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    Home / College Guide / Dems secure $600M in federal taxpayer funds to fight homelessness, but some are
     Posted on Monday, February 12 @ 00:00:04 PST

    [West](https://newspub.live/sections/west/) Dems secure $600M in federal taxpayer funds to fight homelessness, but some are skeptical it will help California Democratic senators Alex Padilla and Laphonza Butler announced just over $600 million in federal dollars to curb the spiraling homelessness crisis in the state, as officials struggle to get a handle on the problem exacerbated by drug addiction and mental illness. “As we continue our statewide count of people experiencing homelessness, one thing remains clear: We need significantly more federal investment to address this humanitarian crisis,” Padilla said in a Jan. 29 statement. Butler said in a statement the funds would be “especially important to our youth experiencing homelessness, including unaccompanied and pregnant or parenting youth who will now have more access to programs aimed at preventing homelessness.” The funding is part of a $3.16 billion investment from the Biden administration to support nonprofit organizations, housing authorities and local governments struggling to reduce homelessness nationwide. NEWSOM SENDING 120 CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL OFFICERS TO OAKLAND TO CRACK DOWN ON ‘ALARMING’ CRIME SURGE Despite more taxpayer dollars at work, the homeless population continues to skyrocket in the Golden State.

    It’s up 6% compared to last year and boasts the highest number of homeless people living outdoors in the country. About 181,000 people were considered homeless in the state’s 2023 count, and most are suffering from drug addiction or mental illnesses. According to a University of San Francisco study last year, 82% of homeless people statewide said they had a mental health condition or abused substances in their lifetime. Chris Moore, a candidate for Alameda County supervisor and a board member with Bay Rental Housing Association, thinks the earmarked money “is good,” but that the state “isn’t using best practices.” NEWSOM RECALLS SEEING BRAZEN THEFT, REFUSES PHOTO AND ASKS FOR MANAGER WHEN WORKER BLAMES HIM: LEAKED VIDEO “And I think with more money, it’s great, but we need to start looking at best practices,” Moore told Fox News Digital. “And looking at what they’re doing there in Houston and start solving the problem rather than enabling the problem.” Houston cut its homeless population by 64% over the last 12 years and 17% last year through collaboration between various organizations despite minimal financial investment. Texas has spent significantly less money on homelessness compared to California — $806 versus $10,786 per homeless person.

    California has dipped its toes in some of the country’s most controversial practices to confront its growing homelessness problem. The state has spent roughly $20 billion on homelessness in the last five years since Gov. Gavin Newsom took office under what’s called the “housing first” solution. It’s the belief that homelessness is solved through first putting people in apartments, motels, hotels or “tiny homes,” rather than mandating rehabilitation for drug addiction or mental health treatment. NEWSOM ADMIN DELIVERS TEPID RESPONSE TO SPIRALING PROSTITUTION, PIMPS CONTROLLING CALIFORNIA NEIGHBORHOODS Some say this strategy doesn’t work, as most government-run housing programs don’t require “wraparound” services, a holistic care model that includes drug rehabilitation and mental illness treatment. Instead, the “harm reduction” model has been adopted by the state’s Department of Health, which focuses on reducing the consequences of drug use through offering clean syringes, naxolone and other materials to “meet people where they’re at” and make drug use “safer.” Rev. Andy Bales, the former CEO of Union Rescue Mission, one of Los Angeles’ largest faith-based nonprofit organizations that does not rely on government funding, told Fox News Digital that more people will become homeless under the strategy.

    “Housing First, specifically with the Harm Reduction rules, which really translates to the free flow of hard drugs and alcohol, has been an utter failure,” Bales said. “And there’s a reason why we’ve made absolutely no progress after California has spent $22 billion in the last six years. And yet homelessness has skyrocketed.” Bales retired in 2023 from the nonprofit after 20 years. He said he continues to study the state’s homeless policies and population trends. “California alone represents 50% of all street homelessness because they have doubled down on the policy of housing first and harm reduction, and so if it continues to be spent, like it has been, we won’t see much positivity or improvement because it’s a failed policy,” he said. “There’s so much evidence to show that the numbers don’t lie. “It’s a mistake to only fund one strategy,” he added. “You know, multiple strategies could make a difference.” Homeless housing programs that use this approach can be identified through the National Harm Reduction Coalition’s interactive map. “Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use,” the National Harm Reduction Coalition website states.

