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    Posted on Friday, May 20 @ 00:00:08 PDT (0 reads)
    College Guide |line 61:||line 61:| |?||+| |line 172:||line 172:| |+| [sarif-0451] (talk | [contribs] ) latest revision as of 02:09, 20 may 2022 cait is a cage fighter and a possible [companion](/wiki/fallout_4_companions) living in the [combat zone](/wiki/combat_zone) in [2287](/wiki/timeline#2287) . contents background cait grew up in an abusive household, attempting to run away twice. [[1]](#cite_note-1) when she turned 18, her parents sold her into slavery. [[2]](#cite_note-2) [[3]](#cite_note-3) for five years she endured abuse, slowly stealing money until she was able to buy her own freedom. [[4]](#cite_note-4) cait then returned to her former home, kicked down the door, and shot her parents to death. [[5]](#cite_note-5) for three years, cait fought in [combat zone](/wiki/combat_zone) arena, taking psycho to maintain the physically demanding lifestyle. [[6]](#cite_note-deathseeking-6) she had a love interest named [stratton](/wiki/stratton) who was likewise abusive, leading cait to close off to others and remain skeptical of debts. [[7]](#cite_note-7) cait continued to fight in the arena after raiders took over the establishment. [[8]](#cite_note-8) if the sole survivor defeats the raiders in the combat zone, [tommy lonegan](/wiki/tommy_lonegan) offers the sole survivor caits contract. [[9]](#cite_note-9) lonegan refers to her as little bird and expresses his concerns with her chem use and continued self destructive behavior. [[10]](#cite_note-10) interactions with the player character interactions overview |interactions| |this character is| |this character is a permanent| |this character starts| |this character is involved in| |this character is romanceable.| [essential] . Essential characters cannot be killed. [companion] . They grant the [trigger rush] perk. [quests] . [quests] . requires romance effects of players actions - maxed approval with cait grants the sole survivor the [trigger rush] perk, which increases action point regeneration when the player characters health is below 25%. - cait is a potential candidate for romance, an option that unlocks after reaching the highest level of affinity with either nate or nora. Once romanced, she is the most openly affectionate and flirtatious of the sole survivors companions, frequently teasing that the sole survivor is fishing for a snog, joking that all that sleeping is making [her] tired, and that shes pulled a muscle from sleeping. This does not change the lovers embrace bonus value or duration. - she can be asked to pick locks of any tier. To do so only guide her to the nearest lock. She needs to have [bobby pins] in her inventory to do so. |caits loyalty actions| |approvals||disapprovals| - likes - letting someone else take a power armor. - successfully picking locks. - killing [ashes] during [here kitty, kitty] - using chems before completing her personal quest. - using addictol after completing her personal quest (only if currently addicted to something) - hard liquor usage before completing her personal quest. Becomes indifferent after the quest. - threats, violence, and being mean. - a naked sole survivor. This triggers more often when sprinting. - selfish actions such as asking for or trying to increase rewards. - criminal behavior such as pick-pocketing. - choosing not to join the [brotherhood of steel] . - destroying the prydwen with the minutemens artillery in with our powers combined. - stopping the institute. - telling [phyllis daily] she murdered her grandson. - telling [moe cronin] baseball was more violent. - killing phyllis daily. - telling [magnolia] im just not that into jazz - destroying the railroad. - persuading [mama murphy] to stop using chems after the completion of her personal quest. - convincing [darla] to turn on [skinny malone] during the quest [unlikely valentine] . - giving mama murphy chems before her personal quest. - telling [travis] not to be such a coward in [confidence man] . - telling travis it is totally his fault before rescuing vadim in confidence man. - telling travis that one of you might not make it out alive in confidence man. - calling [vadim] an idiot when saving him in confidence man. - telling travis that youre tired of his shitty, whiny attitude in confidence man. - calling [wolfgang] scum for making [patrick] an addict, or saying both sides were wrong in [order up] . - threatening [finn] when first arriving in [goodneighbor] . - telling [hancock] thats incredible after he talks about the experimental drug that made him a ghoul (possibly only before completion of her personal quest). - using the sarcastic response to hancock when concluding the unmarked quest [art appreciation] . - sparing pickmans life. - gaining entry to [covenant] . - accepting [jacob orden] s bribe during [human error] . - picking institute must die when in conversation with [dr. Chambers] during human error. - accepting dr. Chambers offer in human error. - betraying [bobbi no-nose] during the climax of [the big dig] . - convincing bobbis into paying more caps at the end of the quest, the big dig. - choosing [jack cabot] over [lorenzo cabot] in [the secret of cabot house] .Note: cait will dislike opening lorenzos door. This can be avoided by having cait wait outside the cell area, or dismissing her and then waiting for her to leave via the elevator. - telling [desdemona] the sole survivor wants to avenge their family and would not take a bullet for a synth at the end of [road to freedom] . - killing the railroad when speaking with desdemona in [end of the line] . - choosing youll live or i promise when speaking with glory during [precipice of war] . - saying newspapers just like to stir up trouble when first meeting [piper] . - telling piper i was having too much fun blowing things up during [story of the century] . - telling piper find whos responsible and make them pay during story of the century. - telling [miss edna] that everybody the player character loves gets taken away in the end or that love wont save a family. - choosing threaten when first speaking to [mister zwicky] . - choosing sarcasm or bitch when first speaking to [ann codman] . - telling [billy] that his parents are dead. - telling [bullet] that the family is under your protection in [kid in a fridge] . - firing the artillery for the quest [old guns] . - killing [theodore collins] at the end of [mystery meat] . - agreeing to help [bobby de luca] for the quest [dependency] after her personal quest. - telling [myrna] that the sole survivor is not human when speaking to her for the first time. - being sarcastic to [sheffield] . - healing [dogmeat] . - choosing keep everything when [darcy] asks about the [photo] after [the marowski heist] . - telling [aj] to stop. - convincing [brian virgil] to kill himself. - telling [piper] you dont take orders when first meeting her outside [diamond city] . - refusing to answer [miss edna] s math question. - telling miss edna that children need discipline. - being sarcastic with and/or killing mayor [mcdonough] during [in sheeps clothing] . - telling [the mariner] the crazier the better at the beginning of the quest [the great hunt] . - telling [high confessor tektus] surrounded by fanatics when speaking with him for the first time. - giving auberts note to [high confessor tektus] as part of the quest [witch hunt] . - telling [zealot ware] thats nuts when he asks what the sole survivor thinks of [brother devin] s devotion. - refusing to help zealot ware to save [brother devin] by saying not my problem. - telling brother devin that atoms not real during the quest [the trial of brother devin] . - choosing to attack [sister gwyneth] during the quest [the heretic] . - choosing the sarcastic option when reporting back to [grand zealot richter] at the end of the quest the heretic. - choosing any destructive option when confronting [dima] with his memories during the quest [the way life should be] . - telling [ada] that no more time for mistakes when she asks about [jezebels head] . - winning the match in [amoral combat] . - completing the quest [a permanent solution] for any of the three raider gangs of [nuka-world] . - telling [harvey] his family is dead during [all aboard] . - agreeing to help harvey rescue his family for caps. - killing harvey during all aboard. - doing jobs for [shank] , as well as many steps and dialogue during [home sweet home] . - saying as good as dead at the start of [power play] . - choosing more scientific parameters in the [vault-tec workshop] experiments. - loves - keeping [buddy] as part of the quest [trouble brewin] . - telling wolfgang to lower his weapon at the [drumlin diner] . - completing the quest [the big dig] in the favor of [bobbi no-nose] . The player must choose stay with bobbi and kill [fahrenheit] after reaching the storeroom in order to do this. - jokes about the blood of their enemies when the [vault-tec rep] asks how they stayed alive for so long. - threatening [madison li] into working on liberty prime during quest [liberty reprimed] . - threatening [sinjin] during [the silver shroud] . - telling [deacon] someone has to stop them when asked if one is willing to risk some danger to stop the institute and their nefarious schemes (this only happens after telling desdemona that you would not take a bullet for a synth at the end of road to freedom). - respond sarcastic to reconstructed [jezebel] when talking about the [mechanist] . - dislikes - telling [joe savoldi] in bunker hill that its always good to help people. - saying youll talk to trudy or join the attack when talking to [wolfgang] at the [drumlin diner] note: to avoid cait disliking any interaction with wolfgang in these dialogue options, choose the option whos trudy? When speaking to him. This will give you a new set of dialogue options, where you can use the likes section on this page to find the answer that cait will approve of. - choosing keep everything when [darcy] asks about the [photo] after [the marowski heist] . - telling [magnolia] i loved the song it was perfect - using any of the flirt options with [magnolia] - telling kent dont sell yourself short in [the silver shroud] . - threatening [aj] as the silver shroud. - speaking as the shroud to [kendra] . - use of chems after her personal quest. - speech options that avoid fighting. - joining the brotherhood of steel. - replying to hancock with i feel you when first meeting him. - telling [daisy] about the sole survivors former home. - helping the railroad. - helping the homeless, settlers or farmers. - helping the institute. - giving a stimpak to [danny sullivan] during [in sheeps clothing] . - agreeing to help wolfgang in order up. - cannibalism. - murdering non-hostile targets. - looking for compromise with jacob in covenant. - picking spare amelia or reject the offer during the conversation with dr. Chambers in human error. - convincing skinny malone to let them go without violence during the quest unlikely valentine. - vouching for danse during the quest blind betrayal. This will increase the further you attempt to help danse. - choosing the put the guns away option during [diamond city blues] - giving the vault-tec rep a new home to cheer him up. - giving sheffield [nuka-cola] . - persuading mama murphy to stop using chems before her personal quest. - agreeing to find chems for mama murphy after her personal quest. - telling jack cabot that they, too, believe in alien life. - opening lorenzo cabots door. - siding with [ironsides] when retrieving the guidance chip from [mandy stiles] in the quest [last voyage of the u.S.S. Constitution] . - helping the ship take off in the quest last voyage of the u.S.S. Constitution. - restarting the main pump in the quest [troubled waters] . - telling paladin brandis that his squad is dead and offering up their holotags during the quest the lost patrol. - refusing the gun that deacon gives you at the end of [tradecraft] . - telling desdemona that sole survivor would risk their life for the synths. - accepting [glory] s help during the quest [memory interrupted] . - returning the [pristine deathclaw egg] to its nest instead of selling it for a reward in [the devils due] . - bringing buddy to [rufus] during [trouble brewin] . - saying that they support freedom of the press when first meeting piper. - telling miss edna that one should hold onto their loved ones. - agreeing to help bobby de luca for the quest dependency before her personal quest by answering good or he needs to get help. - choosing the ill leave dialogue option when first speaking to ann codman. - siding with the railroad when speaking with desdemona in end of the line. - taking billy home. - negotiating with [cedric hopton] during the [building a better crop] quest. - telling [travis] that the bar fight wasnt his fault in [confidence man] . - telling travis, you came through it all pretty well, in confidence man. - choosing leave her when speaking with glory during precipice of war. - telling phyllis daily she is evasive. - convincing [mayor mcdonough] that kellogg is a kidnapper. - demanding that mcdonough stand trial during [in sheeps clothing] . - telling [blake abernathy] that his deceased daughter got what she deserved. - telling [grand zealot richter] try talking to her before taking the quest the heretic. - persuading [sister gwyneth] to return to the nucleus during the quest the heretic. - convincing tektus to leave rather than killing him during [reformation] . - saying that ada is being helpful and she is an individual when she asks about jezebels head. - saying some good in there to reconstructed jezebel when talking about the mechanist. - saying i like him when interviewing [clem] . - offering [harvey] a stimpak during [all aboard] . - agreeing to help harvey rescue his family. - completing [power play] . - choosing more benevolent parameters in the vault-tec workshop experiments. - hates - flirting with other characters if shes traveling with the sole survivor and they are in a romance with her. - intimidating [trudy] to pay wolfgang. - telling miss edna that children need love to learn. - selling billy to bullet. - calling hancock a junkie before and after her personal quest. - killing [drinkin buddy] . - killing [brooks] . |location comments| |location/requirement||comment| |if were looking for some action, im bettin well find it here.