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    Home / College Guide / Chronology
     Posted on Thursday, February 22 @ 00:00:04 PST

    | | (Removed speculation) | | (Added Yearbook) |Line 2,038:||Line 2,038:| | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Episode | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Episode | | |B1.11 [[Out of Mind, Out of Sight]] | | |B1.11 [[Out of Mind, Out of Sight]] |?|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, 1997 |+|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, 1997 | | |- | | |- | | |Buffy must protect [[Cordelia Chase|Cordelia]] when she becomes the target of an invisible apparition of the vengeful former student [[Marcie Ross]]. | | |Buffy must protect [[Cordelia Chase|Cordelia]] when she becomes the target of an invisible apparition of the vengeful former student [[Marcie Ross]]. |Line 2,044:||Line 2,044:| | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Novel* | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Novel* | | |[[The Cordelia Collection]]: Out of Mind, Out of Sight | | |[[The Cordelia Collection]]: Out of Mind, Out of Sight |?|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, 1997 |+|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, 1997 | | |- | | |- | | |Novelization of the eponymous episode. | | |Novelization of the eponymous episode. |Line 2,947:||Line 2,947:| | | |- | | |- | | |Buffy forces Angel to feed on her; at graduation, the Mayor transforms, but well-armed students fight back, destroying both him and the school.

    | | |Buffy forces Angel to feed on her; at graduation, the Mayor transforms, but well-armed students fight back, destroying both him and the school. |+|| | |- |+|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Novel* |+|| | |Buffy: [[Sunnydale High Yearbook (novel)|Sunnydale High Yearbook]] |+|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, June 1999 |+|| | |- |+|| | |The Scooby Gang writes notes on Buffys [[Sunnydale High Yearbook|yearbook]]. | | |- | | |- | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Comic* | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Comic* | | |BC.20 [[Double Cross]] | | |BC.20 [[Double Cross]] |?|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, |+|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, 1999 | | |- | | |- | | |As Angel drives to Los Angeles, demonic forces hope to exploit his separation from Buffy. | | |As Angel drives to Los Angeles, demonic forces hope to exploit his separation from Buffy. |Line 2,956:||Line 2,962:| | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Comic* | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Comic* | | |Buffy: [[Haunted (Buffy miniseries)|Haunted]] | | |Buffy: [[Haunted (Buffy miniseries)|Haunted]] |?|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, |+|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Sunnydale, 1999 | | |- | | |- | | |The disembodied spirit of former Mayor Wilkins masters bodily possession and goes after Buffy.

    | | |The disembodied spirit of former Mayor Wilkins masters bodily possession and goes after Buffy. |Line 5,602:||Line 5,608:| | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Novel* | | | rowspan=2 align=center |Novel* | | |Buffy: [[Slayer (novel)|Slayer]] | | |Buffy: [[Slayer (novel)|Slayer]] |?|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Shancoom, |+|| | | rowspan=2 align=center |Shancoom, 2006 | | |- | | |- | | |After killing a [[hellhound]] with her bare hands, Nina and the members of the Watchers Academy finally notice she is a Slayer. | | |After killing a [[hellhound]] with her bare hands, Nina and the members of the Watchers Academy finally notice she is a Slayer. Latest revision as of 00:45, 22 February 2024 This article contains a list of stories that take place in the [Buffyverse](/wiki/Buffyverse) presented in chronological order of events. It includes sources from various media, such as episodes, comics, novels, video games, etc. In some materials, dates are more fluid as time passes more slowly in the story universe than in the real world (given production timelines and publication schedules). So while dates noted below are accurate relative to other events, there may occasionally be anachronistic elements, as writers incorporate contemporary references or depictions.

    The stories which type is marked with an asterisk (*) are those from dubious or non- [canon](/wiki/Canon) sources. For alternate canon content, see [chronology (reboot 2019)](/wiki/Chronology_(reboot_2019)). Primordium–1500 |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic* | (flashback) |A6.41 |[Myresto](/wiki/Myresto_Mor)and [Rowant Mor](/wiki/Rowant_Mor), observe the creation of the universe. (flashback) [Last Gleaming, Part Two](/wiki/Last_Gleaming,_Part_Two) [Primordium Age](/wiki/Primordium_Age) [Seed of Wonder](/wiki/Seed_of_Wonder)spills the [Old Ones](/wiki/Old_One)from other [dimensions](/wiki/Dimension), imprisoning them to the recently created [Earth](/wiki/Earth). (flashback) [Ready, Steady...](/wiki/Ready,_Steady...) (flashback) [Only Human](/wiki/Only_Human) [Vahla Hanesh](/wiki/Vahla_Ha%27nesh), Primordium [Illyria](/wiki/Illyria)suppresses a rebellion led by [Darque Wurms](/wiki/Darque_Wurms), leaving the single survivor [Baticus](/wiki/Baticus)buried alive. (flashback) [United, Part Two](/wiki/United,_Part_Two) [Nitobes dimension](/wiki/Nitobe%27s_dimension), Primordium [Eldre Koh](/wiki/Eldre_Koh)struggles to become a [Yataro](/wiki/Yataro)warrior, Illyria wipes out his village; blamed for the slaughter, Koh is imprisoned and his race enslaved.

    [Out of the Past, Part Two](/wiki/Out_of_the_Past,_Part_Two)– [Four](/wiki/Out_of_the_Past,_Part_Four) [Angel](/wiki/Angel)and [Fred](/wiki/Winifred_Burkle)arrive in Illyrias world as an invading Old One consumes her followers, prompting the Illyria of this time to consider a dramatic solution. (flashback) [The Core, Part One](/wiki/The_Core,_Part_One) [Maloker](/wiki/Maloker)sires [the first vampire](/wiki/Maloker%27s_first_victim). (background) [A Hole in the World](/wiki/A_Hole_in_the_World) [Deeper Well](/wiki/Deeper_Well). (flashback) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) [Whistler](/wiki/Whistler)is born to [an agent](/wiki/Whistler%27s_father)of the [Powers That Be](/wiki/Powers_That_Be)and [a demon](/wiki/Whistler%27s_mother), but both are killed for their blasphemous union. (background) [End of Days](/wiki/End_of_Days) [Shadowmen](/wiki/Shadowmen)make [Sineya](/wiki/Sineya)the first [Slayer](/wiki/Slayer). (background) [Get It Done](/wiki/Get_It_Done) [Guardians](/wiki/Guardians)forges in secrecy the [M?](/wiki/M%CA%94), for the First Slayer to kill the last of the Old Ones that walked the Earth. [Prologue](/wiki/Prologue) (background) [Portal Through Time](/wiki/Portal_Through_Time) [Ejuk](/wiki/Ejuk)is orphaned at birth and raised by her [Watcher](/wiki/Watcher), the royal scribe [Sarkassan](/wiki/Sarkassan).

    (flashback) [Portal Through Time](/wiki/Portal_Through_Time) (background) [Living Conditions](/wiki/Living_Conditions) [Moktagar demon](/wiki/Mok%27tagar_demon)who will later be known as [Kathy Newman](/wiki/Kathy_Newman)is born. (background) [Dark Congress](/wiki/Dark_Congress) (background) [Whats My Line? Part One](/wiki/What%27s_My_Line%3F_Part_One) [Order of Taraka](/wiki/Order_of_Taraka), a mystical guild of assassins, operates in the time of King Solomon. (flashback) [A Good Run](/wiki/A_Good_Run) [Thessily Thessilonikki](/wiki/Thessily_Thessilonikki)is born to a slave single mother, who dies before the Potential Slayer learns to talk. (flashback) [A Good Run](/wiki/A_Good_Run) (flashback) [A Good Run](/wiki/A_Good_Run) (flashback) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) [A Good Run](/wiki/A_Good_Run) [vampires](/wiki/Vampire). (flashback) [Go Ask Malice](/wiki/Go_Ask_Malice) [Artemia](/wiki/Artemia)is tortured and killed by [Kakistos](/wiki/Kakistos), but her daughter [Malice](/wiki/Malice)returns as a [vengeance demon](/wiki/Vengeance_demon)to grant her wish for revenge. (flashback) [The Blood of Carthage, Part Five](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_Five) [Blood of Carthage](/wiki/Blood_of_Carthage), culminating in the Roman general [Scipio Armilianus](/wiki/Scipio_Armilianus)summoning the Old One [Ky-Laag](/wiki/Ky-Laag).

    (background) [The Evil That Men Do](/wiki/The_Evil_That_Men_Do) [Diana](/wiki/Diana_(Slayer))foils the plans of a nefarious vampire duo to raise the [demon](/wiki/Demon)Meter by stealing the ashes of Emperor Caligula. (flashback) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) [Sword in the Stone](/wiki/Excalibur). (background) [Portal Through Time](/wiki/Portal_Through_Time) [Incinii](/wiki/Incinii)is called as the Slayer at 16 years old; with Eyra as her Watcher, she defends her homeland from vampires and Roman invaders. (background) [Night Terrors](/wiki/Night_Terrors) [a Celtic warrior](/wiki/Unidentified_Celtic_Slayer), allowing vampires to feast on her corporeal body. (background) [Portal Through Time](/wiki/Portal_Through_Time) (background) [MacGuffins](/wiki/MacGuffins) [Garnhuld](/wiki/Garnhuld)completes the [MacGuffin](/wiki/MacGuffin)puzzle, holding the record as the quickest to do so until 1997. (background) [Helpless](/wiki/Helpless) [Watchers Council](/wiki/Watchers_Council)establishes the [Tento di Cruciamentum](/wiki/Tento_di_Cruciamentum)as a trial of the Slayer on her 18th birthday. (flashback) [Selfless](/wiki/Selfless) [Aud](/wiki/Anya_Jenkins)transforms [Olaf](/wiki/Olaf)into a [troll](/wiki/Troll)and is herself dubbed the vengeance demon Anyanka by [DHoffryn](/wiki/D%27Hoffryn).

    [Lady Shobu](/wiki/Lady_Shobu) (background) [The Heart of a Slayer, Part Two](/wiki/The_Heart_of_a_Slayer,_Part_Two) [Adja](/wiki/Adja)sets off in pursuit of the time-traveling demon assassin Karfarnaum. (background) [Last Gleaming, Part Three](/wiki/Last_Gleaming,_Part_Three) [Master](/wiki/Master)is enslaved by the Seed of Wonder to protect it. (background) [Never Kill a Boy on the First Date](/wiki/Never_Kill_a_Boy_on_the_First_Date) [Aurelius](/wiki/Aurelius)prophesies the eventual rise of the [Anointed One](/wiki/Anointed_One)as the Masters greatest warrior. (background) [Blood Ties](/wiki/Blood_Ties) [Order of Dagon](/wiki/Order_of_Dagon)is founded by [Tarnis](/wiki/Tarnis)to protect the [Key](/wiki/Key). (background) [Listening to Fear](/wiki/Listening_to_Fear) [Queller demon](/wiki/Queller_demon)impacts in the region. (background) [The Blood of Carthage, Part Three](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_Three) [Sunnydale](/wiki/Sunnydale), 12th century (background) [Graduation Day, Part One](/wiki/Graduation_Day,_Part_One) [Lohesh](/wiki/Lohesh). Only three people escape alive. [Dark of the Moon](/wiki/Dark_of_the_Moon) [Dark of the Moon](/wiki/Dark_of_the_Moon_(Slayer))is trained but becomes frustrated when she fails to fulfill her duty through no fault of her own.

    (flashback) [Return to Sunnydale, Part One](/wiki/Return_to_Sunnydale,_Part_One) [Soul Glutton](/wiki/Soul_Glutton)swears revenge on humankind after [the Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Aztec_Slayer)kills his family. (flashback) [Long Nights Journey](/wiki/Long_Night%27s_Journey) [Abomination](/wiki/Abomination) [Eliane de Shaunde](/wiki/Eliane_de_Shaunde)marries her Watcher and is eventually called as the Slayer. She resists her duty until vampires attack her family. (flashback) [The Origin, Part One](/wiki/The_Origin,_Part_One) [a barmaid](/wiki/Unidentified_barmaid_Slayer)at the height of the bubonic plague epidemic, is killed by the vampire [Lothos](/wiki/Lothos)outside the Boars Head tavern. (flashback) [The Origin, Part One](/wiki/The_Origin,_Part_One) [The noble-born Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Dark_Ages_Slayer)attempts to resist being the Chosen One. (background) [Out of Mind, Out of Sight](/wiki/Out_of_Mind,_Out_of_Sight) [Pergamum Codex](/wiki/Pergamum_Codex), an important book of Slayer prophecies, is misplaced. (background) [Slayer](/wiki/Slayer_(novel)) (flashback) [I Robot, You Jane](/wiki/I_Robot,_You_Jane) [Moloch](/wiki/Moloch_the_Corruptor)s soul is trapped in a tome by an order of monks.

