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    NBA honors Terrence Clarke, draft prospect who died in April
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide [sports] nba honors terrence clarke, draft prospect who died in april terrence clarke, the former kentucky guard who died in a car accident while preparing for the nba draft, was recognized thursday in a ceremony midway through the first round. Nba commissioner adam silver introduced clarke’s mother, brother and sister. “It is my honor to now announce that with the next pick in the 2021 nba draft, the nba selects terrence clarke from the university of kentucky,” silver said as clarke’s family members went up to the stage and put on nba hats. Silver embraced each of clarke’s family members as the crowd chanted “terrence! Terrence!” “He was so ready for (the draft), so excited,” clarkes mother, osmine clarke, said in a videotaped interview on the espn draft telecast following the ceremony. “That was all he talked about, just going to the draft. ‘Mommy, am i ready for this? This is big.’ Im like, ‘yes, terrence. You wouldnt have been in this position if people didnt think you were this good.” Clarke had declared for the draft after playing one season at kentucky. He died april 22 at the age of 19 following a car accident in los angeles. “Terrence clarke was a beautiful kid, someone who owned the room with his personality, smile and joy,” kentucky coach john calipari said in a statement after clarkes death. Clarke played just eight games for kentucky due to a leg injury but had been expected to get drafted. He made six starts for kentucky and averaged 9.6 points, 2.6 rebounds and 2 assists.
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    Alberto Fernández (President Dukakis)
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide |line 40:||line 40:| |+| |−| |+| |+| |+| |+| |+| latest revision as of 00:08, 31 july 2021 alberto Ángel fernández (april 5, 1959 -) is an argentine politician, lawyer and professor, current president of argentina since 2019. Affiliated to the justicialista party, he was elected in the first round of the 2019 election after defeating candidate mauricio macri. He was sworn into office on december 10, 2019,served as vice president of argentina in the kirchner government from 2011 to 2019 known to succeed president krincher cristina kirchner. Graduated in law, fernández worked as a lawyer and professor of criminal law at the university of buenos aires, a position he started to perform in 1983. Interested in politics since his youth, he participated in carlos menems government and was a councilor of buenos aires for a term, between 2000 to 2003. In 2010, he was chosen as vice-candidate for the presidency of the republic of the country on the ticket of cristina kirchner, where he won and became the countrys vice president for 8 years when he ran for president in 2019 against candidate mauricio macri. He won the elections in the first round and was elected president with an amazing campaign. Participated in the 2020 olympics in buenos aires, where i declare the olympic games open (alongside the vice president and president of the olympic organization) as a political representative of argentina.
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    Anyone looked at free college?
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (0 reads)
    College Guide So i talked to them, looks like ill do the university of arizona it degree. I have an aas in bus admin. my question is.. Wheres the catch. Is walmart going to drop this in like 2 years? The college seems at least legit.
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    Breaking Through
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide Suddenly the biden administration, through the cdc, shares part of what they’ve known for quite a while about covid-19 “breakthrough cases” among the vaccinated population of this country. [Emphasis added to quotes] a leaked document reveals a combination of recently obtained, still-unpublished data from outbreak investigations and outside studies showing that vaccinated individuals infected with delta may be able to transmit the virus as easily as those who are unvaccinated. Vaccinated people infected with delta have measurable viral loads similar to those who are unvaccinated and infected with the variant. … the data and studies cited in the document played a key role in revamped recommendations that call for everyone – vaccinated or not – to wear masks indoors in public settings in certain circumstances, a federal health official said. … one of the slides states that there is a higher risk among older age groups for hospitalization and death relative to younger people, regardless of vaccination status. Another estimates that there are 35,000 symptomatic infections per week among 162 million vaccinated americans. and nobody has a clue as to how many asymptomatic infections per week occur among the vaccinated. All of which simply confirms speculation made here in our last few posts, as well as elsewhere . finally the media are reporting on the odd coincidence that just as biden declared all clear for the vaccinated to stop masking up and social distancing, the cdc changed the way they counted breakthrough cases. This oddity was noticed at the time by astute observers of how the biden administrations’ collective minds work: while the centers for disease control and prevention stopped comprehensively tracking what are known as vaccine breakthrough cases in may , the consequences of that choice are only now beginning to show. at the time, the agency had identified only 10,262 cases across the u.S. Where a fully vaccinated person had tested positive for covid. Most people who got infected after vaccination showed few symptoms, and appeared to be at low risk of infecting others. but in the months since, the number of vaccine breakthrough cases has grown, as has the risk that they present . And while the cdc has stopped tracking such cases, many states have not. Bloomberg gathered data from 35 states and identified 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases through the end of july, more than 10 times the cdc’s end-of-april tally. one might almost deduce that the non-political and wholly scientific cdc had no interest in finding evidence of breakthrough cases that could put the kibosh on biden reaching his july 4 deadline of 70% of the population vaccinated. just as there’s “no evidence” of fraud in the 2020 election, because officials deliberately didn’t look for it and continue to throw roadblocks in the way of any audit attempt to find