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    Montana seeing remarkable increase in cases, state disease bureau official says
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide Another 275 covid-19 cases and the covid-19 related deaths of four more people were reported tuesday morning in montana, bringing the states active case total to 2,600 people and the death total to 164 people. the 275 is second highest number of cases montana has added in a day, just behind saturday when the state added 293. a week ago, the state had 1,954 active cases. Two weeks ago, 1,992 active cases were reported in montana. after linear case growth statewide from mid-july through august, case reports have climbed significantly in mid-september, according to an analysis published tuesday by the montana department of public health and human services. that analysis, put together by the communicable disease and epidemiology bureau of dphhs relies on information current as of sept. 18. jim murphy, the head of the dphhs communicable disease bureau, said during a tuesday morning press call that when case growth over the summer stabilized, it was at a rate of about 800 cases per week. so, just over the two months where we were stable, montana added 70% of the 10,000 cases weve experienced, so fairly rapid growth murphy said. After this stabilization though, last week showed a remarkable increase in cases. So we actually had an increase of 490 cases last week over the week prior, which brought us to 1,249 cases last week alone, so an all-time high. the increase of almost 500 cases reported over the previous week came from increased reporting in 19 of the states 56 counties. Of those counties, murphy said six counties — deer lodge, rosebud, flathead, roosevelt, missoula and yellowstone — made up 75% of the increase in reported cases. yellowstone county, for example, was up 125 cases reported over the previous week. its really important for us to look at the epidemiological data because it tells us a lot about where we have been, and gives us an understanding of where we might go, and thus allows us to put together some strategic planning to help prevent disease, prevent undue suffering and prevent even deaths, said dr. Gregory holtzman, the states medical officer. holtzman added that covid-19 deaths recently made it into the top 10 causes of death this year in montana, surpassing motor vehicle fatalities. motor vehicle fatalities have been a top health concern in montana that has led to laws, public education and other efforts to prevent suffering and death caused by them, holtzman said. while we all have covid-19 fatigue, we need to work together. Like any sports teams there will be ups and downs along the way. But unless we work together, the chance of meeting our goals and preventing untimely suffering and death goes down significantly, he said. montana doesnt have to experience huge outbreaks like parts of the rest of the country have seen, holtzman said. holtzman, along with gov. Steve bullock and other officials attending the press conference, encouraged people to follow public health guidelines intended to slow the spread of covid-19. for your fellow montanans, for your health, for the economy, we need to do it all for each other. Otherwise im concerned we might see some of the outbreaks and stresses on the hospitals that weve seen in texas, florida and many other states around us, holtzman said. in his remarks, bullock described a document he received monday from the white house coronavirus task force. A portion of the weekly report was provided to the billings gazette by the governors office. the report, dated sept. 20, offers a summary of montanas covid-19 situation and recommendations for governors to follow. the summary noted that with 101 or more new cases per 100,000 population, montana is in the red zone for cases and has the 18th highest rate of new cases in the country. the state also had a test positivity rate last week of between 8% and 10%, which is the seventh highest positivity rate in the country, per the report. among montana counties, 27% have moderate or high levels of community transmission and 9% have high, red-zone levels of community transmission. to slow the spread of the virus, the report recommended the state: intensify public health messaging. Ensure surge capacity testing so that 50 to 100% of the student body at colleges and universities can be tested over a 14-day period. Implement a plan for increased surveillance using antigen tests. Develop weekly surveillance testing as capacity allows among teachers, staff at long-term care facilities, prison staff, public transportation workers and first responders increase testing in long-term care facilities in billings, bozeman or missoula. the report also recommended fining people who do not follow the face mask mandate in high transmission communities. Bullock shied away from supporting a fine, instead encouraging montanans to double-down on other preventative measures. now we do things the montana way here, bullock said. And we arent going to start encouraging the issuing of fines. But i think the point here ought to be clear enough. We all need to do our part in wearing masks and find ways to encourage others to do the same, something that the vice president himself and other senior administration officials too are encouraging and echoing. stacey anderson, the lead epidemiologist with dphhs communicable disease control and prevention bureau, acknowledged that some of the recent case growth is the result of labor day activities. all age groups had an increase in cases, but the increase was significant in certain groups, anderson said. as of sept. 18, 62 schools representing all levels of education had reported cases, anderson said. in some instances recent cases are associated with people attending what anderson described as social events. anderson said looking at data from the week ending sept. 4 versus the week ending sept. 18, there has been a 90% increase in cases reported among people younger than 19, which is considered the school-age group. in the 20-39 age group there was a 50% increase in cases reported when comparing the week ending sept. 4 with the week ending sept. 18, according to anderson. generally, some of the increased case growth in the state is associated with social events including parties, family gatherings, and socializing at bars, anderson said. congregate settings, which include schools, are also showing an increase in cases, she said. the dphhs report shows that the state had seen 1,051 cases in congregate settings as of sept. 18. Those 1,051 cases stretching back months have been spread across 154 different institutions, including schools, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, group homes, mental health facilities and independent senior living facilities. case counts for congregate settings include both residents/students and staff. correctional facilities account for more cases than any other setting, with 302 cases. Assisted living facilities have had 256 cases. Long-term care settings have had 225 cases. Schools have had 209 cases. yellowstone county has had 30% of the congregate setting outbreaks in the state, per the report. Thats the highest share of any county in the report. Flathead county has had 16% of the states congregate setting outbreaks followed by cascade with 7% and gallatin with 5%. As of sept. 18, the state had 98 active congregate setting outbreaks. the report also provides information on the route of transmission for 4,299 covid-19 cases in montana. For another 5,864 cases, or 57% of the cases in the state at the time of the dphhs analysis, the data was unavailable and the cases were currently under investigation, according to the report. the most common route of transmission identified in the report is clusters, which account for 31% of the cases in the state. Cluster transmission means a case is part of a known cluster of cases. contact with someone not in a persons household or in a known cluster is the second leading route of transmission, accounting for 24% of cases for which data is available. Household contacts make up 20% of case transmission. Community transmission makes up 18% of cases. In those instances a case could not be linked to other known cases. traveling out of state during the incubation period is associated with 6% of the known routes of transmission. Health care-associated infections account for less than 1% of transmissions, according to dphhs. people age 20-29 account for the highest percentage of cases in the state with 23%, followed by people in their 30s, who account for 17% of the cases in the state. People in their 40s account for 13% of the cases in the state and people in their 50s account for 12% of the cases in the state. cases have been distributed evenly between males and females. The analysis looked at 7,232 cases with known race at the time of the case report and found that 73% of cases were people who identified as white. people identifying as american indian, alaska native, native hawaiian or pacific islander made up 24% of cases. Native americans make up about 7% of the states population. people identifying as black or african american accounted for 1% of cases. People identifying as asian account for .5% of cases, according to the analysis. the analysis also notes among 95% of all cases with ethnicity information available, identify as non-hispanic and 5% as hispanic. as of sept. 18, dphhs reported the greatest number of deaths in montana among people in their 70s. In that age group, 619 people have been infected, 424 have recovered and 42 people have died. among the 284 people in montana their 80s infected with covid-19, 164 had recovered and 41 had died. among people in their 90s, 72 had been infected, 33 had recovered and 22 had died. among people in their 60s, 1,062 had been infected, 791 were recovered and 32 had died. among people in their 50s, 1,255 had been infected, 950 were recovered and 10 had died. among people in their 40s, 1,336 had been infected, 996 were recovered and seven had died. among people in their 30s, 1,736 had been infected, 1,313 were recovered and three had died. as of tuesday the state has reported 10,700 covid-19 cases. Of those people infected, 7,937 are considered recovered, according to montana department of public health and human services data. two of the people whose deaths were reported tuesday were yellowstone county residents, where 61 people have now died, including 15 in the month of september. another person whose death was reported was a rosebud county resident, where 18 people have now died as a result of covid-19. Rosebud county has the third highest number of covid-19 deaths in the state, behind big horn county with 22, and yellowstone county. the fourth death reported tuesday was a big horn county resident. The man was in his 70s and had been hospitalized before he died tuesday morning, according to rhonda johnson, the countys public information officer. His death was not reflected tuesday on the states case mapping and information website. the three counties of yellowstone, rosebud and big horn have had 61% of the deaths in the state, but account for less than 20% of the states population. The same three counties have 45% of the states active cases and 40% of all cases reported in montana since march. the yellowstone county residents who died were men in their 70s and residents of unidentified senior living facilities. both men died monday while hospitalized in yellowstone county. another 2,747 new tests had been completed by tuesday, bringing the total number of tests completed in montana to 314,009. among counties reporting new cases monday, cascade county added the most with 59 cases for an active case total of 337. Cascade county has the second most active cases in the state. a week ago cascade county had 205 active cases. Two weeks ago it had 182. yellowstone county added 20 new cases for a total of 802 active cases. A week ago tuesday the county had 671 active cases. Two weeks ago it had 806 active cases. flathead county, which has the third highest number of active cases, reported 38 cases for an active case total of 252. A week ago the county was reporting 135 active cases. Two weeks ago the county had 151 active cases. rosebud county reported one additional case for 237 active cases, compared to 326 a week ago and 233 two weeks ago. roosevelt county, which has the fifth highest number of active cases in the state, reported another 31 cases for 142 active. A week ago the county had 48 active cases. big horn county added 25 cases for 134 active. A week ago big horn county had 114 active cases. Two weeks ago the county had 142 active cases. active hospitalizations increased by three from monday to 111. A week ago 109 people were hospitalized. According to the dphhs analysis, the median age of people hospitalized is 64. Those who did not require hospitalization had a median age of 35. Of people infected in the state with covid-19 10% of native americans and 10% of black people required hospitalization, compared to 6% of people who identify as white, according to dphhs. in montana 584 people have been hospitalized due to covid-19. other counties reporting additional cases tuesday include: gallatin with 26 (70 active) silver bow with 18 (78 active) jefferson with 10 (21 active) dawson with six (13 active) stillwater with four (15 active) missoula with three (121 active) ravalli with three (12 active) richland with three (five active) fergus with two (eight active) pondera with two (three active) sheridan with two (seven active) carbon with one (10 active) custer with one (27 active) hill with one (29 active) lake with one (28 active) lewis and clark with one (28 active) lincoln with one (four active) park with one (11 active) phillips with one (three active) sweet grass with one (two ative) valley with one (nine active) wheatland with one (three active) according to the states joint information center, county, gender, age range and date reported information for the cases announced tuesday is as follows: county
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    malaysia rudy Can Be Fun For Anyone
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide Malaysia rudy can be fun for anyone malaysia rudy can be fun for anyone category: blog ruettiger has mentioned that the movie is 92% real.[Eleven] the gamers did not lay down their jerseys; alternatively, the team captain and a person other player requested that he be allowed to enjoy.Reusable h2o bottles are hassle-free and eco-pleasant, nevertheless they’re tremendous inconvenient to acquire inside of to wash. This good drinking water bottle will clean up itself with uv sterilization to remove 99.Cinemark coming soon we gained’t have the ability to validate your ticket nowadays, but it surely’s wonderful to know for the long run.Фильм рассказывает о различных эпизодах жизни знаменитого спортсмена Дэниэла Рюттигера, вошедшего в историю американского футбола под прозвищем Руди.Fortune finds a distraught rudy and reveals that he truly performed for notre dame decades previously, but give up when he felt he was being stored from enjoying as a consequence of his skin shade and has regretted it at any time because. Reminded that he has almost nothing to verify to any one but himself and will permanently regret quitting, rudy returns for the staff.Following commencing their traveling espresso business enterprise, mates ben and jody reopen their store in jakarta, in which new prospects and troubles begin to brew.Next highschool, he is effective at a metal mill with his father, a notre dame supporter, and his older brothers. When his supportive ally pete is killed inside a mill explosion, rudy decides to observe his aspiration.According to the creator in the collection, in the earlier concepts of rudy, he was supposed to regulate men and womens movement employing invisible threads.If youre obsessive about cleanliness, its time to get rid of the vacuum wire and opt for this untethered product from jashen.In the event the coach tells check here rudy he is produced the team. Following briefly hugging the coach and awkwardly apologizing, rudy waits till the coach is a couple of methods away just before leaping into your air and screaming for pleasure.Rudy answered this within an interview by indicating, chris odonnell experienced the position. The only motive he wasnt picked was there was a little something about astin at the last moment that adjusted their thoughts. I do think it get more info was his naive type of enchantment. He did a fantastic job.This sony headphone product stands out for its further bass plus the thirty hrs of battery lifestyle website you get with each individual cost. And in between your preferred tracks, you might take hands-no cost calls and go seamlessly back to the tunes.(This will not be attainable with some varieties of ads) extra specifics of our advertisement procedures remember to offer the ad simply click url, if possible:probably the rationale the filmmakers remaining rudy’s time during the navy out of your movie is for the reason that it wouldve eradicated an ongoing wrestle he confronted though attending college. The scheduling demands of student-athletes are plentiful, and all the more so for just one like rudy who needed to stability college, football, and function.