    [The Rule of Silence](/wiki/The_Rule_of_Silence) [Esperanza de la Vega](/wiki/Esperanza_de_la_Vega), living secretly as a Jew under the Spanish Inquisition, is arrested and charged as a [witch](/wiki/Witch). (background) [Inca Mummy Girl](/wiki/Inca_Mummy_Girl) [Inca Princess](/wiki/Inca_Princess)is chosen as a sacrifice by her people. 1501–1900 |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Episode | (background) |B5.16 | (background) [No Place Like Home](/wiki/No_Place_Like_Home) [Cloutier](/wiki/Cloutier)creates a spell called [Tirer la Couverture](/wiki/Tirer_la_Couverture), which allows the caster to see the signature of spells cast nearby. (flashback) [Tales of the Vampires](/wiki/Tales_of_the_Vampires_(story)) [Roche](/wiki/Roche)is sired by the ancient (and elegantly shod) vampire [Die Einsame](/wiki/Sophie_Downs). (flashback) [Queen of the Slayers](/wiki/Queen_of_the_Slayers) [Gabriella](/wiki/Gabriella)for weeks until she escapes the vampire with the Orb of Malfeo. (flashback) [Tempted Champions](/wiki/Tempted_Champions) [Cassia Marsilka](/wiki/Cassia_Marsilka)is turned by the ancient vampire Cyrus the Gladiator. (background) [Buffy vs. Dracula](/wiki/Buffy_vs._Dracula) [Dracula](/wiki/Dracula)after cursing a man by making him incredibly fat.

    [The White Doe](/wiki/The_White_Doe) [Virginia Dare](/wiki/Virginia_Dare)grows among the Croatoans and is transformed into a white doe when she refuses the advances of a wizard. (flashback) [Twilight, Part Four](/wiki/Twilight,_Part_Four) [An unidentified Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Slayer_(1590s))wears a Spanish mourning robe while battling a vampire. [Righteous](/wiki/Righteous) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Slayer_(Righteous))fights to save a walled medieval town from vampires, but faces suspicion from the clergy. (flashback) [Happy New Year](/wiki/Happy_New_Year) (flashback) [Halloween Rain](/wiki/Halloween_Rain) [Erin Randall](/wiki/Erin_Randall)kills the Tatzelwurm, but shes killed by the demon Samhain after facing him on two separate Halloweens. [Die Blutgrafin](/wiki/Die_Blutgrafin) [Ildikó Géllert](/wiki/Ildik%C3%B3_G%C3%A9llert)infiltrates the castle of Countess Elizabeth Bathory in an attempt to stop a series of mysterious deaths. (flashback) [Darla](/wiki/Darla_(episode)) [Darla](/wiki/Darla). (background) [Blooded](/wiki/Blooded) [The Slayer](/wiki/Lost_Slayer)dies four months after her Watcher committed seppuku. [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [Abigail Cole](/wiki/Abigail_Cole)stops a series of mysterious deaths that had been attributed to unknown animals.

    (background) [The Book of Fours](/wiki/The_Book_of_Fours) [Shagrat Al-Durr](/wiki/Shagrat_Al-Durr)becomes the first Slayer the creature devours. [Blood and Brine](/wiki/Blood_and_Brine) (background) [The Ghosts of Slayers Past](/wiki/The_Ghosts_of_Slayers_Past) [Carissa Avenhaus](/wiki/Carissa_Avenhaus), called at the age of 12, serves three years as the Slayer before perishing at 15. (flashback) [Twilight, Part Three](/wiki/Twilight,_Part_Three) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Slayer_(1680s))will bring about [Twilight](/wiki/Twilight), thirty fearful Watchers commit suicide by poisoning their drinks in a dining hall. (flashback) [Night of the Living Rerun](/wiki/Night_of_the_Living_Rerun) [Samantha Kane](/wiki/Samantha_Kane)is summoned to investigate an accused witch but, uncovering a plot to raise the Master, dies to defeat him. (flashback) [The Origin, Part One](/wiki/The_Origin,_Part_One) [An unidentified Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Hong_Kong_Slayer)working as a prostitute runs away from her first customer, a British sailor, and is killed by the vampire [Lothos](/wiki/Lothos). (background) [Enemies](/wiki/Enemies) [Sharpsville](/wiki/Sharpsville), May 26, 1723 [Ascension](/wiki/Ascension)occurs and completely destroys town, leaving no survivors.

    (background) [The Prodigal](/wiki/The_Prodigal) [a linen and silk merchant](/wiki/Liam%27s_father). (flashback) [Dark Reflections, Part Two](/wiki/Dark_Reflections,_Part_Two) (flashback) [Dark Reflections, Part Two](/wiki/Dark_Reflections,_Part_Two) [Dark Reflections, Part Two](/wiki/Dark_Reflections,_Part_Two) (flashback) [The Prodigal](/wiki/The_Prodigal) (flashback) [Becoming, Part One](/wiki/Becoming,_Part_One) (flashback) [The Prodigal](/wiki/The_Prodigal) (flashback) [Cursed](/wiki/Cursed_(comic)) (flashback) [Darla](/wiki/Darla_(episode)) [The Making of a Slayer](/wiki/The_Making_of_a_Slayer) [Rebecca](/wiki/Rebecca_(Slayer))s Watcher writes about accompanying her to the remotest parts of the countryside. (flashback) [Quickening](/wiki/Quickening) [Holtz](/wiki/Daniel_Holtz), Darla and Angelus kill his wife [Caroline](/wiki/Caroline_Holtz)and children [Sarah](/wiki/Sarah_Holtz)and [Daniel](/wiki/Daniel_Holtz_Jr.). (flashback) [Lullaby](/wiki/Lullaby) (flashback) [The Trial](/wiki/The_Trial) (flashback) [Heartthrob](/wiki/Heartthrob) [James](/wiki/James_(vampire))and [Lisbeth](/wiki/Elisabeth). (background) [Unholy Madness](/wiki/Unholy_Madness) (flashback) [Offspring](/wiki/Offspring) (flashback) [Quickening](/wiki/Quickening) [Sahjhan](/wiki/Sahjhan)to bring him into the future to exact revenge.

    (flashback) [Somnambulist](/wiki/Somnambulist) [Penn](/wiki/Penn), who goes on to kill his sister as his first victim, followed by the rest of his family. [Unholy Madness](/wiki/Unholy_Madness) [Marie-Christine Du Lac](/wiki/Marie-Christine_Du_Lac)fights against LHero, a vampire who is leading a rebellion among the poor. (flashback) [Soulless](/wiki/Soulless) [Beast](/wiki/Beast)attempts to convince Angelus to kill the [Svear](/wiki/Svear)priestesses, but Angelus refuses. [The Innocent](/wiki/The_Innocent) [Claudine](/wiki/Claudine), the Slayer during the French Revolution, is tricked by her Watcher [Jean](/wiki/Jean)into killing a human aristocrat. (flashback) [Twilight, Part Three](/wiki/Twilight,_Part_Three) (background) [Hell Bound](/wiki/Hell_Bound) [Los Angeles](/wiki/Los_Angeles), 1791 [Wolfram & Hart](/wiki/Wolfram_%26_Hart)uses the blood of the killer [Matthias Pavayne](/wiki/Matthias_Pavayne)to de-consecrate the ground of a former church for [its local headquarters](/wiki/Wolfram_%26_Hart_Los_Angeles_branch). (flashback) [Lost and Found, Part One](/wiki/Lost_and_Found,_Part_One) (flashback) [Portal Through Time](/wiki/Portal_Through_Time) [Marguerite Allard](/wiki/Marguerite_Allard)is pursued by two time-traveling vampires intent on disrupting the Slayer line, but [Buffy](/wiki/Buffy_Summers)saves her.

    (flashback) [Remember the Truth](/wiki/Remember_the_Truth) [Yuki Makimura](/wiki/Yuki_Makimura)confronts the Master, who defeats and sires her as a vampire. [Angel vs. Frankenstein](/wiki/Angel_vs._Frankenstein) [A monster](/wiki/Frankenstein)tries to stop him. [Time and Tide, Part One](/wiki/Time_and_Tide,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Time_and_Tide,_Part_Four) [Dark Reflections, Part One](/wiki/Dark_Reflections,_Part_One) (background) [The Evil That Men Do](/wiki/The_Evil_That_Men_Do) [Some Like It Hot](/wiki/Some_Like_It_Hot) (background) [Pangs](/wiki/Pangs) [earthquake](/wiki/Earthquake)buries an old [Mission](/wiki/Sunnydale_Mission), to which the spirit of Chumash spirit warrior [Hus](/wiki/Hus)is bounded. [Presumption](/wiki/Presumption) [Elizabeth Weston](/wiki/Elizabeth_Weston)dresses as a man to seek out vampires in a restrictive society. (flashback) [Blooded](/wiki/Blooded) (flashback) [Amends](/wiki/Amends) (flashback) [The Heart of a Slayer, Part One](/wiki/The_Heart_of_a_Slayer,_Part_One) (flashback) [Past Lives, Part One](/wiki/Past_Lives,_Part_One) (background) [The Harvest](/wiki/The_Harvest) [Luke](/wiki/Luke)loses a fight to an enemy who caught him sleeping. [The Ghosts of Slayers Past](/wiki/The_Ghosts_of_Slayers_Past) (flashback) [Past Lives, Part Three](/wiki/Past_Lives,_Part_Three) (background) [Salvage](/wiki/Salvage) [Rosaria](/wiki/Rosaria), an encounter he will later forget.

    [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Boston_Slayer)stops a series of grisly murders in the Boston shipyards. (background) [She](/wiki/She) (background) [Ching Shih](/wiki/Ch%27ing_Shih) [Margaret Madden](/wiki/Margaret_Madden)dies in the arms of her Watcher Sean Connelly. (background) [Asylum, Part Two](/wiki/Asylum,_Part_Two) [Spike](/wiki/Spike), is born to [Anne](/wiki/Anne_Pratt). (flashback) [Past Lives, Part Three](/wiki/Past_Lives,_Part_Three) (flashback) [Surrogates, Part Two](/wiki/Surrogates,_Part_Two) (Flashback) [Past Lives, Part Four](/wiki/Past_Lives,_Part_Four) (flashback) [Dear Boy](/wiki/Dear_Boy) [Drusilla](/wiki/Drusilla), a woman with the gift of visions, to Angelus. (flashback) [Becoming, Part One](/wiki/Becoming,_Part_One) (flashback) [Dear Boy](/wiki/Dear_Boy) (flashback) [The Glittering World](/wiki/The_Glittering_World) [Naayééneizgháni](/wiki/Naay%C3%A9%C3%A9%27neizgh%C3%A1ni), seeks out and confronts a fellow tribeswoman who has become a vampire. (flashback) [Portal Through Time](/wiki/Portal_Through_Time) [The New Watcher](/wiki/The_New_Watcher) [Pauline Barnard](/wiki/Pauline_Barnard), passing herself off as a man, enlists in the Union army until her new Watcher seeks her out.

    [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [Lucy Hanover](/wiki/Lucy_Hanover)sets up camp in a nearby graveyard and stops the disappearances of Civil War widows. [Ching Shih](/wiki/Ch%27ing_Shih) [Xiaoqin](/wiki/Xiaoqin)runs away from the monastery where she trained, posing as a man to survive after her Watchers death. (flashback) [Immortal](/wiki/Immortal) [Angela Martignetti](/wiki/Angela_Martignetti)pursues the body-switching vampire Veronique, foiling her plans and finally imprisoning her. [Alone](/wiki/Alone) (flashback) [Fool for Love](/wiki/Fool_for_Love) [Cecily Addams](/wiki/Halfrek)during a party. (flashback) [Spike: Old Times](/wiki/Spike:_Old_Times) [Thomas Wexler](/wiki/Unidentified_gentleman), causing a fire that kills all in a party. (flashback) [Darla](/wiki/Darla_(episode)) (flashback) [Fool for Love](/wiki/Fool_for_Love) (flashback) [Lies My Parents Told Me](/wiki/Lies_My_Parents_Told_Me) [Anne Pratt](/wiki/Anne_Pratt), distraught that the resulting vampire is not the woman who loved him. (flashback) [Destiny](/wiki/Destiny) (flashback) [Fool for Love](/wiki/Fool_for_Love) (flashback) [These Our Actors](/wiki/These_Our_Actors) (flashback) [Spike: The Devil You Know](/wiki/Spike:_The_Devil_You_Know) [Tansy Fry](/wiki/Tansy_Fry)to Spike.

    (flashback) [Amends](/wiki/Amends) [Mornglom Dreaming](/wiki/Mornglom_Dreaming) [Mollie Prater](/wiki/Mollie_Prater), 15-year-old girl living in Kentucky, is called as the new Slayer and must fight demons at her wedding ceremony. (background) [Chaos Bleeds](/wiki/Chaos_Bleeds_(comic)) [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [Belle Malone](/wiki/Belle_Malone)manages to bring an end to forty deaths that occurred under suspicious circumstances. (flashback) [Blood and Fog](/wiki/Blood_and_Fog) [Elizabeth](/wiki/Elizabeth_(1888_Slayer)), hunting the vampire [Jack the Ripper](/wiki/Jack_the_Ripper)with help from Angelus, Darla, Drusilla and Spike, is killed by her intended prey. [Jack](/wiki/Jack_(story)) [Inspector Whitcomb](/wiki/James_Whitcomb), investigating Jack the Rippers case, suspects the notorious killer may be a vampire, but holds a secret of his own. (flashback) [Spike: The Devil You Know](/wiki/Spike:_The_Devil_You_Know) (background) [Waiting in the Wings](/wiki/Waiting_in_the_Wings) (flashback) [Angel: The Hollower](/wiki/Angel:_The_Hollower) [Hollower](/wiki/Hollower), managing to repel it and save the vampire [Catherine DeLancie](/wiki/Catherine_DeLancie). [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Oklahoma_Slayer), acting as a blacksmith, brings an end to a series of savage attacks that had claimed the lives of seventeen homesteaders.