| |wow, this place is a shitehole. And here i thought it couldnt get any worse than the combat zone.| |why the hell are we comin back here? My days of fightin in that lousy cage are over.| |would be nice to fly away and leave the commonwealth behind... But is there anythin worth seein out there?| |okay, what the hell is a buildin that nice doin in a rundown city like this?| |i dont like admittin it, but this place is givin me the shivers.| |i remember some bloke who said he was headin out to jamaica plain to hunt for treasure... Never saw his sorry arse again.| |this is the only vault i know that people still call home. Kind of weird that they want to stay out here all by themselves.| |why anyone would want to live on one of these things for months at a time is beyond me.| |you know how much i hate these raiders, so ill just thank you for bringin me here in advance.| |look on the bright side... If we need to get out of here fast we could always jump.| |if they used to store bombs here, why in the hell are we goin inside?| |please dont tell me were gonna spend the day pickin through this pile of rubble.| |i dont understand these minutemen. Why the hell would you bother helpin a bunch of lowlife farmers and settlers for free?| |this place kind of reminds me of home... Its just missin the abusive parents and the years of psychological torment.| |oh, bunker hill. I heard you can get anythin from these fellas. Time to start lookin for some goodies.| |wait a damn second. Whered all the ferals go?| |you know where youre going, right?| |its a shame were turnin these over to the brotherhood. These things would be worth a fortune.| |sentinel site, gantry||this doesnt bode well. Not at all.| |sentinel site, exterior entrance||ive never seen anythin like that before.| |this is the perfect place to get jumped.| |if all of the railroad bases look this posh, i might actually enjoy hangin around with them for a while.| |this better lead somewhere. I dont fancy spendin the rest of the week wanderin in circles.| |this church is fallin apart at the seams.| |first we go up, now we have to go all the way down. I wish youd make up your mind.| |let me guess... Youre going to make us climb this entire building. *Sigh*| |when i was nine, i stole a comic book from a caravan dealer. Must have read the damn thing a hundred times before me parents took it away.| |whats all this nonsense for?| |*sigh* i hope you know what youre doin.| |if you start tamperin with that engine, im gettin out of here.| |nothin id rather do than spend my life underwater in a giant metal coffin.| |looks safe. Maybe we should hang out up here for a while to catch our breath.| |i knew a bloke who owned a movie projector. He only had this one movie about a talkin dog. It was shite, but heck, beggars cant be choosers.| |jackpot! There must be somethin worth takin from this place.| |ill be damned. Its a giddyup buttercup! Wait... Why do i know that?| |i wonder if any of me ancestors are buried here.| |you really know how to show a girl a good time. Ugh.| |this isnt so bad. Believe it or not, ive seen worse.| |looks like super mutants have ruined another perfectly good part of town.| |pff. I dont see what the big deal is... Anyone can write stuff down and claim its a work of art.| |ugh, a morgue... Disgustin.| |i cant believe that people actually had to pay to see the doctor.| |you wouldnt catch me dead at one of these support meetings. Ugh.| |i think we should be stayin as far from that reactor as possible.| |shite!| |that sounds bigger than a mole rat.| |i love what theyve done with the place.| |well, ill be damned. Another vault.| |looks like the vault was never completed.| |i know this must be difficult for you... I... Im here if you need to talk.| |ill be damned. Vault-tec tucked these little beauties everywhere.| |tommy tried to introduce scenery into the matches at the combat zone. Took about five minutes before we startin usin them for weapons.| |they... They were keepin babies down here? Oh... Oh god.| |keep your gun handy. I doubt the only thing fillin this quarry is a bunch of rocks.| |this robot wasnt easy to find. Better be a good reward for lettin him go.| |i wonder if this was the vat for bunker hill brew or dead redcoat ale?| |id say thats about a weeks supply.| |i used to love enterin the ring and hearin everyone cheer. Now im realizin i was just a caged animal put on display for their amusement.| |why the hell are we back here? You know how much i hate this fuckin place!| |well, theres somethin you dont get to see every day.| |your minutemen certainly cleaned the place up nicely. Even got rid of the mirelurk smell.| |you sure its safe to be traipsin around the basement of a six or seven-hundred year old buildin?| |mirelurks smell disgustin. When were done fightin them i can smell them on me clothes for days.| |hmph. Better him than me.| |were takin a big chance walkin through the common. Just sayin.| |brotherhood of steel, eh? These blokes pack some serious firepower.| |we need to find that transmitter and turn the goddamn thing off!| |im bettin we pry some good salvage out of this wreck... If the raiders havent gotten to it first.| |there has to be somethin valuable hidden in all this scrap.| |awwww, look. The raiders have themselves a little arts and crafts project.| |oh, lovely. You got a can-opener?| |what the hells wrong with these robots? Dont they realize theyre takin care of corpses?| |hard to feel like a kid again when you think about how many of them died when the war started.| |ranger cabin, eh? Good place to look for rifle ammunition.| |so we gonna strip that military robot for parts, or should we just blast it into tiny pieces?| |i remember findin an ancient document sayin that you can have fun under the boardwalk. Doesnt look safe to me.| |what is it with raiders and tunnels? Is it some kind of a freudian thing?| |what exactly were these blokes runnin from?| |poor little thing. I wonder what happened to her.| |you sure its safe for us to be walkin up here?| |this entire areas overrun with gunners. I can smell the crazy bastards from a mile away.| |lets get out of here. I cant stand seein shite like this.| |let me know when were done with the factory tour.| |we should search the place for parts. Might find somethin worth a few caps.| |if you think im pushin any of those buttons, you must be crazy.| |*coughing* cant breathe... This stuff... It smells strange.| |i dont know, i kind of like these paintins. Feels good knowin someone out there is more miserable than me.| |were not stayin here, right?| |spent me childhood livin in trailers like this. Of course, me parents made me sleep outside.| |quaint little cabins. Too bad the mirelurks have ruined the view.| |you dont even have to say it... Im not goin to be touchin anythin.| |at this rate, well be swimmin through the streets of boston.| |i wish this damn thing would shut up.| |looks like someone wanted their seafood to go.| |looks like someone has a dirty little secret.| |why would anyone be stupid enough to try and build a nuke?| |i wonder how many folks died on that table?| |well, well... What do we have here?| |i never get tired of killin this lot.| |institute didnt leave much left, did they.| |well, thats the end of our little sniper friend.| |if i start glowin, you be sure to shoot me, alright?| |im pretty sure that the water isnt supposed to be doin that.| |power company was rollin in dough, eh?| |never seen this kind of metro station before.| |i wonder if you can even catch fish anymore... And even if you could, would you want to eat them?| |are you kiddin me?| |oh god... This is disgustin. Why would you ever put meat into a can?| |vault-tec... Makin the perverts look like saints.| |theres no end to this place.| |libertalia, eh? I guess its time for some target practice.| |well that was a fun little workout. Can we do it again?| |we go skinny dippin in there, things might start fallin off.| |usin a glowin one for the lighthouse... Someone was thinkin outside the box.| |whatever you do... Please dont turn on your radio. That shite gives me a headache.| |are you serious? After all we went through, this capsule is the treasure?!| |might as well put up a sign sayin valuable loot here.| |the children of atom make gunners look sane by comparison.| |ive been through my share of markets. Sometimes i get desperate and start lookin for the cookin sherry... Know what i mean?| |this idiot got what was comin to him.| |okay, this is sick... Even by my standards.| |im thinkin that comin down here isnt the best idea youve ever had.| |that must have been one hell of a blast. Theres nothin left.| |city actually looks... Well, kind of peaceful from up here.| |if there were so many pre-war libraries, why did those people end up making such foolish decisions?| |clever or not, that still looks dangerous to me.| |always wanted me own robot drinkin buddy.| |looks like the ferals are doin the exterminatin for us.| |ferals turned this place into a real shitehouse.| |if youre lookin to build somethin, this is the place to do it.| |watch yourself... Somethins about to go down.| |this must be where all the top brass hung out while the soldiers were dyin on the surface.| |maybe we should help ourselves... I might know a few places we can unload the stuff.| |they used to make an amazin drink with tarberries at the combat zone. Tasted awful, but would knock you out after a few sips.| |theres nothing quite like the smell of power armor grease and testosterone.| |you feelin a draft in here?| |heres a newsflash... Everyone died when the bombs fell. No one left to tell that story.| |when walking on a||i like long walks on the beach as much as any other girl, but not with these lurks walkin around.| |now if they could teach these things to sing sweet rosie ogrady, id be impressed.| |still smells like cigarettes and stale beer in here.| |looks like someone was proud of themselves for buildin those robots.| |its like its me birthday and you knew exactly what i wanted.| |fat man shells! You know how much we can get for these?!| |well, ill be damned. Someone got one of these stupid trains to work.| |nothin i love more than gettin me boots wet.| |interestin. More to this place than meets the eye.| |this place smells disgustin. What the hell died in here?| |oh yeah, trudgin through here is much better than walkin the streets above us.| |theres a goddamn deathclaw up ahead.| |better in there than out here. Lets go.| |i dont like this. Somethins not right here.| |thats a lovely view of the river. Must have been nice here before the world went to shite.| |while were in here, maybe we could get a little inside information for placin our bets.| |now this might be a nice place to win a few caps.| |these were added after the bombs fell, right?| |no way... Were not swimmin in there.| |thats a long way down.| |lets just get through this garden quickly... Im startin to hate this place.| |experiments were goin on in a mental hospital? Could this get any worse?| |i know this sounds crazy, but... Well... This place is givin me the creeps.| |ive heard of pre-war drunk drivers, but this is ridiculous.| |that ship ends up everywhere except the water.| |how in the hell did a ship get all the way up there?| |actually, that looks kind of cute on him.| |whatevers down there, im sure it isnt friendly.| |thats why i hate ferals... No damn table manners.| |livin in a crater isnt my idea of home sweet home.| |if you want to get through the tunnel, those raiders wont even slow us down.| |ive spent a lot of time in the backseats of these things.| |either im havin a bad chem flashback or those mutants are wearin sailors hats.| |lesson learned. Never play chicken with a drawbridge.| |if you want to wade out and check that boat, you go right ahead.| |smells like shite down here.| |im gonna guess that we shouldnt be eatin anythin we find in here.| |do you think tonights show is sold out?| |what the heck is polymer anyway?| |i dont know what theyre workin on in here, but it cant be good.| |there might be some valuable stuff inside. Lets go check it out.| |lets keep away from this thing... Looks like its goin to fall over any second now.| |who in their right mind would be farmin in the middle of the goddamn wasteland?| |which section has the dirty magazines?| |well, this is certainly a friendly way to welcome people to a library.| |im guess this is where the mayor used to play with his balls.