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    Nettie Stevens discovered XY intercourse chromosomes. She don’t get credit bec
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide Nettie stevens discovered xy intercourse chromosomes. She don’t get credit because she had two x’s. share this tale share all sharing alternatives for: nettie stevens discovered xy intercourse chromosomes. She did not get credit because she had two x’s. During the change associated with twentieth century, biologist nettie stevens ended up being driven to fix a medical secret which had perplexed mankind for millennia. The secret had been therefore easy but daunting: why do males be girls and boys become girls? In her own pioneering just work at bryn mawr college, stevens — whoever birthday celebration is today, july 2 — found the intercourse chromosomes that produce the distinction. before stevens, we were utterly clueless on how embryos become men or girls by way of stevens’s work — as well as the work that built upon it — we currently understand that sex is hereditary, and therefore dads’ sperm in particular determine the intercourse of offspring. however for the majority of history, this concern ended up being a complete secret — also it yielded some interesting theories. aristotle believed a child’s intercourse ended up being based on your body heat of this dad while having sex. “Aristotle counseled men that are elderly conceive into the summer time when they desired to have male heirs, ” the textbook developmental biology describes. in 19th-century european countries, it had been commonly believed that nourishment ended up being the important thing to sex determinant. Poor nutrition resulted in men, good nourishment to females. and for the centuries, other theories that are gonzo. the 18th-century anatomist that is french procope-couteau (the writer regarding the art of having males) thought that testicles and ovaries were either female or male. procope-couteau “suggested the way that is best to manage a child’s intercourse is to eliminate the testes or ovary linked to the undesired sex; though a less extreme mean for women should be to lie regarding the proper part, and let gravity perform some rest, ” according in to the development of intercourse determination, a novel by biologists leo w. Beukeboom and nicolas perrin. all that ended up being nonsense, we’ve learned, as a result of stevens. nettie stevens’s microscope. Wikimedia commons the mealworms that held the trick of intercourse dedication stevens was created in vermont in 1861 and got her begin in technology during the reasonably belated chronilogical age of 35, whenever she had conserved up enough to sign up in a tiny startup college in ca. It had been stanford, and she thrived there, making both a bachelor’s and a master’s level by 1900. after stanford, stevens pursued a phd — degree of training really unusual for females of her time — at bryn mawr in pennsylvania. It absolutely was here that she switched her awareness of re re solving the nagging issue of intercourse determinism. the idea that chromosomes contained hereditary information was still a brash new theory in the early 1900s. The works of gregor mendel himself had been just rediscovered in 1900 (mendel had no audience for their tips as he had been alive), therefore the systematic community ended up being wanting to work the mechanisms out of exactly just how characteristics — including sex dedication — had been passed away between generations. stevens desired to discover how (and when) sex ended up being handed down through hereditary inheritance. She had been making findings with a microscope for the chromosomes in tenebrio molitor — the mealworm beetle — whenever she discovered something which had eluded mankind for millennia. stevens observed that the mealworm’s that is female had 20 big chromosomes. The male had 20 chromosomes also, nevertheless the 20th had been particularly smaller than one other 19. “this is apparently a case that is clear of determination, ” stevens composed in, a study summarizing her findings. she concluded (precisely) that this distinction could be traced right back to variations in the mealworm semen. The sperm had either the little form of the 20th chromosome or the big one. “The spermatozoa that have the tiny chromosome determine the male intercourse, ” she wrote, “while the ones that have 10 chromosomes of equal size determine the female sex. ” (she didn’t phone these chromosomes x or y. That naming meeting would come later on. ) her ru brides intercourse chromosome development in 1905 “was the culmination greater than two thousand many years of speculation and experiment how an animal, plant, or individual becomes female or male, ” historian stephen brush describes within the reputation for science society. “At the exact same time it offered an essential verification when it comes to recently revived mendelian genetics that has been in order to become a main section of contemporary biology. ” stevens’s depictions of mobile unit in studies in spermatogenesis. Studies in spermatogenesis. stevens d stevens’s colleague and mentor e.B. Wilson — a famous biologist in his or her own right — is additionally cited due to the fact discoverer of intercourse chromosomes. This is because easy: sexism. wilson had been focusing on the exact same concerns as stevens, in which he published an identical outcome across the time that is same. Wilson had done a species where in fact the male really has one less chromosome compared to feminine, that will be less frequent in general. Stevens’s style of an x and y chromosome could be the foundation for peoples intercourse dedication. Plus, stevens’s model better supports mendel’s concept on genetics — that some genes undertake principal functions and override the directions of these gene pairs. “it is typically stated that e. B. Wilson obtained the exact same outcomes as stevens, in the exact same time, ” brush writes. But “wilson probably would not get to his summary on intercourse determination until after he had seen stevens’ outcomes. Due to wilson’s more significant efforts in the areas, he is commonly offered the majority of the credit because of this finding. ” wilson’s paper posted before stevens’s, and also as the person with all the higher reputation it is he that has been credited because of the breakthrough. But despite the fact that their documents had been comparable, it had been stevens whom delivered a more powerful — and eventually more proper — conclusion. wilson nevertheless believed factors that are environmental a part in determining intercourse. Stevens said it absolutely was solely the chromosomes. Neither view could be verified positively during the time of the breakthrough. but though time proved stevens correct, it is wilson who got the credit. At the least, they must be considered co-discoverers. it’s a classic instance for the “matilda impact, ” a term known as after the abolitionist matilda gage. The result may be the trend that women’s accomplishments are generally co-opted, outright stolen, or overshadowed by those of male peers. Stevens is definately not the actual only real girl scientist to own this occur to her: rosalind franklin, whoever work ended up being essential to the development of dna, got likewise sidelined later on when you look at the twentieth century. the latest york circumstances penned an obituary about stevens whenever she passed away in 1912 from cancer of the breast. Here’s just how it summed up her achievements: “she had been one of many hardly any females actually eminent in technology, and took a rank that is foremost the biologists associated with time. ”
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    The Trump team knocks on doors. Biden’s supporters dial phones. Voters in Nort
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (2 reads)
    College Guide The trump team knocks on doors. Biden’s supporters dial phones. Voters in north carolina see two very different campaigns, each risky. – The washington post by september 23, 2020 the team fanned out, talking to voters or — more often — leaving door hangers that promised trump would “build a stronger north carolina” and “stop the radical left from destroying america.” When trump selects a new supreme court nominee, that choice is expected to be added to the mix. “The supreme court is an incredibly motivating factor for our voters,” said mike reed, a spokesman for the republican national committee. “Once president trump selects a nominee, you can expect this to be a major point of persuasion in our get-out-the-vote operation.” The democratic get-out-the-vote effort was curtailed months ago by the coronavirus pandemic and remains far less visible, which has drawn laments from voters and political activists. “I know it’s such a struggle because it’s such a trump thing to do, but i would love to see if they could come do more foot traffic here in north carolina,” said jessica maldonado, a 32-year-old educator who lives outside charlotte and supports joe biden . “I can feel the difference. There is such a strong movement, and people are so passionate about the election. . . . I just feel like it’s a missed opportunity.” The need is particularly great when it comes to black voters, community leaders said. “Outreach has always been door-knocking. It’s been going to somebody’s church. I mean, that’s how you campaign in the south,” said angella dunston, who was hillary clinton’s african american outreach coordinator in north carolina in 2016. “For us, we still have that yearning or that inkling for that personal touch.” The on-the-ground efforts on behalf of trump and the biden team’s reluctance to do the same has created an asymmetry to this campaign season, not just in this competitive state but around the country. Republicans are sending platoons of volunteers to voters’ homes to chat and leave literature at their doors. Democrats are not. Skittish about personal contact, biden has relied since march on digital organizing and television ads, counting on outside groups to fill some of the in-person gaps. But he also has engaged in creative ways to expand his reach, weighing in on local issues and flooding the state’s black churches with videos highlighting what his presidency would mean for that powerful democratic voter group. On wednesday, biden will return to north carolina for the first time since early this year, following pressure from local democrats who, like others in key states, have worried that the former vice president’s campaign has lost a sense of urgency. Trump and his team have aggressively courted voters, with the president even suggesting during a telerally with north carolina voters that supporters here vote twice — a message that has alarmed election officials who scrambled to remind residents that would be illegal. Trump visited the state three times this month, including a rally in fayetteville on saturday, where the campaign flouted state health rules by positioning thousands of people in proximity, with many not wearing masks. When biden has traveled, he has held small events designed to follow state health regulations to a t. The difference between the campaigns’ approaches in part reflects a gulf in partisan attitudes toward the virus. Surveys show that democrats are more likely to worry about spreading covid-19, while republicans are more eager to reopen schools and businesses. That has not silenced democratic concerns that biden is leaving an opening for trump among the small pool of genuinely undecided voters, as each side works to turn out their own. “If i could say anything to his campaign, it’s: don’t take anybody for granted. Don’t leave any rock unturned,” dunston said. “You better be figuring out a way to connect with potential voters.” ‘People want to talk’ some elements of normal life have returned in north carolina, even as the pandemic persists. Shoppers packed a farmers market in raleigh on a recent sunday. Restaurant reservations at local bistros on a saturday night were filled. The seven-day average of new coronavirus infections has fallen to 12 new cases per 100,000 residents from a high of 19.5 per 100,000 in mid-july, state data shows. Nonetheless, biden’s team has stuck with the approach taken in the worst days of the pandemic. “We have to make sure people are healthy,” l.T. Mccrimmon, biden’s north carolina state director, said in explaining the decision to forgo in-person campaigning. “We cannot expose people unjustly to covid. I tell my team this every day: what is best for north carolina? And the best thing for north carolina is to ensure that our covid numbers stay low.” As biden has relied on a virtual campaign, trump’s organization has knocked on roughly 845,000 doors in north carolina, some of the 6.1 million voter contacts the operation has made in the state. They halted in-person campaigning from mid-march to the end of june, before resuming. “It’s important that they hear it from the local community — who are going through the same trials and tribulations,” explained michael vazquez, a trump volunteer and army retiree who regularly goes door to door to plead with republicans to vote. “When you get people out there knocking doors and just seeing them face to face, they can relate to you. And i think that’s important.” In north carolina, biden staff and volunteers have made about 5 million phone calls, according to the campaign. They’ve held 2,500 virtual phone banks and set up 10 person coalition teams to work with various communities, including veterans, faith leaders and students at historically black colleges and universities. Molly ritner, the biden campaign’s deputy states director, said that as the virus shut down much of the country in march, some soul-searching arose about whether the goals of a traditional in-person operation could be accomplished digitally. “The important piece is to be able to talk to voters,” ritner said. “And what we found is that we are able to have those conversations through the phone or through text because many people have changed the way that they interact with the world.” Some groups pushing for biden’s election have openly questioned the decision to forgo in-person contacts. D. Taylor, the president of unite here, a hospitality union conducting a door-knocking program in nevada, arizona and florida, asked the biden campaign to “reexamine” how they are thinking about a field program. “We have a very strict health and safety protocol,” taylor told biden’s running mate, sen. Kamala d. Harris (d-calif.), During an online campaign event. “It can be done — it’s done differently — it can be done. Because people want to talk, not just talk at them.” The absence of on-the-ground campaigning is felt so acutely by some democrats because it was seen as the key to victories for the party’s last president. In 2012, the obama campaign bragged that it made roughly 7 million door knocks on the final day of the campaign and determined that the method was far more effective than phone calls in turning out democrats who don’t frequently vote. Biden’s campaign has begun deploying new tactics to compensate. In rural areas, organizers drive to volunteers’s homes, dropping off and picking up lists of voters for them to call, following what the campaign dubs “paper routes.” And it plans to open distribution centers in states such as north carolina where voters can pick up signs. Underscoring its eye on local issues, the campaign released a statement from the former vice president lamenting the “horrific death” of ryan hendrix, a henderson county sheriff’s deputy who was fatally shot while attempting to arrest a suspect. Hundreds in the state’s rural southwest corner came to the sheriff’s department office for a community memorial service to mourn his killing. ‘Mobilize the vote’ biden’s on-the-ground decisions may most dramatically collide with its need to turn out the black vote. North carolina, where more than 20 percent of the voting-age population is african american, has more black voters than any of the swing states. But black voters have been disproportionately affected by the novel coronavirus, and the methods typically used to mobilize them rely heavily on the in-person campaigning with the most risk. “The thing that’s handicapping us right now is obviously the pandemic,” said rep. G.K. Butterfield (d), a top biden surrogate here who represents the northeast swath of the state, where biden’s team is counting on a massive turnout of black voters if he wants to re-create barack obama’s narrow 2008 win here. “We depend on organization to mobilize the vote,” said butterfield. “It will happen.” In the meantime, biden’s campaign released a video to black churches timed to the anniversary of the historic 1963 march on washington. Invoking former congressman john lewis (d-ga.), Who spoke at the march and died over the summer, biden urged churchgoers to “turn our grief into purpose” and “turn our faith into action.” It was distributed to more than 2,000 churches in north carolina, according to the biden campaign. The rev. Jonathan c. Augustine, who played the video at saint joseph ame church in durham, said he’s trying to keep his flock excited about voting. “We don’t want the pandemic to curb enthusiasm about something that is so important,” he said. He’s also participating in a national effort aimed at making sure that black men vote. Before an oct. 9 deadline, he has directed church staff and volunteers to slip voter registration forms to the people who come wednesdays for free meals. And despite the pandemic, he plans to use church vans to offer free rides to the polls, a traditional way of turning out black voters and seniors. Other groups are similarly finding ways to reach voters. On a recent weekend, more than 100 student athletes at north carolina state university donned black shirts that read “black lives matter” and marched near the campus. At one point kevin keatts, the head men’s basketball coach, took the bull horn: “you don’t like what’s going on? Vote.” A dozen miles away, in durham, one group organized a car parade to gin up support for the election. And in fayetteville, another group handed out 250 meals, and as they did, activists and pastors offered voter registration forms. Mccrimmon acknowledged that these pop-up events aren’t connected to the biden campaign but stressed that the goals are similar. “These people are very supportive of our candidacy,” she said. “It’s one team, one mission. . . . It doesn’t always have to have biden-harris on it, but we’re one group.” The trump in-person effort, however, is far more targeted and centrally organized. In cumberland county, trump volunteers used an app to figure out which doors to knock on and which ones to skip. Anna blue, 46, a first-time volunteer, admitted she found the targeting difficult at first — she was so excited to spread trump’s message that her instinct was to go to every door. She said people were hesitant to open their doors earlier in the summer, but now voters — even those supporting biden — offer her water and chat on their front porches. “They did not approach too closely; they wore masks. It didn’t bother me,” said mike williams, 63, a librarian who was doing yardwork when trump campaign volunteers stopped by his home. He’s going to back biden, though he said he hasn’t heard a peep from the former vice president’s campaign. Chelsea janes, scott clement and elise viebeck contributed to this report. Share this post:
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    Yahoo! News: Terrorism