it, there was (until now) very little evidence of breakthrough cases because the vaccinated weren’t being tested, deliberately, unless hospitalized with/for covid-19 symptoms and apparently the cdc was hiding the stats. see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. evil. while the media and the democrats focused on blaming the unvaccinated for the delta variant outbreak in southwest missouri, a “red” state, they mostly ignored the corresponding outbreak of covid-19 in massachusetts, a “blue” state. that outbreak began after the fourth of july, and grew in the following weeks: the outbreak quickly grew to the hundreds and most of them appeared to be vaccinated . as of thursday, 882 people were tied to the provincetown outbreak. Among those living in massachusetts, 74% of them were fully immunized, yet officials said the vast majority were also reporting symptoms. Seven people were reported hospitalized . the issue of breakthrough cases also became uncomfortably obvious when a large group of democrat legislators from texas flew together on private planes and brought their own little super spreader event among the vaccinated to biden’s front door. on july 22 , democrat senator markey of massachusetts demanded answers: in the letter to the cdc, senator markey requests responses to questions that include: why did the cdc announce that it would no longer require states to report information to the cdc on breakthrough cases that do not require hospitalization? what action is the cdc undertaking to monitor breakthrough cases for people who are not hospitalized? is the cdc collecting and publishing racial, ethnic, gender, age, and location data on these breakthrough cases, including people who are not hospitalized? does the cdc plan to update its public health guidance, including testing and masking guidance, for fully vaccinated individuals regarding breakthrough cases? is immunity from vaccines decreasing in light of these breakthrough cases? this letter somehow seems to have escaped much public attention (although it’s perfectly understandable that the complicit, bidenphilic media would bury it). when even democrat senators begin to demand answers of biden’s administration, they know they’re in trouble. They had no choice but to do something. Thus, a new mask mandate for the vaccinated, but what difference, at this point, does it make? you’re not going to hear anything but rationalizations and excuses. You won’t hear any admission of error, no confession that they mishandled the situation. Nor will you hear any apology. in other words, don’t hold your breath waiting for them to answer all of senator markey’s questions, one of which others would like to hear the answer to, as well: “ the more data you have , the better decisions you can make . So why would they knowingly turn away data which historically has been really important to have?” Said michael kinch, director of the center for research innovation in business at washington university in st. Louis. “For an administration that said they’ll be driven by the science, it makes no scientific sense .” fauci knew. Biden knew. The cdc knew. why did it take from july 22 (at the latest) until today for them to admit it? people died.
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    Loose Ends (136)
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide (steven hayward) • the saturday essay in tomorrow’s wall street journal review section will be an excerpt from the forthcoming peter bergen book on the rise and fall of osama bin laden, and one passage has this curious detail: [bin laden] explained that killing president barack obama was a high priority, but he also had general david petraeus, at that time the u.S. Commander in afghanistan, in his sights. Bin laden told his team not to bother with plots against vice president joe biden, whom he considered “totally unprepared” for the post of president. • Cast your mind back to 1984, when john glenn thought his reputation as astronaut-hero and the boost from the feature film of the tom wolfe book the right stuff would boost his presidential prospects. But once the primary voting started he bombed worse than kamala harris. I’m wondering right now if j.D. Vance, who is running for the senate in his home state of ohio, might turn out to be the john glenn of this election cycle. Despite his celebrity on the right, and the sympathetic feature film of his memoir hillbilly elegy, it seems most voters in ohio haven’t heard of him and don’t know much about him. That’s what politico reports anyway: a candidate who built his national brand as a voice of the appalachian region, and who campaigns as a populist trying to represent salt-of-the-earth ohio voters, just isn’t all that well-known among those salt-of-the-earth voters yet—at least not as a political candidate. . . But in nearly two dozen conversations with politics watchers and regular voters here before and after vance officially announced his candidacy, a few did not recognize vance’s name at all. Most voters, with some prompting, possessed a sometimes-vague knowledge (or loathing) of him as someone they had seen on the news, or whose life story had been made into a movie on netflix. Almost none knew much about him as a politician, and those republicans that did had learned about him recently from fox news or directly from his campaign. And to observers here, that makes his chances at a senate seat look very different than they might look from washington. “I think this is a candidacy that looks really good to the twitter crowd, and that looks good to folks who aren’t in ohio and are thinking about the glide path that j.D. Vance has been on,” said david niven, a political science professor at the university of cincinnati and former speechwriter for democratic governor ted strickland. “But i don’t know that rank-and-file ohio republicans have given him a moment’s thought.” • Thought for the day: there are only two things i don’t like about the biden administration—its domestic policy, and its foreign policy. • That quip is actually borrowed/adapted from m. Stanton evans, who first said it of the nixon administration. Before going on to say later: “i wasn’t for nixon until after watergate. After wage and price controls and the opening to red china, watergate was a breath of fresh air.” (You can pre-order the book that tells his whole story here.) There’s another evans question from the mid-1970s that is freshly relevant these days: “if the constitution is to be changed from age to age merely by interpretation, why does it contain within itself a rather elaborate process for formal amendment?”