    “Harm eduction is also a movement for social justice built on a belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs.” Newsom is facing pressure by voters to curtail the issue at its root. In March, residents will vote on Newsom’s proposed $6.4 billion bond aimed at adding approximately 25,000 psychiatric and addiction treatment beds across California, a move aimed to be a “course corrective” action from when California dumped thousands of people from psychiatric centers onto the streets. “There was a righteousness in the 60s, with Democrats and Republicans saying, ‘We have to move away from these locked institutions,’” Newsom said last year before signing several mental health bills. “We were supposed to replicate that with community-based care, and there was no accountability — there was no obligation either way.” Read the full article from [Here](https://www.foxnews.com/politics/democrats-secure-600m-taxpayer-grant-fight-homelessness-some-skeptical) Leave a Reply [Cancel reply](/west/dems-secure-600m-in-federal-taxpayer-funds-to-fight-homelessness-but-some-are-skeptical-it-will-help/#respond) Leave a Reply [San Francisco, CA](https://newspub.live/sections/west/san-francisco/) Super Bowl 2024 LIVE: Chiefs vs 49ers – score updates, start time, Usher half-time show, will Taylor Swift be there? ‘Outstanding’ defencepublished at 00:35 San Francisco 49ers 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs Osi Umenyiora, former defensive end for the New York Giants on ITV: This is exactly what I’m all about.

    Eveyrone was talking about these high-flying offences but Kansas City have shut down the Niners offence especially when it counts. Their defensive backs are playing some outstanding football, especially when Brock Purdy tries to run. They have shut down Christian McCaffrey. They have shut down Deebo Samuel. The Niners have to find a way to establish their run game. [Denver, CO](https://newspub.live/sections/west/denver-co/) Why hasn’t Denver ever hosted a Super Bowl? There are NFL requirements the Mile High City can’t meet One of the most cherished moments in Denver Sports history happened on January 25, 1998. That’s when the Denver Broncos won their first championship 31-24 over the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. The Broncos have captured the Lombardi Trophy three times in team history and each one was won outside the Mile High City. So, what would it take for Denver to host the Super Bowl? The NFL’s general requirements to host the Super Bowl include interest from the local football team, stadium quality, hotel inventory, a media center, corporate and community support, and approval from three-quarters of the league’s owners. There also need to be practice fields for both teams and it either needs to be warm enough or in a climate-controlled environment like a dome.

    The Broncos are certainly interested in hosting major NFL events. In 2018, the Broncos and the city of Denver made a bid to host the NFL Draft. Denver has hosted many major sporting events like Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game in 1997 and 2021. Also, NHL’s All-Star Game in 2001 and the NBA’s All-Star Game in 2005. All-Star Games are very profitable. According to Visit Denver, the economic impact of MLB’s All-Star Game in 2021 was $57 million. Then there is the stadium itself. Empower Field at Mile High opened in 2001, making it the 15th oldest stadium in the league. Two stadiums older than Mile High have hosted the Super Bowl. Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida in 2005 and the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is set to host Super Bowl 59 next year. The reasons are simple, one stadium is in a warm climate and the other is in a dome. Which brings us to the final and maybe the most important reason why the city of Denver has not hosted the Super Bowl, the weather. The NFL required temperature in the month leading up to the Super Bowl is an average temperature of 50 degrees. Denver’s average is 30.7 degrees. Cold weather cities like Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Detroit have all hosted the Super Bowl in the past, but unlike Denver, those stadiums are in a dome.

    And since Empower Field at Mile High isn’t in a climate-controlled environment like those, don’t expect to see the Super Bowl in Denver anytime soon. [Seattle, WA](https://newspub.live/sections/west/seattle-wa/) Scott Huff joins Seattle Seahawks as offensive line coach: Report Alabama football will be looking for an offensive line coach. Again. According to the [NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero](https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1756815484551340259), Scott Huff, who had followed Kalen DeBoer to the Crimson Tide from Washington, is taking the same job with the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. The news comes after Ryan Grubb, who had also briefly been at Alabama as offensive coordinator, reportedly accepted the OC job in Seattle. Huff preceded DeBoer’s two-season tenure with the Huskies. He spent seven seasons as the offensive line coach for the Huskies. Huff built his group at Washington into a unit that won the 2023 Joe Moore Award, which goes to the nation’s top offensive line. Before joining the Huskies, Huff spent the majority of his coaching career at Boise State. He coached from 2006 to 2016 with the Broncos. Prior to Boise State, Huff had been a graduate assistant with Arizona State.