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide Yahoo! News: terrorism trump promise to deny new york, seattle and portland federal funds is an empty threat, expert says ren zhiqiang: outspoken ex-real estate tycoon gets 18 years jail pregnant bindi irwin reveals baby's sex: 'you are our world' a new startup is recruiting gig workers to help landlords evict people from their homes, calling it the fastest-growing moneymaking gig because of covid-19 us faces ticking ‘feral swine bomb’ as millions of wild pigs run rampant across country russia touts nuclear-powered icebreaker as proof "the arctic is ours" u.S. To put convicted killer to death as spate of federal executions continues trump suggests, without evidence, that justice ginsberg’s “fervent wish” about her replacement was written by democrats army gives green light to shape vehicle electrification requirements lindsey graham insists he hasn't changed his mind on scotus nominations — but also that kavanaugh's treatment changed his mind arctic summer sea ice second lowest on record: us researchers snorkeler attacked by 10ft bull shark in florida keys ‘an influential mentor.’ Miami-dade police mourn capt. Tyrone white, killed in a car crash. Keith olbermann airs out ex-msnbc colleague chris matthews for terrible take on trump and rbg secrecy envelopes will cause electoral chaos, official warns wisconsin black man falsely arrested at his own home sues city fact check: kamala harris is a natural-born u.S. Citizen and eligible to serve as president humpback whale swims free after getting stranded in australian crocodile-infested river ilhan omar says no republicans have even privately condemned death threats against her curious mountain lion seen on video watching children play in california neighborhood ‘it’s time to change! #Killtrump': deported canadian arrested for sending ricin to trump may have tweeted about attack days earlier hawaii health department chemist cooked up lsd for air force members: prosecutors south china sea watch: taiwan alarm and indonesia standoff facebook says it is ready for violent unrest in the us election, and has plans to restrict the spread of inflammatory posts pakistan fire: two to hang for karachi garment factory inferno angered by arab-israel ties, palestine quits chairing arab league sessions two new studies indicate covid-19 can spread on long airline flights, promote distancing mcconnell unexpectedly rejects democrats' funding bill, leaving u.S. On the verge of government shutdown a georgia woman robbed florida senior citizens of $1 million, feds say — with a phone will democrats grow backbones amid trump-republican rush to replace ruth bader ginsburg? Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering mail after multiple employees shot on the job whale swims free of australian river as 270 are stranded lapd officers reportedly used facial recognition 30,000 times in the past decade, contradicting the department's previous denials anne webster: australian mp and husband awarded a$875,000 in defamation case fact check: anti-maskers in indonesia were required to dig graves for covid-19 victims the mississippi senate race is tightening, a new poll shows disunited states: could a second civil war — and an end to the union — really happen? Asia today: india adds 87k cases, new zealand easing rules archaeologists unearthed 27 sarcophagi in an ancient egyptian city of the dead. They've been sealed for more than 2,500 years. Trump promise to deny new york, seattle and portland federal funds is an empty threat, expert says posted: 21 sep 2020 03:48 pm pdt the department of justice on monday designated new york city, seattle and portland, ore., As jurisdictions that permit anarchy, violence and destruction, a distinction that the trump administration hopes to use to strip those cities of federal funding. ren zhiqiang: outspoken ex-real estate tycoon gets 18 years jail posted: 22 sep 2020 02:22 am pdt ren zhiqiang went missing earlier this year after writing an essay said to be critical of president xi. pregnant bindi irwin reveals baby's sex: 'you are our world' posted: 22 sep 2020 07:21 am pdt irwin and her husband, chandler powell, are about to become a family of three. a new startup is recruiting gig workers to help landlords evict people from their homes, calling it the fastest-growing moneymaking gig because of covid-19 posted: 21 sep 2020 09:34 am pdt the startup has been described as the uber for evicting people. us faces ticking ‘feral swine bomb’ as millions of wild pigs run rampant across country posted: 21 sep 2020 09:58 am pdt the wild boars cause $2.5bn in damages annually russia touts nuclear-powered icebreaker as proof "the arctic is ours" posted: 22 sep 2020 08:51 am pdt the 570-foot-long arktika is designed to smash putins russia a path of sovereignty through ice 9 feet deep in the sensitive northern region. u.S. To put convicted killer to death as spate of federal executions continues posted: 22 sep 2020 04:04 am pdt the department of justice says it will put lecroy, 50, to death using lethal injections of pentobarbital, a barbiturate, at its execution chamber in terre haute, indiana. The execution had been scheduled for 6 p.M. Edt (2200 gmt), but was delayed as the u.S. Supreme court weighed a petition from lecroy to stay his execution until his lead lawyer, who has a chronic illness, could travel safely to terre haute without fear of getting covid-19. trump suggests, without evidence, that justice ginsberg’s “fervent wish” about her replacement was written by democrats posted: 21 sep 2020 12:09 pm pdt during an interview on fox & friends monday morning, president trump theorized that a quote attributed to justice ruth bader ginsburg was manufactured by democrats. Trump did not offer any evidence for his suggestion. According to npr, justice ginsburg told her granddaughter that her most fervent wish was that she would not be replaced until a new president was sworn in. army gives green light to shape vehicle electrification requirements posted: 21 sep 2020 08:56 am pdt the army has been given the go-ahead to develop requirements to provide electric power to tactical and combat vehicles. lindsey graham insists he hasn't changed his mind on scotus nominations — but also that kavanaugh's treatment changed his mind posted: 21 sep 2020 01:52 pm pdt when justice antonin scalia died in 2016, republicans steamrolled former president barack obamas nominee because they said the next president should choose the nominee. Senate judiciary committee chair lindsey graham (r-s.C.) Even invited democrats to use my words against me if there was an election-year vacancy come 2020 -- but he seems to have changed his mind.In a monday letter to the senate judiciary committee, graham claimed he still felt the same about election-year vacancies. He looked back a few years to claim americans elected a republican senate majority in 2014 because they wanted a check on the end of obamas lame duck presidency. Likewise, since the 1880s, no senate has confirmed an opposite-party presidents supreme court nominee during an election year, he continued. Americans renewing a republican senate majority in 2018 points graham in the same direction this time around, he said, as well as the fact that trump is up for re-election.But graham went on to say that he actually had changed his mind about the nomination process after the treatment of justice brett kavanaugh. When comparing the overwhelming confirmations of ginsburg and the testy nominating processes for robert bork, kavanaugh, and clarence thomas, its clear that there already is one set of rules for a republican president and one set of rules for a democrat president, graham finished. > Chairman @lindseygrahamsc to committee democrats: after the treatment of justice kavanaugh i now have a different view of the judicial-confirmation process https://t.Co/qzxgsbgw8s pic.Twitter.Com/iwaclmrqed> > -- senate judiciary (@senjudiciary) september 21, 2020more stories from theweek.Com democrats have a better option than court packing republican advocates are concerned the party could cost them ticket splitters with supreme court vote trump supporters boo ohios gop lieutenant governor for encouraging mask use arctic summer sea ice second lowest on record: us researchers posted: 21 sep 2020 01:02 pm pdt arctic summer sea ice melted in 2020 to the second smallest size since records began 42 years ago, us scientists announced monday, offering further stark evidence of the impact of global warming. snorkeler attacked by 10ft bull shark in florida keys posted: 21 sep 2020 12:56 pm pdt victim was airlifted to miami hospital with a serious bite wound ‘an influential mentor.’ Miami-dade police mourn capt. Tyrone white, killed in a car crash. posted: 21 sep 2020 11:48 am pdt in the late 1980s, tyrone white was a young cop assigned as a resource officer at norland high. Stern and physically imposing, the former college football player nevertheless became a popular figure, connecting with students over sports. keith olbermann airs out ex-msnbc colleague chris matthews for terrible take on trump and rbg posted: 21 sep 2020 12:56 pm pdt with a ratio of more than 10,000 replies to fewer than than 2,000 retweets and counting, this tweet from disgraced msnbc host chris matthews is already being touted as the worst take of 2020.Trump is right to show respect for rbg, matthews tweeted monday morning, after president donald trump went on fox & friends and baselessly claimed that the late ruth bader ginsburgs dying wish was some sort of left-wing hoax. True presidential behavior, he added. Far too rare.The most eye-popping replies, however, came from matthews former msnbc colleague keith olbermann, who tweeted: every day. Every day i had to go through this.I mean, anybody else see him on mission accomplished night? I had to, i was co-anchoring, olbermann added, appending the facepalm emoji to punctuate his point.> I mean, anybody else see him on mission accomplished night? I had to, i was co-anchoring. ����♂️ Https://t.Co/dj1ea9x578> > — keith olbermann (@keitholbermann) september 21, 2020olbermann, a notoriously fierce critic of president george w. Bush during his eight years as host of countdown on msnbc, was referring to the infamous moment the 43rd president gave a speech to troops on an aircraft carrier in front of a giant mission accomplished banner less than two months after the start of the iraq war.On that night, may 1, 2003, matthews gushed over bush on his show hardball: he won the war. He was an effective commander. Everybody recognizes that, i believe, except a few critics. Later that evening on olbermanns countdown, he added, women like a guy whos president. Check it out. The women like this war. I think we like having a hero as our president. Its simple.As the iraq war continued to rage for years, olbermann would end his show each night by telling viewers how many days had passed since bush had declared mission accomplished in iraq.Chris matthews accuser laura bassett fires back at bill maherread more at the daily beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily beast membership: beast inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more. secrecy envelopes will cause electoral chaos, official warns posted: 21 sep 2020 01:05 pm pdt philadelphias top elections official is warning of electoral chaos in the presidential battleground state if lawmakers there do not remove a provision in pennsylvania law that, under a days-old court decision, requires counties to throw out mail-in ballots returned without secrecy envelopes. Lisa deeley, chairwoman of the three-member board overseeing philadelphias elections, wrote monday to the state legislatures presiding republicans amid a partisan stalemate over fixing glitches in pennsylvanias fledging mail-in voting law. In the letter, deeley urged them to back legislation to remove a provision she calls unnecessary and a threat to invalidate more ballots than the margin that decided the states 2016 presidential election. wisconsin black man falsely arrested at his own home sues city posted: 21 sep 2020 12:47 pm pdt as reported by milwaukee journal sentinel, keonte furdge was arrested in his home after a neighbor called the police because he was sitting on the patio. Two police officers entered the house with their guns drawn and handcuffed furdge, 23. fact check: kamala harris is a natural-born u.S. Citizen and eligible to serve as president posted: 21 sep 2020 06:01 am pdt a post claims kamala harris is not eligible to serve as president because of her parents citizenship. Thats false. Harris was born in the u.S. humpback whale swims free after getting stranded in australian crocodile-infested river posted: 21 sep 2020 06:55 am pdt a humpback whale has found its way back to sea weeks after getting lost in a murky, crocodile-infested river in northern australia. In the southern part of the country, an estimated 270 pilot whales were stranded. ilhan omar says no republicans have even privately condemned death threats against her posted: 21 sep 2020 09:10 am pdt rep. Ilhan omar (d-minn.), One of the first muslim women elected to congress, has faced constant threats of violence since her election in 2018. They include public threats from republicans set to join her in the house in january — and absolutely no condemnation from congressmembers on the other side of the aisle, she tells the the new york times magazine.In an interview with the times, omar discussed hateful attacks against her from fox news tucker carlson, as well as the rise of marjorie taylor greene, a republican house candidate in a far-right georgia district who held a gun next to a photo of omars squad in a campaign video. Greenes video is just one of many dangerous people spouting bizarre, ill-informed conspiracies about omar and other democrats and terrorizing so many of us, omar said.But despite receiving a few death threats that have been very publicized where people have been arrested and are incarcerated for it, omar said she has received no support or condemnation from republicans. I cant remember a public statement or private comment of support, she continued.> Interesting juxtaposition here between biden-esque cries that there are good and decent republicans who are simply too scared to speak out publicly against trump and the reality that ilhan omar describes. Pic.Twitter.Com/hxajts6xsv> > — eoin higgins (@eoinhiggins_) september 21, 2020despite being discouraged by this lack of unity sometimes, omar said she has hope that the lived reality of what exists in american cities and towns isnt the same as whats online. Read more at the new york times magazine.More stories from theweek.Com trump supporters boo ohios gop lieutenant governor for encouraging mask use democrats have a better option than court packing vanessa bryant sues l.A. Sheriffs department over photos deputies reportedly shared from crash site curious mountain lion seen on video watching children play in california neighborhood posted: 22 sep 2020 08:49 am pdt i was really afraid for the kids and it was just pure adrenaline. ‘it’s time to change! #Killtrump': deported canadian arrested for sending ricin to trump may have tweeted about attack days earlier posted: 22 sep 2020 10:15 am pdt social media accounts bearing same name share common themes and include recent post threatening president hawaii health department chemist cooked up lsd for air force members: prosecutors posted: 21 sep 2020 05:16 pm pdt a government chemist in hawaii cooked up batches of lsd for active-duty members of the u.S. Military who responded to ads for the powerful hallucinogen posted on social media, prosecutors allege.Trevor keegan, an extract tech in the disease outbreak control division of the state health department, was charged earlier this month on one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. His alleged co-conspirator, austin white, is not known to be affiliated with any government agency. He is facing the same charges as keegan.The case came to the attention of investigators last september, when a confidential informant tipped off the u.S. Air force office of special investigations (osi) about an individual [who] was utilizing...Snapchat to advertise and conduct drug sales, particularly with active duty military service members. The existence of the investigation has not been previously reported.Air force vet who shot woman for stealing his nazi flag claims hes actually the victim osi turned the investigation over to the drug enforcement administration (dea), which was soon able to identify the snapchat dealer as white, prosecutors said.Whites public snapchat account showed the public advertisement of various controlled substances for sale with listed prices, says a criminal complaint filed in hawaii federal court. One of the advertised controlled substances was lysergic acid diethylamide (lsd), more commonly known as acid, which is a schedule i controlled substance.Lsd use within the armed forces has become an issue of late. In 2018, rampant lsd consumption by members of the air forces nuclear missile corps was exposed by the associated press. Since then, the naval criminal investigative service has reportedly launched nearly 200 investigations into lsd-related offenses, with cases spiking by 70 percent in the first four months of 2020. As recently as 2006, lsd use in the air force was so rare it was removed entirely from the standard drug tests given to airmen.In december 2019, an undercover dea agent contacted white on snapchat to arrange a purchase. During that meeting, white allegedly sold the agent 20 grams of a suspected lsd mixture in the form of ingestible gummies for $200. The following month, white sold the same undercover agent about $1,400 worth of gummies and tabs of blotter acid, the complaint states. Whites source work[ed] in chemistry, he told the undercover agent, and said he makes his own stuff. White then agreed to have the cook make another 300 blotter tabs in advance of their next meeting, according to prosecutors.Thats when white got sloppy. After getting $2,500 from his customer, white pointed to a car parked nearby. White allegedly told the undercover that the vehicles driver—and lone passenger—was his supplier, before walking over to retrieve the drugs. Dea agents were able to identify the driver as keegan, according to court filings.Both men were arrested at the beginning of may. The blotter acid tested positive for lsd, although the gummies did not.You would think that employees at the state disease outbreak control center would be too busy these days for such extracurricular activities, dan grazier, an ex-marine corps officer who now works for the nonprofit project on government oversight, told the daily beast. I dont recall a single instance of anyone testing positive for lsd when i was in the marine corps. I have heard it is becoming more common because it is quickly passed through the system and cant be detected in a urinalysis after 2 to 3 days.Former u.S. Air force squadron commander cedric leighton, who retired from the service as a colonel, said he discovered at least three of his airmen using lsd during his 26-year career.Our service members are good people, but, like anyone else, they can be one bad decision away from ruining their careers and their lives, leighton told the daily beast. I saw it as my job to help them avoid those bad decisions.Keegan and whites attorneys did not respond to a request for comment, nor did the u.S. Air force office of special investigations.Both men are free on $50,000 bail. Keegan is expected to plead guilty at the end of october.Read more at the daily beast.Got a tip? Send it to the daily beast hereget our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily beast membership: beast inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more. south china sea watch: taiwan alarm and indonesia standoff posted: 21 sep 2020 12:14 am pdt a look at recent developments in the south china sea, where china is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple territorial disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons. China flooded the taiwan strait at the northern end of the south china sea with warplanes over two days last week in an apparent attempt to intimidate the self-governing island democracy it claims as its own territory. The drills were timed to coincide with the visit to taiwan by a high-ranking u.S. Envoy for talks and to attend a memorial service for former taiwanese president lee teng-hui, who led the islands transition to full democracy in the face of chinese threats. facebook says it is ready for violent unrest in the us election, and has plans to restrict the spread of inflammatory posts posted: 22 sep 2020 03:06 am pdt nick clegg, facebooks head of global affairs, told the financial times that the company is preparing in case of chaos after the november election. pakistan fire: two to hang for karachi garment factory inferno posted: 22 sep 2020 06:32 am pdt the men were found guilty of starting pakistans deadliest industrial fire, killing some 260 people. angered by arab-israel ties, palestine quits chairing arab league sessions posted: 22 sep 2020 04:19 am pdt ramallah, west bank/gaza (reuters) - palestine has quit its current chairmanship of arab league meetings, the palestinian foreign minister said on tuesday, condemning as dishonourable any arab agreement to establish formal relations with israel. Palestinians see the accords that the united arab emirates and bahrain signed with israel in washington a week ago as a betrayal of their cause and a blow to their quest for an independent state in israeli-occupied territory. Earlier this month, the palestinians failed to persuade the arab league to condemn member nations breaking ranks and normalising ties with israel. two new studies indicate covid-19 can spread on long airline flights, promote distancing posted: 22 sep 2020 11:08 am pdt both studies, taking different approaches, found clusters of covid-19 cases traced back to long airline flights. mcconnell unexpectedly rejects democrats' funding bill, leaving u.S. On the verge of government shutdown posted: 21 sep 2020 10:48 am pdt senate majority leader mitch mcconnell (r-ky.) Rejected the government funding resolution house democrats introduced monday, leaving the u.S. Government on the verge of a shutdown.The current government funding package only lasts another nine days, so on monday, democrats released a draft resolution that would extend in through dec. 11. But mcconnell alleged the democrats proposal shamefully leaves out key relief and support for farmers via commodity credit corp. Funding — though cnn reports the trump administration views those funds as an unaccountable political slush fund.