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    Young Punks Trap Girl on Train, Show Her a New Use for Earbuds
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide While coming home from a morning college class, a 19-year-old girl became trapped in the back of a city train by a pair of punks, who were waiting for most of the other passengers to exit. Soon, she learned how they would use her earbuds against her, which was all made worse by what happened after they had their way with her. Jessica hughes, a depaul university student, left campus and headed back home alone on the cta blue line train as she listened to her music. After many of the passengers had gotten off at their various stops along the way, jessica noticed a man move closer to her, taking up the seat in front of her. Instantly, she got a feeling that something bad was about to happen. When the guy got his chance, he turned around and attacked, pouncing on the helpless teen. Jessica said that he immediately went for her iphone, which was in her pocket and connected to the earbuds she had in her ears. As the struggle began, a woman who was with the attacker jumped in and joined the assault on jessica. “He jumps up from his chair, and goes on top of me, and asks me for my phone, but my phone was in my pocket, and i had my headphones on, so he was yanking at my headphones, and then he pushed me to the floor, and then started beating on my head,” jessica explained to wbbm , recalling how the attacker used her earbuds to overpower her. However, the attack was just getting started, and what witnesses did while it was happening has left her in fear for her life. As the brawl escalated and jessica desperately tried to defend herself, the man bit down hard on her left hand, as his female accomplice went for the teen’s face. The woman ultimately broke jessica’s nose while witnesses just watched and did nothing. Jessica said that there were two men standing nearby, who she asked to help her, but they refused to do anything. “They just watched,” she told wbbm . “I feel like people just don’t want to get involved.” Since nobody stepped in to defend this girl, her attackers got away, with no way to track them down other than grainy surveillance footage and the victim’s description. “I’m just hoping everything they need is on that video,” jessica said. “And they’re able to get those people that did this to me.” She described the attacker as an african american man in his mid-20’s. He was wearing a blue ralph lauren polo hat, a grey hoodie, and baggy pants that were sagging below his waist. She said the woman, also an african american in her mid-20’s, was extremely thin with long black hair. Jessica’s father, richard amador, said she could have been killed — yet, no one stepped in to save her. “It’s just shameful,” he said. “Definitely, i would jump in and help, no matter what the consequences, because it’s another human being. I just pray that they find these animals.” As jessica recovered from what happened on the train , she was left with a sour reality of the world we live in today. When two grown men can watch a woman getting ambushed and have no instinctual reaction to protect someone, society has devolved into a frightening place. Ideally, real men would step up and help another human being, especially a young woman who’s barely more than a child, because doing nothing is acceptance of what’s happening.
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    Exposure of the Male Body in Pageants
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide Last year there was a large debate on female body exposure in pageants. One of the questions posed was why is it that male pageant candidates are more ‘sexualized’ than females? Why is it that it was okay for male pageant candidates to show off more skin than women pageant candidates? This is the writeup you’ve been looking for… before we begin, let us first be realistic on two things: 1) male pageants are mainly geared for gay and female audiences, and 2) male attractiveness is tied to one’s fertility/ virility, physical fitness and wealth. Male pageants are geared mainly towards the gay and female audiences during the early stages of our instagram page, we have been posting on a regular basis our #manicmonday posts which feature mostly shirtless photos of male pageant winners and candidates. This was in direct contrast on our page where we would only do male pageant related write-ups occasionally. Observing how our stats and page followers grew, we noticed that our instagram #manicmonday posts contributed greatly to the increase of our ig followers, specially for male accounts. Although we cannot say for certain how large is the gay percentage of that population, we can at least contrast the male versus female following on ig versus fb. For our facebook page, there is a 50-50% split between two sexes. However on our instagram, the split is 60-40% in favor of males. Studies show that more masculine faces are considered to be more attractive by gay guys. New research suggests that regardless of sexual orientation, men