    (flashback) [The Girl in Question](/wiki/The_Girl_in_Question) [Immortal](/wiki/The_Immortal), who seduces Drusilla and Darla in their absence. [House of the Vampire](/wiki/House_of_the_Vampire) [Angelique Hawthorne](/wiki/Angelique_Hawthorne)must determine how to escape his influence and defeat him. [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [Florence Gilbert](/wiki/Florence_Gilbert)stops a series of murders that beset a small hillside community. (background) [The Evil That Men Do](/wiki/The_Evil_That_Men_Do) (flashback) [Five by Five](/wiki/Five_by_Five) [the favorite daughter](/wiki/Kalderash_girl)of the [Kalderash](/wiki/Kalderash). (flashback) [Becoming, Part One](/wiki/Becoming,_Part_One) [A woman](/wiki/Kalderash_woman)of the Kalderash restores Angelus soul. (flashback) [The Curse](/wiki/The_Curse) (flashback) [Five by Five](/wiki/Five_by_Five) (flashback) [Darla](/wiki/Darla_(episode)) (flashback) [Five by Five](/wiki/Five_by_Five) [Spike vs. Dracula, Part One](/wiki/Spike_vs._Dracula,_Part_One) [The Glittering World](/wiki/The_Glittering_World) [Naayééneizgháni](/wiki/Naay%C3%A9%C3%A9%27neizgh%C3%A1ni)is told to [Richard Wilkins](/wiki/Richard_Wilkins), who plans to build a new town on the land.

    (flashback) [Darla](/wiki/Darla_(episode)) (flashback) [Fool for Love](/wiki/Fool_for_Love) [Xin Rong](/wiki/Xin_Rong), his first Slayer. (flashback) [Darla](/wiki/Darla_(episode)) [Bloody Fool for Love](/wiki/Bloody_Fool_for_Love) (flashback) [Spike and Dru: Alls Fair](/wiki/Spike_and_Dru:_All%27s_Fair) 1901–1970 |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic||Tales: |[Bloody Fool for Love](/wiki/Bloody_Fool_for_Love) (flashback) [Orpheus](/wiki/Orpheus) (flashback) [The Blood of Carthage, Part Three](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_Three) [Vraka](/wiki/Vraka)to gain his help in freeing a captive Drusilla from the Astrides. (flashback) [Selfless](/wiki/Selfless) [Barbary Coast](/wiki/Barbary_Coast) [Sideshow Slayer](/wiki/Sideshow_Slayer) [Millicent Millie Rose Gresham](/wiki/Millicent_Gresham), traveling with a carnival side show, is approaching her Cruciamentum when plans go wrong. [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [Arabella Gish](/wiki/Arabella_Gish)visits Brooklin Boarding House as a student nurse. Her arrival stops a series of murders that had already claimed 23 victims. [Blood & Trenches](/wiki/Blood_%26_Trenches) [Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce](/wiki/Geoffrey_Wyndam-Pryce)and the vampire Kakistos.

    (background) [Slayer](/wiki/Slayer_(novel)) (background) [Love Dares You, Part One](/wiki/Love_Dares_You,_Part_One) [Sculptor](/wiki/Sculptor). [Silent Screams](/wiki/Silent_Screams) [Frederich Lichtermann](/wiki/Frederich_Lichtermann)sees his first vampire and is invited to begin his studies as a Watcher. [Survivors](/wiki/Survivors) [Dorothy Dot Singers](/wiki/Dorothy_Singers)is approaching her Cruciamentum test, but her Watcher is suffering from severe mental illness. [Angel vs. Frankenstein II](/wiki/Angel_vs._Frankenstein_II) (background) [Blood Money](/wiki/Blood_Money) [Boone](/wiki/Boone_(demon))over a woman, but the fight is stopped at sunrise without a definitive resolution. (flashback) [Long Nights Journey](/wiki/Long_Night%27s_Journey) (flashback) [Orpheus](/wiki/Orpheus) [The War Between the States](/wiki/The_War_Between_the_States) [Ardita OReilly](/wiki/Ardita_O%27Reilly)until she learns that she is the Slayer. (flashback) [Father](/wiki/Father_(story)) [Tom Mitchell](/wiki/Tom_Mitchell)is turned into a vampire, but his predatory nature is tempered on seeing his young son. [Silent Screams](/wiki/Silent_Screams) [Britta Kessler](/wiki/Britta_Kessler)to the films vampiric creators.

    [History of the Slayer](/wiki/History_of_the_Slayer) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Chicago_Slayer). (background) [The Puppet Show](/wiki/The_Puppet_Show) [Sid](/wiki/Sid)meets [a Korean Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Korean_Slayer)in his pre-dummy days. (background) [City Of](/wiki/City_Of) (flashback) [Father](/wiki/Father_(story)) (background) [Grave](/wiki/Grave) [Proserpexa](/wiki/Proserpexa)attempt to destroy the world, but are stopped and killed by an earthquake that also swallows [her temple](/wiki/Temple_of_Proserpexa). [Spike and Dru: Alls Fair](/wiki/Spike_and_Dru:_All%27s_Fair) [Dust Bowl](/wiki/Dust_Bowl) [Joe Cooper](/wiki/Joe_Cooper), a farmer trying to work a barren field, becomes a vampire and must face this experience alone. [Spike vs. Dracula, Part Two](/wiki/Spike_vs._Dracula,_Part_Two) (flashback) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) [Susan Finney](/wiki/Susan_Finney)summons [a demon](/wiki/Pearl_and_Nash%27s_father)to impregnate her, leading to the birth of the half-demon twins [Pearl](/wiki/Pearl)and [Nash](/wiki/Nash). (background) [The Harvest](/wiki/The_Harvest) [a church](/wiki/Church_(Order_of_Aurelius))when an earthquake interrupts his ritual to open the [Hellmouth](/wiki/Hellmouth).

    (flashback) [Broken Bottle of Djinn](/wiki/Broken_Bottle_of_Djinn) [Rachel OConnor](/wiki/Rachel_O%27Connor)is recruited by government operatives in an operation against a Nazi agent and a powerful spirit. [Sonnenblume](/wiki/Sonnenblume) [Anni](/wiki/Anni), member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel, learns she cant be like everyone else and who the true monsters are. (flashback) [The Final Cut](/wiki/The_Final_Cut) [Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row](/wiki/Spike_and_Dru:_Pretty_Maids_All_in_a_Row) [Slayers-in-Waiting](/wiki/Potential_Slayer)around the world in a quest to gain the magical [Freyjas Strand](/wiki/Freyja%27s_Strand)necklace. (flashback) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) [Voodoo Lounge](/wiki/Voodoo_Lounge) [Eleanor Boudreau](/wiki/Eleanor_Boudreau)and her Watcher Marie-Christine Fontaine try to find a missing Council member. (background) [Freefall, Part Two](/wiki/Freefall,_Part_Two) [Cynthia Daniels](/wiki/Cynthia_Daniels)becomes a vampire. (flashback) [What You Want, Not What You Need, Part One](/wiki/What_You_Want,_Not_What_You_Need,_Part_One) [Sophronia Fairweather](/wiki/Sophronia_Fairweather)attempts to resurrect him, only to have to end his resulting suffering.

    [Stakeout on Rush Street](/wiki/Stakeout_on_Rush_Street) [Betty](/wiki/Elizabeth_Winters), the Slayer as well as a private detective, accepts payment from a mob boss for killing a vampire gang member. [Spike vs. Dracula, Part Three](/wiki/Spike_vs._Dracula,_Part_Three) (flashback) [Why We Fight](/wiki/Why_We_Fight) [Demon Research Initiative](/wiki/Demon_Research_Initiative)and sent to recover a German prototype submarine on which Spike is traveling. (flashback) [Father](/wiki/Father_(story)) (background) [What You Want, Not What You Need, Part One](/wiki/What_You_Want,_Not_What_You_Need,_Part_One) [Whistler](/wiki/Whistler)witnesses the destruction caused by the atomic bomb detonation. [Dames](/wiki/Dames) (flashback) [Rm w/a Vu](/wiki/Rm_w/a_Vu) [Dennis Pearson](/wiki/Dennis_Pearson)is entombed in [an apartment](/wiki/Pearson_Arms_apartment_212)wall by his mother, [Maude](/wiki/Maude_Pearson)before she dies from a heart attack. (background) [The House Always Wins](/wiki/The_House_Always_Wins) (flashback) [Spike: Old Wounds](/wiki/Spike:_Old_Wounds) [Hermanos Números](/wiki/Hermanos_N%C3%BAmeros). (background) [Spike vs. Dracula, Part Four](/wiki/Spike_vs._Dracula,_Part_Four) [Comte de Saint-Germain](/wiki/Comte_de_Saint-Germain)imprisons Dracula inside a statue.

    (background) [In Perfect Harmony](/wiki/In_Perfect_Harmony) (flashback) [The Girl in Question](/wiki/The_Girl_in_Question) (flashback) [Father](/wiki/Father_(story)) [Undeadsville](/wiki/Undeadsville) [Zoë Kuryakin](/wiki/Zo%C3%AB_Kuryakin)does not survive her Cruciamentum. (flashback) [Are You Now or Have You Ever Been](/wiki/Are_You_Now_or_Have_You_Ever_Been) [Hyperion Hotel](/wiki/Hyperion_Hotel), becomes involved with a thief and is attacked by a mob under the influence of a [Thesulac demon](/wiki/Thesulac_demon). (flashback) [The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco](/wiki/The_Cautionary_Tale_of_Numero_Cinco) [Tezcatcatl](/wiki/Tezcatcatl), during which four of the five are slain. (flashback) [A Dark Place, Part Three](/wiki/A_Dark_Place,_Part_Three) [black widower demon](/wiki/Black_widower_demon). (background) [Ted](/wiki/Ted) [Ted Buchanan](/wiki/Ted_Buchanan_(human))creates [a robotic duplicate](/wiki/Ted_Buchanan)of himself. (flashback) [I Only Have Eyes for You](/wiki/I_Only_Have_Eyes_for_You) [Sunnydale High](/wiki/Sunnydale_High)student [James Stanley](/wiki/James_Stanley)kills his teacher, [Grace Newman](/wiki/Grace_Newman), after she tries to break off their affair. [And White Splits the Night](/wiki/And_White_Splits_the_Night) [Asha Sayre](/wiki/Asha_Sayre)and her Watcher race to save a church from a vampires racially motivated bomb attack.

    (flashback) [Vermin, Part One](/wiki/Vermin,_Part_One) [Spike vs. Dracula, Part Four](/wiki/Spike_vs._Dracula,_Part_Four) [Comte de Saint-Germain](/wiki/Comte_de_Saint-Germain)on his birthday and unknowingly free Dracula from within a statue. (background) [The House Always Wins](/wiki/The_House_Always_Wins) (background) [Blooded](/wiki/Blooded) [Mariko](/wiki/Mariko)dies in the line of duty. (flashback) [Vermin, Part One](/wiki/Vermin,_Part_One) (background) [Lineage](/wiki/Lineage) (flashback) [Women of a Certain Age](/wiki/Women_of_a_Certain_Age) [Rupert Giles](/wiki/Rupert_Giles)fends off a demon with the [Shard of Stronnos](/wiki/Shard_of_Stronnos), after which he is informed of his destiny by [his father](/wiki/Mr._Giles)and sent off to [Watchers Academy](/wiki/Watchers_Academy). (background) [The House Always Wins](/wiki/The_House_Always_Wins) (background) [Blind Date](/wiki/Blind_Date) [Vanessa Brewer](/wiki/Vanessa_Brewer)is born. (background) [Not Fade Away](/wiki/Not_Fade_Away) (background) [Back to the Garden](/wiki/Back_to_the_Garden) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Portuguese_Slayer)dies attempting to collect the Chalice of Magdoreth from the vampiric order of the Knights Templar.

    [Back to the Garden](/wiki/Back_to_the_Garden) [Beryl McKenzie](/wiki/Beryl_McKenzie), joins a commune in Nova Scotia before facing her Cruciamentum. (background) [School Hard](/wiki/School_Hard) (background) [Note from the Underground, Part Four](/wiki/Note_from_the_Underground,_Part_Four) (flashback) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) [Alasdair Coames](/wiki/Alasdair_Coames)leads a team of [Archmages](/wiki/Archmage)to destroy the demonic offspring of Pearl and Nash. [Blackout](/wiki/Blackout) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Polish_Slayer)dies, activating [Nikki Wood](/wiki/Nikki_Wood)as the next one. 1971–1996 |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic | (background) |AF.17 |[Nikki Goes Down!](/wiki/Nikki_Goes_Down!) [Li](/wiki/Li)against the vampire crime boss [Le Banc](/wiki/Le_Banc). (flashback) [Daddy Issues, Part One](/wiki/Daddy_Issues,_Part_One) [Highgate Vampire](/wiki/Highgate_Vampire), Giles confronts [his father](/wiki/Mr._Giles)and quits his studies for the Watchers Council. [Its All About the Mission](/wiki/It%27s_All_About_the_Mission) (flashback) [On Your Own, Part One](/wiki/On_Your_Own,_Part_One) (flashback) [On Your Own, Part One](/wiki/On_Your_Own,_Part_One) [Robin](/wiki/Robin_Wood), Crowley makes arrangements for her to go into hiding and live a normal life with the child.