> Senior dem aide says the trump admin views the ccc funds as an unaccountable political slush fund.> > Mcconnell makes clear rs want it in any cr. > > 9 days til government funding deadline.... Https://t.Co/aguazymw2g> > — phil mattingly (@phil_mattingly) september 21, 2020house speaker nancy pelosi (d-calif.) On sunday rejected the idea that shed use the spending bill as leverage to stop senate republicans from filling justice ruth bader ginsburgs supreme court seat. None of us has any interest in shutting down government, that has such a harmful and shameful impact on so many people in our country, she said, adding that we have arrows in our quiver.More stories from theweek.Com democrats have a better option than court packing trump supporters boo ohios gop lieutenant governor for encouraging mask use biden and trump will talk supreme court, covid-19, and election integrity at 1st presidential debate a georgia woman robbed florida senior citizens of $1 million, feds say — with a phone posted: 22 sep 2020 10:22 am pdt the director and guiding voice behind a phone scam that stole $1 million from senior citizens in broward, palm beach and other florida counties has been charged in west palm beach federal court, prosecutors say. will democrats grow backbones amid trump-republican rush to replace ruth bader ginsburg? posted: 21 sep 2020 07:08 am pdt most americans didnt vote for trump or the gop senate. The time has come to consider new states, more justices and 18-year supreme court term limits. chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering mail after multiple employees shot on the job posted: 21 sep 2020 03:26 pm pdt it comes as shootings and murders in chicago are up by 50 per cent compared to last year whale swims free of australian river as 270 are stranded posted: 20 sep 2020 06:10 pm pdt a humpback whale has found its way back to sea weeks after getting lost in a murky, crocodile-infested river in northern australia, while an estimated 270 pilot whales became stranded in the countrys south. There have been no previous recorded sightings of whales in remote east alligator river in the northern territorys world heritage-listed kakadu national park, and no one can explain why at least three of the blue water mammals ventured so deep inland in a river with little visibility. In a more common phenomenon, about 270 pilot whales were reported stranded monday on sandbars off australias southern island of tasmania state. lapd officers reportedly used facial recognition 30,000 times in the past decade, contradicting the department's previous denials posted: 21 sep 2020 11:23 pm pdt despite frequent denials and refusals to respond to public records requests, the lapd has been using the controversial technology widely since 2009. anne webster: australian mp and husband awarded a$875,000 in defamation case posted: 22 sep 2020 09:47 am pdt national party mp anne webster sued a conspiracy theorist over a series of defamatory facebook posts. fact check: anti-maskers in indonesia were required to dig graves for covid-19 victims posted: 21 sep 2020 04:13 pm pdt a facebook post is truthful in saying indonesian leaders ordered eight non-mask-wearers to dig graves. the mississippi senate race is tightening, a new poll shows posted: 21 sep 2020 01:29 pm pdt mississippi may have a real senate race on its hands.At least thats what the latest tyson group poll suggests. The survey has incumbent sen. Cindy hyde-smith (r-miss.) Up just one point on her democratic challenger, mike espy, who represented mississippi in the house from 1987 to 1993 before serving as agriculture secretary in the clinton administration for a time.> Mississippi (!!) Senate race:> > mike espy (d): 40% > cindy hyde-smith (r): 41%https://t.Co/sx0y15r87z> > — tim hogan (@timjhogan) september 21, 2020as with all polling, there are caveats, and its worth noting that although the tyson group survey was released monday, it was conducted between aug. 28-30. So its tough to tell how well it reflects the current sentiment among mississippi voters, especially since supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburgs death will likely affect elections around the country. But its the latest poll out of the state, and if recent fundraising is any indication, espy does have some momentum. On saturday, buoyed by a nationwide in democratic donations, he raised more money in a singe day than any mississippi candidate for federal office in history, the mississippi free press reports.> Latest polls of mississippi senate race, from newest to oldest:> > hyde-smith +1 > hyde-smith +5 > hyde-smith +8> > the most recent poll, from late august, is +1 hs with margin of error +/- 1.> > You can see why espy thinks national dems should pay more attention. Https://t.Co/56vipvchcr> > — ashton pittman (@ashtonpittman) september 21, 2020espy and hyde-smith faced off in a special senate election in 2018. The latter emerged victorious, but it was the closest senate race in mississippi since 1988.The tyson group poll was conducted between aug. 28-30 and consisted of responses from 600 likely mississippi voters. The margin of error is 4 percent. Read the full results here.More stories from theweek.Com democrats have a better option than court packing republican advocates are concerned the party could cost them ticket splitters with supreme court vote trump supporters boo ohios gop lieutenant governor for encouraging mask use disunited states: could a second civil war — and an end to the union — really happen? posted: 22 sep 2020 03:00 am pdt richard kreitner on his new book break it up and why secession remains a possible solution to americas dilemma asia today: india adds 87k cases, new zealand easing rules posted: 20 sep 2020 08:06 pm pdt india recorded nearly 87,000 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours as it edged closer to the united states in having the most reported cases in the world. The health ministry also monday reported 1,130 deaths in the past 24 hours, taking the total reported fatalities to 87,882. India now has over 5.4 million reported cases, and the nation of 1.3 billion people is expected to become the pandemics worst-hit country within weeks, surpassing the united states, which has 6.8 million. archaeologists unearthed 27 sarcophagi in an ancient egyptian city of the dead. They've been sealed for more than 2,500 years. posted: 21 sep 2020 02:25 pm pdt egyptians buried their dead in saqqara for thousands of years. The ancient city has yielded countless discoveries, including human and animal mummies. you are subscribed to email updates from yahoo news - latest news & headlines . to stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now . Email delivery powered by google google, 1600 amphitheatre parkway, mountain view, ca 94043, united states
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    Little Known Facts About Olevet.
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide Little known facts about olevet. Little known facts about olevet. Category: blog very last to attain??Within a premier league fixture, you?�Re ensured a myriad of in-participate in choices.|Olivet university can be a heat and friendly place to pursue a significant christian training. Olivet university students originate from a variety of age teams, geographical areas, instructional backgrounds, and cultural heritages.|A helpful aspect that a lot of on the web sportsbooks supply is often a benefits support that punters can use to check former effects and variety. As you can see, the length of time the effects expert services return at each individual operator differs drastically. Coral and betvictor are equally the shocking losers of the check. Both bookies have executed properly in virtually all the tests thus far, with coral specifically coming leading for lots of in-engage in betting elements. Betvictor?�S success assistance goes back just one 7 days, although coral?�S only does slightly superior with final results for the last two weeks.|Generally speaking, the greater stoppages youve during a certain sport, the greater betting marketplaces will probably be out there. A sport like baseball for example, makes it possible for the sports activities bettor to bet on the end result of each at bat and also the score throughout each and every inning.|One of the most exceptional method of live betting is to stay tuned to distinctive on the internet bookmaking web pages, to confirm they are presenting odds on exactly the same game.|The actual fact on the matter is that every one of god?�S word is applicable for the church possibly right or indirectly. Even those sections on the mosaic law which were particularly specified to israel ??Such as the sacrificial and ceremonial laws ??Incorporate spiritual insights that apply on the church.|You and i live in the one generation in heritage when these words may very well be literally fulfilled. There was no likelihood in 70 a.D. The siege of jerusalem would produce the extinction of all existence. But that is a really authentic risk currently on account of the event and deployment of nuclear weapons.|Betonline has many of the greatest betting restrictions amid on line sportsbooks. It is a perfect mixture if you want to put bets on every kind of sporting occasions.|You may up the ante about the exhilaration by inserting your bets on live sports as they materialize. Get ready to join in about the non-stop thrill and unique gain that in-perform punting delivers our customers. Live betting groups & features|individuals who insist that the rapture is mentioned in matthew 24:31 are literally contending the rapture and the 2nd coming are all just one event, making what i call, ?�The yo-yo rapture.??I get in touch with it this mainly because they are proposing that jesus will seem for his church, the living and lifeless in christ are going to be elevated up to fulfill him inside the sky, and after that hell right away return to earth with them.|The fourth bit of proof is located in verse 22. Jesus states which the period of ??Great|fantastic|excellent|wonderful|good|terrific} tribulation??(Verse 21) that he is speaking about will probably be so significant that every one lifestyle will stop unless of course the period of time is minimize shorter.|Regal coming soon we received?�T be able to confirm your ticket currently, nevertheless it?�S good to know for the long run.|Betting on the end result of the at-bat or a how a travel within a soccer activity may stop are only a number of the factors bets you can also make when live betting at bovada. It?�S a live bettor?�S dream arrive real.|Compared with the oxygen in earth?�S atmosphere, europa?�S is nearly surely not of biologic origin. It can be almost certainly generated by daylight and charged particles hitting europa?�S icy floor manufacturing drinking water vapor and that is subsequently break up into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen escapes leaving the oxygen.|The tournament crowned the netherlands as european champions for the first time. Euro 88 was a exceptional instance of a significant soccer event ending with no solitary sending-off or goalless attract, nor any knockout matches likely to time beyond regulation or penalties. Euro 1988 was the ultimate european championship to begin to see the west germany, soviet union and yugoslavia national teams, because the west and east germans reunified to be germany in 1990, the soviet union disintegrated into fifteen different countries in 1991, and yugoslavia broke up into six individual nations and one particular disputed territory within the early nineties. The match was also the primary significant championship to aspect the republic of ireland.|It definitely was a two horse-race when deciding which bookmaker provides the most effective live-streams. 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Via a vasyl rats target, regardless of the dutch dominating for extensive durations.|Encourage your inbox ??Enroll in every day enjoyable details relating to this working day in heritage, updates, and special gives. Enter your e-mail|??Did jesus necessarily mean what he claimed or not? Certainly this is simply not an example of hyperbole ??Of exaggeration to help make some extent. Every little thing while in the passage screams that weve been to just take jesus??Terms literally.}Trainer, behold what great stones and what superb structures??(Mark thirteen:one).|The reward choices could be diverse but gamers can sign up at betonline and sportsbetting and receive bonuses simultaneously.|Different gambling web-sites can offer a in depth tutorial to betting. These tend to be really supportive web-sites and assist bettors to start out betting.|?ал?к?л??о??: ?нлайн, ??о??ой, ?нжене?н?й, ??С, ??о?ен??, ?ал???, ?ни, ??еди??|4/8betfred the betfred live system comes along with a big live infographic and an intensive selection of diverse stats.|Sortable tables give consumers the option to form bookmakers as outlined by specific parameters in above 30 types.|Make sure you go through our cookie plan for additional info on how we use information and facts acquired from cookies. By continuing to implement our website you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie plan. Accept & near|some counter by arguing, ?�But there arent any indications of the rapture. It is actually an imminent event that can manifest any moment.??That?�S appropriate, but im not talking about signs of the rapture. Im referring to symptoms that time to the start of the tribulation and the second coming of jesus.|Being familiar with how the odds differ as per the betting circumstance is the important thing to triumph. Subsequent live betting methods may also help inexperienced persons to be familiar with and make improvements to their betting strategies.|Like a less important chapter from the euroskate celebration e-book, it could be the 1 about vertices, but coincidence is not really an crisis. In hradec králové, the ultimate of the eu cup in october 1990. Was moved to vrbna pod pradědem in the u-ramp for that indoor championship on the czechoslovakia in november 1989 inside the nineties, it had been moved to vrbna pod pradědem and converted right into a miniamp.|The italians gained a complicated match versus the spanish 1??, Courtesy of the goal from gianluca vialli, a small cross-shot to the web on 73 minutes. In the last video game, from an currently eliminated denmark, the italians prevailed by two aims to nil.|You should read through our cookie policy for more info on how we use information and facts attained from cookies. By continuing to utilize our internet site you consent to our utilization of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Accept & shut|lamb & lion ministries was proven for the purpose of proclaiming the before long return of jesus. We dont consider it is achievable to find out the date when jesus will return.|As you ponder this reality, are you presently completely ready for it? Have you been given jesus as your lord and savior? The bible claims that if you put your religion in jesus, you require not dread the wrath of god, for ??Having|getting|possessing|obtaining|acquiring|owning} now been justified by his blood, we shall be saved within the wrath of god as a result of him??(Romans five:9).|The olivet discourse is filled with what we get in touch with ??Signs of|indications of} the moments??That time to the lord?�S return. Some argue that these signals might be confined for the tribulation and may be presented for the benefit of those residing during the tribulation. Basically, the indicators havent any relevance on the church existing on this planet prior to the tribulation.|Live streaming is also going up, with new markets staying released as available to look at live than in the past. Exactly where theyre also genuinely innovating is together with the increase of e-sporting activities, allowing for the bettor to guess in-play on game titles and to view them live.|Consider our promotions website page and learn should your bookmaker of choice is running distinctive in-participate in betting promotions.|So, i think what jesus is indicating heres that each one the functions prophesied in matthew 24 is going to be fulfilled at enough time if the country of israel is re-recognized.}???? в ??бли б????о и ?добно пе?еведе? ?пе?иал?н?й кал?к?л??о? вал??. Gain. It gave the dutch their first competitive victory from the germans and the main look while in the competitions last. The victory was marred with the response of dutch defender koeman who wiped the shirt of olaf thon, given to him following the match, on his bottom before the german fans. The player apologised later on.|Six/8888 activity the list of in-perform markets isn?�T as comprehensive in this article as with william hill as well as the live infographic isn?�T as in-depth just like ladbrokes.|Not all of the bookmakers possess a developed in play line, even so the leaders with the betting marketplace will always be capable to deliver their users with extensive and multivariate bets through live matches.