| |amazin how much money these old corporations threw away buildin crazy shite like this.| |not much left of this bloke, is there.| |you call this a brewery, i call it a church.| |how come these things never have statues of naked blokes?| |whats with these weird metal stairs?| |theres got to be somethin left in here to drink.| |what the hell is the defense intelligence agency?| |looks like the holidays have arrived early this year.| [diamond city] , entrance [goodneighbor] , entrance [combat zone] , exterior [boston airport] , before the barricades [cabot house] , exterior by the shrubbery [parsons state insane asylum] , entrance foyer on the rug just past the front door; during the quest [the secret of cabot house] . [jamaica plain] , northwest road entrance, by the diner [vault 81] , entrance walkway [yangtze-31] [libertalia] , entrance [trinity tower] , roof [sentinel site] , exterior [the castle] [covenant] , gate exterior [bunker hill] , the base of stairs to the monument - before the gate [parking garage] , after entering the garage [sentinel site] , bomb storage room entrance [ticonderoga] , penthouse foyer [old north church] , catacombs [old north church] , nave [trinity tower] , the roof [trinity tower] , the base of the tower [hubris comics] , shop floor [hubris comics] , top floor studio [yangtze] , engine room [yangtze-31] [yangtze] , bridge [starlight drive in] , in the projection room [starlight drive in] , at the screen [wilson atomatoys corporate hq] , [arlen glass] office [wilson atomatoys corporate hq] , foyer display [wildwood cemetery] [weston water treatment plant] [west everett estates] , backyard bunker [west everett estates] , entrance [walden pond] , just in front of said cabin. [milton general hospital] , basement morgue [milton general hospital] , waiting foyer [vault 95] , overseers office [vault 95] , reactor room [museum of witchcraft] [museum of witchcraft] [vault 75] , combat training room [vault 75] , entrance [vault 114] , entrance construction [vault 111] , cryonic stasis room [vault 114] , exterior tunnel construction [trinity church] , theatrical rigging [trinity church] , nursery [thicket excavations] , near the waters edge; before the conclusion of the quest [pull the plug] . [the shamrock taphouse] , basement during [trouble brewin] [gwinnett brewery] , brewing floor [gwinnett brewery] , entrance [combat zone] , at the lifts in the trap room [combat zone] , front row [boston common] , just in front of the [armored personnel carrier] [cambridge police station] [south boston military checkpoint] [skylanes flight 1981] [saugus ironworks] , ? [saugus ironworks] , [slag] encounter [sandy coves convalescent home] , captains room [rocky narrows park] , at the playground [robotics disposal ground] , in front of the sentry bot [revere beach station] , end tunnel raider encampment [quincy ruins, freeway stronghold] bridge to roof catwalks [quincy ruins] , southeast entrance [boston police rationing site] , in front of the trailer kiosk [poseidon energy] , generator room - the part past the raider defenses. [hallucigen, inc.] , Demonstration control room [hallucigen, inc.] , Atrium before the quest [pickmans gallery] [fiddlers green trailer estates] , entrance [neponset park] , close to [charles dieter jr.] S cabin [natick] power station [south boston] [nahant oceanological society] , second floor [nahant oceanological society] , research laboratory [gorski cabin] , root cellar workshop [milton general hospital] , operating room [weatherby savings and loan] , inside the bank vault [mass pike interchange] , some gunner stronghold fort [university point] , just inside the gate [mass fusion disposal site] [mass fusion disposal site] [mahkra fishpacking] , basement storeroom [longneck lukowskis cannery] , basement; just past the elevator [vault 81] , observation room [libertalia] , at the top of the main structure [kingsport lighthouse] , at the top beacon [wrvr broadcast station] , control room [jamaica plain] , treasure room [jamaica plain] , security room before the hallway [jalbert brothers disposal] , at the barn with the barrels [super-duper mart] , front counters [irish pride industries shipyard] , at the corpse of [rory rigwell] [cambridge crater] , edge when attacked by ghouls [cambridge crater] , edge [hub city auto wreckers] , while on the crane [hesters consumer robotics] , entrance: showroom floor [college square] , the square [fort hagen] , command center – outside the gated main room, next to the door [greater mass blood clinic] , basement storage [the slog] , in front of the pool [atom cats garage] , unable to determine due to bugged content. [gunners plaza] , cafeteria – before the staircase [gunners plaza] , main entrance of the atrium writers room [mirelurk] infested beach, between [reeb marina] and [gibson point pier] . [general atomics factory] , quality assurance test chamber [back alley bowling] , at the lanes [general atomics galleria] , at the gate [fort strong] , sublevel in the room before the main [mini nuke] storage room. [west roxbury station] , platform [federal surveillance center k-21b] , gantry overlook [faneuil hall] , the hall [concord civic access] , main pipe room [fairline hill estates] , at the fortified house [fairline hill estates] , at the entrance to the cul-de-sac [forest grove marsh] , dry dock park [easy city downs] , at the stables both this and the latter have to be at an active location [easy city downs] , northern corner fence hole to the racetrack, next to the stands [east boston preparatory school] , third floor torture chamber [dunwich borers] , at the pit [dunwich borers] , at the edge [uss constitution] , after quest the completion of the quest [last voyage of the u.S.S. Constitution] [weatherby savings and loan] , before the completion of the quest [last voyage of the u.S.S. Constitution] [d.B. Technical high school] , basement – after killing [bosco] or at the throne [d.B. Technical high school] , generator room [croup manor] , basement [crater house] , edge of crater [corvega assembly plant] , entrance of the assembly line room [coast guard pier] , either at the corner of the pier by the tower, or the center of the building. The super mutants were supposed to be wearing [coast guard hats] . [wreck of the uss riptide] [chestnut hillock reservoir] [shaw high school] , library [shaw high school] , cafeteria [charles view amphitheater] [cambridge polymer labs] , laboratory, during the quest [cambridge polymer labs] [cabot house] , laboratory [cabot house] , living room [bunker hill] , base of the monument [breakheart banks] , at the building [boston public library] , hall where defenses are [boston public library] , main entrance [boston mayoral shelter] , at the basketball court [beantown brewery] , bottling room floor [fallons department store] , by the fountain [fallons department store] , by the escalators [joes spuckies] , speakeasy stairway [the switchboard] , the foyer of the agency [badtfl regional office] , evidence lockup |quest comments| |location†/quest and requirement||context||comment| |looks like they had their support meetins in the overseers office. Sittin around and tellin everyone else my problems isnt my idea of fun.| |look at all these chems! Psycho, jet... Hell... Its all here. Why would there be a stash in this vault? Unless... Oh... Vault-tec... Those animals. Experimentin again, i bet.| |well, if youve gotta go... You might as well go out flyin.| |well, there it is. Vault 95. Lets head inside and find the clean room... Thats where we can get this crap out of me body.| [vault 95] , overseers office [vault 95] , [vault 95] , [vault 95] , inventory |apparel||weapon||other items| [corset] [baseball bat] [double-barrel shotgun] notes - she will try to comfort the player character if taken to the corpse of [nate] / [nora] in [vault 111] . - cait will dislike all four of the first set of dialogue options during the [minutemen] quests to help settlements with raiders. - cait will actively use psycho, [jet] , [radaway] and other [chems] in her inventory. Since it was explained she was an addict when meeting her, it might be beneficial to keep her stocked up as she appears to get friendly very quickly, and it might improve her usefulness in fights. - if cait has any psycho or jet, one can sometimes see her using it before completing her personal quest. - cait may react negatively after completing her personal quest [benign intervention] if the player character uses chems in front of her. She will berate them for being a hypocrite for using them after helping her to cure her psycho addiction. - the sole survivor may raise caits affection level by removing their own clothing and fast traveling between safe locations. - before completing [benign intervention] , cait likes when the sole survivor drinks hard alcoholic beverages ( [bourbon] , [rum] , [vodka] , [whiskey] and [wine] ). Drinking before sleeping and before waiting will speed up the process. - cait will disapprove of joining any of the factions until the second act of the main story when the [brotherhood of steel] comes in. After this, she will no longer disapprove of joining the brotherhood of steel. - cait asks [takahashi] to serve her a drink on their first meeting, but she doesnt get it as takahashi only serves noodles in the diamond city market. - caits dialogue while exploring several of the vaults indicates that she is already familiar with the [vault-tec] experiments and the true purpose of the vault network. - when entering and exploring any vaults with cait as a companion after benign intervention, she will ask to leave quickly are not enter the vault after her vault experience before hand. - cait makes flirtatious comments, such as [piper] , for whom she will say its too bad they cant make it a threesome, or [deacon] , [preston garvey] and [maccready] , whom she refers to as handsome. She also tells [hancock] that if she ever decides to go ghoul, he will be the one she calls. She will continue to make these comments even after being romanced by the sole survivor. - if the sole survivor helps [billy peabody] find his parents, she will be annoyed since she was never helped or cared for but if billy is sold to [bullet] , she will hate it because she was also sold into slavery. - without completing her personal quest [benign intervention] , the maximum level of affinity that can be reached with her is 999. This means that to be able to get her perk trigger rush, the player character has to complete her quest first. - in [fallout: the board game] , cait can be acquired at the shop by any [player character] that has the [vilified trait] . When the player character has her as the active companion and performs a test that uses [perception] , [agility] , or [luck] , she can be exhausted to gain one hit on the test. When the player character performs the camp action, she will become unexhausted. However, if the player character does not have at least one [drug] in their inventory, she must be discarded. - cut dialogue for tommy lonegan indicates that at one stage during development, it was planned for cait to be acquired after losing a fight with the player character. Cut dialogue for tommy lonegan indicates that at one stage during development, it was planned for cait to be acquired after losing a fight with the player character. notable quotes |quotes| - it all starts with two wastes of humanity i suppose you could called me parents. Im convinced that i was a mistake, because i cant remember a single moment that they treated me like their daughter. - you can imagine the look on me parents faces when i kicked on their door. What you cant imagine is what they looked like after... After i emptied me gun into them. - after committing to a close relationship:im closer to you than anyone else in my life. What more can anyone ask?}}Theres nowhere else id rather be than right here, at your side.}}My heart, my treasure, my love. All for you.}}If youre feelin tired, we could always find a bed.}}Im havin some pretty naughty thoughts about you right now, so id say were doin pretty damn good.}} - when [lovers embrace] is activated:ow. I think i pulled a muscle or somethin.}}Rise and shine, love.}}All this rest is making me tired.}}You have a good sleep? I know i did. - when at a scenic location:well, this is nice for a change.}}How can something this beautiful exist in such a fucked up world?}}Maybe im comin down with somethin, but this place looks incredible.}} - when at a creepy location:i dont like this... Not one bit.}}Sonethin isnt right. We should get out of here.}}Im gonna be jumpin at the goddamn shadows next.