    (background) [On Your Own, Part One](/wiki/On_Your_Own,_Part_One) (background) [I Wish, Part One](/wiki/I_Wish,_Part_One) [Hamelin demon](/wiki/Hamelin_demon)begins pulling vulnerable children into a hell dimension in which they can live out idealized versions of their childhoods. (flashback) [Orpheus](/wiki/Orpheus) (flashback) [Death and Consequences, Part Two](/wiki/Death_and_Consequences,_Part_Two) [Rippers crowd](/wiki/Ripper%27s_crowd)dabbles at summoning the demon [Eyghon](/wiki/Eyghon_the_Sleepwalker), but they lose control and their attempts at [exorcism](/wiki/Exorcism)result in [Randall](/wiki/Randall)s death. (background) [The Weight of the World](/wiki/The_Weight_of_the_World) [her hell dimension](/wiki/Glorificus%27_hell_dimension), [Glorificus](/wiki/Glorificus)is banished to Earth and bound within the body of the newborn [Ben](/wiki/Benjamin_Wilkinson). (flashback) [The Heart of a Slayer, Part One](/wiki/The_Heart_of_a_Slayer,_Part_One) (flashback) [Death and Consequences, Part Three](/wiki/Death_and_Consequences,_Part_Three)& [Four](/wiki/Death_and_Consequences,_Part_Four) [Wretched](/wiki/Wretched), Rupert Ripper Giles admits his failures to his grandmother [Edna](/wiki/Edna_Giles), who convinces him to return to the Watchers Council.

    [Blackout](/wiki/Blackout) [her son](/wiki/Robin_Wood), as Spike and Drusilla arrive in New York to hunt her down. [Spike in Rock n Roll All Night (and Sleep Every Day)](/wiki/Spike_in_%22Rock_%27n%27_Roll_All_Night_(and_Sleep_Every_Day)%22) (flashback) [Lies My Parents Told Me](/wiki/Lies_My_Parents_Told_Me) (flashback) [Fool for Love](/wiki/Fool_for_Love) (flashback) [Spike: Into the Light](/wiki/Spike:_Into_the_Light) (flashback) [Vermin, Part One](/wiki/Vermin,_Part_One) (background) [Live Through This, Part Three](/wiki/Live_Through_This,_Part_Three) [Ley Line War of 78](/wiki/Ley_Line_War_of_%2778). (flashback) [Giles: Beyond the Pale](/wiki/Giles:_Beyond_the_Pale) (background) [Lost and Found, Part One](/wiki/Lost_and_Found,_Part_One) [Walt Zane](/wiki/Walt_Zane)garners a Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology and founds [Zane Pharmaceuticals](/wiki/Zane_Pharmaceuticals)out of his garage. (background) [Surprise](/wiki/Surprise) [Joyce](/wiki/Joyce_Summers)and [Hank Summers](/wiki/Hank_Summers). [Two Teenage Girls at the Mall](/wiki/Two_Teenage_Girls_at_the_Mall) [Peri Bohr](/wiki/Peri_Bohr)s Cruciamentum. (flashback) [Only Human](/wiki/Only_Human) [Charles Gunn](/wiki/Charles_Gunn)in his grandmothers kitchen, after which time she begins instructing him in fighting vampires.

    (background) [Where the Wild Things Are](/wiki/Where_the_Wild_Things_Are) [Willow](/wiki/Willow_Rosenberg)has a bad birthday party pony experience, leading to a fear of horses. (flashback) [Ground State](/wiki/Ground_State) [Gwen Raiden](/wiki/Gwen_Raiden)enrolls at the [Thorpes Academy](/wiki/Thorpe%27s_Academy)and accidentally shocks a young boy. (background) [Welcome to the Hellmouth](/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Hellmouth) (background) [Grave](/wiki/Grave) (flashback) [The Blood of Carthage, Part One](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_One) [Xander](/wiki/Alexander_Harris)dubs Willow his sidekick as they play together. (flashback) [Play with Fire](/wiki/Play_with_Fire) (flashback) [Damage](/wiki/Damage) [Walter Kindel](/wiki/Walter_Kindel)kidnaps and tortures a ten-year-old [Dana](/wiki/Dana)after murdering her family; the girl will remain in a psychiatric hospital for 15 years afterward. (background) [Blind Date](/wiki/Blind_Date) [Vanessa Brewer](/wiki/Vanessa_Brewer)blinds herself and commences five years of a story with the [Order of the Nanjin](/wiki/Order_of_the_Nanjin). (flashback) [Killed by Death](/wiki/Killed_by_Death) [Der Kindestod](/wiki/Der_Kindestod). (flashback) [The Blood of Carthage, Part One](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_Two) (flashback) [Dead Love](/wiki/Dead_Love) (flashback) [Only Human](/wiki/Only_Human) [Alonna](/wiki/Alonna_Gunn)visit their grandmother in the hospital, grateful to be dying in bed rather than fighting a vampire.

    (background) [Lie to Me](/wiki/Lie_to_Me) [Billy Ford](/wiki/William_Fordham), who is a year ahead of her in school. (flashback) [The Blood of Carthage, Part Five](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_Five) (background) [Blind Date](/wiki/Blind_Date) [Buffy the Vampire Slayer](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_(film)) [Merrick](/wiki/Merrick)informs Buffy of her calling as a Slayer, a role she gradually accepts, defeating the vampire [Lothos](/wiki/Lothos). [Buffy the Vampire Slayer](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_(novel)) [The Code of the Samurai](/wiki/The_Code_of_the_Samurai) [current Slayer](/wiki/Unidentified_Mexican_Slayer)is killed by a Cohgara demon. [The Code of the Samurai](/wiki/The_Code_of_the_Samurai) [India Cohen](/wiki/India_Cohen)and her Watcher, Kit, must help a clan destroy their vampire-ancestor, along with 50 other warriors. (background) [Blind Date](/wiki/Blind_Date) (flashback) [A Hole in the World](/wiki/A_Hole_in_the_World) (flashback) [Shells](/wiki/Shells) [...Dust to Dust](/wiki/...Dust_to_Dust) (background) [Blind Date](/wiki/Blind_Date) (flashback) [Double or Nothing](/wiki/Double_or_Nothing) [Jenoff](/wiki/Jenoff)at his casino, sacrificing his future in exchange for his hearts desire.

    (background) [The Origin, Part One](/wiki/The_Origin,_Part_One) [Hemery High School](/wiki/Hemery_High_School). (flashback) [Orpheus](/wiki/Orpheus) [The Book of Fours](/wiki/The_Book_of_Fours) (flashback) [Twilight, Part Three](/wiki/Twilight,_Part_Three) [The Slayer who preceded Buffy](/wiki/Unidentified_Slayer_III_(Twilight))is killed by a vampire. (flashback) [Becoming, Part One](/wiki/Becoming,_Part_One) [Whistler](/wiki/Whistler)invites Angel to become a hero. (flashback) [Becoming, Part One](/wiki/Becoming,_Part_One) (flashback) [The First Time](/wiki/The_First_Time) [Robert Berman](/wiki/Robert_Berman), the first vampire she slayed. [The Origin](/wiki/The_Origin) [Lothos](/wiki/Lothos). (flashback) [Slayer](/wiki/Slayer_(novel)) [Athena](/wiki/Athena_Jamison-Smythe), [Artemis](/wiki/Artemis_Jamison-Smythe), and [Helen Jamison-Smythe](/wiki/Helen_Jamison-Smythe)visit Merricks grave and survive a vampire attack arranged by [Imogen Post](/wiki/Imogen_Post). (flashback) [Belonging](/wiki/Belonging) [Pylea](/wiki/Pylea), through which she exchanges places with Lorne. [Broken Parts](/wiki/Broken_Parts)– [The Big Fold](/wiki/The_Big_Fold) [Pike](/wiki/Pike)work undercover in a Las Vegas casino and defeat its vampires, as Angel provides hidden assistance.

    [Dawn and Hoopy the Bear](/wiki/Dawn_and_Hoopy_the_Bear) [stuffed bear](/wiki/Hoopy_the_Bear)is mistakenly delivered to [Dawn](/wiki/Dawn_Summers)instead of to Buffy. (background) [Normal Again](/wiki/Normal_Again) [Slayer, Interrupted, Part One](/wiki/Slayer,_Interrupted,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Slayer,_Interrupted,_Part_Four) [Rakagore](/wiki/Rakagore). [Angels We Have Seen on High](/wiki/Angels_We_Have_Seen_on_High) [A Stake to the Heart, Part One](/wiki/A_Stake_to_the_Heart,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/A_Stake_to_the_Heart,_Part_Four) 1996–1997 Taking place during [Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_season_1). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Episode*|| |[Welcome to the Hellmouth](/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Hellmouth) [Sunnydale High](/wiki/Sunnydale_High_School), where shes called back as a Slayer by her new watcher, Rupert Giles; the mysterious Angel offers advice. [The Harvest](/wiki/The_Harvest) [Jesse](/wiki/Jesse_McNally)and confronts the Masters minions to prevent the [Harvest](/wiki/Harvest). [The Harvest](/wiki/The_Harvest_(novel)) [Witch](/wiki/Witch_(episode)) [Scoobies](/wiki/Scooby_Gang)attempt to stop [a witch](/wiki/Catherine_Madison)intent on disrupting her daughter [Amy Madison](/wiki/Amy_Madison)s cheerleader tryouts.

    (background) [Reptile Boy](/wiki/Reptile_Boy) [Delta Zeta Kappa](/wiki/Delta_Zeta_Kappa)fraternity sacrifice two girls to the demon [Machida](/wiki/Machida). [Teachers Pet](/wiki/Teacher%27s_Pet) [She-Mantis](/wiki/She-Mantis)disguised as a substitute teacher. [The Xander Years, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Xander_Years,_Volume_1): Teachers Pet [Halloween Rain](/wiki/Halloween_Rain) [Night of the Living Rerun](/wiki/Night_of_the_Living_Rerun) [Freaks & Geeks](/wiki/Freaks_%26_Geeks) [Parental Parasite](/wiki/Parental_Parasite) [Cuclidus demon](/wiki/Cuclidus_demon)that has enthralled her mother into becoming its unwitting protector. [No Need to Fear, the Slayers Here](/wiki/No_Need_to_Fear,_the_Slayer%27s_Here) [Glutton for Punishment](/wiki/Glutton_for_Punishment) [Never Kill a Boy on the First Date](/wiki/Never_Kill_a_Boy_on_the_First_Date) [Owen Thurman](/wiki/Owen_Thurman)while the Master arranges the rising of the [Anointed One](/wiki/Anointed_One), his greatest warrior. [The Pack](/wiki/The_Pack) [a group of bullies](/wiki/Pack)are possessed by demonic hyenas. [The Xander Years, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Xander_Years,_Volume_2): The Pack [Angel](/wiki/Angel_(episode)) [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_1): Angel [Buffy the Animated Series pilot](/wiki/Buffy_the_Animated_Series_pilot) [Morgala](/wiki/Morgala), a large dragon attacks the Sunnydale High library.

    (dream) [After These Messages... Well Be Right Back!](/wiki/After_These_Messages..._We%27ll_Be_Right_Back!) [I Robot, You Jane](/wiki/I_Robot,_You_Jane) [Moloch](/wiki/Moloch_the_Corruptor)escapes into the Internet, manipulating students (including Willow) so he can be moved in a robot body. [The Willow Files, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Willow_Files,_Volume_1): I Robot, You Jane [The Puppet Show](/wiki/The_Puppet_Show) [Sid](/wiki/Sid), who they suspect is inhabited by a murderous demon. [Nightmares](/wiki/Nightmares) [Billy Palmer](/wiki/Billy_Palmer)in a coma. [Out of Mind, Out of Sight](/wiki/Out_of_Mind,_Out_of_Sight) [Cordelia](/wiki/Cordelia_Chase)when she becomes the target of an invisible apparition of the vengeful former student [Marcie Ross](/wiki/Marcie_Ross). [The Cordelia Collection](/wiki/The_Cordelia_Collection): Out of Mind, Out of Sight [Prophecy Girl](/wiki/Prophecy_Girl) [Dust](/wiki/Dust) [Absalom Rising](/wiki/Absalom_Rising) [Looks Can Kill](/wiki/Looks_Can_Kill) [Jenny](/wiki/Jennifer_Calendar)must deal with a shapeshifter before it gets to the Slayer. [No Place Like...](/wiki/No_Place_Like...) [Uncle Dead and the Fourth of July](/wiki/Uncle_Dead_and_the_Fourth_of_July) [The Show Must Go On](/wiki/The_Show_Must_Go_On) [MacGuffins](/wiki/MacGuffins) [Coyote Moon](/wiki/Coyote_Moon) 1997–1998 Taking place during [Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_season_4).

    |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Episode||B2.01 |[Some Assembly Required](/wiki/Some_Assembly_Required) [Chris Epps](/wiki/Chris_Epps)attempts to assemble a female companion for his revived brother [Daryl](/wiki/Daryl_Epps). [The Cordelia Collection](/wiki/The_Cordelia_Collection): Some Assembly Required [The Problem with Vampires](/wiki/The_Problem_with_Vampires) [Spike and Dru: The Queen of Hearts](/wiki/Spike_and_Dru:_The_Queen_of_Hearts) [School Hard](/wiki/School_Hard) [Anointed One](/wiki/Anointed_One). [Inca Mummy Girl](/wiki/Inca_Mummy_Girl) [mummy](/wiki/Mummy), originally a 16-year-old [Inca Princess](/wiki/Inca_Princess), revives and begins stealing others life forces to remain alive. [The Xander Years, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Xander_Years,_Volume_1): Inca Mummy Girl [Reptile Boy](/wiki/Reptile_Boy) [a fraternity](/wiki/Delta_Zeta_Kappa)party, unaware that the brothers are members of a cult making sacrifices to the demon [Machida](/wiki/Machida). [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_1): Reptile Boy [Halloween](/wiki/Halloween) [Ethan Rayne](/wiki/Ethan_Rayne)sets up a shop in town, casting a spell that causes people to become the characters their [Halloween](/wiki/Halloween_(holiday))costumes portray.