|Some deny which the fig tree has any relation to israel in any respect. They argue that each one the parable signifies is usually that just as the blooming from the fig tree can be a sign that summertime is in the vicinity of, so also, the coming with each other of each of the symptoms jesus stated will be an indication that he is shortly to return.|From our riverside major campus to specialised it ordeals in san francisco, or business enterprise entrepreneurial opportunities in manhattan, our specially designed sites are certain to get anything for yourself.|Also, the prophet zechariah tells us that during the finish times a total of two-thirds of the jewish folks will die in the course of a duration of unparalleled calamity (zechariah 13:eight-nine). Basically, theres a period of jewish persecution nevertheless to manifest that should even exceed the horrors in the nazi holocaust.|The voyagers didn?�T get a very good have a look at europa. However it is a principal aim of your galileo mission. Images from galileo?�S first two close encounters with europa appear to confirm earlier theories that europa?�S surface is extremely young: very few craters are noticed, some sort of activity is clearly occurring.|In the knockout phase, extra time plus a penalty shoot-out have been utilised to make a decision the winner if needed.|But this cant be correct. We are able to go searching us nowadays and see the exact indicators pointed out inside the olivet discourse. They can be presently showing on the entire world scene.|Based on the premillennial check out, the return of jesus will probably be immediately preceded by a period of all over the world, unparalleled tribulation which will notably focus on the jewish men and women.|The film requires us with the agony of solly for having to surrender his custom and beliefs, and thru the dread he needs to live with of getting caught in his lie.|Galileo has discovered that europa features a weak magnetic field (perhaps one/four on the power of ganymede?�S). And most interestingly, it may differ periodically mainly because it passes thru jupiter?�S large magnetic subject.|12bet boasts a number of the very best sports betting promotions in britain (and outside of). Begin with our exceptional join offer - sign up with us, stake £10 and receive £five free of charge as a reward token on your own very first bet. 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Recent knowledge from galileo show that europa provides a layered internal framework maybe with a little metallic core.|?онве??е? вал??, ??еди?н?й кал?к?л??о?, ?по?е?н?й кал?к?л??о?, С?мма п?опи???, ?ал?к?л??о? ??С}Wonderful tribulation??(Matthew 24:21).|When the prediction proves correct, the bettor wins the wager. An upper restrict of 12 picks is permitted all collectively as solitary bets. The calculation on the winnings is by multiplying the percentages via the stake.|Seven/8betway the arrangement below doesn?�T really allow for as numerous stats and scores to be shown as with betfred, however the big infographic permits you to simply retain tabs on all the action because the fixture unfolds, and the supply on the dollars out aspect is always in complete see.|In-play betting has grown and grown in reputation during the last few years. 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The spacecraft also will swing by two other significant jovian moons ??Ganymede and callisto ??That will help condition and redirect its orbit.|The composition of jewish blood is completely different from ours. The jew has a high forehead, a hooked nose, a flat again of the pinnacle, ears that adhere out, and he has an ape-like walk. His eyes are shifty and cunning. He hardly ever appears to be you in the attention.|Just 3 minutes later on, italys goalkeeper, walter zenga was penalized for getting in excess of 4 actions with all the ball and andreas brehme scored the ensuing cost-free-kick. Equally teams settled for a 1??1|one} attract.|When betting in-engage in, it?�S common for the percentages to change once you?�Ve selected your bet, but before you?�Ve had time to enter the stake or confirm the guess. When this occurs, you?�Ll be notified from the adjust in the chances and requested to accept the alterations, in advance of staying authorized to carry on and ensure the selection. This is totally regular when live betting and displays just how swift youll want to be to pounce on options.|You will discover very few craters on europa; only a few craters more substantial than five km in diameter happen to be located.|Matthew 24 as a result emerges as being a essential prophetic passage. Individuals that spiritualize prophecy (amillennialists and postmillennialists) possibly argue that its tribulation prophecies have been fulfilled in 70 a.D. Or have been fulfilled inside the background from the church, and they therefore reject the concept it points to the duration of critical tribulation instantly previous the return of jesus.|?е?евод ???? в ??бли п?оизводи??? онлайн по к???? вал?? Ц? ?Ф или би?жевом? к????. ??и необ?одимо??и можно ?дела?? на?енк?.|Betonline has a superb standing in the web sports betting earth. 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The infographic is inside the centre with limited statistical facts.|She afterwards married asterius, the king of crete, who adopted her sons, and he or she was worshipped beneath the name of hellotis in crete, where by the festival hellotia was held in her honour.|The editors of encyclopaedia britannica encyclopaedia britannicas editors oversee issue parts through which they may have considerable expertise, regardless of whether from many years of experience attained by focusing on that content material or by using research for an advanced diploma....|Live betting options are sportsbetting.Ag are abundant. Their live betting interface is the most effective online, and their number of markets is astounding across all sporting activities.|??How can we escape the affect from the term ??Immediately|instantly|right away|quickly|promptly|straight away}?? I don?�T feel we can. It plainly ties the previous activities to the rapid time of jesus??Return.|Jesus??Prophecy of doom acquired the disciples curious, and doubtless over a little involved. After they were by yourself with jesus within the mount of olives, they questioned him, notify us, when will this stuff be, and what will be the signal of your respective coming, and of the tip on the age?|12bet british isles offers a big choice of athletics groups, leagues, activities, guess varieties, features, great odds and specialist ways to tutorial your sports activities betting conclusion-generating. The system makes use of innovative technologies for making on the internet betting a breeze; as very simple, quick and intuitive as you possibly can. 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Lothar matthäus ran forty yards in to the spanish penalty box just before back again-heeling the ball for that oncoming völler, following up his run, to strike the ball with the outside of his foot and into your corner from the aim.|Live athletics wagers ordinarily uncover it incredibly tricky to recognize the very best odds. When live betting starts off, sportsbooks submit the percentages and maintain modifying them according to the occasions.|Also, we offer some distinctive sportsbook promotions and functions, for instance pulse guess, cash outs and also the live match tracker, which allow you to make the most of your respective in-enjoy punts. Forecast when another goal will probably be scored or withdraw your stake before the wager has even settled. Assume knowledgeable insights and boosted price on the live bets within the 12bet sportsbook.|Live betting is available for just about each sport on earth at mybookie. Certainly, main american sports activities may have probably the most solutions, but in case you?�Re wanting to guess to the german bundesliga 2 or russian hockey ??You should be able to do so, also.}Considering the fact that the start of the whole world until now, nor ever shall be.??The third query is answered in matthew 24:30. The signal of the end on the age is going to be the looks of jesus while in the heavens, ??Coming on|approaching} the clouds on the sky with electric power and good glory.??When you trust in this facts to position bets at 12bet.British isles, you are doing so fully at your individual hazard. Be sure to check with our betting procedures for info on how we settle unique marketplaces. Live betting on british isles and international sports|the handicapping, sports activities odds info contained on this web site is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in the jurisdiction since they differ from point out to state, province to province and country to region.|The spacecraft, in orbit all around jupiter, is likely to make about 45 close passes over europa, shifting its flight path for each flyby to soar around another spot to ensure it ultimately scans virtually your entire moon.|We wish to listen to what you must say but have to verify your email. Don?�T get worried, it received?�T just take long. Remember to simply click the backlink under to receive your verification e-mail.|A late surge saw flemming povlsen lessen the rating line, but was not more than enough for that danes, who now necessary to acquire equally their remaining video games to be sure of a location while in the semi-finals.|3/8william hill properly intended in-enjoy area, with quick inbound links to athletics and well-known bets. The action infographic is popular in the course of the display screen, with each of the bets outlined below.|Things such as figures given, the quantity of betting selections and the quantity of sports offered may vary between a bookie?�S on line platform and mobile application. There?�S also the mobile application?�S in-perform interface to consider. The interface needs to be user-pleasant and operate efficiently and immediately if it is to properly facilitate live betting.|Tlcbet gives an unparalleled amount of choice to our betting buyers. In terms of supplying great sporting activities betting possibilities, each member of our participant group is truly spoilt for preference. Sportsbook groups incorporate; football|yet another great aspect is live-streaming. We now have reviewed a few of the finest live streaming betting web sites, with a number of occasions revealed on a daily basis. 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Lousy performance in a single half of the sport may very well be an indicator for the 2nd 50 percent, or sudden variations in climatic conditions may perhaps sway you to put a selected wager. Insight and logical wondering are crucial avenues for likely rewarding propositions.|If you are doing have a challenge with gambling then we suggest you pay a visit to the national council on dilemma gambling and gamblers nameless. These web sites are both of those excellent assets and will give you assist for the dependancy.|Europa?�S elliptical orbit leads to the in close proximity to side to truly feel jupiter?�S gravity way over its far aspect.|Cinemark coming before long we won?�T have the ability to confirm your ticket today, nonetheless it?�S terrific to understand for the longer term.|You could up the ante on the pleasure by placing your bets on live sporting activities because they materialize. Get ready to affix in within the non-stop thrill and unique gain that in-perform punting delivers our customers. Live betting classes & options|much like with our pre-match exams, the reasonable place to begin is with the amount of athletics and betting marketplaces which have been accessible in-engage in at each individual bookmaker. This varies incredibly broadly involving the operators reviewed here. All have the key sports activities, for instance football and tennis accessible in-enjoy, but some operators, specifically betfred and 888, slide really brief in relation to the amount of sports activities obtainable.|The newest betting preference readily available at sportsbooks is live betting. Thats the aptitude to bet on sporting occasions because they transpire.|The 3rd place to notice is present in verse 21. It states which the duration of jewish persecution that should keep to the desecration in the temple would be the most powerful in all of record, ??Since|because|given that|considering that|due to the fact|considering the fact that} the start of the planet until finally now, nor ever shall [be].??Athletics betting is often remarkable enough on its own, but in-engage in betting brings your betting encounter to a complete you amount. Let?�S have a look at the 3 most important advantages.|Pro soccer excels in live betting with props galore. You may guess on such things as the very first crew to attain inside the third quarter and no matter if participant x will rush for a certain variety of yards.|With tlcbet?�S fantastic sportsbook, you?�Re in for an exceptional working experience that is not only amazing and fun0filled, but that is on the market on all equipment way too. 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Punters can now wager on the move, since almost everyone has access to a mobile or pill unit with access to the internet, and the web sportsbooks are actually brief to choose comprehensive benefit of this.|To be able to activate this bonus on the non-public tonybet account, you should, enter the reward code tony200 each time a deposit is manufactured and wager your deposit 10 instances on betting marketplaces with odds of no less than 1.|1/8coral the choice of in-participate in markets below is always pretty impressive, as well as live infographic will come equipped with a detailed list of stats and scores plus some occasional live commentary. Furthermore, the multi watch resource allows you to hold tabs on approximately seven in-enjoy fixtures simultaneously.|When jupp leaves the law enforcement station right after he admits not to possessing racial purity papers, the town is bombed by a contemporary-period hercules c-one hundred thirty transport plane. See additional » estimates}in any case, zeus appeared to the group in the form of a white bull, one that was more wonderful than another; a bull that smelled of bouquets and lowed fantastically; a bull so naturally mild that all the maidens rushed to stroke and pet it. The bull laid down in front of europa and she or he slid on to its back again. Quickly, the bull charged off, plunging in to the sea, and began to swim rapidly in the shore. Europa saw that a procession experienced joined them, nereids riding dolphins, triton blowing his horn, even poseidon. From this, she recognized which the bull must be a god and she pleaded to pity her. Zeus spoke to her and described his really like. He took her to crete, in which he had been elevated, and promised her that she would bear him a lot of popular sons. Her sons included minos and rhadamanthus.?�Of phoenicia) and brother of europa. Europa was carried off by zeus, king on the gods, and cadmus was sent out to uncover her. Unsuccessful, he consulted the delphic oracle, which ordered him to surrender his quest, adhere to a cow, and build a town to the location exactly where she??But we do believe it is feasible to find out the time in the lords return, and it is our conviction that we reside in that year... Attract in hanover. Ronnie whelan scored a spectacular still left foot volley from eighteen yards to place the irish in the lead. Oleh protasov equalised which has a reduced shot as the soviet exerted late tension.|?ал?к?л??о? онлайн, ?нжене?н?й кал?к?л??о?, ??о??ой кал?к?л??о?|As opposed to common betting odds that stay considerably the same (minus line movements), in-perform odds go rapid. If the thing is action you like, consider it ahead of it disappears. Theres a confined window for live odds and you have to jump on lines promptly because they don?�T last lengthy.|Throughout the operators reviewed listed here, all give at least some live-streams. Ladbrokes, betway and 888 sport provide a small array of sports to become streamed, although betvictor limitations by itself to horse racing only.|The next team witnessed a astonishing list of success. During the opening game, one of many pre-match favourites england dropped 0??1|one} to ireland. Ray houghton scored a looping header soon after 6 minutes once the english defence didnt apparent a cross.|A various team, our resident school includes scholars of different traditions and philosophies; their courses blend functional conversations of pastoral operate with deep theological insight.|Complementing the volume of sporting activities offered is the variability and number of bets which might be created upon them. The fantastic thing about in-enjoy betting web pages is the new varieties of bets its brought to the fore; fast-hearth bets, like following purpose or factors scorers, in addition to a total host of initial in-enjoy exceptional bets are available along with the standard wager varieties, at latest on the internet sportsbooks.|On the web bookmakers see that a crew is foremost and can alter the spread to mirror that. If the fave will get down early in the initial quarter, the line will shrink in favor of the underdog. Occasionally a favorite could even develop into a puppy in live betting predicaments depending on the opening line.|And much like any other film that bargains using the plight on the jewish men and women in the course of wwii, this isnt a really feel good movie that should have you wanting to watch it many times. Incredibly properly manufactured and effectively acted film.|Winning although not all of a bettor picks are right, is the procedure guess. Many mix and solitary bets produce a method bet. A process guess may be by including at least three as many as 8 picks for the guess slip.|?�What will be the indication of the end of the age???Thats, what occasion will mark the consummation of history as well as launching of a brand new environment get?|Together with coral, there are honourable mentions also for william hill and betfair. The william hill sportsbook is amazingly in keeping with its in-engage in giving. Solid odds, among the many most betting choices and sporting activities markets, along with a good live rating and fixtures support, imply it ticked all the right packing containers.|Sportsbetting.Ag has a number of incredible bonuses for all sports bettors. The top two promos to make use of are:|the germans and italians played out the opening activity. This video game was tightly contested. Roberto mancini capitalised on the defensive error over the still left-hand side with the german aim and also the striker squeezed inside of a shot from a good angle.}Select the party check out to determine what game titles are in progress, the live schedule for gatherings which can be about to begin and the final results tab to find out the result of varied fixtures. In addition to a big range of athletics categories, 12bet provides a variety of various bets, wager kinds and marketplaces ??On all the ideal live activities, leagues and competitions. Whether you decide on the ??Exact score??Inside a basketball activity, the ?�Winner of the following established??In tennis or even the ??Last|final|previous|very last|past} to score??In a very premier league fixture, you?�Re ensured a plethora of in-perform possibilities.|This may appear to point a young and active area. On the other hand, the voyagers mapped only a fraction of your floor at large resolution. The precise age of europa?�S surface can be an open up query.