prefer sexual dimorphism in faces. This study finds that gay men preferred the most masculine-faced men, while straight men preferred the most feminine-faced women. The findings suggest that regardless of sexual orientation, mens brains are wired for attraction to sexually dimorphic faces -- those with facial features that are most synonymous with their gender. The research is currently published online in the journal archives of sexual behavior, and was led by aaron glassenberg, while completing his masters degree in the department of psychology at harvard. Our work showed that gay men found highly masculine male faces to be significantly more attractive than feminine male faces. Also, the types of male faces that gay men found attractive generally did not mirror the types of faces that straight women found attractive on average, says glassenberg. Thus the #manicmonday post was geared to cater towards the gay male followers of the page. Virility, strength and dominance are key towards appearing attractive it is also observed that there are far more engagements from male accounts than there are on females whenever we post #manicmonday posts. Between shirtless and even at times risque images of male pageant candidates, there is generally more likes, saves or shares on topless photos than of those when they are fully clothed. This is no surprise as a study shows that gay men are attracted to cues of fertility as below: homosexual men view both highly fertile women and men as more attractive compared to women and men who are less fertile, according to new research published in personality and individual differences. The findings suggest there are basic evolutionarily-rooted mechanisms that influence men’s perception of potential partners, regardless of their sexual orientation. This is further illustrated in the tubecrush study below: tubecrush confirms the stereotype that men need to be rich and physically fit to be conventionally attractive to prospective partners. Tubecrush.Net users send in photos of men that have left them feeling a little bit flustered during their travels. They then have the opportunity to rate or comment of photos that other users upload. City banker types in suits and extravagant watches feature heavily on the website, while men in gym and workout wear also make up a large proportion of the images on tubecrush. Bulging arm and chest muscles also feature heavily. Users leave comments and captions on the images such as hey sexy workout man — protein powder is working well for you! And this guy, fresh from crossfit it seems, is so beautiful, fulfilling the stereotype that conventionally attractive men should be physically fit and wealthy. Men are more sexualized in male pageantry due to the normalcy that the pageant audiences attach to it. Such low threshold on nudity is reinforced by what gay men and female audiences consider as attractive. Any exposition of a handsome, virile man is therefore considered attractive and the visibility of muscles is even more welcome to the intended audiences. Hence it is widely more popular to see male pageant candidates’ photos in provocative outfits and poses due to the two above reasons. Unfair? Definitely! Why should men be allowed to be more sexualized than women? Society’s dicta on what is acceptable and not on exposing the male body is a complex system of ideology, social construct, and environmental conditioning. It is unlikely that the bounds of what is acceptable or not will change overnight. The concept of modesty is different for each social group, what is deemed acceptable in one group may not be acceptable in another. Overtly sexy images may be fine for male pageant candidates but not for female pageant ladies. Having different standards between male and female pageants is more likely dictated by its target audiences. Female pageants are geared towards family-friendly audiences while male pageants are mainly geared for more mature gay and female audiences. They cater different market needs and therefore have different ways of how it is marketed. Unless male pageants evolve and is aimed at more family-friendly audiences, there is little doubt that things would change and adapt the same standards and expectations as female pageants do. Let us know your thoughts on this issue on the comments below… sources: - harvard university (october 31, 2009). Gay men prefer masculine-faced men, study suggests. [Https://www.Sciencedaily.Com/releases/2009/10/091030125044.Htm] - dolan, eric w. (November 17, 2020). Study finds gay men are attracted to cues of fertility — just like their straight counterparts. [Https://www.Psypost.Org/2020/11/study-finds-gay-men-are-attracted-to-cues-of-fertility-just-like-their-straight-counterparts-58569] - edsor, bobbie. (November 15, 2017). Tubecrush has revealed the traits women and gay men find attractive. [Https://www.Businessinsider.Com/tubecrush-has-revealed-the-traits-women-and-gay-men-find-most-attractive-2017-11]
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    NBA draft 2021: Which states had the most players chosen?