    [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_2): Halloween [Lie to Me](/wiki/Lie_to_Me) [Ford](/wiki/William_Fordham)comes to town, but hes secretly plotting to betray her to be turned into a vampire himself. [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_1): Lie to Me [Bad Bargain](/wiki/Bad_Bargain) [The Suicide King](/wiki/The_Suicide_King) [The Dark Age](/wiki/The_Dark_Age) [Philip Henry](/wiki/Philip_Henry), the Scoobies learn [Eyghon the Sleepwalker](/wiki/Eyghon_the_Sleepwalker)is haunting him and Ethan Rayne. (flashback) [Death and Consequences, Part Three](/wiki/Death_and_Consequences,_Part_Three) [Whats My Line? Part One](/wiki/What%27s_My_Line%3F_Part_One) [Kendra](/wiki/Kendra_Young). [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_2): Whats My Line? Part One [Whats My Line? Part Two](/wiki/What%27s_My_Line%3F_Part_Two) [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_2): Whats My Line? Part Two [Keep Me in Mind](/wiki/Keep_Me_in_Mind) [Colony](/wiki/Colony) [Night Terrors](/wiki/Night_Terrors) [Afterimage](/wiki/Afterimage) [Carnival of Souls](/wiki/Carnival_of_Souls) [Ted](/wiki/Ted) [Ted](/wiki/Ted_Buchanan), but Buffy sees a side of him the others cannot, leading to a critical confrontation.

    [Broken Bottle of Djinn](/wiki/Broken_Bottle_of_Djinn) [Bad Eggs](/wiki/Bad_Eggs) [Bezoar](/wiki/Bezoar)demons seeking to distribute more of their mothers offspring. [Portal Through Time](/wiki/Portal_Through_Time) [Surprise](/wiki/Surprise) [Judge](/wiki/Judge)as a present for Drusilla; Buffy and Angel share their first intimate night together, causing him to lose his soul. [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 3](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_3): Surprise [Innocence](/wiki/Innocence) [Jenny](/wiki/Jennifer_Calendar)is revealed as a member of the Kalderash. [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 3](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_3): Innocence [Phases](/wiki/Phases) [Cain](/wiki/Cain)to find a werewolf that is terrorizing Sunnydale, leading to a revelation about [Oz](/wiki/Daniel_Osbourne). [The Willow Files, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Willow_Files,_Volume_1): Phases [Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered](/wiki/Bewitched,_Bothered_and_Bewildered) [The Xander Years, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Xander_Years,_Volume_1): Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered [Passion](/wiki/Passion) [The Angel Chronicles, Volume 3](/wiki/The_Angel_Chronicles,_Volume_3): Passion [Ring of Fire](/wiki/Ring_of_Fire) [One Thing or Your Mother](/wiki/One_Thing_or_Your_Mother) [Killed by Death](/wiki/Killed_by_Death) [Der Kindestod](/wiki/Der_Kindestod), a demon that preys on sick children and may have a connection to her past.

    [I Only Have Eyes for You](/wiki/I_Only_Have_Eyes_for_You) [Go Fish](/wiki/Go_Fish) [The Xander Years, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Xander_Years,_Volume_2): Go Fish [Becoming, Part One](/wiki/Becoming,_Part_One) [Acathla](/wiki/Acathla), a demon that came to suck the world into Hell. [Becoming, Part Two](/wiki/Becoming,_Part_Two) [Spike and Dru: Paint the Town Red](/wiki/Spike_and_Dru:_Paint_the_Town_Red) [Go Ask Malice: A Slayers Diary](/wiki/Go_Ask_Malice) [Faith](/wiki/Faith_Lehane)is shipped off to a foster home, where she learns about her destiny as a Slayer and fights an evil force called Malice. (flashback) [Safe](/wiki/Safe) [the Third](/wiki/The_Third) escapes. 1998–1999 Taking place during [Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_season_3). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Novel* | (Flashback) |Buffy: |[Athena](/wiki/Athena_Jamison-Smythe)and Artemis survive a magical house fire. Their mother rescues Artemis first, and Nina becomes asthmatic. [Anne](/wiki/Anne_(episode)) [Dead Mans Party](/wiki/Dead_Man%27s_Party) [The Willow Files, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Willow_Files,_Volume_1): Dead Mans Party (flashback) [The Waiting](/wiki/The_Waiting) [Sasha Kopeki](/wiki/Sasha_Kopeki)and denies that the vampire was the same girl she once met in school.

    [Wu-Tang Fang](/wiki/Wu-Tang_Fang) [San Sui](/wiki/San_Sui)seeking a worthy adversary. [Faith, Hope & Trick](/wiki/Faith,_Hope_%26_Trick) [Trick](/wiki/Trick); Angel escapes hell. [The Faith Trials](/wiki/The_Faith_Trials): Faith, Hope & Trick [Beauty and the Beasts](/wiki/Beauty_and_the_Beasts) [Peter Clarner](/wiki/Peter_Clarner). [Halloween](/wiki/Halloween_(comic)) [Homecoming](/wiki/Homecoming) [SlayerFest 98](/wiki/SlayerFest_%2798), arranged by Trick. [The Cordelia Collection](/wiki/The_Cordelia_Collection): Homecoming [Band Candy](/wiki/Band_Candy) [Sunnydale High](/wiki/Sunnydale_High_School)students are coerced into selling tainted chocolate bars that revert adults to their teenage personalities. [Sins of the Father](/wiki/Sins_of_the_Father) [Pike](/wiki/Pike)is reunited with Buffy pursued by the demon Grayhewn, while Giles new love interest may have a secret connection to his past. [Revelations](/wiki/Revelations) [Gwendolyn Post](/wiki/Gwendolyn_Post)arrives to evaluate Giles. [The Faith Trials](/wiki/The_Faith_Trials): Revelations [Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox)](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_(Xbox)) [Order of Aurelius](/wiki/Order_of_Aurelius)from resurrecting the Master in a new body.

    [The Dust Waltz](/wiki/The_Dust_Waltz) [Jane](/wiki/Jane_(human))comes to visit, the sisters [Lilith](/wiki/Lilith_(The_Dust_Waltz))and [Lamia](/wiki/Lamia)also arrive in town for a ritualistic battle of champions. [Blooded](/wiki/Blooded) [Child of the Hunt](/wiki/Child_of_the_Hunt) [Resurrecting Ravana](/wiki/Resurrecting_Ravana) [The Gatekeeper Trilogy](/wiki/The_Gatekeeper_Trilogy) [Cold Turkey](/wiki/Cold_Turkey) [Selke](/wiki/Selke)returns surviving the Slayer on Halloween. (flashback) [Fool for Love](/wiki/Fool_for_Love) [Lovers Walk](/wiki/Lovers_Walk) [Dance with Me](/wiki/Dance_with_Me) [Ghoul Trouble](/wiki/Ghoul_Trouble) [Bronze](/wiki/Bronze)seems to have an unusual power over its audience. [The Wish](/wiki/The_Wish) [The Evil That Men Do](/wiki/The_Evil_That_Men_Do) [White Christmas](/wiki/White_Christmas) [Amends](/wiki/Amends) [First Evil](/wiki/First_Evil), who appears as his past victims to force him to kill Buffy. [Numb](/wiki/Numb) [Happy New Year](/wiki/Happy_New_Year) [hellhound](/wiki/Hellhound). [Rogues Gallery](/wiki/Rogues_Gallery) [New Kid on the Block, Part One](/wiki/New_Kid_on_the_Block,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/New_Kid_on_the_Block,_Part_Two) [Cynthia](/wiki/Cynthia_(demon)), who may be harboring a deadly secret.

    [The Final Cut](/wiki/The_Final_Cut) [Play with Fire](/wiki/Play_with_Fire) [The Latest Craze](/wiki/The_Latest_Craze) [Hooligan](/wiki/Hooligan)dolls inspires obsession in town, but Ethan is behind the less-than-cuddly beasts. [Hey, Good Lookin, Part One](/wiki/Hey,_Good_Lookin%27,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/Hey,_Good_Lookin%27,_Part_One) [A Boy Named Sue](/wiki/A_Boy_Named_Sue) [Todd Dahl](/wiki/Todd_Dahl)by making him experience living as a girl. Meanwhile, Dr. [Flitter](/wiki/Flitter)creates the [bad blood](/wiki/Bad_blood)for Selke. [Gingerbread](/wiki/Gingerbread) [The Willow Files, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Willow_Files,_Volume_2): Gingerbread [Bad Dog](/wiki/Bad_Dog) [Food Chain, Part One](/wiki/A_Nice_Girl_Like_You)& [Two](/wiki/The_Food_Chain) [Hello Moon](/wiki/Hello_Moon) [Cursed](/wiki/Cursed_(comic)) [Bad Blood, Part Four](/wiki/Delia%27s_Gone)– [Six](/wiki/Lost_Highway) [new bloods](/wiki/New_blood), Spike and Dru sabotage Dr. Flitters creations. [The Book of Fours](/wiki/The_Book_of_Fours) [Helpless](/wiki/Helpless) [The Journals of Rupert Giles](/wiki/The_Journals_of_Rupert_Giles): Helpless [Bad Blood, Part Seven](/wiki/Your_Cheatin%27_Heart)– [Nine](/wiki/Old_Friend) [Dark Slayer](/wiki/Dark_Slayer_(third_attempt)).

    [Dead Love](/wiki/Dead_Love) [Obsidian Fate](/wiki/Obsidian_Fate) [Paleo](/wiki/Paleo) [The Zeppo](/wiki/The_Zeppo) [The Xander Years, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Xander_Years,_Volume_2): The Zeppo [The Deathless](/wiki/The_Deathless) [Stinger](/wiki/Stinger) [Mall Rats](/wiki/Mall_Rats) [Spike and Dru: Who Made Who?](/wiki/Spike_and_Dru:_Who_Made_Who%3F) [Bad Girls](/wiki/Bad_Girls) [Allan Finch](/wiki/Allan_Finch). [The Faith Trials](/wiki/The_Faith_Trials): Bad Girls [Consequences](/wiki/Consequences) [The Faith Trials](/wiki/The_Faith_Trials): Consequences [Doppelgängland](/wiki/Doppelg%C3%A4ngland) [Wishverse](/wiki/Wishverse)Willow into their reality. [The Willow Files, Volume 2](/wiki/The_Willow_Files,_Volume_2): Doppelgängland [Doomsday Deck](/wiki/Doomsday_Deck) [Immortal](/wiki/Immortal) (flashback) [Again](/wiki/Again) [Enemies](/wiki/Enemies) [Angel: The Hollower](/wiki/Angel:_The_Hollower) [Catherine DeLancie](/wiki/Catherine_DeLancie)to stop the [Hollower](/wiki/Hollower), who extracts the demonic essence from vampires. [Prime Evil](/wiki/Prime_Evil) [Revenant](/wiki/Revenant) [Earshot](/wiki/Earshot) [Choices](/wiki/Choices) [The Willow Files, Volume 1](/wiki/The_Willow_Files,_Volume_1): Choices [Power of Persuasion](/wiki/Power_of_Persuasion) (background) [Gone](/wiki/Gone) [Andrew Wells](/wiki/Andrew_Wells)summons flying monkeys to attack the school play, an incident the Scoobies will later have no recollection of.

