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    Home / College Guide / The Best Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 - KeenGamer
     Posted on Tuesday, December 06 @ 00:00:05 PST

    Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City is home to more weapons and implements of destruction than you could possibly imagine, and with such a buffet of carnage to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The good news is weapons aren’t tied to a player’s class or abilities, meaning anyone can go from a slice-and-dicing ninja to a bullet-spraying killing machine with the drop of a hat, should they so desire. Some weapons are locked behind specific player level or street cred milestones, but the majority in this guide are free to pick up and use the moment the player gets their hands on them. Of course, certain skills and abilities can make even the lowliest of weapons virtually unstoppable – so once players find the weapons and playstyles that suit them best, they shouldn’t be afraid to dive all in and invest in those top-tier weapon-specific skills. Weapon Types Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 come into six major classes – Handguns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Snipers, and Melee – and this guide will lay out the top three weapons in each class. Weapons can be further categorised by being placed into one of three types – Power, Smart, and Tech – if they are firearms, or two types – Blade and Blunt – if they are melee.

    Power – these are the most conventional types of firearms, those that fire traditional, physical ammo. They tend to have a high rate of fire and high recoil, but their bullets have the chance to ricochet of hard surfaces. Smart – these firearms use gyrojet technology to fire guided bullets at enemies. These guns aim for the user and their bullets can curve around obstacles to reach their targets with ease. However, they require the user to have Smart Link cyberware installed in order to be used. Tech – these firearms use railgun technology. i.e., They fire projectiles fired by an electromagnetic charge. Because of this, they can be charged up to the point of being able to fire through solid cover. Blade – as the name suggests, these melee weapons are sharp, quick, and lethal. Blunt – these melee weapons are slow, heavy-hitting, and typically non-lethal. While these categorisations don’t have much bearing on the strength or quality of the weapon when you get right down to it, they are useful differences to know. With the advent of Patch 1.6 – otherwise known as the Edgerunners Patch – there have been a few tweaks and changes to the game’s existing weapons, as well as the addition of a whole host of new ones.

    So, with that in mind, here are the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. Handguns Malorian Arms 3516 Formally owned by none other than Johnny Silverhand himself, this is a truly impressive pistol. While not as capable at tearing through enemies like they were made of wet tissue as it is when Johnny wields it in the flashback sequences, it still packs a punch. With each shot hitting enemies with a burst of thermal damage, as well as a bonus for headshots, and the chance the bullet could ricochet for even more damage, once V gets their hands on this, they won’t look back. It can be obtained at the end of the Chippin’ In quest and can be found on the ground after defeating Greyson. Lizzie Despite being found relatively early on in the game, this little firecracker of a pistol is as deadly as its former owner Susie “Q”. It fires quickly, hits hard, and sets enemies on fire – a perfect triple threat. And, even better, it can be charged to release multiple shots in quick succession. This pistol can be obtained during the Automatic Love main mission. It can be picked up from a table in a private room at the back of the server room below Lizzie’s Bar, beside Judy’s den. Skippy As irritating as this unique gun can be, in the right hands, it can also be one of the best.

    This weapon deals bonus shock damage with each shot, but it’s in its Smart capabilities that this weapon truly shines. When first picking Skippy up, players can choose between two settings modes – Puppy-Loving Pacifist (which automatically targets limbs only) or Stone-Cold Killer (which automatically targets heads only). Note, if players want to keep popping heads, they should choose Puppy-Loving Pacifist first, as after 50 kills, they will have the option to swap over to Stone-Cold Killer permanently. If Stone-Cold Killer is chosen first, after 50, the gun will permanently swap to Puppy-Loving Pacifist. Just to mess with you. This gun can be obtained as part of a Side Job near the College St. fast travel point in Vista del Rey in Heywood. Players can pick Skippy up from a corpse in the side alley there. Assault Rifles M251s Ajax Despite being relatively easy to find across Night City, the Ajax hits with a lot of force. It has a slow firing rate and high recoil compared to other assault rifles but makes up for that with high damage and accuracy. Especially at longer ranges. Kill Woodman in Automatic Love to obtain this early. Or hold out and purchase the Legendary variant from Marty Jenklow in the Biotechnia Flats.

    Psalm 11:6 This iconic assault rifle allows V to tear through enemies with ease. As a Power weapon, each shot has the chance to ricochet, and with its high rate of fire, plenty of bullets will be flying around once the trigger is pulled down. Psalm 11:6 reads “Let him rain coals on the wicked: fire and sulfur and a scorching wind shall be the portion of their cup.” – this translates in-game as thermal rounds. Each shot fired has a high chance of inflicting burn on V’s targets. Players can obtain this gun by crafting it after lotting the specs from Tom Ayer, the leader of a gang in a Suspected Organized Crime Activity side mission. Divided We Stand Another Smart weapon that packs a mean punch. A variant of the Nokota D5 Sidewinder, this rifle not only hits with high Chemical damage, with each shot having the chance to poison an enemy, but can also target up to five enemies at once. This means that with one squeeze of the trigger, all of V’s foes can be dissolving in a puddle of corrosive sludge in a matter of seconds. This gun can be obtained during the Stadium Love Side Job. All players have to do is beat Walker’s score during the shooting challenge. Shotguns Sovereign This Iconic doubler-barrelled shotgun packs enough stopping power to cut even Adam Smasher down to size.