}} |locations| - why the hell are we back here? You know how much i hate this fuckin place! – At [combat zone] - spent me childhood livin in trailers like this. Of course, me parents made me sleep outside. – Approaching [fiddlers green trailer estates] - they used to make an amazin drink with tarberries at the [combat zone] . Tasted awful, but would knock you out after a few sips. – At [the slog] - if there were so many pre-war libraries, why did these people end up making such foolish decisions? – In a library - i heard you can get anything from these fellas. Time to start shopping for some goodies. – [Bunker hill] - they... They were keepin babies down here? Oh... Oh god. – At [trinity church] - i dont know, i kind of like these paintings. Feels good knowin someone out there is more miserable than me. – At [pickman gallery] - ive been through my share of markets. Sometimes i get desperate and lookin for the cooking sherry. Know what im saying? – In the [super duper mart] |changing companion from cait| - [piper] : you two have fun together, piper. Too bad we cant make it a threesome. To which piper replies: never gonna happen, cait. - [curie] : gonna replace me with the egghead, eh? Well, good luck in a firefight. To which curie replies: no need to worry, mademoiselle cait. My offensive capabilities are quite formidable. - [danse] : theres nothing quite like the smell of power armor grease and testosterone. To which danse replies: the aroma is rather... Pungent. - [deacon] : deacon... Where you been all me life, handsome? To which deacon replies: waiting for you, beautiful. - [hancock] : i’ll tell you what, hancock. If i ever decide to go ghoul... You’re the first one i’m lookin’ up. To which hancock replies: ill be countin the days. - [codsworth] : if you’d rather travel with this bucket of bolts, fine by me. You know where to find me. - [nick valentine] : all right, nicky, watch yourself out there. To which nick replies: dont worry, cait. I will. - [maccready] : well, hey there handsome. Watch this guy/gal for me, will you? He/she loves to get himself/herself into trouble. To which maccready replies: for you, cait... Id do anything. - [preston garvey] : you really want that do-gooder watch your back? Suit yourself. To which preston replies: one of these days youll finally realize that the world doesnt revolve around you, cait. - [strong] : i need you to keep this one alive, strong. To which strong replies: dont worry, strong smash enemy. |changing companion to cait| - [danse] : just make sure you keep our mutual friend safe., To which cait replies: yeah, take a hike, danse. This calls for a lady’s touch. - [preston garvey] : all yours, cait. Take care. To which cait replies: you really know how to make a girl feel missed, handsome. - [codsworth] : ah, miss cait! So good of you to agree to take my place. May fortune favor the brave, my dear., To which cait replies: you’re begginnin’ to get on me nerves, codsey. - [dogmeat] : (curious sound), to which cait replies: don’t look at me that way, you dirty little mole rat. - [piper] : so, no one’s managed to put you in the ground yet, cait?, To which cait replies: not yet, though it isn’t for a lack of tryin’. - [x6-88] : i’ll be watching, cait. If you fail to protect this man/woman, i’ll know about it., To which cait replies: yeah, sure… what are you gonna do? Leak oil all over me? - [hancock] : seems i’m gonna be missing out on all the fun., To which cait replies: you have no idea, hancock… no idea.. - [curie] : i think if you travel with cait, you may need to bring a little more ammo., To which cait replies: youre just jealous because youll be missin all the fun. - [deacon] : and here she is, the one the only… caaaait. Is that how they used to do it in the combat zone?, To which cait replies: i’d be glad to show you how we did things in the combat zone, deacon. Name the time and the place. - [strong] : strong find milk of human kindness on own., To which cait replies: what the hell is he talkin’ about? Never mind. I don’t want to know. - [nick valentine] : heading out with cait, huh? Hope you know what you’re getting into., To which cait replies: hey valentine… i think you’ve got somethin’ on your face. Oh, it’s skin. Yeah, you might want to get that looked at. appearances cait appears in [fallout 4](/wiki/fallout_4) , [fallout: the board game](/wiki/fallout:_the_board_game) , [fallout shelter online](/wiki/fallout_shelter_online) and [fallout: wasteland warfare](/wiki/fallout:_wasteland_warfare) . bugs - caits quest might not trigger after her confession about her addiction. Taking another companion, sending her back to a settlement, and then talking with her should trigger the quest (it may have to do with her being flagged as a companion). For more info about this bug, read [benign intervention] .[Verified] - cait will talk about wanting to lower the dosage if she thinks she is being followed in combat after vault 95.[Verified] cait will talk about wanting to lower the dosage if she thinks she is being followed in combat after vault 95.[Verified] - during caits companion quest, cait may begin to randomly collapse as if incapacitated during the dialogue. This will continue following completion of the quest.[Verified] during caits companion quest, cait may begin to randomly collapse as if incapacitated during the dialogue. This will continue following completion of the quest.[Verified] - ordering cait to pick a floor safe when there is an object between the safe and cait may sometimes cause her to pace aimlessly around the area.[Verified] ordering cait to pick a floor safe when there is an object between the safe and cait may sometimes cause her to pace aimlessly around the area.[Verified] gallery references - [sole survivor] : why didnt you run away? cait: i tried. Twice. The first time i did it, they locked me in a shed outside of the house we lived in. The second time, they broke one of me legs. ( [caits dialogue] ) - [sole survivor] : i appreciate your trust. cait: well, youre the first to earn it. It all starts with two wastes of humanity i suppose you could call me parents. Im convinced i was a mistake, because i cant remember a single moment that they treated me like their daughter. I was yelled at and beaten. Everythin i did was wrong. Nothin but a nuisance in their eyes. The whole time i was tellin meself that they had to love me, even if it was just the tiniest bit, because they never kicked me out. Then me eighteenth birthday arrived, and i found out why they kept me around. They slapped a shock collar around me neck and sold me to slavers. They didnt even care enough about me to say goodbye. Eighteen years of sufferin through that shite and all i was worth to them was a pocketful of caps. ( [caits dialogue] ) - [sole survivor] : how could you kill your own parents? cait: how can you call them parents? They were opportunists who were takin advantage of a human bein just to make a few caps! If i had come out of that bitch of a mother deformed, they would have drowned me in the river and started again. They didnt give a shite about me. So i didnt give a shite about them. End of story. ( [caits dialogue] ) - [sole survivor] : my god. Im so sorry. cait: thanks, but theres more to the story. It would be easy to blame me charmin personality on me parents. But they didnt make me this way, i did. I was with those slavers for five years. Roughest five of me goddamn life. The things they made me do... The way they used me for their amusement. It sickens me to my stomach even thinkin about it. But i bidded me time and learned to use their own methods against them. Stealin a few caps out of a sleepin mans pocket is a piece of cake... As long as you dont get greedy. ( [caits dialogue] ) - [sole survivor] : i cant even imagine having to go through something like that. cait: you think thats low? Just wait. The story gets much worse. It took every ounce of patience i had, but after five years i had finally pocketed enough to buy me own way outta there. But instead of headin off to try and repair the shambles of me life, i gave in to me rage and i headed home. You can imagine the look on me parents faces when i kicked open their door. What you cant imagine is what they looked like after... After i emptied me gun into them. ( [caits dialogue] ) - [sole survivor] : i always have time to listen to you, cait. cait: good, because this isnt easy for me to say, and i want to get it right. Sigh. Where do i begin? Did you know i spent three years fightin at the combat zone? Three years of gettin beaten to hell by a bunch of losers and lunatics. After the matches were over, id spit out the blood, stitch me wounds and do a couple shots of psycho to keep me goin. I fuckin hated it. I hated the crowds, i hated the other fighters and i hated meself. I never understood why i put myself through all of that. Until now. Its because i was alone. And i think deep down, i wanted to die... I wanted one of me opponents to crush the life out of me. The easy way out. ( [caits dialogue] ) - [sole survivor] : why are you so paranoid about debts? cait: it was kind of my fault. Got close to a guy named stratton while i was there... Thought we really had somethin goin. One night we had a fight cause i wouldnt hop in the sack with him. Our fight got pretty bad... Nothin physical, just a whole lot of yellin. So i get pissed off, and i leave. I get outside and a bunch of raiders start pushin me around, givin me shite. Stratton walks out, looks at me and says next time youll think twice before walkin out on me. Fucker left me there. I got beat up pretty good that night. Thats when i learned that nobody does favors for free. ( [caits dialogue] ) - [sole survivor] : what exactly do you think im expecting in return? cait: who knows? Doin your laundry, takin a bullet for you, haulin your gear... Whats the difference? I dont think im getting through to you. Let me explain what i mean, and then maybe youll understand where im comin from. I spent three years livin at the combat zone. Smelled like puke and piss, but i called it home. I was makin a few caps, had me own bed to sleep in and three hot meals a day. Then the raiders took over the place. You know that lot... They arent exactly what youd call the gentle type. After they moved in, if you didnt keep lookin over your shoulder, you were liable to get sucker punched and robbed... Or worse. Didnt take me long to learn that i had to put my hard-earned caps to good use. Buyin friends was essential to makin life easier. So i guess im waitin for you to hand me a bill, you know what i mean? ( [caits dialogue] ) - [tommy lonegan] : so heres my predicament. I suddenly got no audience. No audience means i got no caps coming in. cait: yeah, tommy? Just why the hell you trying to get rid of me? [Tommy lonegan] : it aint your fightin skills im concerned with. And if you aint bringing in caps, little bird, you aint an asset. Youre a liability. To me... And to yourself. So... Heres what im thinkin. What say i let you take over her contract? She goes with you, watches your back... ...Look youd be doin me a favor while i try to get the place back in order. What do ya say? ( [tommy lonegans dialogue] ) - [tommy lonegan] : so heres my predicament. I suddenly got no audience. No audience means i got no caps coming in. cait: yeah, tommy? Just why the hell you trying to get rid of me? [Tommy lonegan] : look, truth is, all that junk, its been making you careless. And i dont want to be the one doing color commentary when you finally hit the floor. Alright? So just do me this favor. Both of you. Please. ( [tommy lonegans dialogue] )
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    Clemson smashes Boston College 15-1
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    College Guide Clemson, s.C. — The tigers hit three home runs and cruised to a 15-1 victory over boston college to win the first game of the series at doug kingsmore stadium. “i am proud of our team tonight,” lee said following the win. “Obviously coming off a tough loss on the road. I am just really proud of how we responded. We got a great start out of mack anglin and swung the bats very, very well.” mack anglin saved some of his best stuff for the final acc series of the season. Anglin went 7.0 innings and only gave up five hits, one run and one earned run. jonathan french pulled up running to first in the bottom of the second. Reed garris came in to catch after the injury. boston college took the lead in the first when they used small ball to plate a run. the tigers responded quickly as caden grice hit a leadoff home run to right to the bottom of the third. With two outs max wagner singled and then stole second. Cooper ingle singled up the middle to score wagner and the clemson led 2-1. in the fourth inning the tigers plated two more runs. Tyler corbitt reached on a fielding error. With two outs grice doubled down the left field line to score corbitt. Blackwell singled up the middle to score grice and the clemson led 4-1. wagner added an insurance run in the fifth. He smashed a solo home run, his 25th of the season. Wagner is the fifth player to hit 25 home runs for clemson and the first since kris harvey in 2005. The record is 27 by khalil greene in 2002. the tigers hit another one out of the park in the sixth. Corbitt hit a leadoff single before bryar hawkins hit a two-run home run to right center. After six clemson led 7-1. in the bottom of the seventh will taylor had a leadoff walk. Wright singled to score taylor. Ingle scored on a throwing error. Hawkins singled to score wright. After seven clemson led 10-1. the tigers weren’t done yet. Grice and blackwell hit back to back singles to start the eighth. Taylor walked to load the bases. Wagner singled to score grice. Ingle doubled to score blackwell and taylor. Fairey singled to score wagner and the lead was stretched to 15-1. with duke’s loss to virginia tech thursday the magic number to make the acc baseball tournament is one. One more clemson win or one more duke loss and the tigers clinch a spot in the acc tournament. with the win the tigers moved to 33-21 overall and 11-16 in the acc. Clemson and boston college play game two of the series friday afternoon at 3 pm.