|Working with this details to contravene any regulation or statute is prohibited. The positioning is not linked to nor is it endorsed by any qualified or collegiate league, association or staff. Oddsshark doesnt concentrate on an audience underneath the age of 18. Please take a look at gambleaware.Co.United kingdom or gamcare.Org.British isles for suggestions on responsible gaming.|Betway also has a fantastic application geared in direction of in-play betting. The hard cash out and swift bet features work seamlessly to produce live betting in this article worry cost-free. Sad to say however, betway presents amid the lowest odds of many of the reviewed operators, which dampens its appeal somewhat.|The effort-level of your soviets compensated off and in just four 2nd 50 % minutes, counter-attacks observed two targets from hennadiy lytovchenko and oleg protasov. The primary one particular from lytovchenko was initially blocked, but with swift reactions he beat franco baresi for the ball to fireside the next shot in the far corner. The next from protasov was a looping shot which floated around zenga to get a two?? Victory. It will be the soviet unions fourth physical appearance in a eu championship final.|By way of example, most bookmakers now offer in-engage in bets for instance who will get the following yellow card in soccer, or wholl get the subsequent issue in tennis. These choices let punters to position numerous bets through only one fixture and to maximise income. In-enjoy bets can pay off in actually a issue of minutes and will be immediately followed by one more guess on exactly the same fixture.|?�Bull when he carried off europa, a phoenician princess, and he appeared while in the guise of the swan in order to entice leda, spouse of the king of sparta. Poseidon took the form of a stallion to beget the surprise horses arion and pegasus.??Cookies support us deliver our products and services. By using our providers, you comply with our usage of cookies. Ok learn more|by opting to get your ticket confirmed for this motion picture, you are enabling us to check the e-mail handle associated with your rotten tomatoes account towards an e-mail tackle associated with a fandango ticket obtain for a similar movie.|Other live odds chances are totals that are altered throughout the sport with regards to the number of scoring. When there is little to no scoring in the primary and second quarter, a total that shut at 43 ahead of the activity could possibly be supplied later at 31 given that a decreased rating has become projected.|Cookie notice tlcbet employs cookies to assist improve your knowledge although viewing our site, aid us with fraud avoidance also to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations.|Total t&cs implement! Beneath the phrases of the promotion, qualified customers will acquire £30 in free of charge bets at the positioning. In order to receive the welcome supply, customers will have to initial area a qualifying guess.|I believe it really is since the parable incorporates a prophecy about a extremely distinct celebration that should clearly reveal the year of his return, which celebration could be the re-institution on the country of israel. He planned to restrict the comprehension of this essential function to whoever has the indwelling on the holy spirit.|Europa is locked in position by jupiter?�S gravity, which ends up in one particular hemisphere constantly going through the earth.|Bovada offers a 50% as much as $250 for initial-time depositors. It comes with a generous 5x rollover. Thats among the best rollovers youll find at any sports betting site.|Betfair?�S mobile application primarily is an excellent spot for betting live, as a result of its brief bet purpose and one of several smoothest in-perform cellular hard cash out functions we?�Ve seen. Superior odds and numerous live-streams make this one more excellent vacation spot to wager in-perform.|Matthew 24 is prophecy but to get fulfilled. Itll be fulfilled shortly, for israel has actually been regathered, the country has become re-proven, plus the nations of the earth are coming jointly versus the jewish point out. The wrath of god is going to tumble. Weve been on the threshold of the good tribulation.|Premier bet?�S live betting segment delivers live scoring and odds on the many sporting activities and esports that exist entire world extensive.|But at the next coming there will also be a collecting of ?�The elect??(Matthew 24:31). This could be talking about all believers who are alive at the conclusion of the tribulation, however it is more than likely referring only to jewish believers since it is quoting deuteronomy 30:one-five, and that passage is a prophecy that in the event the jewish men and women ultimately accept their messiah (which, based on zechariah 12:ten will come about at the end of the tribulation), god will gather them again for their homeland and set up them as the key nation of the planet all through his son?�S millennial reign.|If your existence on the salty ocean is confirmed, then it is actually among the most promising areas exactly where scientists can discover existence in our photo voltaic program.|Europa clippers payload will include cameras and spectrometers to create large-resolution illustrations or photos and compositional maps of europas floor and thin ambiance, an ice-penetrating radar to look for subsurface h2o, plus a magnetometer and gravity measurements to measure the moons magnetic field and unlock clues about its ocean and deep inside.|As being the official companion of southampton soccer club, tlcbet qualified prospects the way in which when it comes to major-notch athletics. 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Code 2121??When getting in touch with customer service.|The other semi-final was an additional unpredictable outcome. Italy had been strong favourites to reach the final and experienced overwhelmed the soviets four??1|one} in a very welcoming just two months before. Irrespective of managing the engage in and obtaining virtually all the possibilities, the italians have been undone by inadequate finishing, and a powerful, tough opposition who sought to halt their more skillful opponents participating in by means of tricky tackles plus a defensive approach.|Josephus claims the romans killed 1,000,000 jews inside the 70 a.D. Siege of jerusalem. Historians are persuaded that this selection is enormously exaggerated. But even whether it is genuine, it truly is practically nothing when compared with the six million jews who perished on the hands of the nazis.|Live betting marketplaces are a lot of for all athletics, but key american sports activities, including football and basketball, will have extra betting selections.|Otcs designed speedily, necessitating numerous significant modifications to accommodate the schools diverse university student overall body.|Hugo was very long the home base to a couple of touring tent circus firms. There is certainly also a ?�Retirement/rescue??House for former circus elephants in the region, but we didn?�T have an opportunity to lookup it out this trip.|It?�S important for on the web sportsbooks to get as much as the second live scores to support reasonable and transparent live betting. Most online sportsbooks make use of a 3rd party supplier to configure all the live rating updates and also other pertinent information.|If two or maybe more groups completed level on details soon after completion from the team matches, the next tie-breakers had been used to ascertain the final ranking:|all applicants to olivet college need to evidence potent christian character, probable for usefulness in christian ministry, and the scholastic means and psychological maturity to handle the next schooling encounter.|Most other operators, together with coral, will only stream horse racing to cell or tablet gadgets. Certainly, you gained?�T have the ability to stream any leading league fixtures at possibly operator, on account of licensing and publisher legal rights. Nonetheless, betway does offer a great selection of high stage fixtures, primarily from spain. So even though lots of the live-streams for soccer are decrease league european fixtures, there are many alternatives to discover some superior fixtures from the continent, and major match fixtures in tennis.|3ambartravels vsco vscocam olivet olivet higher education michigan travelpics travelblogger travel blog vacation optoutside library ilovetravel diytravel pupil worldplaces wanderlust wanderer images nine notes|nicely built. 20 november 2003 | by allar100 ??See all my reviews the print which i saw of the film was gorgeous. Arrive to think of it, each aspect of this movie was very well however out, excellently executed, and just as beautiful.|Youll find a vast listing of marketplaces accessible for live betting, such as 30 or more betting alternatives for far more obscure athletics when wagering live. Baseball and soccer have many extra betting selections than sides, totals, together with other classic wagering varieties. Youll find live props galore.|It?�S certainly an in depth get in touch with, with william hill and coral both placing in strong performances. There?�S genuinely not too much to choose from these them. Coral offers the top odds and by far the most live streams, whilst william hill has extra betting possibilities. If you?�Re a significant in-participate in bettor then eventually you could?�T go incorrect with both of those.|The photographs of europa?�S surface area strongly resemble illustrations or photos of sea ice on earth. It is feasible that beneath europa?�S area ice you will find a layer of liquid water, most likely as much as 50 km deep, saved liquid by tidally generated warmth.|, Proved that when there is ever an all out nuclear trade among america and russia, all existence on this planet will cease to exist.|?пи?ание ?оммен?а?ии ??е кал?к?л??о?? ?оп?л??н?е ?аздел?|Europa and io are considerably equivalent in bulk composition into the terrestrial planets: mainly made up of silicate rock.}Consuming and ingesting??And ?�Marrying and giving in relationship??(Matthew 24:38). Put simply, lifetime will be continuing as typical when he returns.|It is usually one of many couple sportsbooks to supply live betting on esports matches, which include league of legends, dota 2, and several many others.|By seeing the motion intently and seeing which players are obtaining very hot and which of them are cooling down, you may get an edge and maybe conquer the reserve.|In matthew 23, jesus experienced spoken for the pharisees concerning judgment. This may be witnessed from the woe statements get more info in that chapter. In 24:one, jesus was leaving the temple if the disciples identified as his notice to the magnificent buildings around the temple mount. Jesus then tells the disciples that ?�Not a single stone below will be remaining on an additional; every one might be thrown down??(Verse two).|Be sure to take note: even though the current score, time elapsed along with other knowledge furnished on 12bet.British isles are sourced from ?�Live??Feeds furnished by third parties, you should be conscious that this info could possibly be subject matter to the time hold off and/or be inaccurate.|Gamers can make full use of the arrows over the remaining and right from the infographic to determine the total array of stats along with the fall-down arrows while in the part down below to expose the different in-play markets on supply.|The features on the in-engage in system by itself, plus the selection and good quality on the live-streams offered are merely two other things that are also essential when assessing an internet sportsbook?�S live betting arena. Beneath we?�Ll outline precisely how we tested these locations and elaborate on how each and every operator fared in each and every division when put towards the check.|And their tongues appeared to them like from fire, plus they divided them selves and one of these settled about just about every. They have been all full of the spirit of skateboarding and began to speak overseas languages as being the spirit motivated them to speak.|Bovada sportsbook?�S live betting interface has noticed plenty of advancements all over the earlier number of years, which consist of enhancements for their computer software and quantity of betting markets.|The choice of options that exist are a lot of, and include things like but are certainly not restricted to the subsequent; 1x2 full-time|when your pre-video game bets aren?�T hitting, live wagering will give you the possibility to middle or hedge your bets. This is essentially a means to recoup your losses and break even.|Our live betting odds, genuine-time statistics, expert tips and match tracker can manual your choice producing. Once you have selected a wager, your guess slip will populate all the essential figures. Below youll be able to pick your stake, for those who?�D choose to increase many wagers, sportsbook features or apply a reward coupon. The expense, odds and potential payout will exhibit; all that?�S left to complete is to substantiate your bet and take pleasure in the action! The benefit of in-participate in punting|determining which of such live betting web sites was the very best total was no straightforward endeavor. Coral set in an incredible showing, with the best odds and the most important variety of live-streams. The bookmaker was one of the 1st to fully recognise the potential of in-enjoy betting and is honing its craft at any time considering that.|Distinctive to all our tlcbet consumers is the chance to take pleasure in a plethora of prizes and rewards, both predicted (and common) and shocking. Our welcoming sign up provide includes a bonus token to the value within your 1st stake, as many as a thrilling £30.|Europa was named jupiter ii. This numeric method was made use of till the mid-1800s when the satellites were given their mythological names. It had been decided this may be finest as being the numerical technique would turn out to be really puzzling as new moons had been staying discovered.|Experts have proposed that theres a international ocean of salty drinking water a hundred km (60 mi) down below the icy surface area of your moon. The ocean is established because of the tidal consequences (tidal heating) in between jupiter and europa are what keeps the ice in liquid variety underneath the moon?�S surface.|You will find normal traces, as well as diverse live prop bets that will help enhance your experience. But, their betting options nevertheless constrained compared to other betting web sites for in-play wagering.|We have been an informational web page which is focused on on line betting web sites. This web-site doesnt acknowledge wagers or provide any gambling companies. We use affiliate one-way links and will receive compensation with the sportsbooks we boost and evaluate.|The fifth clue that matthew 24 is nonetheless for being fulfilled is present in verse 29. It claims the lord will return ??Immediately|instantly|right away|quickly|promptly|straight away} once the tribulation of those people times.|We also offer you special bargains and presents that can help you reap the benefits of the live betting alternatives and improve your odds, probability of profitable or last prize dollars. We even have a loyalty club that you can be part of and receive no cost bets that can be utilized in the live betting section.|Bovada?�S software package is actually a treat for athletics bettors. Every time they at first place out their new software package, we at sbs were not in the beginning followers, but that modified promptly as the bugs had been worked out. But, it?�S in close proximity to perfect on loads of fronts.|Ill give this film credit rating for an inherently extraordinary and powerful concept - a jew whos pressured to cover his identity amid folks who request his destruction. But what holds this film back again will be the functionality by marco hofschneider. There is just one scene wherein i believed the films plot developed an interior conflict to the protagonist - once the teacher was evaluating his racial purity.|The clue to what in-perform betting (also referred to as live betting) is, is absolutely within the title. In-perform betting simply refers to betting on an event or fixture that is certainly at present ?�In-perform??Or live. In-participate in bets could be manufactured on the vast majority of the standard sports activities betting markets, for example earn markets. Even so the purpose has also opened an entire new entire world of betting possibilities which might be consistently utilized to maximise profits.|The live platforms and service at betfair and william hill also come really advised. Both offer competitive odds, sufficient sport and betting markets, in addition to a excellent variety of gatherings accessible to be live-streamed. The remaining bookies all present fantastic live betting motion that should match the demands of most, but lose points against the greater operators resulting from lacking in a number of regions.}Managed betting?? If bettors cannot management the size with the bets they spot, they will turn out dropping more money in future.|In this manner, the planet of live betting is rapid shifting and enjoyable. 1 distinctive gain a punter has when live betting in comparison with pre-match bets are that you can check out an party and make bets accordingly. So, for those who?�Re viewing a soccer match and it seems exceptionally probably a workforce will shortly rating a goal, then you can certainly simply put a wager for this to occur. The odds on in-enjoy betting markets consistently change on all wager forms, reflecting what?�S taking place over the pitch and the way lots of individuals are betting on some thing.|Everyone thinking of becoming a member of betonline should have a number of reward choices. This sportsbook gives two bonuses for to start with-time sign-ups:|jesus claims that ?�This gospel of your kingdom??Will likely be preached around the globe prior to the close comes. Quite simply, the excellent news (gospel) will likely be readily available during the tribulation; the concept will probably be that christ will shortly return in judgment to put in place his earthly kingdom (revelation 20:4-6). This concept will bring about lots of individuals to comprehend their sinful point out and receive the savior during the tribulation.|Think about verse 21 all over again: ?�For then therell be a great tribulation for example hasnt occurred given that the start of the world until finally now, nor at any time shall.|Right after conference frequent costs, the leftover volume bettors can afford to pay for to lose must only be guess. One must under no circumstances gamble with money intended to go over your dwelling prices.|Gtbets sportsbook offers a basic betting interface. It demonstrates you the matchup, along with the odds and bets youll be able to position during the occasion. It updates the live odds every single several seconds ??Or as the guide changes the lines.|Be on the lookout on your britannica e-newsletter to get trusted stories delivered appropriate for your inbox.|Above a timeframe, bettors are actually able to go online and spot bets on athletics. Lately, this opportunity has moved to a new stage, in which new doorways are now being unlocked and impressive tracks are increasingly being blazed.|Betting with the right sportsbook is essential to achieve greatest effects for a bettor. The subsequent are the best online betting web sites supplying live engage in betting with interesting extra benefits.|There isnt any way these indicators could be confined on the limited duration of the seven a long time on the tribulation. They may intensify through that time, but they don?�T just pop-up overnight after the antichrist indications a treaty with israel along with the tribulation starts.