    [The Prom](/wiki/The_Prom) [hellhounds](/wiki/Hellhound)from disrupting the schools prom. [Return to Chaos](/wiki/Return_to_Chaos) [Visitors](/wiki/Visitors) [Unnatural Selection](/wiki/Unnatural_Selection) [Deep Water](/wiki/Deep_Water) [Here Be Monsters](/wiki/Here_Be_Monsters) [Graduation Day, Part One](/wiki/Graduation_Day,_Part_One) [Graduation Day, Part Two](/wiki/Graduation_Day,_Part_Two) [Sunnydale High Yearbook](/wiki/Sunnydale_High_Yearbook_(novel)) [yearbook](/wiki/Sunnydale_High_Yearbook). [Double Cross](/wiki/Double_Cross) [Haunted](/wiki/Haunted_(Buffy_miniseries)) 1999–2000 Taking place during [Buffy season 4](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_season_4) and [Angel season 1](/wiki/Angel_season_1). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic*||Angel: |[Doyle](/wiki/Allen_Francis_Doyle)investigates her death, uncovering a shop with a grisly clientele. [Angel pitch tape](/wiki/Angel_pitch_tape) [City Of](/wiki/City_Of) [City Of](/wiki/City_Of_(novel)) [The Freshman](/wiki/The_Freshman) [Take Back the Night](/wiki/Take_Back_the_Night) [Living Conditions](/wiki/Living_Conditions) [Killing Time](/wiki/Killing_Time) [Lonely Heart](/wiki/Lonely_Heart) [Kate Lockley](/wiki/Kate_Lockley)suspects Angel of being behind a series of mysterious killings surrounding a trendy singles club.

    [Not Forgotten](/wiki/Not_Forgotten) [The Harsh Light of Day](/wiki/The_Harsh_Light_of_Day) [Parker Abrams](/wiki/Parker_Abrams), Spike returns to town searching for the [Gem of Amara](/wiki/Gem_of_Amara). [In the Dark](/wiki/In_the_Dark) [Marcus](/wiki/Marcus_(vampire))to wrest the location of the invincibility-granting Gem of Amara from Angel. [Fear Itself](/wiki/Fear_Itself) [Gachnar](/wiki/Gachnar)preying on their phobias. [Surrogates, Part One](/wiki/Surrogates,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Surrogates,_Part_Three) [I Fall to Pieces](/wiki/I_Fall_to_Pieces) [a woman](/wiki/Melissa_Burns)being stalked by [a surgeon](/wiki/Ronald_Meltzer)who can detach and control his body parts at will. [The Changeling Wife](/wiki/The_Changeling_Wife) [Beer Bad](/wiki/Beer_Bad) [Neanderthals](/wiki/Neanderthals). [Rm w/a Vu](/wiki/Rm_w/a_Vu) [The Lost Slayer](/wiki/The_Lost_Slayer) (background) [Blind Date](/wiki/Blind_Date) [Lindsey McDonald](/wiki/Lindsey_McDonald)represents double-homicide suspect [Vanessa Brewer](/wiki/Vanessa_Brewer), resulting in her release on bail. [Wild at Heart](/wiki/Wild_at_Heart) [Veruca](/wiki/Veruca), who — as a werewolf herself — encourages him to fully embrace his wild side.

    [Oz: Into the Wild](/wiki/Oz:_Into_the_Wild) [Oz](/wiki/Oz_(miniseries)) (flashback) [Retreat, Part Two](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_Two) [Bayarmaa](/wiki/Bayarmaa)and a group of Tibetan monks to suppress his werewolf transformations, leaving when he believes himself cured. [Sense & Sensitivity](/wiki/Sense_%26_Sensitivity) [The Initiative](/wiki/The_Initiative) [Initiative](/wiki/Initiative)after escaping from an expansive laboratory complex beneath the grounds of the college. [The Bachelor Party](/wiki/The_Bachelor_Party) [wife](/wiki/Harriet)comes looking for a divorce and his blessing for her to remarry, but the ceremony may have sinister implications. [Close to the Ground](/wiki/Close_to_the_Ground) [Soul Trade](/wiki/Soul_Trade) [Redemption](/wiki/Redemption) [Shakedown](/wiki/Shakedown) [Point of Order](/wiki/Point_of_Order) [Hollywood Noir](/wiki/Hollywood_Noir) [Avatar](/wiki/Avatar) [The Nepalese Switcheroo](/wiki/The_Nepalese_Switcheroo) [Bruja](/wiki/Bruja) [The Summoned](/wiki/The_Summoned) [Pangs](/wiki/Pangs) [I Will Remember You](/wiki/I_Will_Remember_You) [Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Game Boy Color)](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_(Game_Boy_Color)) [Something Blue](/wiki/Something_Blue) [Hero](/wiki/Hero) [Lister](/wiki/Lister)demons, but the crisis forces Doyle to reveal secrets and make the ultimate sacrifice.

    [Earthly Possessions, Part One](/wiki/Earthly_Possessions,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Earthly_Possessions,_Part_Three) [an excommunicated priest](/wiki/Gaetano_Noe)who repeatedly appears to perform exorcisms. [Lovely, Dark and Deep](/wiki/Lovely,_Dark_and_Deep) [Hush](/wiki/Hush) [Doomed](/wiki/Doomed) [Parting Gifts](/wiki/Parting_Gifts) [Wesley](/wiki/Wesley_Wyndam-Pryce)joins [Angel Investigations](/wiki/Angel_Investigations), Cordelia exhibits strange new abilities — which [an adversary](/wiki/Barney)attempts to capitalize on. [Foreshadowing](/wiki/Foreshadowing) [Somnambulist](/wiki/Somnambulist) [Beneath the Surface, Part One](/wiki/Beneath_the_Surface,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/Beneath_the_Surface,_Part_Two) [A New Man](/wiki/A_New_Man) [Fyarl demon](/wiki/Fyarl_demon)and needs Spikes help to track Rayne down and reverse the spell. [The Journals of Rupert Giles](/wiki/The_Journals_of_Rupert_Giles): A New Man [Expecting](/wiki/Expecting) [Haxil beast](/wiki/Haxil_beast)s breeding plot. [Strange Bedfellows, Part One](/wiki/Strange_Bedfellows,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/Strange_Bedfellows,_Part_Two) [The I in Team](/wiki/The_I_in_Team) [Maggie Walsh](/wiki/Maggie_Walsh)assesses Buffy as a threat and sends her on a mission from which she is unlikely to return.

    [The Blood of Carthage, Part One](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/The_Blood_of_Carthage,_Part_Five) [Cemetery of Lost Love](/wiki/Cemetery_of_Lost_Love) [Baron Samedi](/wiki/Baron_Samedi)and a host of zombies to achieve her goal. [She](/wiki/She) [Jhiera](/wiki/Jhiera), a demon princess trying to save females from her dimension. [Goodbye Iowa](/wiki/Goodbye_Iowa) [Adam](/wiki/Adam)escapes the Initiative and begins a morbid investigation into his nature, and [Riley](/wiki/Riley_Finn)suffers the effects of drug withdrawal. [Wrath of the Darkhul King](/wiki/Wrath_of_the_Darkhul_King) [Ive Got You Under My Skin](/wiki/I%27ve_Got_You_Under_My_Skin) [exorcises](/wiki/Exorcism)an [Ethros demon](/wiki/Ethros_demon)from a possessed child, uncovering an even graver threat to the family. [Vermin, Part One](/wiki/Vermin,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/Vermin,_Part_Two) [This Years Girl](/wiki/This_Year%27s_Girl) [Who Are You?](/wiki/Who_Are_You%3F) [The Prodigal](/wiki/The_Prodigal) [her father](/wiki/Trevor_Lockley)may be unwittingly working with demon drug-runners, demons who have now ordered his death. [Giles: Beyond the Pale](/wiki/Giles:_Beyond_the_Pale) [All That You Do Comes Back Unto Thee](/wiki/All_That_You_Do_Comes_Back_Unto_Thee) [The Ring](/wiki/The_Ring) [combat arena](/wiki/XXI).

    [Little Girl Lost](/wiki/Little_Girl_Lost) [Jonathan: Codename: Comrades](/wiki/Jonathan:_Codename:_Comrades) [Jonathan](/wiki/Jonathan_Levinson)enlists the Scoobies help in taking on a crime ring of Russian vampires. [Superstar](/wiki/Superstar) [Eternity](/wiki/Eternity) [an actress](/wiki/Rebecca_Lowell)who wants to use Angels vampire abilities to keep her looking young forever. [One Small Promise](/wiki/One_Small_Promise) [Where the Wild Things Are](/wiki/Where_the_Wild_Things_Are) [house](/wiki/Lowell_House), wreaking havoc. [Past Lives, Part One](/wiki/Past_Lives,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Past_Lives,_Part_Four) [Lost and Found](/wiki/Lost_and_Found)– [Out of the Fire, Into the Hive](/wiki/Out_of_the_Fire,_Into_the_Hive) [Five by Five](/wiki/Five_by_Five) [New Moon Rising](/wiki/New_Moon_Rising) (flashback) [Retreat, Part Two](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_Two) [Punish Me with Kisses](/wiki/Punish_Me_with_Kisses) [Tara](/wiki/Tara_Maclay)must reconcile a ghostly couple haunting a bed and breakfast. [Sanctuary](/wiki/Sanctuary) [City of Despair](/wiki/City_of_Despair) [The Yoko Factor](/wiki/The_Yoko_Factor) [War Zone](/wiki/War_Zone) [a group](/wiki/Gunn%27s_crew)of vampire hunters led by Gunn, who is trying to rescue [his sister](/wiki/Alonna_Gunn)from a nest of vampires.

    [Primeval](/wiki/Primeval) [Blind Date](/wiki/Blind_Date) [Restless](/wiki/Restless) [To Shanshu in L.A.](/wiki/To_Shanshu_in_L.A.) [raise](/wiki/Raising)a great evil, and starts by cursing Cordelia, killing the [Oracles](/wiki/Powers_That_Be), and destroying Angels apartment. [Cordelia](/wiki/Cordelia_(comic)) [Dennis](/wiki/Dennis_Pearson)must foil a demon trying to recover it. [Unseen](/wiki/Unseen) (flashback) [Father](/wiki/Father_(story)) [Tom Mitchell](/wiki/Tom_Mitchell)visits the pier with his now-aged son Cyrus. 2000–2001 Taking place during [Buffy season 5](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_season_5) and [Angel season 2](/wiki/Angel_season_2). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Episode | (flashback) |B5.05 |[Order of Dagon](/wiki/Order_of_Dagon)succeed in transforming the [Key](/wiki/Key)into human form, but are attacked by [Glorificus](/wiki/Glorificus). [Judgment](/wiki/Judgment) [a demon karaoke bar](/wiki/Caritas). [Haunted (Prologue)](/wiki/Haunted_(Prologue)) [Buffy vs. Dracula](/wiki/Buffy_vs._Dracula) [Are You Now or Have You Ever Been](/wiki/Are_You_Now_or_Have_You_Ever_Been) [Thesulac demon](/wiki/Thesulac_demon)living therein and choosing to make it the teams new headquarters.

    [Real Me](/wiki/Real_Me) [Harmony](/wiki/Harmony_Kendall)and her minions kidnap her as bait in a trap for Buffy. [Willow & Tara: Demonology Menagerie](/wiki/Willow_%26_Tara:_Demonology_Menagerie) [Image](/wiki/Image) [Stranger to the Sun](/wiki/Stranger_to_the_Sun) [First Impressions](/wiki/First_Impressions) [Long Nights Journey](/wiki/Long_Night%27s_Journey) [The Replacement](/wiki/The_Replacement) [Remember the Beginning](/wiki/Remember_the_Beginning)– [Remember the End](/wiki/Remember_the_End) [Willow & Tara: WannaBlessedBe](/wiki/Willow_%26_Tara:_WannaBlessedBe) [Out of My Mind](/wiki/Out_of_My_Mind) [Untouched](/wiki/Untouched) [Lilah](/wiki/Lilah_Morgan)schemes to forge [an abused runaway](/wiki/Bethany_Chaulk)with telekinetic powers into an assassin for Wolfram & Hart by playing on her insecurities. [No Place Like Home](/wiki/No_Place_Like_Home) [These Our Actors](/wiki/These_Our_Actors) [Dear Boy](/wiki/Dear_Boy) [Family](/wiki/Family) [The Heart of a Slayer, Part One](/wiki/The_Heart_of_a_Slayer,_Part_One)– [Two](/wiki/The_Heart_of_a_Slayer,_Part_Two) [Guise Will Be Guise](/wiki/Guise_Will_Be_Guise) [his daughter](/wiki/Virginia_Bryce), but the client may have hidden motives.

    [Fool for Love](/wiki/Fool_for_Love) [Darla](/wiki/Darla_(episode)) [Shadow](/wiki/Shadow) [summons](/wiki/Sobekian_transmogrification_spell)a demon to find the Key, and Riley feels increasingly disconnected from Buffys world. [The Shroud of Rahmon](/wiki/The_Shroud_of_Rahmon) [Shroud of Rahmon](/wiki/Shroud_of_Rahmon), but the garment has a violent effect, leading to a confrontation with Kate. [Listening to Fear](/wiki/Listening_to_Fear) [Queller demon](/wiki/Queller_demon)preys on the increasing number of mentally ill patients, targeting Joyce as well. [The Trial](/wiki/The_Trial) [Into the Woods](/wiki/Into_the_Woods) [Reunion](/wiki/Reunion) (flashback) [The Body](/wiki/The_Body) [Triangle](/wiki/Triangle) [a troll](/wiki/Olaf), who wreaks havoc throughout Sunnydale. [Redefinition](/wiki/Redefinition) [Checkpoint](/wiki/Checkpoint) [Blood Money](/wiki/Blood_Money) [a shelter](/wiki/East_Hills_Teen_Center)for teen runaways, while the others form their own detective agency. [Happy Anniversary](/wiki/Happy_Anniversary) [Lorne](/wiki/Krevlornswath_of_the_Deathwok_Clan)and Angel search for a physicist whose experiments with time may have catastrophic effects. [Blood Ties](/wiki/Blood_Ties) [The Journals of Rupert Giles](/wiki/The_Journals_of_Rupert_Giles): Blood Ties [The Thin Dead Line](/wiki/The_Thin_Dead_Line) [The Wisdom of War](/wiki/The_Wisdom_of_War) [Crush](/wiki/Crush) [Reprise](/wiki/Reprise) [Senior Partners](/wiki/Senior_Partners)coming to Earth for the [75 Year Review](/wiki/75_Year_Review), Angel seeks an artifact that will protect him, but Darla has the same idea.