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    Louisville Dispensaries Near Me Map
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    College Guide Proposal would decriminalize some marijuana possession in louisville content - [group behind caregiver crackdown urges cannabis businesses to supply free or low] - [my companies] - [finest thc detox strategies to flush out weed out of your physique] - [is it too difficult to become a substitute trainer in colorado?] so, all businesses need to select a legal structure and obtain a business license and a federal tax id . A sellers permit is also required to promote any merchandise or meals (any tangible / touchable product) in louisville, ky. When touring to any sort of nation, plan in advance and study the essentials of local regulations. how much can you buy from a dispensary at a time florida? the state of florida has set a limit that says patients may not purchase more than 2.5 ounces of smokable marijuana within a given 35-day stretch of time. Thats the maximum a doctor may recommend, but its also technically possible a doctor would recommend lower amounts than that, depending on your mmj evaluation. any companies that promote prepared food want a sellers license. All other marijuana dispensary business (including home mobile and on-line -- regardles of the type) are required to get a in louisville businesses, must obtain a business license business tax registration. All companies together with house, on-line or cell business need a business license because they are businesses. group behind caregiver crackdown urges cannabis companies to supply free or low there should be several product options obtainable for sufferers to evaluate and discover which may be the popular form of the medical marijuana plant to use with regard to a doctor recommendation. Its important you get pleasure from their consistency of product quality and selection, supply strategies, low pricing, ease of location, total comfort etc. Also equally necessary is the ambiance or atmosphere of the shop and its pleasant employees that ought to always be courteous and helpful with acquiring the best medicine on your medical needs. coan emphasised to the committee wednesday that the ordinance just isnt aimed at altering state regulation. The ordinance defines an grownup as someone 21 years or older. It defines “personal use” as one-half ounce or less of marijuana. Councilwoman jessica green stated she has represented lots of people with marijuana charges in her job as an lawyer. my providers cannabis sufferers in louisville with a legitimate medical marijuana cardmust designate a single marijuana dispensary location nearby with the department of public health to shop at previous to visiting. To get hashish primarily based thc & cbd for medicinal use, which prices much less, you will want to have your illinois medcard from the state after visiting with a recommending physician. Benefit of medical marijuana over rec, the costs are cheaper. In most states, marijuana should be pre-packaged for retail sale. Similar to alcohol being pre-packaged for retail gross sales at a grocery retailer or liquor retailer, marijuana purchased at a retail establishment, like louisville dispensaries, should be pre-packaged and labeled with tracking information. There could additionally be in the future sooner or later where marijuana may be bought open like a restaurant pours alcoholic drinks, however for retail stores or any legal louisville dispensaries the weed should be pre-packaged. can you get fired for having a medical card in florida? having a medical marijuana card in florida wont keep you from getting fired for drug use. ... They figure theyre using marijuana for a medical condition, and yet their workplaces have taken action against them under federal law, which outlaws marijuana. in addition, the company might consider expanding its product line past hemp-based products ought to the science and the companys founding principles assist such expansion. Canada made history in 2018 by being the primary g7 nation to legalise medicinal and leisure marijuana use and since that decision was made the demand for weed has been on a gradual rise. The legal guidelines created in 2018 have been set out to regulate the marijuana market and canopy many areas together with minimal authorized age limits, the issuing of licenses, cultivation and possession limits. It is authorized for a affected person with a illinois hashish registry id card to make use of medical cannabis. Cannabis and cannabis-infused merchandise should be bought by way of medical hashish dispensaries in illinois. Most probably youll have an excellent expertise at a licensed dispensary in louisville. how should the ncaa balance school athletes’ sport, academic, and monetary interests? In other phrases, it will be extra prudent and extra worthwhile for faculty athletes to focus on schooling as their compensation. Very few college athletes will go pro, so athletes should take benefit of the schooling being offered in exchange for playing a college sport. According to the ncaa, the group offers “more than $3.6 billion in athletic scholarships yearly to greater than one hundred eighty,000 student-athletes.” Divided equitably, each student would obtain about $20,000 per 12 months. According to the national center for education statistics, the average total cost of public college for the 2017–18 tutorial yr was $17,797. can you order edibles online in ky? in kentucky, its still illegal to possess edibles and beverages containing marijuana. While those products cant be found in stores, they are available online because of varying state laws. Ramsey said just because it can be purchased in other states doesnt mean it can be possessed in kentucky. in colorado, cannabis transactions have historically occurred in individual; customers go to a dispensary, wait in a foyer, then a budtender personally sells the product and rings up the shopper. Unlike many other companies similar to bars, theaters and gyms, colorado authorities officials have but to order pot outlets to close. House voted in help of the marijuana opportunity reinvestment and expungement act, which might additionally decriminalize cannabis at the federal degree. best thc detox methods to flush out weed out of your physique indianapolis - some indiana lawmakers are working to introduce legislation that may legalize marijuana. Earlier this week, the indiana democratic party known as for medical and leisure marijuana to be legalized in the hoosier state. Denver-based retail chain native roots announced this week that its the first company in the state to receive a license to deliver pot. That delivery service will begin this month in boulder with the native roots-owned dandelion dispensary at the pearl street mall. The success of marijuana legalisation in canada shall be judged on several elements together with the affordability of legal weed compared to that offered illegally. the regulation envisions marijuana retail stores in the state where the drug can be offered but provides municipalities the right to ban them or regulate how, the place and after they function. Amendment 64 permits existing medical marijuana businesses to apply for retail marijuana licenses beginning oct. 1 and start operations on the first of the year. kentucky lawmakers pushing 2 bills to legalize cannabis news - wdrb kentucky lawmakers pushing 2 bills to legalize cannabis news. posted: tue, 16 feb 2021 08:00:00 gmt [source ] if your business consists of any gadgets or merchandise you present with the service you will need a sales tax id to buy them tax exempt and sell them retail to your clients separate out of your service. Note that when you promote meals that you just your self is preparing, you will need to gather gross sales tax. is it too complicated to turn out to be a substitute teacher in colorado? because the soil or other rising medium dries out from the edges when utilizing these pots, it’s tough to over water them. Extra healthy root methods are the top result when using them. Fabric pots have better fuel trade than plastic hashish containers. When the plant’s roots get to the edges of a smart pot, they cease elongating and develop fantastic lateral roots that enhance gas trade. Food and drug administration (fda) retains its authority to regulate ingestible and topical merchandise, together with those that comprise hemp and hemp extract constituents similar to cbd. Fda regulations govern manufacturing and advertising of meals and dietary supplements. The covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt international financial circumstances, financial markets, provide chains, and enterprise operations. cw labs is currently engaged in double-blind,placebo-controlled human scientific trials addressing hemp-based solutions for a number of want states. The platform additionally contains legalizing recreational marijuana to fill ohios tax coffers.Cranley lengthy has been an advocate for weedand lately tweeted that he supported state and national democrats focus on making cannabis a priority. It is possible to purchase marijuana on-line in any canadian province and territory through websites run by both non-public retailers or the government. undefined thirty-seven dispensaries have been granted licenses to sell recreational marijuana. Most are in and round chicago, but there are closer shops to louisville, many of them in small cities. As of jan. 1, illinois grew to become the first state bordering kentucky to lift restrictions on recreational, adult use of hashish, six years after it legalized medical marijuana. Do you need extra details about tips on how to get a medical marijuana card? Because these pots have so much exposure from the edges, the vegetation never get “root bound as a end result of pots’ unique “air pruning” from the perimeters. - of the 36,011 school baseball gamers, solely 8,002 are eligible to play professionally every year. - we do not accept credit score or debit playing cards, however we do have a money atm on web site. - the haggling over infrastructure has proven that biden can nonetheless convey together democrats and republicans, whilst tensions proceed to mount over the jan. 6 assault on the united states - louisville, ga. – Jefferson county, georgia shall be considered one of 6 within the state that will be home to a marijuana rising facility. - medical marijuana will now be legal in mississippi after voters accredited it with round 70% support. - banks require you file a fictitious business name certificates earlier than opening a enterprise account. - theratrue georgia llc is certainly one of four firms that might be licensed to function services with 50,000 sq. Ft of growing room. to make sure you are getting the proper kind and high quality of weed for affordable prices, its good to understand the facts and advice round shopping for weed legally in canada. Dont be afraid to ask questions, the employees ought to all the time have enough answers and might perhaps assist make product recommendations according to what you may need a choice for. With all these details you must know what to anticipate in your search for the most effective medical marijuana dispensary in louisville georgia 30434. When visiting a louisville marijuana dispensary in georgia, what is going to decide satisfaction is how they meet your expectations which you must set very excessive. the dayton mayor made a marketing campaign cease friday in columbus emphasizing the importance of early childhood training alongside u.S. © 2021 spot on indiana is a half of spot on the usa, a drimble b.V. Also, one of the three standards a candidate should meet to qualify for this system is a professional low-level marijuana. It stipulates that the applicant for against the law should get rid of the crime. Lashgari stated the training deadline is certainly one of the many deadlines next month faced by potential candidates for social equity applications. most pastors oppose marijuana use, legalization baptist-life kentuckytoday.Com - kentucky today most pastors oppose marijuana use, legalization baptist-life kentuckytoday.Com. posted: tue, 11 may 2021 07:00:00 gmt https://www.Kentuckytoday.Com/stories/most-pastors-oppose-marijuana-use-legalization,32120 ] she referenced her veterans plan and noted ohio is popping down money to deal with vets regardless of a ready record of greater than 100. According to easely, deli-style service — prospects buying cannabis over the counter from a budtender who weighs their particular person buy — is 37 % less efficient when it comes to sales per worker per hour in contrast with pre-packaging and pre-ordering. Experts say the covid-19 outbreak could lead on native officials in cities across colorado to scale back laws that curtail supply service. And as quickly as those laws are rolled back, theyre unlikely to be reinstated once the coronavirus crisis is resolved. legal cannabis inevitable in ri, house speaker says (newsletter: july 9, 2021) - marijuana moment legal cannabis inevitable in ri, house speaker says (newsletter: july 9, . posted: fri, 09 jul 2021 07:00:00 gmt https://www.Marijuanamoment.Net/legal-cannabis-inevitable-in-ri-house-speaker-says-newsletter-july-9-2021/ ] it is in opposition to the law to plant, cultivate, or harvest marijuana in kentucky. First offense of small portions may be classified as a misdemeanor. Larger quantities and repeat offenses will be categorized as felonies and can lead to incarceration and fines. The penalty for conviction of sale of a small amount (under 8 oz.) Of marijuana as a first offense may be categorised as a misdemeanor. if you’re growing marijuana inside, how massive is your develop space? A full-grown grownup cannabis plant takes around 4 square toes of space. That’s lots of space—especially if you’re rising marijuana in a small space like an indoor develop tent. You can scale back the scale of your weed by limiting how long you keep it in the vegetative stage of progress. During the germination of a marijuana plant, the very first thing that emerges from cannabis seeds is the plant’s central tap root. As the hashish plant grows, roots and tiny hairs branch off of the central root. — randolph vance (@govrocknar) — randolph vance (@govrocknar) [@kynewsmakers] the rest of kentucky doesnt even need to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, just keep dispensaries in [continue reading this] lexington and louisville. i guarantee opioid abuse in all of kentucky would drop dramatically as a result of legalized sales in just those two counties. [May 2, 2018] sen. Bill cassidy, r-la., And sen. Joe manchin, d-w.Va., Arrive before president joe biden indicators the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into regulation throughout a ceremony on the south lawn of the white house in washington, monday, nov. 15, 2021. Get the most recent local business news delivered free to your inbox weekly. As of october 1st, vapers in australia are solely able to purchase vaping products from pharmacies by way of prescription.Last yr, australia’s federal health minister greg... The two international locations have each banned smoking in public locations, together with any advertising of tobacco merchandise. Both nations have launched plain packaging necessities for tobacco merchandise, if anything australia launched it first, in 2012 with norway following go properly with in 2018. bickett and boone prides themselves in producing a cbd product from seed to seal. If my mother and father and i are pondering of opening a medical marijuana dispensary in michigan, who ought to i contact to make a gathering. Before you go to a pot dispensary, have a method in position. You dont want to make investments greater than what you want, particularly when youre not an everyday individual or youve required time removed from making use of medical marijuana. If it is your first verify on the market and/or if it has been a while given that the last time you ate weed then take a moment to look at the dispensarys meals selection before you go in. if you see taxes listed on the receipt, then the enterprise is most likely going a authorized louisville marijuana dispensary or supply service. Adult use leisure hashish and marijuana for medical use are now both legal in louisville. Open dispensaries which are already collaborating within the illinois medical marijuana program are the first shops to promote leisure weed close to louisville. Several new hashish stores may also be opening soon to service the adult use market. A cannabis dispensary is a retail store which sells hashish merchandise and accessories. Since the early 1990s, cannabis dispensaries have existed within the united states. The first dispensary was opened in california, and since then, the nation has been progressing towards cannabis reform. popular among each degree of grower, slightly love and a focus will reward you with a skunky, pungent harvest after 9 weeks of flowering. A hashish breeder in colorado has created a pressure of marijuana called cornbread. can i use my missouri medical card in florida? can i use my out-of-state medical marijuana card in florida? ... Currently, florida does not allow out-of-state medical marijuana cards for purchase of cannabis products. it’s now authorized to go to the shop, no card, no cops, and buy a range of cbd and thc products proper off the shelve. As of january 1, 2020, anybody over the age of 21 can legally purchase hashish for leisure use.