    As it fires both barrels at the same time it hits with some serious wallop, whilst also allowing the player to aim down the sights. It also has reduced load time and bullet spread, allowing for less time waiting and more time shooting. It can be obtained from a Suspected Organized Crime Activity mission, in Modern Labor Market in Japantown by lotting it from Shinobu Amai. Ba Xing Chong Once proudly owned by Adam Smasher, this powerful shotgun makes a fine addition to V’s collection. As another impressive Smart weapon, this shotgun cut through enemies in a matter of seconds and without even having to be aimed. Even better, each round is explosive, ripping enemies to spreads and generally causing all sorts of mayhem and destruction. This beast of a weapon can be obtained from Adam Smasher’s Vault on the Ebunike. Players will have to defeat Adam Smasher first, loot his key card, and then return to loot it. Guts Added in the Edgerunners update, this shotgun might look familiar to fans of the anime. That is because it is Rebecca’s shotgun and cuts down enemies just as quickly and stylishly as in the show. Hitting with high Chemical damage and a high chance of poisoning, very little stands a chance of surviving a barrage of hot lead from this death machine.

    It can be obtained in the southern section of Memorial Park, on the top park level in Corpo Plaza Park, in the middle of all the Corpo towers. SMGs Buzzsaw Like its name suggests, this weapon has a very high rate of fire and can cut through enemies like a buzzsaw. Despite being a Power weapon, this weapon contains a unique mod that allows for bullets to penetrate cover with ease. But that’s not all, after penetrating, the bullets can then go on to ricochet – meaning that not even cover can keep enemies safe from this little SMG. It can be obtained as a crafting spec from the Suspected Organized Crime Activity: Vice Control mission in Northside. Fenrir This powerful SMG packs as big a bite as its mythological wolf namesake. It has a high rate of fire, great damage output, and ricochets, but that’s not all – it also sets its targets on fire. Each round the Fenrir fires hits with high thermal damage and a good chance of causing burn. It’s also surprisingly good at dismembering. Just keep that recoil under control. The weapon can be found very early on in the game by completing the Sacrum Profanum/Losing My Religion Side Job on the northern side of Watson, near the docks. Prototype: Shingen Mark V Yet another power Smart weapon – which just goes to show how deadly they can be in the right hands – this SMG is the perfect ‘fire and forget’ weapon.

    Its Smart Link function allows the gun to target up to three enemies and remain locked onto them, even during a hectic firefight. But that’s not all – each shot fires a specialty explosive round that detonate and cause Thermal damage and burning with each hit. V’s enemies don’t stand a chance. This submachine gun can be obtained by looking around inside a container with the number 667 in Arasaka Industrial Park. Snipers O’Five Nothing says overkill like a sniper rifle that fires explosive rounds! This sniper rifle’s description boasts that it is “powerful enough to knock an AV out of the sky,” and that certainly doesn’t appear to be an understatement. The gun may only be able to hold three rounds at a time, but when those rounds are explosive tipped, can set enemies on fire, and it receives a bonus to crits and reload speed per flaming enemy, it doesn’t really matter. It can be obtained by defeating Buck Arnold in the Beat on the Brat: Arroyo side job. Widow Maker What’s better than an overpowered sniper rifle? An overpowered sniper rifle that fires two projectiles per shot. Hitting enemies twice with each shot fired means twice the base physical damage, but this rifle doesn’t stop there.

    No, it can also be charged to deal even more damage and hits with Chemical damage, with a high chance to poison. They’ll never know what hit them. This can be obtained either by killing Nash and looting his corpse in the main mission Ghost Town or found during Queen of the Highway, if V gets out of the Basilisk to loot corpses. Overwatch This sniper is easily one of the very best weapons in the entire game, for sheer damage output if nothing else. Its fantastic range and the fact that it comes with a built-in silencer means V can pick enemies off one by one without raising the alarm or breaking a sweat. Even better, it also hits for more than 2x damage when shooting enemies in the head with its headshot multiplier. And, in the unlikely event that enemies do spot you, it’s rapid reload speed means you never have to worry about fumbling with an empty weapon. This legendary weapon can be obtained during the Riders on the Storm side job, as a gift from Panam to V for saving Saul. Melee Mantis Blades Made famous by the very first CG reveal trailer of Cyberpunk 2077, these blades live up to their reputation. These cybernetic arms implants slice and dice and tear right through crowds of enemies with speed and style.

    Light attacks combo endlessly, meaning they make short work of any foe, and are simply too fun to miss out on. They can be obtained from most Ripperdocs in Night City, but Legendary variants can be bought from the Ripperdoc in either Downtown or Wellsprings with 45 Street Cred and €$35550. Monowire Made famous by Lucy in the Edgerunners anime, this killer tool also lives up to its killer image. This cybernetic implant runs on a limited charge gauge, so players will have to keep that in mind while using them. The gauge recharges when not attacking, but can run out quickly if not kept an eye on. That being said, the Monowire strikes quickly and accurately, and can even instantly dismember or behead enemies with a lucky or critical strike. Cutting enemies down to size with this razor-sharp wire is intensely satisfying. It can be obtained from most Ripperdocs in Night City, but Legendary variants can be bought from the Ripperdoc in either Downtown or Wellsprings with 45 Street Cred and €$35650. The Satori All katanas in Cyberpunk 2077 have the speed and damage output to be fantastic death-dealing weapons, but the Satori stands out as the very best. Why? Because of its unique high Crit damage multiplier.

    Sacrificing a little of its base damage allows this blade to increase its Crit damage by 500%. That means, while regular hits may not hit as hard, Crit attacks have the chance to end a fight in a single blow. Perfect for all your samurai fantasies. This wonderful weapon can be obtained during The Heist main mission. After T-Bug opens the penthouse’s balcony door, players can climb up the stairs leading to the AV landing pad, and loot the weapon from inside the vehicle. See how you can put these weapons to the test with the video below, and watch YouTuber KhrazeGaming roleplay as Lucy from Edgerunners:

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