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide From a high school perspective thursday night at the nba draft, florida owned it . The sunshine state accounted for 18.3% of the players picked (11 of 60) after combining for 13 picks in the previous three drafts . Mock drafts leading up to thursday made it look like the race between florida and california would be close, but florida pulled away late in the second round. California was a distant second with six players chosen, while north carolina finished third with four. Pictured above is bj boston, the sierra canyon (chatsworth, calif.) Product who’s now a memphis grizzly after being picked no. 51 overall thursday. Of the 51 states (yes, we’re counting d.C. As a state), 24 had players picked by nba teams thursday night. Nine countries outside the u.S. Are represented, and we’ll list those players first: spain: santi aldama (memphis grizzlies, no. 30 overall) and usman garuba (houston rockets, no. 23 overall) australia: josh giddey (oklahoma city thunder, no. 6 overall) germany: franz wagner (orlando magic, no. 8 overall) canada: joshua primo (san antonio spurs, no. 12 overall) turkey: alperen sengün (houston rockets, no. 16 overall) lithuania: rokas jokubaitis (new york knicks, no. 34 overall) portugal: neemias queta (sacramento kings, no. 39 overall) france: juhann begarin (boston celtics, no. 45 overall) greece: georgios kalaitzakis (milwaukee bucks, no. 60 overall) and here are all the u.S. States (and one district): wisconsin (1) jalen johnson, f, duke (no. 20 overall, atlanta hawks) johnson played his first two years of high school basketball for sun prairie high school in sun prairie, wisconsin, transferred to nicolet in glendale, wisconsin, as a junior and then img academy in florida as a senior before transferring back to nicolet. He was named ap player of the year after leading nicolet to a state championship his sophomore season. Washington, d.C. (1) luka garza, c, iowa (no. 52 overall, detroit pistons) garza left maret school in washington, d.C., As the team’s all-time leading scorer with 1,993 points after he played all four years there. He earned d.C. Gatorade player of the year honors after leading maret to the district title game his senior year. Washington (1) corey kispert, sf, gonzaga (no. 15 overall, washington wizards) kispert is one of the few projected lottery picks who played all four years of high school ball at the same school. He went to king’s high school in shoreline, washington, leading the team to two 1a state championships. Virginia (1) cameron thomas, sg, lsu (no. 27 overall, brooklyn nets) born in japan, thomas started his high school basketball career playing for oscar f. Smith high school in chesapeake, virginia. After sitting out his sophomore year, he played for basketball power oak hill academy in mouth of wilson, virginia, his junior and senior years. As a senior at oak hill, thomas averaged 31.5 points, six rebounds and 3.4 assists per game, leaving as the program’s all-time leading scorer. Tennessee (1) keon johnson, sg, tennessee (no. 21 overall, l.A. Clippers) johnson played his entire high school basketball career for the webb school in bell buckle, tennessee. Just two months before starting high school, he was badly injured in a fireworks accident and narrowly avoided needing to have his hand amputated. He rebounded from his injuries and twice was named division ii-a tennessee mr. Basketball. Ohio (1) miles mcbride, pg, west virginia (no. 36 overall, new york knicks) mcbride was a football and basketball star for moeller high school in cincinnati, playing quarterback and point guard. As a senior, he averaged 13.8 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game, leading moeller to a 29–0 record and its second consecutive division i state championship. New york (1) chris duarte, sg, oregon (no. 13 overall, indiana pacers) born in canada and raised in the dominican republic, duarte moved with his family to new york for his junior and senior year, playing for the redemption christian academy in troy. He was ranked by 247sports as the fifth-best prospect in new york after his senior year but went on to far exceed expectations as a college basketball player. New hampshire (1) marcus zegarowski, g, creighton (no. 49 overall, brooklyn nets) playing alongside his twin brother max, zegarowski led hamilton-wenham in massachusetts to its first state title in his freshman year, and then the pair transferred to tilton school in new hampshire for the rest of their prep career. Louisiana (1) jared butler, g, baylor (no. 40 overall, utah jazz) butler played all four years of high school ball in his hometown of reserve, louisiana, competing for riverside academy. He averaged 27.4 points, 8.8 rebounds, 8.4 assists and 3.0 steals during his senior year and was named first-team all-state for the second straight season. Kansas (1) jeremiah robinson-earl, pf, villanova (no. 32 overall, oklahoma city thunder) robinson-earl won three state titles in three years playing for bishop miege high school in roeland park, kansas. As a senior he transferred to the prep school img academy in florida. Iowa (1) joe wieskamp, sg, iowa (no. 41 overall, san antonio spurs) wieskamp left high school as the iowa class 4a career scoring leader with 2,376 points playing for his hometown muscatine high school in muscatine, iowa. He was named iowa gatorade player of the year after his junior and senior seasons. Illinois (1) ayo dosunmu, g, illinois (no. 38 overall, chicago bulls) a chicago native, dosunmu played all four years of high school basketball in his hometown. He started at westinghouse college prep and played his final three years for morgan park, where he led the school to back-to-back state championships in his junior and senior year. Delaware (1) bones hyland, sg, vcu hyland started and finished at the same high school, st. Georges technical high school in middletown, delaware. He was named delaware player of the year after averaging 26.6 points per game his senior year, leading his team to the state tournament semifinals. Alabama (1) herbert jones, f, alabama (no. 35 overall, new orleans pelicans) jones played varsity basketball as a seventh-grader for sunshine high school in