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    Each team’s top power prospect
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    College Guide Each team’s top power prospect may 19th, 2022 mlb’s four highest averages of home runs per game occurred in the previous five seasons. While balls aren’t traveling as far in 2022, there’s still no shortage of power, with clubs homering nearly once per game, a rate that should rise as the weather warms up. more home run hitters are on the way. We annually identify each organization’s best power prospect, and many of them make an immediate impact. From our 2021 list of top sluggers , 11 of them already have gone deep in the big leagues for a combined total of 148 homers, led by randy arozarena with 41 (including 11 in the postseason) and bobby dalbec with 34. the bombers below should make their presence felt in the majors in the near future as well. Fifteen of them are members of mlb pipeline’s top 100 prospects list , including the game’s two best prospects in orioles catcher adley rutschman and tigers first baseman spencer torkelson. Torkelson already has homered four times as a rookie and will graduate off the top 100 this weekend. american league east blue jays: orelvis martinez, ss/3b ( no. 2 , mlb no. 34 ) we could talk about martinez’s strength and bat speed at just 20 years old. Sometimes, it’s easier to let the numbers do the talking. The toronto infielder led all minor league teenagers with 28 home runs in 98 games between single-a and high-a last season. He jumped to double-a to begin 2022 and hasn’t had an issue carrying his pop to the minors’ second-highest level. Entering thursday, martinez led the eastern league with 11 more dingers while ranking second with a .574 slugging percentage through 119 plate appearances. The concept of martinez adding more power on top of vladimir guerrero jr. And bo bichette in the toronto infield is becoming more real by the day. orioles: adley rutschman, c ( no. 1 mlb no. 1 ) the scary thing is that rutschman’s 65 power isn’t even his highest grade (he’s a 70 defender.). But just in case anyone thought the pop he showed in college (.559 slg) wasn’t going to show up with wood in his hands, he hit 23 homers in his first full year in 2021 and even though he started late because of an injury, he’s slugged .531 with a .218 iso in 2022. As if orioles fans needed any more reasons to clamor for his arrival in baltimore. [,] rays: heriberto hernandez, of ( no. 16 ) after signing with the rangers for only $10,000 in december 2017, hernandez quickly put his powerful stamp on minor league baseball, slugging at least .600 in both 2018 and 2019 for short-season affiliates. The rays acquired him in december 2020 in a deal for nathaniel lowe, and after a solid debut campaign last year, his power is truly popping this spring with a .555 slugging percentage, six homers and 21 total extra-base hits in 31 games at high-a. Hernandez has an explosive swing that leads to high exit velos, typically to the pullside. A more refined approach could vault the 22-year-old into the upper echelon of prospectdom in time. red sox: triston casas, 1b ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/redsox/triston-casas-671213 , mlb no. 14 ) casas not only is one of the best power prospects in the minors, thanks to an impressive combination of bat speed, strength and leverage, but he’s also an advanced hitter with a patient approach. The 2018 first-round pick from a florida high school tied for the 2021 tokyo olympics lead with three homers in six games and is batting .248/.359/.457 with six homers in 36 triple-a games. yankees: jasson dominguez, of ( no. 3 , mlb no. 57 ) nicknamed “the martian” because of his otherworldly tools, dominguez signed for $5.1 million out of the dominican republic in july 2019 and made his full-season debut at age 18 last summer. A switch-hitter with tremendous bat speed from both sides, he has done more damage as a lefty and is hitting .240/.280/.392 with three homers in 29 games in single-a. american league central guardians: nolan jones, 3b/of ( no. 6 ) jones comes with plenty of raw power and isn’t afraid to work counts in search of pitches he can drive, which helped him lead the minors with 96 walks in his last complete and healthy season in 2019. A second-round pick who signed for first-round money out of a pennsylvania high school in 2016, he has yet to play this season after having surgery on his left ankle last september. royals: mj melendez, c ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/royals/mj-melendez-669004 , mlb no. 47 ) could it be anyone other than the 2021 minor league home run leader? Ok, nick pratto and vinnie pasquantino have their claims, but we’re still taking the backstop who finished 2021 with 41 homers at double-a and triple-a. Melendez toned down a severe leg kick before his breakout that helped with pitch recognition and allowed him to sting the ball all over the park. He’s shown off that pop in the majors with a pair of 425-foot-plus home runs — both of which rank among the royals’ 10 longest dingers of the season despite his delayed arrival on may 3. tigers: spencer torkelson, 1b ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/tigers/spencer-torkelson-679529 , mlb no. 2 ) it’s indeed been a slow start to the 2020 no. 1 overall pick’s major league career, but for detroit fans looking for hope, it can be found in torkelson’s still promising power. His 90.7 mph average exit velocity ranks in the 78th percentile in the majors this season, while his 111.5 mph max exit velo is even better in the 85th percentile. In layman’s terms: tork can still sting the ball with the best of them. This is the right-handed slugger who finished with 30 homers in his only minor league season and set dinger records at arizona state, the alma mater of one barry bonds. twins: matt wallner, of ( no. 11 ) yes, the strikeout rate is a concern at 31.6 percent in his career, up to 36.9 percent so far this year, but when he makes contact, it goes a long way. He hasn’t matched the .652 slg he had at southern miss, but he did hit 15 homers in 68 games in 2021, then six more (.606 slg) in the arizona fall league. He’s hit six over his first 30 games this year, with an improved walk rate that should only help him get to his pop more. white sox: oscar colas, of ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/whitesox/oscar-colas-693049 ) signed for $2.7 million in january after playing three years (mostly in the minors) in japan, colas has lived up to his reputation for translating bat speed and strength into impressive power. The cuban is batting .302/.368/.547 with four homers in 19 games in high-a, and he has gone deep twice in his three days back after missing two weeks with a wrist injury. american league west a’s: shea langeliers, c ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/top100/shea-langeliers-669127 mlb no. 55 ) sure, his defense may always be his calling card, but anyone who thought his 22 homers in double-a with the braves last year was a fluke, he’s already smashed 11 in 35 games with triple-a las vegas, now with the a’s organization, though the friendly environs in vegas have helped. [,] angels: alexander ramirez, of ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/angels/alexander-ramirez-682643 ) still a teenager, ramirez is really just getting started, though he slugged .512 in the arizona complex league in 2021. He’s in full-season ball now and has work to do approach-wise, but he has as much raw pop as anyone in the organization, registering high exit velocities when he does make contact. astros: korey lee, c ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/astros/korey-lee-686676 ) lee was a surprise first-round pick in 2019 out of california, but the astros believed in his considerable raw power and arm strength. He’s off to a slow start in triple-a at .216/.264/.425, though he has bashed seven homers in 33 games. mariners: noelvi marte, ss ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/top100/noelvi-marte-682622 mlb no. 9 ) with julio rodr?Guez’s graduation from prospect lists, he passes the power baton to marte, who has more than enough raw pop to take it. He served notice of that right out of the gate, slugging .512 in the dominican summer league in 2019, then followed it up with 17 homers as a teenager in his full-season debut last year. [,] rangers: sam huff, c ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/rangers/sam-huff-669087 ) huff hits the ball harder than any rangers prospect since joey gallo, and he homered three times in nine games as an emergency callup in september 2020. The 2016 seventh-rounder from an arizona high school hit .260/.349/.575 with seven homers in 19 triple-a games this year before getting summoned to texas, where he went 8-for-18 in his first five contests. national league east braves: jesse franklin, of ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/braves/jesse-franklin-v-675966 ) a left-handed hitter, franklin is definitely power over hit, as evidenced by his .244 batting average and 28.3% k rate in high-a in 2021, when he hit 24 homers to tie for the high-a east lead. The jump to double-a has gone slowly so far, but he got off to a slow start last year, too. marlins: peyton burdick, of ( no. 10 ) thick-framed 22-year-old corner outfielders from mid-majors aren’t usually coveted draft prospects, but the marlins loved burdick’s performance at wright state, metrics and makeup and took him in 2019’s third round. His strength and deceptive athleticism have translated into pro success, as he led the double-a south in homers (23) and walks (76) last year and is batting .221/.345/.451 with six homers in 33 triple-a games. mets: francisco ?Lvarez, c ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/mets/francisco-alvarez-682626 , mlb no. 8 ) watch one round of ?Lvarez’s batting practice, and you’re almost assured to be wowed. The mets’ major league staff certainly was when watching the 20-year-old backstop this spring. ?Lvarez’s whiplike swing helps him tap into impressive strength and send balls over the fence at eyebrow-raising distances. His 28 homers rank fifth among catchers over the last two seasons — two more than adley rutschman in 91 fewer plate appearances — and he’s the only backstop in the top 20 aged 20 or younger. nationals: brady house, ss ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/nationals/brady-house-691781 , mlb no. 45 ) the 2021 11th overall pick is certainly built like his last name. His measurements entering his first full season are 6-foot-4, 215 pounds, and he very much has the pop to match that frame. House shortened his swing before last year’s draft, giving evaluators hope he could make better use of his plus-plus raw power. He has more singles (25) than extra-base hits (eight) to begin 2022 at single-a fredericksburg, but some loud contact has helped drive his .330 average and .894 ops. Expect more balls to fly out of the park as he grows older and more experienced in full-season ball. phillies: jhailyn ortiz, of ( no. 12 ) ortiz really struggled in 2019, with a .653 ops, and the phillies didn’t add him to the 40-man roster in the fall of 2020. He got in better shape for 2021, then hit 23 homers to earn a roster spot. He’s now enjoying the hitting-friendly confines in reading, with eight homers in 33 games for a .524 slg. national league central brewers: joey wiemer, of ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/brewers/joey-wiemer-686894 , mlb no. 94 ) ever seen a tornado swing a baseball bat? It’s a little bit like watching a wiemer plate appearance. We say that with a lot of affection for the right-handed slugger’s kinetic approach at the dish. Wiemer has shown impressive raw power dating back to his college days at cincinnati, but he dropped to the fourth round in 2020 in part because he put the ball too much on the ground. The brewers helped transition wiemer into more of a toe tap than his old leg kick, keeping the focus on his quick hands and allowing him to drive the ball in the air more. The results: 36 homers and a .561 slugging percentage through his first 144 games of pro ball. cardinals: jordan walker, 3b ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/cardinals/jordan-walker-691023 , mlb no. 27 ) if you want to argue nolan gorman or even current minor league home run leader mois?S g?Mez, we won’t stop you. But we’re still taking walker, who has answered questions at every stop in his budding pro career. The 6-foot-5, right-handed slugger posted a max exit velocity of 116.5 mph at single-a palm beach last season that rivaled the top numbers of juan soto and fernando tatis jr. And has jumped to double-a as a 19-year-old with little issues. He’s already slugging .500 in a league where he’s four years younger than average, and that number may only go up. He’s slugging .625 in may, and three of his four homers on the season have come in his last seven games alone. cubs: brennen davis, of ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/cubs/brennen-davis-680695 , mlb no. 13 ) davis showed off his pop with two homers at the 2021 siriusxm all-star futures game and features one of the better power/speed combinations in the minors. Also a basketball star as an arizona prepster before signing as a second-rounder in 2018, he scuffled in triple-a this year (.195/.286/.299, two homers in 22 games) before going on the injured list with discomfort in his lower back. pirates: oneil cruz, ss/of ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/top100/oneil-cruz-665833 mlb no. 23 ) while cruz has struggled for most of the 2022 season in triple-a, he’s still recording elite-level exit velocities. Only 23, cruz is still learning to get to his light-tower power consistently. Look for him to get hot and mash his way back to pittsburgh, where that porch in right field is made for his left-handed swing. [,] reds: rece hinds, 3b/of ( no. 9 ) hinds has shown glimpses of his ridiculous raw power, though he’s struggled to stay healthy enough to get in any real rhythm. He played in just 54 games last year, but he did homer 12 times for a .542 slg. He’s started to swing the bat better of late, slugging .636 in nine may games, and has shown he can even drive the ball in pitching-friendly dayton. national league west d-backs: deyvison de los santos, 3b ( no. 13 ) “he has an 80 raw right now,” said d-backs director of player development josh barfield this spring. You can quibble with 10 points or so on the scouting scale, but the point generally stands. When de los santos hits the ball, it goes a long way. The 18-year-old’s pop is a big reason why arizona pushed him to full-season ball so early last season. (He slugged .610 over 25 games in the arizona complex league before a promotion last summer.) De los santos makes the most of it by utilizing his strong lower half, and 30-plus homer seasons should be well within reach if he can cut down some swing and miss. dodgers: andy pages, of ( no. 4 , mlb no. 64 ) pages creates well above-average raw power with his combination of bat speed, strength, leverage and an aggressive right-handed stroke. A cuban who signed for $300,000 in 2017, he won high-a central mvp in his full-season debut last year, topping the circuit in homers (31), extra-base hits (57), runs (96), rbis (88), walks (77), slugging (.539) and ops (.933). He’s off to a .233/.363/.408 start in double-a with four homers in 33 games. giants: marco luciano, ss ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/giants/marco-luciano-682617 , mlb no. 11 ) luciano was the top-rated middle infielder in the 2018 international crop, in large part because of his electric bat speed and power potential, which earned him a $2.6 million bonus. He matched his age with 19 homers last year between low-a and high-a, and he’s raking at a .295/.364/.505 clip with five homers in 27 high-a games this spring. padres: joshua mears, of ( https://www.Mlb.Com/prospects/padres/joshua-mears-687084 ) mears went deep 17 times in 71 games at single-a lake elsinore last season, and it’s a fun thought experiment to wonder where his homer total could have landed if not for various il stints (wrist, shoulder, covid, concussion). Before all that, the 6-foot-3, 230-pound outfielder gave fans a taste of his pop potential when he laced a 117.5 mph homer in spring training. That remains the fifth-hardest hit ball measured by statcast of the last two springs. Mears pounds the ball with natural strength and can unleash tape-measure shots to left field. But with a 44.1 percent k rate at high-a to begin 2022, he needs to find ways to make more contact and give that power a true opportunity to present itself. rockies: hunter goodman, c ( no. 20 ) goodman hit 21 homers for memphis in 2021 to land in the fourth round of last year’s draft. The long balls have kept coming, with nine this year in 34 games with single-a fresno. He’s going to have to refine his approach (41/5 k/bb ratio) to get that left-handed power against better pitching once he starts moving up the ladder.