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    Trump Jr. rallies young voters in Chandler at Students for Trump rally
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide Brandon rhyne lined up at 2 a.M. Tuesday outside the crowne plaza resort in downtown chandler to secure a spot for the students for trump rally later that morning. rhyne, a student at california state university at fullerton, drove from southern california for the event. He and a friend were the first in line. hes traveled for other rallies, too. The 22-year-old said it gives him a chance to meet other young people with shared values, like 19-year-old arizona state university nursing student christian merante. merante showed up for the rally about 3 a.M. And the two spent the next few hours getting to know each other. Both said they can freely express themselves at events like this, something they dont always feel comfortable doing on campus. tuesday’s event drew several hundred to the hotel’s ballroom, where few masks were seen and social distancing was ignored as event organizers asked attendees to “pack it in.” The event originally slated for outside was moved indoors to accommodate a larger crowd, organizers said. students for trump is part of turning point usa, a conservative, student-geared organization. The event, headlined by donald trump jr., His girlfriend, kimberly guilfoyle, and charlie kirk, founder and president of turning point usa, was meant to energize young voters in arizona, though many in attendance were older adults. during what was more of a laid-back conversation between friends than your typical political rally, trump jr. And kirk were seated on stage. They acknowledged arizona had become a battleground state, which kirk attributed to a lack of strong republican leadership and both men blamed on increased influence from neighboring california. this state, whether you like it or not, could determine the future of america. If you wouldve told me that 10 years ago, i wouldve thought you were joking, kirk said. Because of california, because of weak republicans, and many other reasons, this state is now in contention. Do something about it. he and trump jr. Encouraged the standing-room-only crowd to knock on doors, call prospective voters and donate to prevent a joe biden win. whatever you would do to prevent that disaster scenario for america, which would leave america totally unrecognizable within a few years ... Do it now, trump jr. Said. trump jr.’S visit is the fifth trump-related campaign event in metro phoenix in just more than a week, kicked off with a visit from president donald trump . Younger brother eric trump will be in arizona on wednesday to stump for his father. former arizona attorney general grant woods, in a statement released from the biden campaign, said the trump campaign is panicking in arizona. arizonans are sick and tired of donald trump’s failed leadership. More than 200,000 americans are dead from covid and hundreds of thousands of arizonans out of work, woods said. Joe biden is the leader we need to help our country build back better from trumps failures. the democratic presidential candidate hasnt visited arizona in person this campaign season, although his wife, jill biden, held a virtual phone banking event on saturday. phone campaign: jill biden to call az voters, lobby for dem presidential ticket kirk: biden doesnt represent arizona trump jr. And kirk railed against what they described as biden’s socialist platform. They poked fun at biden’s age (biden is 77 and trump is 74), said he was soft on foreign affairs and immigration and would allow anti-police and black lives matter supporters to take over the country. “we know joe biden does not represent … the values of this incredible state,” kirk said. biden, in a speech earlier this month in pittsburgh, pushed back against the trump campaigns narrative, saying voters know him and his story after 36 years in the senate and eight years as vice president. “ask yourself: do i look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?” Biden said. trump jr. Told the chandler crowd on tuesday that conservatives have long been silenced and ignored but this is their time to speak out. he asked the students in the crowd how many thought they’d be penalized for attending the rally and supporting trump and dozens raised their hands. He told them not to be afraid or ashamed of sharing their beliefs. he encouraged the young voters to have viewpoints and to debate and defend them. “it will do so much more for you in life than just being a sheep,” he said. that spoke to merante, the asu student. tuesday’s rally is the seventh event he’s attended. He said its a chance to speak freely with other young people in a way he doesnt think he can on campus. “we get to feel like we’re with our people. You’re free to express how you feel without being afraid of cancel culture,” he said. this former gop stronghold shows how democrats are gaining ground hundreds of arizona republicans for biden signs stolen and defaced arizona leaders react to passing of ruth bader ginsburg oconnor biographer says she would want regular order on court vacancy both sides in final push to register young voters prior to the rally, volunteers and staffers with turning point usa walked the parking lot with clipboards in hand ready to help people register to vote as they waited in line. staff members said they got a couple of registrations in the hour leading up to the rally. the covid-19 pandemic has made reaching out to voters, especially young voters, harder. typically, turning point usa would be on college campuses talking to prospective voters but that hasn’t been possible this year, said allison ackles, who works for the organization. she said the group is turning to social media instead. nextgen, a progressive advocacy group working to register young people to vote, similarly is using social media to reach prospective voters, said kristi johnston, press secretary for nextgen arizona. the deadline to register to vote in the november election is oct. 5. nextgen also is making its last-minute push to get young people registered and energized by calling, reaching out via text and even on dating applications. “we’ve been getting creative and trying to meet young people where they are,” johnston said. what motivates young voters to vote more than 15 million people have turned 18 since the last presidential election and candidates are eyeing young voters as a decisive voting bloc in 2020, according to the center for information and research on civic learning & engagement at tufts university, or circle. polls have shown young voters tend to favor biden over trump though many aren’t especially excited by either candidate. a survey conducted by circle of 2,232 prospective voters between the age of 18 and 29 showed 58% of respondents support biden compared with 24% for trump. The survey, released in june, has a margin of error of 4.1 percentage points. young voters at tuesday’s rally said they want to vote for a candidate they feel would create a strong and prosperous country and uphold their conservative beliefs. alysia mcmillan, of phoenix, said she supports trump because he will defend her “freedom.” Holding a large trump banner, she lined up about 7 a.M. For the opportunity to see trump jr. Speak. “i want to see america remain a free country and prosper in more ways than one,” she said. she said one of her priorities is police reform, which she said some may think contradicts the president’s platform. However, she noted that you can support police while acknowledging that changes are needed. rhyne, the young california voter, said he is voting republican because the candidates share his beliefs on issues. He said national discussions on race and policing and widespread protests have energized voters against democrats. but young democratic voters are equally motivated, johnston said. she said young democrats are headed to the polls driven by what they see as a lack of leadership on covid-19, health care, racial justice and the economy. “in light of everything going on right now, we’re seeing so much energy and momentum,” she said. reach reporter paulina pineda at paulina.Pineda@azcentral.Com or 480-389-9637. Follow her on twitter: @paulinapineda22 . support local journalism. Subscribe to azcentral.Com today.
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    Everything about alicea elloras
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    College Guide Phone: +1 718-875-7584 as outlined by chinitz, instances have absent faster due to the fact solid starts off has actually been up and operating while in the bronx. There are already 5 instances of toddlers getting permanency within one 12 months, that means that their circumstance was solved and the infant arrived at a established living problem.The knowledge on this web page is for general facts uses only. Nothing at all on this site really should be taken as legal guidance for just about any specific scenario or scenario.Authorized compass delivers you the total scope of data, with the rankings with the am regulation 200 and nlj 500 to intricate specifics and comparisons of companies’ financials, staffing, clients, information and situations.Make sure you give particulars on alicea elloras-ally by distributing the shape underneath, or publish on facebook comments.As element of the electronic membership, you can enroll in a limiteless variety of an array of complimentary newsletters. Take a look at your my account site to generate your choices. Get the well timed legal information and critical assessment you cant pay for to pass up. Tailor-made only for you. With your inbox. Each day.“The meals, the music as well as spirit of local community certainly are a important portion of the method,” choose williams claimed. “Every year, we now have introduced together the members of our group that rejoice the arts and the ones that have the ability to share a bit much more of the present working day’s occasions, along with the topic this yr focused on contribution and service.”We appreciate harlem! Harlem world magazine is a life-style and model for anybody whos got a harlem point out of thoughts, committed to news, heritage, the renaissance index and stories that celebrate our lifestyle.The report in the qualification scores appears within a september nine, 2011, press release, the text of which happens to be contained while in the hyperlink within the title. Aabany was privileged to serve with another minority bar associations to execute the critical do the job of this screening panel.“Now that i am in law college, its the greatest emotion,” kwon claimed. “The objective of attending legislation university could go to the website be to become an attorney, but intending to legislation faculty and studying regulation in and of by itself is a click to find out more dream occur real for me.”“It’s no surprise that i would dedicate my job to help you those people most susceptible in new york city. It’s acceptable that im listed here in family courtroom since the men and women we help are a similar.”Click this link to contact our editorial employees, and click this link to report an mistake. Simply click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to aid our continued expansion. Get engaged--> bonilla, a brooklyn legislation university graduate who serves as administrator of your human assets administration, stood before all of the judges on the court docket and a few checking out from other courts, and joked that it absolutely was the scariest oral argument that she has ever had for making.Going into 8years, no romantic relationship with my son. Parental alienation has gone unaddressed, mom is in contempt of all family court docket orders.Connecting choice makers to a dynamic network of data, men and women and concepts, bloomberg speedily and correctly provides company and financial data, information and insight throughout the world.