newbern, alabama, where his dad was the head coach. He transferred to nearby hale county high in moundville as a junior and helped lead the team to its first state championship as a senior, earning class 4a player of the year honors. Texas (2) quentin grimes, sg, houston (no. 25 overall, new york knicks) grimes played all four years of high school ball for college park high school in the woodlands, texas, amassing 2,863 points, 854 rebounds, 582 assists, 213 steals and 127 blocks. After his senior year he was named the texas gatorade player of the year and a mcdonald’s all-american. Greg brown iii, f, texas (no. 43 overall, portland trail blazers) brown was a four-year varsity starter at vandegrift high school in austin, texas, where he also was a high jumper for the track and field team. He was named texas gatorade player of the year after leading vandegrift to its first district title in his senior year. New jersey (2) jonathan kuminga, f, g league ignite (no. 7 overall, golden state warriors) the congo-born kuminga played for three high schools in three states in his three-year high school basketball career, starting at huntington prep in west virginia, then transferring to our savior new american in centereach, new york, and finishing at the patrick school in hillside, new jersey, where he averaged 16.2 points per game. Scottie lewis, f, florida (no. 56 overall, charlotte hornets) lewis played all four years of high school ball for the ranney school in tinton falls, new jersey, and went to florida as a unanimously ranked five-star prospect. Minnesota (2) jalen suggs, g, gonzaga (no. 5 overall, orlando magic) suggs left as minnehaha academy’s all-time leading scorer, with 2,945 career points, leading the minnesota school to three state championships. He missed a chance at a fourth when his senior season was cut short by the covid-19 pandemic. Jericho sims, c, texas (no. 58 overall, new york knicks) sims played his entire high school career for hometown cristo rey jesuit in minneapolis, finishing as the school’s top career scorer with 2,005 points. He averaged 25 points and 10 rebounds as a senior. Michigan (2) isaiah jackson, c, kentucky (no. 22 overall, indiana pacers) jackson played at a different school in all four years of his prep career, starting at lutheran northwest high in rochester hills, michigan, then moving to old redford academy in detroit before playing for the spire academy in geneva, ohio, alongside lamelo ball as a junior. He moved back to michigan for his senior year, averaging 19.1 points, 13 rebounds and 7.7 blocks for waterford mott high in waterford. Isaiah livers, f, michigan (no. 42 overall, detroit pistons) livers played all four years of high school ball for kalamazoo central high school in kalamazoo, michigan, earning honors as michigan gatorade player of the year and mr. Basketball of michigan after his senior year. Massachusetts (2) james bouknight, sg, uconn (no. 11 overall, charlotte hornets) after playing his first two years of high school ball at la salle academy in manhattan, the brooklyn-born bouknight transferred to the macduffie school in granby, massachusetts. A knee injury cut short his junior year, and then the projected lottery pick played his senior season with the prep school psa cardinals. Dalano banton, g, nebraska (no. 46 overall, toronto raptors) a toronto native, banton started his high school career at the macduffie school in granby, massachusetts, and finished at redemption christian academy in northfield, massachusetts. Kentucky (2) david johnson, g, louisville (no. 47 overall, toronto raptors) johnson scored 1,472 points and grabbed 719 rebounds in four seasons as a starter at trinity high school in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. He earned first-team all-state honors as a junior and senior. Charles bassey, c, western kentucky (no. 53 overall, philadelphia 76ers) born in nigeria, where he focused on soccer until age 12, bassey moved to the united states as a 6-foot-10 14-year-old. He started his high school career at st. Anthony catholic high school in san antonio, texas, where he quickly became one of the most sought-after recruits in the country. He transferred to desales high school in louisville, kentucky, and played basketball for the louisville prep school aspire basketball academy. Georgia (3) davion mitchell, g, baylor (no. 9 overall, sacramento kings) mitchell went to liberty county high school in hinesville, georgia, all four years of his high school basketball career, leading the team to its first class 4a state title as a junior, when he averaged 24.2 points per game. He averaged 23.8 points per game as a senior. J.T. Thor, f, auburn (no. 37 overall, charlotte hornets) born in nebraska, thor moved to alaska at age 5 and played a year of prep basketball as a seventh-grader for west anchorage high school. He transferred to huntington prep in west virginia, where he played for two years, and then finished his high school career at norcross high school in norcross, georgia, earning all-state honors. Sharife cooper, pg, auburn (no. 48 overall, atlanta hawks) cooper played all four years of high school ball for mceachern high school in powder springs, georgia, leading the school to its first state title his junior year. His no. 2 jersey number was retired in may at mceachern, where he was honored as the most decorated boys basketball player in school history. North carolina (4) trey murphy iii, f, virginia (no. 17 overall, new orleans pelicans) murphy finished as the cary academy career leader in field goals made, three-pointers made and free throws made for the cary, north carolina, school. Jaden springer, g, tennessee (no. 28 overall, philadelphia 76ers) springer played varsity basketball as an eighth-grader for lighthouse christian school in antioch, tennessee, before playing for rocky river high school in mint hill, north carolina, as a freshman and sophomore, leading the team to its first two state tournament appearances. He played his final two seasons for the florida prep school img academy. Isaiah todd, f, g league ignite (no. 31 overall, washington wizards) todd went from john marshall high school in richmond, virginia, to trinity academy and word of god christian academy in north carolina. He decommitted from michigan and chose the g league route out of high school. Aaron wiggins, f, maryland (no. 55 overall, oklahoma city thunder) wiggins started his high school career at grimsley high school in greensboro, north carolina, and finished at wesleyan christian academy in high point, north carolina, where he played with jaylen hoard and earned all-state honors as a senior. California (6) jalen green, sg, g league ignite (no. 2 overall, houston rockets) for his first three years of high school, green played for san joaquin memorial high school in fresno, california, and then moved north to prolific prep in napa for his senior season. He led prolific prep to a 31-3 record and was named sports illustrated all-american player of the year after averaging 31.