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    College Baseball: Raiders drop opening game of Final Four
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    College Guide News reporting news reporting based on facts, either observed and verified firsthand by the reporter, or reported and verified from knowledgeable sources. College baseball: raiders drop opening game of final four central lakes at st. Cloud tech may 19 may 19, 2022 08:39 pm share we are part of the trust project. st. Cloud — central lakes college couldn’t overcome st. Cloud’s frank fernandez solo home run in the top of the sixth inning as the raiders fell 2-0 to the cyclones in the opening round of the region 13 final four thursday, may 19. derin gaudette pitched a complete game for central lakes college and struck out nine batters and allowed six hits. the raiders couldn’t solve st. Cloud’s christian lessman who also struck out nine batters and allowed four hits to get the win. erubiel ozuna, gaudette, noah cekalla and erik bungum each had one hit. Derin gaudette. St. Cloud tech 2 6 1 central lakes 0 4 1 wp: christian lessman. Lp: derin gaudette. Overall: clc 28-14. Next: clc vs ridgewater 2:30 p.M. Friday, may 20. Related topics: local sports central lakes college college baseball what to read next gophers football building 2023 recruiting class with big in-state linemen in head coach p.J. Fleck’s six recruiting classes since taking over the program in 2017, the u has signed an average of 3.6 scholarship players from minnesota, ranging from a high of five in 2017 to a low of two in 2021 may 14, 2022 03:01 pm ·
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    Best Eyeglass Lanyard For Kids 2022 [Based on Customer Reviews]
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    College Guide 1. Shellkingdom mask chain for kids,beaded lanyard eyeglass chain set anti-lost neck for girls 4 pcs the distinctive design–this masks chain has 4 completely different designs, together with colourful bead chains, heart-shaped bead chains, and really light metallic chains, appropriate for matching your completely different garments, or sharing it along with your cherished kids, the aged and mates. Higher shield them. Straightforward to use–the size of masks holder chain is appropriately 25”, snug size round your neck. Massive lobster clasp-easy to clip on and off. Made with high-quality beads, plastic wires. Put on handy–this lanyard holder holding your masks round your neck. It’s so useful for holding your face masks with in attain always, extra enticing is that it’s a second reminder of carrying your masks if you find yourself out of workplace or procuring. Furthermore it appears to be like like a reasonably necklace and goes nicely along with your any outfit. Versatility–the face masks lanyards can be utilized as eyeglass chains (together with sun shades, common glasses), masks chain, metallic ornamental necklaces and so forth. Customer support–if you’ve gotten any query about product,please contact us,we are going to attempt our greatest that can assist you in first. 2. 6 pieces kids eyeglass strap nonslip neoprene sunglasses holder lanyard retainer (animals, stars) measurement data: the scale of eyeglass strap is about 33 cm/ 13 inches the size and is 2.5 cm/ 1 inches in width, appropriate for youths of 3-10 years outdated; additionally it is a pleasant reward for youngsters and college students in want, on birthdays, chinese language new 12 months, kids’s day or different holidays straightforward to make use of: children eyeglasses twine might be utilized to thick and skinny temple arms, prescription eyeglasses and youngsters sun shades; easy and handy operation, simply insert the glasses leg into the strap; it should make your glasses and sun shades look extra style and fairly packages consists of: the package deal comes with 6 items children eyeglass straps with 6 completely different cute patterns, that are cute and enticing; and these eyeglasses cords match for many girls and boys and needn’t to modify between frames; sufficient amount and numerous patterns can meet your children wants dependable materials: the fabric of the eyeglasses holder is neoprene, secure and sturdy, gentle and compact, comfortable and comfy, might be utilized along with your confidence; this strap additionally options with tremendous water-proof resistant, which not solely face up to varieties of climate but additionally might be cleaned by washed machine; let your children benefit from the secure and enjoyable match whereas taking part in, ru… relevant events: sports activities eyeglass strap are standard with children in indoor or out of doors actions and might maintain the glasses nicely, becoming nicely for being utilized for usages of exercising and taking part in, dancing, biking, snowboarding, mountaineering, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball and so forth 3. Hifot 10 pack eyeglasses strap eyewear retainer for girls, kids adjuster stretchy glasses strap, mask chain lanyard cord design: 5 colours glasses are specifically designed for children-yellow,blue,inexperienced, pink, purple and cute unicorn, fox, mermaid, coronary heart, rainbow, flower, crown, butterfly and ladybug 9 completely different model.( Colour of the glasses rope is random) multi-functional: glasses strap hold a decent grip on child’s glasses or sun shades, stopping the lack of the glasses and breaking throughout motion or sports activities, permitting glasses of child to be comfortably held on their chest, or relaxation on high of the top.When your baby doesn’t have to put on a masks,simply take off your masks and use our masks extenders to hold the masks round your … premium materials: produced from environmentally pleasant, sturdy and premium elastic rope nylon materials.Suits most frames, colourful, enjoyable. Non-slip cartoon buckle design : cute cartoon-shaped plastic buckle is ornamental.Adjusts the eyeglasses strap chain to suit head dimension to stop the glasses from falling off.Additionally use as adjustable size facemask extender strap buckle band, relieve ear strain ear saver protector. Events: appropriate for a lot of completely different manufacturers and completely different color of sun shades, nearsighted glasses, studying glasses, prescription glasses,security glasses and so forth.Additionally is ideal for again to highschool scholar children kids toddler, teen ladies. Hanging the masks across the neck permits kids to free their fingers, play, eat, take a nap with out dropping the masks. 4. 4 pieces kids eyeglass strap neoprene glasses holder sunglasses lanyard retainer (ice cream, unicorn, mermaid) measurement: the size of the retainer is 33 cm/ 13 inches, strap width is 2.5 cm/ 1 inch, appropriate for youths of three – 10 years high quality materials: the eyeglasses holders are made from high quality neoprene, very gentle, comfortable and comfy to put on, the sturdy materials is climate resistant, fast drying and might face up to a number of machine washes; let your children benefit from the secure match whereas taking part in, working, performing sports activities, or different actions what you may get: 4 items of eyewear retainers in 4 completely different cute patterns; appropriate for many girls and boys, you’ll no want to modify between completely different frames, the amount is sufficient for every pair or eye glasses straightforward to make use of: children eyeglasses twine might be utilized to thick and skinny temple arms, prescription eyeglasses and youngsters sun shades; easy and handy operation, simply insert the glasses leg into the strap; it should make your glasses and sun shades look extra modern and fairly relevant events: sports activities eyeglass straps are standard with children in indoor or out of doors actions and might maintain the glasses nicely, becoming nicely for usages of exercising and taking part in, dancing, biking, snowboarding, mountaineering, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball and so forth 5. Half crescen glasses strap (pack of 12) eye glasses string straps for kids, sunglasses holder strap for kids girls 【premium elastic material】 utilizing environmental pleasant, sturdy and premium elastic rope nylon materials, they’re very nicely made and robust however comfortable and versatile on the identical time. Elastic design means that you can stretch the child glasses strap as much as 20 inches, which measures approx 10 inches initially. 【Shiny colours for kids】 12pcs colourful glasses holder strap specifically designed for youngsters, appropriate for a lot of completely different manufacturers and completely different color of sun shades, nearsighted glasses, studying glasses, prescription glasses,security glasses and so forth.(Give a glasses cleansing fabric for every swimsuit) 【hold kid’s glasses secure】 our child glasses retainer is designed to maintain a decent grip on child’s glasses or sun shades, stopping the lack of the glasses and breaking throughout motion or sports activities, permitting glasses of child to be comfortably held on their chest, or relaxation on high of the top. 【Anti-skid metallic loop & adjustable cartoon buckle】 metallic loops at each ends of the straps might be slipped on and off simply, and assist to lock the strap with glasses firmly. Cute cartoon-shaped plastic buckle is ornamental and likewise adjustable to ensure safe fixation.(Please observe: every kind of cartoon adjustment buckles are randomly matched) 【packed in beautiful reward bag】 to make your gifting second particular, your glass retainer for youths can be wrapped in our prime quality reward bag. It will likely be reward in your daughter, son or each babies who you liked. 6. 5 pack multifunction glasses lanyard,premium beaded eyeglass necklace chain cord,, eyeglass beaded chains and cords, comfortable and convenient, suitable for women, kids, elderly 【multi-functional uses】:.Additionally can be utilized as a style eyeglass chains for ladies with the rubber ends connector, or a wonderful chain necklace while you hook two lobster claw clips collectively. 【Good reward choice】:5pcs lanyards set may very well be an ideal reward to the one you care right now, comparable to mom, daughter, sisters, mates, lover and youngsters, particularly for workplace staff and college students, additionally it is nice in your day by day life and work or journey. 【Premium material】:light-weight brightly coloured beaded lanyards with silver-plated lobster clasp, that may be hooked to the ear loops of the masks simply. Our lanyard is extra sturdy and as it’s made from wax twine so won’t break simply. 【Dimension & simple to use】:whole size:27.5?. Appropriate dimension can match most individuals. , Silver-plated lobster clasps that may be hooked to the ear loops of the masks simply. Clip the lobster clasps to the elastic bands in your masks,then slip the facemask chain over your head.It should stop the from being misplaced or soiled. 【Multi-functional uses】:this beaded chain is multifunctional and can be utilized ascan be used a sunglass lanyard, eyeglass lanyard, stackable beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets, beaded anklets. It is determined by your creativeness! 7. Hzran eyeglass strap for kids, no-tail adjustable glass retainers for boys & girls, floating sunglass lanyard for children premium materials – fast drying, sturdy, light-weight eyeglass retainers resulting from made from premium high quality latex free neoprene materials. Floating capacity – water resistance gentle weight neoprene glasses retainers given a capability to drift on the water, which is prefect for youngsters swimming within the seaside or pool (floats frames as much as 15 g) for teenagers – swimsuit for youths or teenagers 10-year-old and up. No extra glasses dropping or dropping throughout taking part in out of doors actions like swimming, soccer, soccer. Lengthen&adjustable design – 14” (35.5cm) size, 0.14” (0.36cm) thickness examine with others would match for extra actions for youngsters day by day use. Additionally, slide the retainer alongside the temple to regulate to your wanted head dimension set of three – include 3 pack set and three completely different cute sample designs for girls and boys. Children can get pleasure from sports activities and hold the glasses secure. Additionally mechanically cleanable. 8. Shinkoda kids glasses strap for girls, sunglass holder lanyard, sports eyeglass cord with adjuster, elastic rope eyewear retainer, pack of 6, cute pretty pastel colors maintain glasses in place, fast & simple to placed on and take away – every sun shades neck strap is 11.8 inches lengthy, with a black anti-slip spring button slider that may be adjusted as tightly or loosely as you need. The tubes on the ends tightly grip temples to safe glasses to move when cinched. Hold the lanyards-style eyewear retainer round your neck when not in use and you’… one dimension suits all – every glasses retainer has a spherical plastic adjuster that may be simply slid up and down the rope to tighten or loosen it to raised suit your head form and dimension, and the woven elastic materials guarantee that it’s going to stretch as much as 20 inches, this additionally signifies that the glasses holder strap are appropriate for all ages, from child to children to adults finest worth pack, number of choices – this colourful set of glasses strap is ideal for energetic ladies, sports activities, college, play, and on a regular basis. The eyeware holders are available in six completely different strong colours, a number of colours schemes that mixes magnificence and elegance with performance. Fits a variety of ordinary and prescription glasses consolation, sturdiness & stretchable – the cords are made from high-quality nylon and spandex mix materials for optimum energy and stretch that’s robust and won’t fray. At simply 9.2g, comfortable materials & light-weight design feels naturally snug, so it’s secure to put on for folks with delicate pores and skin. They’re not solely style glasses accent but additionally utterly sensible common match for out of doors,coaching health & train – moveable. The wonderful flexibility permits for prefect storage when the eyewear are being stored of their glasses case. Nice sports activities equipment/glasses attachment for: fishing, crusing, boating, mountaineering, looking, capturing, working, biking, driving & army. Suits standard-sized frames(metallic/picket/rubber/acetate). Su… 9. Kids glasses strap adjustable planet space anti-slip eyeglass straps adjuster stretchy sunglass straps string for kids (8pcs) eyewear retainer glasses chain glasses lanyard for boys girls 【package deal contents】you’re going to get 8pcs planet house themed children glasses straps in 8 types and your children can exchange it based on completely different events,tremendous invaluable.The planet house theme could be very humorous and academic,children will get pleasure from hours of imaginative play foster an curiosity in science and exploring the world.This design will make kids prefer it. 