medical system also has great advantages and is miraculous all over the world. This beautiful combination allows you to add two wings to accommodate your healthcare delivery system. In this way, we welcome you. Our university provides this overall aspect to train people, conduct research in this direction, operate and realize it, and thereby benefit everyone in society. Dr. HR Nagendra, Health News, ET HealthWorld [Source link](//health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/yoga-uncovers-the-holistic-vision-of-the-entire-human-system-dr-h-r-nagendra/88883636?utm_source=RSS&utm_medium=ETRSS) Dr. HR Nagendra, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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