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and five assists per game. Evan mobley, f/c, usc (no. 3 overall, cleveland cavaliers) in his senior season at rancho christian in temecula, california, mobley averaged 20.5 points, 12.2 rebounds, 5.2 blocks, and 4.6 assists per game, leading the team to a 22–8 record. He was named california gatorade player of the year after his junior and senior seasons. Ziaire williams, sf, stanford (no. 10 overall, memphis grizzlies) after playing his first three years of high school ball for sherman oaks notre dame in southern california, he transferred to nearby superpower sierra canyon for his senior season, joining bronny james and zaire wade (sons of lebron and dwyane, respectively). He led sierra canyon to the cif-southern section open division title his senior year. Josh christopher, sg, arizona state (no. 24 overall, houston rockets) christopher played all four years of prep basketball for mayfair high school in lakewood, california, winning the division 2aa championship as a junior. He averaged 29.2 points, 8.0 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 3.1 steals per game as a senior, leading his team to the cif southern section division 1 quarterfinals. Kessler edwards, f, pepperdine (no. 44 overall, brooklyn nets) edwards played all four years of high school ball for etiwanda high school in rancho cucamonga, california. As a senior he averaged 21.3 points and 7.3 rebounds per game as and was named baseline league mvp. Bj boston, sg, kentucky (no. 51 overall, memphis grizzlies) boston played for two national high school powers at opposite ends of the country, starting at hometown school norcross in georgia and finishing at sierra canyon in chatsworth, california. Florida (11) cade cunningham, g, oklahoma state (no. 1 overall, detroit pistons) after playing his freshman and sophomore seasons for bowie high school in arlington, texas, cunningham transferred to florida juggernaut montverde academy for his junior and senior season. After his senior year he won the 2020 naismith high school player of the year trophy and was named the nation’s top recruit by espn, 247sports, rivals and usa today. Scottie barnes, f, florida state (no. 4 overall, toronto raptors) barnes had a well-traveled high school career in florida, starting at cardinal newman in west palm beach and transferring to university in fort lauderdale and finally montverde academy in the orlando area for his senior year. He earned first-team all-american honors from sports illustrated after he and cade cunningham led montverde to an undefeated season. Moses moody, sg, arkansas (no. 14 overall, golden state warriors) moody moved around a lot during his high school career, starting at parkview arts and science magnet high school in little rock, arkansas, as a freshman, transferring to north little rock high school as a sophomore and then star-studded montverde academy in florida for his final two seasons. Tre mann, g, florida (no. 18 overall, oklahoma city thunder) a gainesville native, mann played his entire high school career for the villages high school in the villages, florida, before playing in college for his hometown gators. He bounced back from a torn meniscus suffered during his junior year to be selected for the mcdonald’s all-american game as a senior. Kai jones, f/c, texas (no. 19 overall, charlotte hornets) after playing in an nba basketball without borders camp in his native bahamas in 2017, jones enrolled at orlando christian prep in florida for his senior year of high school basketball, where he helped lead his team to a class 3a state championship. Day’ron sharpe, c, north carolina (no. 29 overall, brooklyn nets) sharpe played his first three years of high school ball for south central high school in winterville, north carolina, winning a state title as a junior. He transferred to montverde academy in florida as a senior to play for the no. 1-ranked team in the country. Jason preston, pg, ohio (no. 33 overall, l.A. Clippers) preston averaged just two points per game playing two years for boone high school in orlando and enrolled at central florida, where he planned to major in journalism and not play basketball. He changed his mind and opted to attend the tennessee prep school believe prep academy, where he earned a scholarship offer from the ohio bobcats. Filip petrusev, c, mega basket (no. 50 overall, philadelphia 76ers) after playing on youth teams in his native serbia and then spain, petrusev moved to the united states to play for the prep school avon old farms in connecticut. He transferred to florida powerhouse montverde academy for his senior year and won a national championship. Sandro mamukelashvili, c, seton hall (no. 54 overall, milwaukee bucks) born in new york, mamukelashvili played alongside rj barrett at montverde academy after transferring to the florida school from italy. Balša koprivica, c, florida state (no. 57 overall, detroit pistons) the 7-foot-1 koprivica played at three high schools in florida, going from university school in fort lauderdale to windermere prep in windermere before finishing at montverde academy. Raiquan gray, f, florida state (no. 59 overall, brooklyn nets) despite standing 6 foot 8 and weighing 260 pounds, gray played point guard for dillard high school in fort lauderdale, florida, where he played all four of his prep years. He led dillard to the class 6a state title as a junior and the class 7a title as a senior.