    [Epiphany](/wiki/Epiphany) [Skilosh demons](/wiki/Skilosh_demon). [I Was Made to Love You](/wiki/I_Was_Made_to_Love_You) [an odd girl](/wiki/April)doggedly wandering around looking for [her boyfriend](/wiki/Warren_Mears)may be more than she appears. [The Body](/wiki/The_Body) [Forever](/wiki/Forever) [Night of a Thousand Vampires](/wiki/Night_of_a_Thousand_Vampires) [Disharmony](/wiki/Disharmony) [an inspirational speaker](/wiki/Doug_Sanders). [Vengeance](/wiki/Vengeance) [Dead End](/wiki/Dead_End) [Haunted](/wiki/Haunted_(novel)) [Ugly Little Monsters, Part One](/wiki/Ugly_Little_Monsters,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Ugly_Little_Monsters,_Part_Three) [Chaos Bleeds](/wiki/Chaos_Bleeds_(comic)) [Chaos Bleeds](/wiki/Chaos_Bleeds_(game)) [Chaos Bleeds](/wiki/Chaos_Bleeds_(novel)) (flashback) [Retreat, Part Two](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_Two) [Intervention](/wiki/Intervention) [a robot](/wiki/Buffybot)before being captured by Glory in her search for the Key. [Tempted Champions](/wiki/Tempted_Champions) [Little Things](/wiki/Little_Things) [Crossings](/wiki/Crossings) [Sweet Sixteen](/wiki/Sweet_Sixteen) [Untitled](/wiki/Angel_(untitled)) [Belonging](/wiki/Belonging) [a demon warrior](/wiki/Landokmar_of_the_Deathwok_Clan)through a dimensional portal.

    [Over the Rainbow](/wiki/Over_the_Rainbow) [Pylea](/wiki/Pylea), where humans are enslaved and Cordelias visions have marked her as cursed. [Tough Love](/wiki/Tough_Love) [Spiral](/wiki/Spiral) [Knights of Byzantium](/wiki/Knights_of_Byzantium), who are intent on killing Dawn. [Through the Looking Glass](/wiki/Through_the_Looking_Glass) [Groosalugg](/wiki/Groosalugg), while Angel saves the runaway Fred, and Wesley and Gunn meet a group of human rebels. [The Weight of the World](/wiki/The_Weight_of_the_World) [The Gift](/wiki/The_Gift) [Theres No Place Like Plrtz Glrb](/wiki/There%27s_No_Place_Like_Plrtz_Glrb) [the ruling priest](/wiki/Silas)plots to kill all humans, the rebels plan an attack while Cordelia tries to stop a lethal fight between Angel and Groo. [Lost and Found](/wiki/Lost_and_Found_(one-shot)) [The Death of Buffy, Part One](/wiki/The_Death_of_Buffy,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/The_Death_of_Buffy,_Part_Three) 2001–2002 Taking place during [Buffy season 6](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_season_6) and [Angel season 3](/wiki/Angel_season_3). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Novel*||Angel: |[Heartthrob](/wiki/Heartthrob) [Elisabeth](/wiki/Elisabeth), her lover [James](/wiki/James_(vampire))has himself surgically altered to become invincible and exact vengeance.

    [That Vision-Thing](/wiki/That_Vision-Thing) [Bargaining, Part One](/wiki/Bargaining,_Part_One) [Bargaining, Part Two](/wiki/Bargaining,_Part_Two) [Demon bikers](/wiki/Hellion)ravage Sunnydale as Buffy — resurrected within her coffin — wanders the streets, disoriented and confused. [Sanctuary](/wiki/Sanctuary_(novel)) [That Old Gang of Mine](/wiki/That_Old_Gang_of_Mine) [After Life](/wiki/After_Life) [Child of Words](/wiki/Child_of_Words)— brought about by Buffys resurrection spell — terrorizes the gang, and Buffy makes a startling revelation to Spike. [Carpe Noctem](/wiki/Carpe_Noctem) [Flooded](/wiki/Flooded) [Trio](/wiki/Trio)of villains launches plans to defeat the Slayer and take over. [Fredless](/wiki/Fredless) [Life Serial](/wiki/Life_Serial) [Reunion](/wiki/Reunion_(comic)) [Spike in Rock n Roll All Night (and Sleep Every Day)](/wiki/Spike_in_%22Rock_%27n%27_Roll_All_Night_(and_Sleep_Every_Day)%22) [Willow & Tara: Wilderness](/wiki/Willow_%26_Tara:_Wilderness) [Creatures of Habit](/wiki/Creatures_of_Habit) [Billy](/wiki/Billy_(episode)) [a man](/wiki/William_Blim)who can instill murderous misogyny in other men with just a touch. [All the Way](/wiki/All_the_Way) (flashback) [Retreat, Part Two](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_Two) [Monroe](/wiki/Monroe)seeks out Ozs retreat in Tibet seeking a cure to his lycanthropy, his efforts quickly showing promise.

    [Monster Island](/wiki/Monster_Island) [Endangered Species](/wiki/Endangered_Species) [Impressions](/wiki/Impressions) [Offspring](/wiki/Offspring) [portentous](/wiki/Portent)arrival, an angry and very pregnant Darla shows up at the hotel looking for Angel. (flashback) [Selfless](/wiki/Selfless) [Once More, with Feeling](/wiki/Once_More,_with_Feeling) [Sweet](/wiki/Sweet)induces all of Sunnydale to break into song, a development that leads to the revelation of closely held secrets. [Quickening](/wiki/Quickening) [Tabula Rasa](/wiki/Tabula_Rasa) [Blood and Fog](/wiki/Blood_and_Fog) [Lullaby](/wiki/Lullaby) [Smashed](/wiki/Smashed) [Wrecked](/wiki/Wrecked) [warlock](/wiki/Rack), but Willow must confront her addiction when her carelessness brings Dawn to harm. [Again](/wiki/Again) [Dad](/wiki/Dad) [her newborn child](/wiki/Connor)from multiple attacks at the hotel as Holtz recruits [a new follower](/wiki/Justine_Cooper). [The House Where Death Stood Still](/wiki/The_House_Where_Death_Stood_Still) [A Joyful Noise](/wiki/A_Joyful_Noise) [I Still Believe](/wiki/I_Still_Believe) [It Can Happen to You](/wiki/It_Can_Happen_to_You) [Model Behavior](/wiki/Model_Behavior) [Have Gunn, Will Travel](/wiki/Have_Gunn,_Will_Travel) [Generous Presence](/wiki/Generous_Presence) [The Anchoress](/wiki/The_Anchoress) [Bummed Out](/wiki/Bummed_Out) [Icicle Memories](/wiki/Icicle_Memories) [Yoke of the Soul](/wiki/Yoke_of_the_Soul) [The Sun Child](/wiki/The_Sun_Child) [Gone](/wiki/Gone) [A social worker](/wiki/Doris_Kroeger)threatens to remove Dawn from Buffys custody, and the Trio develops an invisibility ray — accidentally using it on Buffy.

    [Birthday](/wiki/Birthday) [Skip](/wiki/Skip)— visits an alternate reality in which she never received them. [Provider](/wiki/Provider) [Doublemeat Palace](/wiki/Doublemeat_Palace) [a fast food chain](/wiki/Doublemeat_Palace_(business)), but several strange events lead her to believe the food may be something other than beef. [Fearless](/wiki/Fearless) [Waiting in the Wings](/wiki/Waiting_in_the_Wings) [Withdrawal](/wiki/Withdrawal) [Velatti](/wiki/Velatti), having survived the Faint club assault, enlists Hoopy the Bear in a plan for revenge against Buffy. [Dead Things](/wiki/Dead_Things) [his ex-girlfriend](/wiki/Katrina_Silber)after a plan goes awry, the Trio uses magic to convince Buffy that she actually committed the murder. [Older and Far Away](/wiki/Older_and_Far_Away) [The Lost Summer](/wiki/The_Lost_Summer) [Couplet](/wiki/Couplet) [Loyalty](/wiki/Loyalty) [Holtzs minions](/wiki/Daniel_Holtz%27s_army)lure Fred and Gunn into a trap, and Sahjhan moves his own plans forward. [As You Were](/wiki/As_You_Were) [his new wife](/wiki/Samantha_Finn), also a demon-hunting soldier — and enlists Buffys help in tracking down a demon black market dealer. [Sleep Tight](/wiki/Sleep_Tight) [Hells Bells](/wiki/Hell%27s_Bells) [Normal Again](/wiki/Normal_Again) [Forgiving](/wiki/Forgiving) [Double or Nothing](/wiki/Double_or_Nothing) [Jenoff](/wiki/Jenoff)calls in an old debt of Gunns, one with drastic implications for their relationship: his soul.

    (flashback) [Family Reunion, Part Two](/wiki/Family_Reunion,_Part_Two) [Quortoth](/wiki/Quor%27toth) [local demons](/wiki/Connor_worshiper_demon). [The Price](/wiki/The_Price) [Entropy](/wiki/Entropy) [A New World](/wiki/A_New_World) [Seeing Red](/wiki/Seeing_Red) [Benediction](/wiki/Benediction) [Villains](/wiki/Villains) [Wicked Willow](/wiki/Wicked_Willow) (background) [The Long Way Home, Part Four](/wiki/The_Long_Way_Home,_Part_Four) [Tomorrow](/wiki/Tomorrow) [Two to Go](/wiki/Two_to_Go) [Grave](/wiki/Grave) 2002–2003 Taking place during [Buffy season 7](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_season_7) and [Angel season 4](/wiki/Angel_season_4). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic*||Angel: |[Eve](/wiki/Eve), a [Liaison to the Senior Partners](/wiki/Liaison_to_the_Senior_Partners). [Spike: Into the Light](/wiki/Spike:_Into_the_Light) [a child-stealing demon](/wiki/Unidentified_demon_(Into_the_Light)). [Note from the Underground, Part One](/wiki/Note_from_the_Underground,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Note_from_the_Underground,_Part_Four) [The First Time](/wiki/The_First_Time) [Lessons](/wiki/Lessons) [Beneath You](/wiki/Beneath_You) [Seven Crows](/wiki/Seven_Crows) [Deep Down](/wiki/Deep_Down) [Same Time, Same Place](/wiki/Same_Time,_Same_Place) [Gnarl](/wiki/Gnarl)demon.

    [Ground State](/wiki/Ground_State) [Apocalypse Memories](/wiki/Apocalypse_Memories) (flashback) [Storyteller](/wiki/Storyteller) [Help](/wiki/Help) [a student](/wiki/Cassandra_Newton)who has predicted her own death, all while foiling a demon-summoning plot. [The House Always Wins](/wiki/The_House_Always_Wins) [Dark Mirror](/wiki/Dark_Mirror) [Mortal Fear](/wiki/Mortal_Fear) [Spark and Burn](/wiki/Spark_and_Burn) [Selfless](/wiki/Selfless) [Slouching Toward Bethlehem](/wiki/Slouching_Toward_Bethlehem) [Supersymmetry](/wiki/Supersymmetry) [Him](/wiki/Him) [Solitary Man](/wiki/Solitary_Man) [Spin the Bottle](/wiki/Spin_the_Bottle) (background) [Retreat, Part Two](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_Two) [Heat](/wiki/Heat) [Book of the Dead](/wiki/Book_of_the_Dead) [Love and Death](/wiki/Love_and_Death) [Monolith](/wiki/Monolith) [Conversations with Dead People](/wiki/Conversations_with_Dead_People) (background) [Guarded, Part Two](/wiki/Guarded,_Part_Two) [Theo Daniels](/wiki/Theo_Daniels)to develop the [TinCan](/wiki/TinCan), a social network for demons. [Apocalypse, Nowish](/wiki/Apocalypse,_Nowish) [Beast](/wiki/Beast)at the site of Connors birth. [Sleeper](/wiki/Sleeper) [Never Leave Me](/wiki/Never_Leave_Me) [Bring on the Night](/wiki/Bring_on_the_Night) [Potential Slayers](/wiki/Potential_Slayer)and some unnerving news.