    He played his college football at Boise State as well. The Huff defection leaves DeBoer with two on-field positions to fill on his new Crimson Tide staff. The first chance fans will have to peek in at what the new coach is building will be April 13, when Alabama hosts its annual A-Day spring game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. [ West12 seconds ago ](https://newspub.live/west/dems-secure-600m-in-federal-taxpayer-funds-to-fight-homelessness-but-some-are-skeptical-it-will-help/) Dems secure $600M in federal taxpayer funds to fight homelessness, but some are skeptical it will help [ Midwest3 mins ago ](https://newspub.live/midwest/biden-invited-muslim-leader-who-publicly-supported-terror-group-hezbollah-to-meet-with-his-top-aides/) Biden invited Muslim leader who publicly supported terror group Hezbollah to meet with his top aides [ Southeast10 mins ago ](https://newspub.live/southeast/meet-the-american-who-taught-the-tuskegee-airmen-to-fly-pioneer-pilot-charles-chief-anderson/) Meet the American who taught the Tuskegee Airmen to fly, pioneer pilot Charles Chief Anderson [ Northeast13 mins ago ](https://newspub.live/northeast/times-square-shooting-gunman-on-the-loose-after-shooting-woman-firing-at-police/) Times Square shooting: Gunman on the loose after shooting woman, firing at police [ Los Angeles, Ca51 mins ago ](https://newspub.

    live/southwest/los-angeles-ca/southern-california-man-reported-missing-found-dead/) Southern California man reported missing found dead [ Midwest2 years ago ](https://newspub.live/midwest/see-it-tesla-crashes-into-columbus-convention-center-at-70-mph/) See it: Tesla crashes into Columbus convention center at 70 mph [ Colorado1 year ago ](https://newspub.live/west/colorado/colorado-rockies-game-no-116-thread-zac-gallen-vs-jose-urena/) Colorado Rockies game no. 116 thread: Zac Gallen vs José Ureña [ South1 year ago ](https://newspub.live/south/fox-news-politics-georgia-the-whole-day-through/) Fox News Politics: Georgia the whole day through [ South2 years ago ](https://newspub.live/south/death-of-missing-oregon-girl-found-in-stream-ruled-homicide/) Death of missing Oregon girl found in stream ruled homicide [ South1 year ago ](https://newspub.live/south/at-least-2-dead-as-tornadoes-hit-alabama-damage-homes-across-southeast/) At least 2 dead as tornadoes hit Alabama, damage homes across Southeast [ Politics6 hours ago ](https://newspub.live/politics/trump-credits-himself-for-making-taylor-swift-so-much-money-claims-biden-didnt-do-anything-for-taylor/) Trump credits himself for making Taylor Swift so much money, claims Biden didnt do anything for Taylor [ World7 hours ago ](https://newspub.

    live/world/death-toll-rises-to-54-in-southern-philippines-landslide/) Death toll rises to 54 in southern Philippines landslide [ News7 hours ago ](https://newspub.live/news/15-year-old-accused-of-shooting-tourist-in-times-square-identified/) 15-year-old accused of shooting tourist in Times Square identified [ Politics13 hours ago ](https://newspub.live/politics/white-house-responds-to-trump-encouraging-russia-to-do-whatever-they-want-to-some-nato-members-unhinged/) White House responds to Trump encouraging Russia to do whatever they want to some NATO members: Unhinged [ World14 hours ago ](https://newspub.live/world/the-farmers-protests-should-be-taken-seriously-by-europes-leadership/) The farmers protests should be taken seriously by Europes leadership Trending - Movie Reviews1 week ago Argylle is one of the worst movies Ive ever seen - News1 week ago Graffiti vandals tag 27 floors of abandoned, $1B LA skyscraper days before Grammys - News1 week ago Video: Atmospheric River Brings Heavy Rain to California - Science1 week ago A Leading Memory Researcher Explains How to Make Precious Moments Last - World1 week ago Malaysia reduces sentence of former PM Najib Razak - Politics1 week ago Top Atlantic City politico charged in absentee ballot fraud case - Politics1 week ago Wisconsin consultants label GOPs redistricting map proposals as gerrymanders - Politics1 week ago New Hampshire House rejects further expansion, or restriction of abortion access [](https://newspub.

    live/entertainment/movie-reviews/argylle-is-one-of-the-worst-movies-ive-ever-seen/) [](https://newspub.live/news/graffiti-vandals-tag-27-floors-of-abandoned-1b-la-skyscraper-days-before-grammys/) [](https://newspub.live/news/video-atmospheric-river-brings-heavy-rain-to-california/) [](https://newspub.live/science/a-leading-memory-researcher-explains-how-to-make-precious-moments-last/) [](https://newspub.live/world/malaysia-reduces-sentence-of-former-pm-najib-razak/) [](https://newspub.live/politics/top-atlantic-city-politico-charged-in-absentee-ballot-fraud-case/) [](https://newspub.live/politics/wisconsin-consultants-label-gops-redistricting-map-proposals-as-gerrymanders/) [](https://newspub.live/politics/new-hampshire-house-rejects-further-expansion-or-restriction-of-abortion-access/)

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