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    Slavery and resistance: exploring the meaning of Emancipation Day in N.S.
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide [ad_1] the african nova scotian flag flies in halifax, n.S., Ahead of emancipation day this sunday. (Robert short/cbc) as nova scotia prepares to mark emancipation day on aug. 1, mainstreet ns is offering special programming to celebrate, educate and reflect on what the day means. with host jeff douglas, a series of seven podcast episodes puts context around the day and offers insight into what came before emancipation — namely slavery. according to the nova scotia archives, most black people arriving in nova scotia between 1749 and 1782 were enslaved people brought by english or american settlers. Of the nearly 3,000 people living in halifax in 1750, there were about 400 enslaved and 17 free black people. listen now – slavery, resistance and emancipation mainstreet ns 46:38 slavery, resistance & emancipation, episode 1: what came before emancipation charmaine nelson is a canada research chair, and the founding director of the institute for the study of canadian slavery, at nscad university. This episode contains all three of the conversations professor nelson had with mainstreet host jeff douglas during july. 46:38 mainstreet ns 27:25 slavery, resistance & emancipation, episode 2: lives of enslaved nova scotians jeff speaks with sharon robart-johnson, author of “jude & diana,” and “africa’s children: a history of blacks in yarmouth, nova scotia.” Then, in a new interview not yet broadcast, mainstreet’s producer alex mason asks sharon about more of her research into slavery and segregation in nova scotia. 27:25 of the nearly 3,000 people living in halifax in 1750, there were about 400 enslaved and 17 free black people. (Nova scotia archives ) mainstreet ns 28:16 slavery, resistance & emancipation, episode 3: black loyalists — free but not equal cynthia dorrington is the site manager at the black loyalist heritage centre, on old birchtown road in shelburne. This episode brings together three of her conversations with jeff about the black loyalists and their times. 28:16 mainstreet ns 24:32 slavery, resistance & emancipation, episode 4: system is built upon system is built upon… poet, educator and journalist el jones and senator wanda thomas bernard talk with jeff about the legacy of slavery. After that, we’ve included a new interview with el jones (recorded outdoors, on a very windy day) about the meaning of emancipation day. (She also performs a poem on the subject in episode 5.) 24:32 el jones, a poet and educator from halifax, sheds light on the brutal history of slavery in nova scotia, and why the struggle for freedom continues today. 4:55 mainstreet ns 44:27 slavery, resistance & emancipation, episode 5: the meaning of emancipation day a special program broadcast july 30th, featuring performances by drummers from home, four the moment, and el jones, a prayer by reverend wallace smith sr, and interview clips of lynn jones, professor charmaine nelson, mary desmond, sgt craig smith, senator wanda thomas bernard, adina fraser marsman, and kendra sneddon-gannon. A video of el jones’ recitation can be seen here — bit.Ly/3xecfi0 44:27 mainstreet ns 22:39 slavery, resistance & emancipation, episode 6: drummers from home full interview wayn hamilton of drummers from home tells mainstreet’s alex mason about the evolution of the group, his own family history and connection to black loyalists who left nova scotia in the 1790s for sierra leone, and why he sometimes tells people he’s from ‘the republic of beechville.’ This episode also includes both performances the drummers contributed to our program about emancipation day. 22:39 mainstreet ns 27:26 slavery, resistance & emancipation, episode 7: “we don’t own the shame of the past, but…” “…we have to own the present and the future.” Senator wanda thomas bernard talks with jeff about how white people can approach difficult conversations about our shared history. Following that, you’ll hear guest host david burke’s conversation with two recent citadel high school grads — adina fraser marsman, and kendra sneddon-gannon. 27:26 charmaine nelson is an art history professor and the founding director of the institute for the study of canadian slavery at nscad university. (Meghan tansey whitton) read more about the first official emancipation day in canada for more stories about the experiences of black canadians — from anti-black racism to success stories within the black community — check out being black in canada, a cbc project black canadians can be proud of. You can read more stories here . (cbc) [ad_2]
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    Stewart makes college pick
    Posted on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:00:07 PDT (1 reads)
    College Guide 6 foot 3 recent patrick school national postgrad jaylen stewart has made his college pick. Stewart is headed to d-2 seton hill university in pennsylvania.Stewart came to new jersey from the park sc... premium-icon premium content you must be a member to read the full article. Subscribe now for instant access to all premium content. Subscribe log in icn-check-mark created with sketch. members-only forums icn-check-mark created with sketch. predict prospect commits with fanfuturecast icn-check-mark created with sketch. exclusive highlights and interviews icn-check-mark created with sketch. exclusive coverage of rivals camp series icn-check-mark created with sketch. breaking recruiting news trending {{ article.Title }} premium-icon {{ timeago(article.Live_at) }}
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