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    The Science of a Spiritual Being
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide How do we live our lives in a way that allows our spiritual being, our inner being, to feel that we are living a life worth living? Today, more feel that the existence of a spiritual being is a fabrication made up by religious zealots to hold leverage over those who follow their teachings. a life where happiness is not measured by the growth of materialistic possessions, power, or fame, but a life that allows us to understand that there is more to life than the existence we are faced with. A life that allows the heart to grow through the magical touch of our hearts reaching out to all those living amongst us and far beyond the limits of imagination. most of the luxuries, and many of the so-called comforts of life, are not only indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. With respect to luxuries and comforts, the wisest have ever lived a more simple and meager life than the poor,” - thoughts expressed by henry david thoreau, a 19th-century poet, naturalist, philosopher, transcendentalist, and much more. many see happiness as upgrading the kitchen in their home or moving into a home distancing them from others with less or little means to know what the next day will bring. As long as we are not brewed in those misfortunes, many feel their lives can be and are separate and free from those too destitute they have no desire to join. Some take it for granted that we are better than the needy and impoverished hovering around street corners with signs asking for our money. But the problem is not solved within our hearts nor for the victimized by giving or not giving from our pockets as life remains conflicted about living a caring life reflected as spiritual beings. the french philosopher, pierre teilhard de chardin, offered his thoughts another way: “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” for those who believe they are spiritual beings, could their unity transform the torment of others into miracles not of hope but of beautiful accomplishments for one another? Indeed, much has been done to lighten the burden of those needing our help. But the torment and problems remain for those desperate for help, and with those giving what they can, still unable to turn too many lives into miracles of a happy life. There are many challenging beliefs. Our soul is a state of unconditioned love and forgiveness, allowing those that believe and express it, the harmony of peace and joy residing within us, and the opportunity to establish our spiritual being is greater than the chemical bonds holding our physical being together. Just the notion of a spiritual being is anathema to many today. Hogwash with no scientific basis, but often believed by many who reject the teachings of science itself. When we try to explain the soul or our spiritual being in terms of science, it becomes inexplicable. It is like trying to explain love using science when love resides in our hearts without an instrument indicating how much love we are giving or how much we have to give, but there nevertheless. It is a dominating feeling felt by nearly all that guides us in our behaviors toward family and nonfamily members. We know it exists, yet the science for its existence is absent. Or is it? the advancements of today’s technology allow us to examine the human brain in ways never before thought possible. Researchers from the department of psychiatry, yale university school and medicine, and the spirituality mind body institute, teachers college, columbia university, were able to pinpoint areas in the brain found to be “personally relevant” when our brain processes spiritual experiences. twenty-seven young adults, 12 women, 15 men, between the ages of 18 to 27 participated in the study. All had functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) scanning their brains while they were experiencing spiritual feelings. The fmris revealed a neural “neurobiological home” for spirituality with a specific part of the brain activating when they believed they felt a connection with god or something greater than themselves. the parietal cortex is the area in the brain involved with sensation, perception, and self-awareness while processing our ability to focus. This area was frequently activated when they experienced a variety of what they considered spiritual experiences. marc potenza, ph.D., M.D., Professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the yale child study center, said, “ spiritual experiences are robust states that may have profound impacts on people ’ s lives. Understanding the neural bases of spiritual experiences may help us better understand their roles in resilience and recovery from mental health and addictive disorders.” the researchers believe the brain scans revealing spirituality had a universal, cognitive basis because their participants had different backgrounds in how and what they believed constituted religious or spiritual experiences. The researchers used individualized scripts pertinent to each participant’s specific religious or spiritual connection to god or higher power for accessing their beliefs about spiritual experiences. the researchers explained, “ although studies have linked specific brain measures to aspects of spirituality, none have sought to directly examine spiritual experiences, particularly when using a broader, modern definition of spirituality that may be independent of religiousness.” by reading specific scripts that had meaningful spiritual or religious values to their participants, it allowed them to access and observe their unique neural activities that they were feeling and thinking. The beliefs of each of these 27 young adults had regarding their feeling to something greater than themselves appeared to cause the brain to have the same effect within their parietal cortex that contains the somatosensory cortex where touch sensations are processed. Each is located behind the frontal lobe and is believed to be important for attention and language. Whatever they felt was a religious or spiritual experience, it caused their brain to have personal neuronal activities within this same area but different from other neural activities associated with relaxation. the researchers wrote, “ we observed in the spiritual condition, as compared with the neutral-relaxing condition, reduced activity in the left inferior parietal lobule (ipl), a result that suggests the ipl may contribute importantly to perceptual processing and self-other representations during spiritual experiences.” thinking spiritually with empathy requires unique neural processes and pathways that allow us to escape the “me,” and replace them with “we,” to acquire a meaning for life some hope to attain. The lives of others and the way people are living their lives is of primary importance for those seeing the reality of life, knowing it could be far better not for themselves, but for all of humanity. The late ruth bader ginsburg was well aware of why individual beliefs for the benefit of all mankind were so important. For her, she said the meaning of life was, “to make life a little better for people less fortunate than you, that’s what i think a meaningful life is.” “one lives not just for oneself but for one’s community.” her parietal lobe neural pathways were well activated in the domain of spiritual unity for all of mankind. The researchers of this 2019 yale and columbia study concluded: “in conclusion, these results demonstrate neural mechanisms underlying spiritual experiences across diverse traditions and perspectives. Continuing to build our empirical understanding of how spiritual experiences are mediated by the brain and the future extension of similar studies to clinical populations could help facilitate the judicious integration of spirituality into treatment and prevention in areas of mental health conditions.” Neural correlates of personalized spiritual experiences. Cerebral cortex , may 2019 although the study was able to identify the genesis for where thoughts of spirituality originate within the brain, it did not reveal the secrets behind those thoughts – why and how those thoughts change a persons life, making them feel their life is/was a life well-lived. In luke 17:20-21, jesus said: “what you seek is within you. The kingdom of heaven is within you.” in dhammapada , buddha said: “ to begin the journey in the way…first, set yourself straight. You are your only master.” in bhagavad gita , krishna said: “those who seek oneness ceaselessly find the lord dwelling in their own hearts.” in tao te ching , lao tzu wrote: “the way is empty, yet contains all. Words cannot describe it. Better that one should look for it within.” this is a transformation of oneself that comes silently and unseen, such as how leavened bread rises in silence to become more than what it was even through the calmness found within itself. The living organisms within the leavened bread grow uninterrupted in silence just as the growth of our spiritual souls g row toward one another when our kingdom of a spiritual soul is found within you. Remaining connected to our soul allows us to see the world not for ourselves, but for all those needing us in their lives. empathy for one another generates hopefulness and happiness found in the hearts of all mankind. you feel your spiritual self, your soul offering the map of your future as you begin to trust the spiritual presence within you for the joy it can bring to all those seeking and needing our arms of compassion. It is this that elicits a spiritual experience, our purpose in life. As long as you are listening, you can trust there is a part of you that knows the way, where to take you along the journey, led down a path bearing peace to one another through the peace found within our hearts. egoism is turned into altruism; materialism into spiritualism; blame into understanding; power into humbleness; pride into love; resentment into forgiveness, self-importance into we-importance, and me into we. These actions bring about what we wish our spiritual being to give us. Spirituality also gives us free will so that we can create for ourselves what spirituality can do for us with the power to do when i am you, and you are me, found in the hearts of those who have spiritual enlightenment. a critical effort is having pride turn into love and not into exclusion. Some truly believe their belief is the belief everyone should abide by, believing that their spiritual pathway is the only lane to spiritual enlightenment. The path to god or a higher deity or spiritual experiences allow you to see that you are the world, and the world is you, meaning your love will embrace more compassion just as weapons will embrace more killings. Without love, there is no compassion; without weapons, oh my god, what would the world be like? c.S. Lewis as a spiritual being, wrote : “ there are two kinds of love: we love wise and kind and beautiful people because we need them, but we love (or try to love) stupid and disagreeable people because they need us. The second kind is the more divine because that is how god loves us: not because we are lovable but because he is love, not because he needs to receive but he delights to give.” lewis, in his book, mere christianity , wrote: “there is one vice of which no man in the world is free; which everyone in the world loathes when he sees it in someone else; and of which hardl y any people, except christians, ever imagine that they are guilty themselves. […] There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which we are more unco nscious of in ourselves.[…]The vice i am talking of is pride or self-conceit: and the virtue opposite to it, in christian morals, is called humility.” evil thrives on confusing those unwilling to replace hate with compassion, unwilling to replace pride with acceptance, unwilling to replace blame with understanding, causing them to believe their actions are an affirmation of god ’ s will or spiritual experiences, justifying their pride to “lead” other people. we are told by over and over to treat others as we would have others treat us: “ a new command i give you: love one another. As i have loved you, so you must love one another.” - John 13:34 the golden rule: “do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.” – Matthew 7:12 for those who are unable to replace hatred with love and feel they are right and you are wrong, confucius offered wisdom for the ages: “ before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” “ this is the sum of duty; do naught onto others what you would not have them do unto you.” - Mahabharata martin luther king put it this way: “a world without love is a nightmare for all.” “ darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” confucianism seeks fair treatment of all by everyone: “ do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.” - Analects 15:23 “ try your best to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, and you will find that this is the shortest way to benevolence.” - Menucias vii.A.4 perceptive advi ce leading to a life sought by many is bountiful, but just as young child ren are unable to understand concepts beyond their development al age , man y adults are unable to integrate their spiritua l being to the awakening that suffering is universally insufferable, needing everyone’s spiritual being to overcome this suffering. By helping these people, you are helping yourself; my spiritual being becomes a heaven on earth from our own making. This cannot be done through violence nor through pride nor through weapons nor through chaos. Each of these reactions must be quash ed and replaced with the eyes of compassion for all , by all . it is our free w ill that allows pride and hatred of others to go on menacing the lives of so many or we can use it to dissolve the ghastly acts of man into oblivion. Free will allows us to replace pride with love, not for a few, but for all of mankind. This is what the experiences of a spiritual being are a ble to understand. Without the “we” t hat we must have to survive life on earth, life can ne ver offer the promise of a life we have been un able to achieve despite our history of abuses and despite our ability to “think . ” in separate studies done by duke, dartmouth, and yale universities specific incidences about how folks used prayer in their everyday lives to help them through their difficulties were recorded: people who did not go to church at all remained in the hospital three times longer than people who attended church regularly. heart patients who were without religious beliefs were 14 times more likely to die from the surgery. Senior citizens that did not or rarely went to church suffered from strokes twice the rate compared to those that went to church regularly. Smokers who regularly attended church had lower blood pressure, similar to nonsmokers who did not attend church. Religious people living in israel had a 40% lower death rate from cancer and cardiovascular disease compared to non-religious people. Handbook of religion and health . February 2012 positive therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer in a coronary care unit population. Southern medical journal 81. 1988 the impact of religion on mens blood pressure. Journal of religion and health 28. 1989 dr. Harold koenig, associate professor of medicine & professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at duke university stated: people who are more religious tend to become depressed less often. And when they do become depressed, they recover more quickly from depression. That has consequences for their physical health and the quality of their lives. maya angelou, american poet, and memoirist, beautifully expressed her spiritual being for our commitment to one another when she wrote: ‘i know that when i pray, something wonderful happens. Not just to the person or persons for whom i’m praying, but also something wonderful happens to me. I’m grateful that i’m heard.” my personal belief and love for god have been confirmed many times over and over again. During the course of my 72 years of life, i have encountered many difficult situations that could easily have resulted in physical or emotional scarring. But my steadfast belief in the glory and power of our lord has always carried me through each situation unscathed. There is no scientific proof for any of this except for what you feel in your heart and know from your experiences that god is there to help those who have faith in him. That faith is eternal because it completes me as a person knowing you are not alone as difficult as life can get. God has given me more guidance, more comfort, more trust for getting along with people of different persuasions. When we respect people, we can work together to build a better society; when we lack respect, everyone fails. This poem attempts to express the love and respect i have for our lord every day of my life. I can only be humbly grateful for the personal relationship i have with the lord and have tried to express this here: thank you, my lord. you are not my dream, you are my happiness, through the faith you have given me, stronger than happiness, stronger than life, stronger than the unknown, because you are known to me, in me, for me to be with you, and you through me. a child is his father, and the father his son, the two are one, and one is what we are with the lord in our heart, one child, one lord, one love for all dream on . . . Dream on . . . Dream on. . .
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    Siena basketball has its MAAC schedule … and plenty of questions, too
    Posted on Wednesday, September 23 @ 00:00:18 PDT (3 reads)
    College Guide Siena basketball has its maac schedule … and plenty of questions, too september 22, 2020 photographer: from left, siena head coach carmen maciariello and players manny camper, jalen pickett and jordan king are shown at an event on campus last week. (Erica miller) loudonville — maac basketball has its schedule. Now, set to play its 2020-21 campaign amid a coronavirus pandemic, can the league keep to it? That’s the question siena and its fellow league members will need to evaluate throughout the 2020-21 maac season, which starts dec. 8 at rider for the siena men and dec. 9 vs. Niagara for the siena women. The maac released 20-game schedules for each of its teams tuesday, and those schedules include an empty week at the end of february to be used for league contests that need to be rescheduled from earlier in the season because of issues related to the pandemic. “Oh, i expect we’ll be dealing with a few of those,” maac commissioner rich ensor said tuesday of the possibility of needing to move games to that, for now, open week. “Just look at what’s happened with college football.” That sport has seen its share of games need to be canceled or postponed because of issues related to the pandemic, and the latest came tuesday — a few hours after ensor spoke with the daily gazette — when notre dame and wake forest postponed its game scheduled for saturday because notre dame had seven players test positive monday for the coronavirus and 13 players overall in isolation. The maac is prepared to modify its schedule, as needed. Earlier this year, the league adjusted its bylaws to allow greater flexibility to reschedule games related to “unforeseen conflicts,” and those changes codified the conference’s ability to move games — or, as ensor put it, they provided the league “wide latitude to reschedule” games rather than force one team to forfeit. What those changes didn’t do, though, is come up with set guidelines related to what would necessitate a game be postponed. “As a league,” siena athletic director john d’argenio said, “we’ve still got to nail that down.” Every season, teams play games without their full complement of players. Obviously, though, missing a player or five because of issues related to a pandemic represents a different situation than a squad needing to play without a player dealing with an ankle injury. D’argenio said he expects the league to use the next few weeks to come up with some baseline parameters to follow, but ensor said it’s unlikely the league will institute a set-in-stone policy. Language in the league’s “unforeseen conflicts” bylaw includes that each situation “will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the maac office, in consultation with the respective athletic directors involved,” and ensor said his expectation is the league will consider within that process how missing players will affect a team’s ability to compete at its normal level. “Basketball is a little bit more troublesome than football for that because if you lose three or four starters, you might have 10 players left, but can you really be competitive?” Ensor said. “So there are going to be a lot of judgment calls, and i’ve already talked to our coaches about that.” Part of that talk, ensor said, involved how there can be “no gamesmanship” when it comes to a team seeking a postponement, meaning that the motive for moving games to that open week in february needs to be related to health and safety, and to maintaining competitive balance — but not to try to find a competitive advantage because a key player is dealing with an ailment unrelated to the pandemic. “Everyone has to be honest and has to adhere to all the protocols,” siena men’s head coach carmen maciariello said of ensor’s message to the league’s coaches. “If a student-athlete has an elevated temperature . . . It has to be reported. Everyone has to be honest. But you also can’t use it as an excuse if you have an injury. Everything has to be on the up-and-up.” This week, the ncaa is expected to announce testing protocols that basketball teams will need to follow for a season that’s allowed to start nov. 25 with non-conference games. The maac’s schedule is spaced out to allow ample time between games for coronavirus testing, with the men scheduled to play on tuesdays and fridays, and the women scheduled to play on wednesdays and saturdays. If circumstances dictate it’s possible, ensor said the league could allow in january and february for teams to make slight adjustments to their schedules to help with travel considerations. For instance, in january, both siena teams are scheduled to play back-to-back road games at canisius and niagara in western new york. In a normal season, such a road trip would involve siena playing two games in three days. As currently scheduled, the siena teams will play those two games in four days, a less-than-ideal scenario that the maac is willing to adjust, if able. “We have anticipated that. We’ll see how it works. That’s a whole other question,” ensor said. “But, if the testing is working as anticipated, we could tighten that up.” Siena’s non-conference schedules are still coming together following the ncaa moving the season’s start date back 15 days, and it remains unclear where the siena men will play its home games. Originally, d’argenio said that a minimum number of fans the saints could have for games at downtown albany’s times union center was approximately 3,000 for the financial math to work out, but the maac’s decision not to allow fans at games through at least dec. 23 reopened the opportunity to play inside the program’s normal venue since costs would be lower for spectator-less games. “Now it’s just a matter of us taking a look at it and what’s doable,” said d’argenio, who said he’d like to have a site determined for his men’s basketball team’s home games no later than mid-october. Figuring out what’s doable? That appears likely to be a season-long effort for college basketball teams, which are just more than two months away from starting play. “There are a lot of scenarios that could develop,” ensor said. Men dec. 11: vs. Saint peter’s dec. 15: at monmouth
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