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    Home / College Guide / What Game Companies Are Even Good Anymore? | Lucien Mavericks Den
     Posted on Thursday, June 23 @ 00:00:04 PDT

    I’m coming back to something that I’ve already talked about, but everything I see in the news just depresses me. I’m feeling so lost in the modern world. Feeling so left behind. Like, did part of me just miss the way things were going and now I am just not the demographic for anything anymore? Did the world just change and I wasn’t around to see it? This isn’t a rhetorical question. As you go through this, and hear my sad feels about the video game landscape, I would love if you all could tell me what the issue is. What is it about gaming of today that I just missed out. Or am I actually in the right frame of mind, and the world is just so fucked up that there’s nothing to be done about it? I don’t know, and part of me doesn’t care. We’re headed into another recession. Anyone with perspective could see this coming. After the banks destroyed the economy in 2008, nothing was done to stop their power. The housing bubble still exists. It’s even worse in China than it is here. Student loan debt is in the trillions of dollars (because colleges are an overpriced scam), with the Federal government being on the hook for it. What this means, in practice, is that life is about to get exponentially harder than it already was.

    So money is going to be tighter than it has ever been before. This should sound like a scary prospect. After all, video games are expensive. So doesn’t the idea that they are about to get even more expensive and I will have less money to play them not sit well with me? No, not really. Why? Because there’s so little to actually be stoked for anymore. There are two games confirmed to be coming out this year that I am stoked to play, Stray and Hogwarts Legacy . There are some games rumored to be, but I am not holding my breath. What’s on the docket for 2023? Black Myth: Wukong looks pretty cool. A Plague Tale: Requiem is hopefully cool. There’s nothing else that immediately comes to mind. Paralives is supposedly coming to Early Access sometime later this year, but I’m not holding my breath on that. All told, that isn’t that much money to spend. But the fact that there’s so little to get excited about is depressing. Read an article where it seems that Tetsuya Nomura is somewhat annoyed that people have this idea that Kingdom Hearts is an amalgamation of Final Fantasy and Disney. In his words, it’s not, and has never been. So he’s planning to excise the former franchise like a tumor.

    I’m done. I said in an earlier post that I would play the game if it was for $5, and the reviews confirmed that it was everything I would want it to be. But I know that won’t be the case. It’s over. This is all so fucking disheartening. It makes me exhausted. I’m tired a lot. What game companies are even worth a damn, anymore? EA is a lost cause. That company stays afloat purely on sports game microtransactions and mobile games. Take that away and they make NOTHING. Bioware? Every single person who was great there is gone. They have gone to a new company made by Casey Hudson, the creator of the Mass Effect trilogy. You know, the good ones. They are making a new game. One that is supposed to be a choice-based RPG space opera. Man, if they actually go the distance to take what they learned from the Mass Effect games and actually make something that doesn’t have the EA time constraints, where their creativity can be set free, it would be a game that everyone would be talking about. Especially if it has the kind of character writing and interaction like the ME trilogy. Oh, but what about Starfield , you ask? You mean No Man’s Skyrim? That’s what it looks like. Take The Outer Worlds , then remove all the cool art style and personality, add in the flaws of the original release of No Man’s Sky , and that’s what you get.

    I don’t care. Don’t have an Xbox Series X anyway, nor a PC rig of my own. Mean to remedy that, when I get a home with my own office space. Then I can finally get the Halo games that I really like. Already wrote about how that franchise needs to die. Bethesda is nothing to me anymore. Same with Activision Blizzard. The latter used to be the kings of PC gaming. Now, they are the king of ripping players off, and then saying that if you don’t like their practices, you’re just a hater. I guess Microsoft is cool with this attitude. Well, they lost me as a customer. The whole saga with Diablo Immortal has been such a lesson to me about why there is nothing they make that is worth my time. What about Ubisoft? You’re funny. CD Projekt Red? Well, Cyberpunk 2077 was a great concept, which had some shoddy delivery. One of their latest updates made it so my game won’t play anymore, so I have left it behind. Figure when I get a PS5, I will re-install it and then see what happens. They are making a new Witcher game, I don’t care. Like, they created a new school, the School of the Lynx. I’m sorry, what? What happened to the School of the Cat? All of the Witcher schools were named after a specific species of animal.

    School of the Wolf, Bear, Gryphen, Viper, and Cat. The Lynx is a kind of cat. So…what? This whole idea feels bad fan-fiction to me, and given how CDPR has fucked up recently, I’m not holding my breath. Capcom? I guess they are doing a remake of Resident Evil 4 . It looks nice, I guess. But that’s it. The original game is still perfectly fine. Why didn’t they remake Code Veronica ? That game was cool, but is dated because of the visuals, voice acting, and controls. It would be better if it was remade. Why do this one? Seems like a waste of money, to me. I hear Konami is making new Silent Hill games. Whatever. That company makes pachinko machines now. They’re dead to me. Naughty Dog? Aside from needless sequels to The Last of Us and Uncharted , what else do they do? Everywhere I look, there’s just big signs telling me that there’s nothing to get excited about. It’s working. I don’t get excited. Everywhere I look, multiplayer games. Sequels. Remakes to games that don’t need them. What is there to be excited about? The next big multiplayer shooter that Activision or Dice put out? Not in my lifetime. Activision was able to actually intrigue me with a concept in their reboot of Modern Warfare , but they are back to making Bayhem games, so I’m out.

    I’m tired. Really, really tired. It’s not like there aren’t cool possibilities for games. There are a ton. An FPS in the vein of Metroid Prime , combining FPS with metroidvania elements. That is a concept that I haven’t seen done, outside of that franchise. A stealth game in the vein of OG Splinter Cell , where one has a meter showing how much noise you’re making and how much light levels you have. Where being made means you die. A detective story where you don’t do a lot of shooting, and instead focus exclusively on the investigation and interrogation side of things. Ditch the gunplay and fist-fights. Or, if you must have them, make them brief and intense affairs. Make it so that your character can die in one or two hits, so you have to be carefully watching your corners. Historical fiction games that let us explore periods in history that are not well worn cliches by now. The possibilities for this medium are endless. Video game versions of Fantasia , allowing you to explore worlds in step with great pieces of classical music. There was a JRPG that tried to play with that, even if it wasn’t sappy. Why is none of this being explored? Why is gaming so dull and lifeless now? I was replaying the last mission in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown , and I was thinking to myself – we should have an elevator to space by now.

    Humanity has so much potential that we are falling short on. Right now we should have an elevator to space and be working on building a colony on the moon. Be looking at wrangling asteroids to mine the vast amount of natural resources they have that our planet doesn’t. Similarly, gaming has so much potential for telling amazing stories. We could right now be making things that tantalize the mind and excite the soul. But all companies want is things that make them obscene amounts of money. I’m not even against them making money. But they can’t just make regular money. No, they have to make money to such excess that it makes them fatter than ever before. What do they do with those profits? Nothing. They just keeping pumping out the same crap as everyone else. So, what do you all think? I accept all comments. If you want to just come on and tell me to shut up and accept whatever gruel they give me, you are free to do so. But am I wrong? Is the world of gaming something else and can never be what I want? If that is the case, then, well…I may just move on. Until next time, a quote, “I’m tired, boss.” – John Coffey, The Green Mile Peace out, Maverick Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Pinterest LinkedIn Print Pocket Telegram WhatsApp Skype Like this: Like Loading.

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