【Secure & effective】the glasses strap for youths is tremendous comfortable,particularly designed for youngsters.Our eyeglasses straps can stop the lack of the glasses and breaking in leisure or sports activities actions,in order that kids haven’t got to fret about glasses slipping when they’re energetic.The elastic eyewear rope do not tangle their hair on the identical time. 【Material】the children glasses strap is made of top quality nylon with elasticity,environmental pleasant, sturdy and premium elastic rope nylon materials, this eyeglasses holder strap will present trendy performance and they’re robust however versatile and comfortable on the identical. 【Adjustable】 you possibly can modify the size of our eyewear rope string for glasses,nice elasticity of the fabric makes the size of strap adjustable,in order that the eyeglasses strap will match on any head form and dimension.It’s appropriate for everyone to put on. 【Vast usage】eyeglasses strap is appropriate for boys and girls,many completely different manufacturers and completely different color of sun shades,studying glasses,prescription glasses and so forth. 10. 16 pieces kids eyeglasses straps girls unicorn rainbow glasses strap adjustable eyeglass lanyard sport sunglass retainer holder strap eyewear retainers for girls boys washable and reusable: glasses chain for youths is in numerous colours, together with inexperienced, blue, yellow, orange, purple, black, and many others., That are shiny and really enticing to kids; in the event you by accident get it soiled, it may be utilized once more after it’s cleaned with water and dried a number of makes use of: the size of children glasses holder strap is 31 cm/ 12.2 inches, this appropriate size permits kids’s glasses or sun shades to be hung comfortably in entrance of their chest or positioned on high of their heads to stop loss and lack of glasses throughout train or sports activities; apart from, it additionally might be utilized to hold the masks round your neck as an alternative of folding your m… snug and elastic: children eyeglasses straps are made from high quality nylon materials and tremendous craftsmanship, powerful, sturdy, elastic, snug, not simple to interrupt or fade, and might be worn for a very long time unicorn adjuster: every children glasses lanyard has an adjustable button, which might be adjusted to suit the size based on precise wants, to realize simple placing on and taking off; the lovable look of the unicorn makes the button harmless, ornamental and simple to be cherished by kids considerable quantity: coming with 16 items glasses straps for youths in 8 completely different types, 2 for every model, a enough amount is appropriate for sorts of sun shades, myopia glasses, studying glasses, security glasses, and many others., And likewise suits nicely for again to highschool college students and toddlers, and ladies
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    Google Alert - sports
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    College Guide Sports as-it-happens update ? May 20, 2022 news 50 years of title ix: how one law changed womens sports forever sports illustrated in 1972, no one dreamed a dry, 37-word clause tucked inside a new education legislation would reshape womens sports forever. Flag as irrelevant sports illustrated june 2022 title ix anniversary cover sports illustrated the story behind sports illustrateds june 2022 title ix anniversary cover. Women of all ages, eras and levels—from major league baseball to rec- ... Flag as irrelevant nc lawmakers return to work with sports betting, marijuana on the table - wxii 12 wxii 12 hearst television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products ... Flag as irrelevant incomplete pass: california bill that would have changed college sports stalls in committee the mercury news sb-1401 would have changed the economics of college sports in the state if it had become law. Flag as irrelevant wednesday sports in brief | national | dailyunion.Com daily jefferson county union college football. Birmingham, ala. (Ap) — alabama coach nick saban called out texas a&m on wednesday, saying the school was buying players with ... Flag as irrelevant former pitt f mo gueye to workout for toronto raptors - pittsburgh sports now pittsburgh sports now after his lone season with the panthers concluded, gueye signed with nba agent eric fleisher of assist sports management, who has a long list of nba ... Flag as irrelevant see more results | edit this alert you have received this email because you have subscribed to google alerts . Unsubscribe | view all your alerts receive this alert as rss feed send feedback
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    Brammer will continue baseball love affair at ALC
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    College Guide Brammer will continue baseball love affair at alc published 9:24 pm thursday, may 19, 2022 by jim walker jim.Walker@irontontribune.Com pedro — if tyler brammer ever went on any dating site, he’d probably be paired up with the same thing. email newsletter signup baseball. brammer has played soccer and dabbled in a few other sports, but he said baseball takes up the majority of his time. “i just fell in love with it when i was younger. I love watching it and i love playing it,” he said. “i play almost every day. I try to get out here even when it’s 32 degrees. We’re hitting and throwing. I come out here all the time with trenton (williams).” that love and work has earned brammer a spot on a college roster as the rock hill redmen senior signed a letter-of-intent with the alice lloyd college eagles. although brammer looked at rio grande and west virginia tech, he was drawn to alice lloyd for several reasons. “they have nice facilities and they have good business degree programs,” said brammer. another enticement for brammer is having former redmen nick vankeuren who started in centerfield for the eagles this past season plus current redmen players trenton williams and isaiah kelly whom he will join on the alice lloyd roster next fall after they signed with the eagles, too. brammer said his pitching repertoire consists of a fastball, curveball and change-up but he is working to improve those pitches. “they want me to mainly pitch, but i’m going to try to become a utility player while i’m there,” said brammer. during his workout with the eagles, brammer said the coaches told him that “i have a live arm.” brammer’s father dave has coached baseball at rock hill and st. Joseph. Tyler said his father along with tim martin and redmen pitching coach jerry kidd have been instrumental in his development as a pitcher. tyler said with their instruction plus his hard work, he believes he can be successful against college hitters. “it’s going to be a struggle, but i can’t wait for the challenge. College s a lot different than high school,” said tyler. “i feel if i get in a good throwing program and a good lifting program, i feel i can get way more velocity on my fastball and break on my curveball. “my strengths are my mechanics and my change in velocity and my control. I mix up my change-up and my fastball.” rock hill coach barry litteral had plenty of praise for brammer’s performance with the redmen and he believes it will continue at the next level. “he’s been a good ballplayer for us the past two years. His pitching and hitting this year have been really good. He was sick for a week and a half and we missed him,” said litteral. “i think he’ll be a good fit down at alice lloyd.” brammer said he goal for now is to make the varsity as a freshman, but in the future he “might give some lessons and teach my kids.” brammer plans to major in business accounting.
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    Wizard of CG Mullens to play with Lake Erie College
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    College Guide Wizard of cg mullens to play with lake erie college published 9:27 pm thursday, may 19, 2022 by jim walker jim.Walker@irontontribune.Com coal grove — the tin man from the wizard of oz has nothing on jordan mullens. email newsletter signup the coal grove hornets’ senior is part titanium but he’s now part college basketball player after signing with the lake erie college storm. over the summer, mullens had to have surgery to repair a condition called pectus excavatum which is a birth defect condition that causes a sunken breastbone and ribs. mullens also suffered an illness just before this past basketball season began to compound his condition and keep him from playing his senior year. “it’s going to be hard ramping up conditioning again, but i think i’m capable of it. That surgery was hard, really hard. I have titanium bars under my sternum. I have to keep them in for two to four more years,” said mullens. “it actually made it easier to breathe. Before it was pushing on my heart and lungs so i couldn’t get a full breath. Every now and then i’ll take a breath and it’ll crack. It’ll hurt for a little bit, but eventually it goes away.” as far as the surgery and rehab work went, mullens said “it was not fun.” the surgery helped mullens physically, but he wasn’t sure if it could salvage his hopes of playing college basketball. however, his mother — jamie cordle —bought him a program called ncsa his freshman season to help him contact coaches and various programs. mullens kept his name and information out there and lake erie head coach kyle conley emailed mullens a couple of weeks before the decision deadline this season and asked him if he wanted to play for the ncaa division 2 storm which is a member of the great midwest athletic conference. “honestly, i didn’t think there was really any good chance (to still play college basketball), but i never gave up hope and i kept the apt and i kept messing coaches just in case,” said mullens. “he asked me if i was still looking for a program and asked what my major was and all that. He said he had an open spot and if i wanted it he’d let me have it.” the dream was still alive and it was realized when he signed his letter-of-intent. “their program is pretty decent,” said mullens who is expected to play small forward and give the storm some outside shooting. “I think the league is all in ohio.” the 6-foot-3 mullens said he has play a few other sports, but basketball is his main love and he just wanted a chance to keep playing. “i’ve played basketball my entire life. I played baseball in elementary school, i did cross country in eighth grade, and then it was just basketball. I started bowling this year,” said mullens. “and honestly, i’m good at it and it’s just fun for me. I love playing it. They want me to be a shooter.” mullens thanked several people for their help and support, but he focused on his mother. “my mom got me the program. It was very expensive,” said mullens. lake erie college is in painesville just 30 miles outside downtown cleveland. mullens plans to major in political science.
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    Live Television Online - A Terrific Mix Of 2 Innovations You Love
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    College Guide Getting a job in the sports market can be quite difficult. Worldwide of sport broadcasting, having the necessary abilities are key to being considered in the professional industry. Utilizing these abilities noted in job posts from leading companies in the market, will put you at the top of any companies resume pile. mlb extra innings. Baseball is on tv if the calendar shows any month from march to november, so you require a sports package worth its salt if you anticipate substantial protection. Mlb additional innings is providing that kind of wire-to-wire take a look at americas pastime. Its the type of thing that is always on, from early contests in the east to the west coasts late program. Weekends are almost impossible to track, so many games are overlapping. nfl sunday ticket. The heavy player in any pro sport bundle is the ticket to the nfl at large. Eliminating the doubts when you are searching for the very best football matches on any given sunday, youll get your fill from sea to shining sea with the sunday ticket. Envisaged as the antidote to local matchups that audiences want no part of, you are guaranteed to get the supreme in coverage when you have this bundle. If any fans are more intense than football fans on sunday, it remains to be seen. bowling assists establish ones focus and increases concentration level. The gamers needs to precisely focus on the ball and the pins so that he can strike his intended target in the extremely first go. To achieve this concentration and focus level, one requires to practice once again and once again. After all, they dont say it for absolutely nothing, practice makes sports broadcasting male ideal. michael vick made over $200,000 per quarter. (Do the mathematics-$130 million over ten-seasons, fifteen- [broadcasting channels] games per season.) Not a bad job for throwing around a football. That does not take into consideration his item recommendations. For that reason, why would a professional athlete earning that type of money get caught up in a dog betting and combating scheme. Is it that he was simply tired in the off- season? a lot of the professional cameramen are great individuals. Make buddies with one and ask him to reveal you what he does. Throughout lunch breaks, he might let you experiment his electronic camera. If youre an audio assistant, part of the engineering crew, this is most likely. Understand that broadcast network cameramen all belong to a union which you have to join prior to you can be worked with. Some union guidelines are very strict, indicating a union however no one member can touch the engineering equipment. Other unions arent as strict. Some of the sports cable networks cameramen arent unionized and will assist you. Everybody needs to work their method up and pay their charges to get ahead. With or without a college degree, this is the method to go. michael: it should not be a stack of pages! The final deliverable must be a stunning book that commemorates you, your service, your service, your item, your concepts, or whatever you are bringing to the marketplace. The book has to be brilliantly written and incredibly attractive. As they used to state on that old commercial, anything less. Would be uncivilized!
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