    [Spot the Vampire](/wiki/Spot_the_Vampire) [Stacy](/wiki/Stacy_(story)) [Stacy](/wiki/Stacy_(vampire)), a young girl fascinated by the idea of magic, finds a sense of connection when she becomes a vampire. [Taking Care of Business](/wiki/Taking_Care_of_Business) [Showtime](/wiki/Showtime) [an oracle](/wiki/Beljoxa%27s_Eye)while Buffy tries to restore the panicked Potentials confidence. [Habeas Corpses](/wiki/Habeas_Corpses) [Potential](/wiki/Potential) [A tracking spell](/wiki/Potential_Slayer_tracking_spell)hints that Dawn may in fact be a Potential, leading to her battling [Bringers](/wiki/Harbingers_of_Death)and vampires at the school with [a classmate](/wiki/Amanda_(Slayer)). [Long Days Journey](/wiki/Long_Day%27s_Journey) [Awakening](/wiki/Awakening) [a mystic](/wiki/Wo-Pang)to extract Angels soul — releasing Angelus — so the team can learn how to stop the Beast and restore the sun. [The Killer in Me](/wiki/The_Killer_in_Me) [Kennedy](/wiki/Kennedy)transforms Willow into the image of Warren Mears. [Soulless](/wiki/Soulless) [First Date](/wiki/First_Date) [Calvary](/wiki/Calvary) [Get It Done](/wiki/Get_It_Done) [Storyteller](/wiki/Storyteller) [Salvage](/wiki/Salvage) [Release](/wiki/Release) [Lies My Parents Told Me](/wiki/Lies_My_Parents_Told_Me) [Orpheus](/wiki/Orpheus) [Nemesis](/wiki/Nemesis) [Players](/wiki/Players) [Inside Out](/wiki/Inside_Out) [Shiny Happy People](/wiki/Shiny_Happy_People) [Jasmine](/wiki/Jasmine), but, when Fred glimpses a more disturbing image, she must investigate the truth alone.

    [Dirty Girls](/wiki/Dirty_Girls) [Caleb](/wiki/Caleb), a newly-arrived agent of the First in priests garb, induces Buffy into leading the Potentials into a calamitous assault against him. [The Magic Bullet](/wiki/The_Magic_Bullet) [Sacrifice](/wiki/Sacrifice) [Empty Places](/wiki/Empty_Places) [Peace Out](/wiki/Peace_Out) [Touched](/wiki/Touched) [Home](/wiki/Home) [End of Days](/wiki/End_of_Days) [Chosen](/wiki/Chosen) [Chosen: The One](/wiki/Chosen:_The_One) [Father](/wiki/Father_(story)) [Tom Mitchell](/wiki/Tom_Mitchell), while his son Cyrus, now in his eighties, lies on his deathbed. (flashback) [Live Through This, Part One](/wiki/Live_Through_This,_Part_One) [Plagiarus demon](/wiki/Plagiarus_demon)to [a little girl](/wiki/Hannah), sacrificing a days memory in the process to remove its power and save her. 2003–2004 Taking place during [Angel season 5](/wiki/Angel_season_5). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Novel*||Buffy: |[Dark Congress](/wiki/Dark_Congress) (flashback) [Slayer](/wiki/Slayer_(novel)) [Honora](/wiki/Honora_Wyndam-Pryce)reads [Nina](/wiki/Athena_Jamison-Smythe)s love poems out loud, humiliating her in front of Leo. He soon leaves to South America with his mother [Eve Silvera](/wiki/Eve_Silvera).

    [Conviction](/wiki/Conviction) [Just Rewards](/wiki/Just_Rewards) [a necromancer](/wiki/Magnus_Hainsley), aided by the visible but incorporeal Spike returned by [an amulet](/wiki/Champion%27s_amulet). [Unleashed](/wiki/Unleashed) [a young woman](/wiki/Nina_Ash)bitten by a [werewolf](/wiki/Werewolf)— and now hunted by an exclusive club specializing in exotic meals. [Hell Bound](/wiki/Hell_Bound) [Matthias Pavayne](/wiki/Matthias_Pavayne)as his next target to be sent to Hell in his place. [Antique](/wiki/Antique) [Spotlight: Wesley](/wiki/Spotlight:_Wesley) [Knox](/wiki/Knox), forcing Wesley to deal with his own affections for Fred and their ramifications. [Life of the Party](/wiki/Life_of_the_Party) [Wolfram & Hart Halloween Bash](/wiki/Wolfram_%26_Hart_Halloween_Bash)has disastrous effects on Lorne — and everyone else at the party. [The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco](/wiki/The_Cautionary_Tale_of_Numero_Cinco) [a retired luchador](/wiki/N%C3%BAmero_Cinco)to help defeat the resurrected Tezcatcatl, who is feasting on the hearts of heroes. [Spike vs. Dracula, Part Five](/wiki/Spike_vs._Dracula,_Part_Five) [Lineage](/wiki/Lineage) [Roger Wyndam-Pryce](/wiki/Roger_Wyndam-Pryce)arrives at Wolfram & Hart and assists in investigating a series of cyborg warrior attacks, but he may have a sinister hidden agenda.

    [Destiny](/wiki/Destiny) [Shanshu Prophecy](/wiki/Shanshu_Prophecy). [Spike: Old Times](/wiki/Spike:_Old_Times) [Spike: Old Wounds](/wiki/Spike:_Old_Wounds) [Harms Way](/wiki/Harm%27s_Way) [Soul Purpose](/wiki/Soul_Purpose) [Damage](/wiki/Damage) [a psychotic Slayer](/wiki/Dana), a condition for which she believes Spike is responsible. [Spike: Lost and Found](/wiki/Spike:_Lost_and_Found) [Youre Welcome](/wiki/You%27re_Welcome) (flashback) [Power Play](/wiki/Power_Play) [Why We Fight](/wiki/Why_We_Fight) [A vampire](/wiki/Sam_Lawson)arrives at Wolfram & Hart, capturing Fred, Wesley, and Gunn to force Angel to answer for a sixty-years-past incident. (flashback) [Retreat, Part Two](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_Two) [Smile Time](/wiki/Smile_Time) [a popular TV show](/wiki/Smile_Time_(show))that may be rendering children comatose, Angel finds himself transformed into a living puppet. [Smile Time](/wiki/Smile_Time_(miniseries)) [Mystery Date](/wiki/Mystery_Date) [All the Time in the World](/wiki/All_the_Time_in_the_World) [A Hole in the World](/wiki/A_Hole_in_the_World) [Shells](/wiki/Shells) [A Hole in the World](/wiki/A_Hole_in_the_World_(miniseries)) [Unacceptable Losses](/wiki/Unacceptable_Losses) [Willow: Goddesses and Monsters](/wiki/Willow:_Goddesses_and_Monsters) [Aluwyn](/wiki/Aluwyn), who may not be the helpful guide she first appears to be.

    [Underneath](/wiki/Underneath) [Spotlight: Illyria](/wiki/Spotlight:_Illyria) [Spike: Asylum](/wiki/Spike:_Asylum) [a rehab facility](/wiki/Mosaic_Wellness_Center)for demons, where hes targeted by both murderous inmates and the facilitys malevolent staff. [Origin](/wiki/Origin) [the demon sorcerer](/wiki/Cyvus_Vail)who created Connors false memories and now wants Connor to fulfill his destiny and kill Sahjhan. [Spotlight: Connor](/wiki/Spotlight:_Connor) [Time Bomb](/wiki/Time_Bomb) [Spotlight: Gunn](/wiki/Spotlight:_Gunn) (background) [The Long Way Home, Part One](/wiki/The_Long_Way_Home,_Part_One) [a Slayer](/wiki/Buffy_Summers_(Rome_decoy))as one of the decoys to draw attention away from the real Buffy. [The Girl in Question](/wiki/The_Girl_in_Question) [an old nemesis](/wiki/The_Immortal)— who may have Buffy under his spell. [Spike: Shadow Puppets](/wiki/Spike:_Shadow_Puppets) [Fallen Angel: Reborn](/wiki/Fallen_Angel:_Reborn) [Bete Noire](/wiki/Bete_Noire), and Arctic, 2004 [Liandra](/wiki/Liandra), seeks to recover three objects of power in hopes of restoring her former status. [Power Play](/wiki/Power_Play) [Circle of the Black Thorn](/wiki/Circle_of_the_Black_Thorn). [Not Fade Away](/wiki/Not_Fade_Away) [Not Fade Away](/wiki/Not_Fade_Away_(miniseries)) 2004–2005 Taking place during [After the Fall](/wiki/After_the_Fall).

    |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic*||A6.24–25 | (flashback) [After the Fall, Part Six](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Six)– [Eight](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Eight) [OMG Unicorns!](/wiki/OMG_Unicorns!) [Spike: After the Fall](/wiki/Spike:_After_the_Fall) [Non](/wiki/Non), until Spike himself becomes the leader of her band of female warriors. [After the Fall, Part One](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Five) [After the Fall, Part Six](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Six)– [Eight](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Eight) [Betta George](/wiki/Betta_George)finds himself at the mercy of Gunns vampire crew. (flashback) [Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew](/wiki/Eddie_Hope:_Eddie_and_the_Crew) [Eddie Hope](/wiki/Eddie_Hope)makes a delivery to Gunn for Guard Captain Harros. [After the Fall, Part Nine](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Nine)– [Twelve](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Twelve) (flashback) [Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew](/wiki/Eddie_Hope:_Eddie_and_the_Crew) [Jacob Crane](/wiki/Jacob_Crane)attempts to recruit Eddie Hope. [After the Fall, Part Thirteen](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Thirteen)– [Sixteen](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Sixteen) [After the Fall, Part Seventeen](/wiki/After_the_Fall,_Part_Seventeen) [Become What You Are](/wiki/Become_What_You_Are) [Only Human](/wiki/Only_Human) [Scourge](/wiki/Scourge), who seek to restore [an ancient enemy](/wiki/Baticus)of Illyria to power.

    [Aftermath, Part One](/wiki/Aftermath,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/Aftermath,_Part_Five) [a shapeshifting jaguar](/wiki/Desdemona), while a renegade angel enlists Angels help tracking a group of [heavenly warriors](/wiki/Potentate)with an extreme agenda. [The Curse](/wiki/The_Curse) [Old Friends](/wiki/Old_Friends) [Sparrow](/wiki/Sparrow). [My Only Friend](/wiki/My_Only_Friend) [Boys and Their Toys, Part One](/wiki/Boys_and_Their_Toys,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/Boys_and_Their_Toys,_Part_Two) [Lorne: The Music of the Spheres](/wiki/Lorne:_The_Music_of_the_Spheres) [ancient entities](/wiki/The_Three_(Discord,_Disharmony,_and_Cacophony))seeks to shatter the [Music of the Spheres](/wiki/Music_of_the_Spheres)and destroy the universe, and Lorne may be the only one who can stop them. [Last Angel in Hell](/wiki/Last_Angel_in_Hell_(comic)) [This One Time](/wiki/This_One_Time) [Auld Lang Syne](/wiki/Auld_Lang_Syne) [The Crown Prince Syndrome](/wiki/The_Crown_Prince_Syndrome)– [Roman a Clef](/wiki/Roman_a_Clef) [Innovation Labs](/wiki/Innovation_Labs)company promises to make problem-free immortality available for top-paying clients, with Angel as their unwitting accomplice. [Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew](/wiki/Eddie_Hope:_Eddie_and_the_Crew) [Spike: The Devil You Know](/wiki/Spike:_The_Devil_You_Know) [Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew](/wiki/Eddie_Hope:_Eddie_and_the_Crew) [Letters Home: A Jamesian Interlude](/wiki/Letters_Home:_A_Jamesian_Interlude)– [Cats in the Cradle](/wiki/Cats_in_the_Cradle) [Laura Weathermill](/wiki/Laura_Weathermill)uncovers the truth about “James,” and the team deals with [a warrior army](/wiki/Sisterhood_of_Jaro_Hull)who sees Connor as their chosen one.

    [Fight for the Remote!](/wiki/Fight_for_the_Remote!) [Illyria: Haunted](/wiki/Illyria:_Haunted) (background) [Harmony Bites](/wiki/Harmony_Bites_(comic)) [Justin](/wiki/Justin_(Harmony_Bites)), expecting him to be grateful for the experience. [The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Part One](/wiki/The_Wolf,_the_Ram,_and_the_Heart,_Part_One)– [Six](/wiki/The_Wolf,_the_Ram,_and_the_Heart,_Part_Six) (flashback) [Anywhere but Here](/wiki/Anywhere_but_Here) (flashback) [Last Gleaming, Part One](/wiki/Last_Gleaming,_Part_One) (flashback) [Anywhere but Here](/wiki/Anywhere_but_Here) [Nick](/wiki/Nick_(Anywhere_but_Here)), inadvertently resulting in her [transformation curse](/wiki/Transformation_curse)cast by [Ken](/wiki/Ken_(Thricewise)). (flashback) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) 2005–2006 Taking place during [Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight](/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_Season_Eight). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic||B8.01–04 |[Slayer Organization](/wiki/Slayer_Organization)against a secretive [paramilitary force](/wiki/Twilight_Group)allied with the vengeful enemies Amy and Warren. [The Long Way Home, Part One](/wiki/The_Long_Way_Home,_Part_One_(episode))– [Four](/wiki/The_Long_Way_Home,_Part_Four_(episode)) [The Chain](/wiki/The_Chain) [A young Slayer](/wiki/Buffy_Summers_(underground_decoy))goes undercover — and underground — as a Buffy decoy to unite several squabbling mystical races to [Yamanh of Hoht](/wiki/Yamanh_of_Hoht)s invading army.

    [The Chain](/wiki/The_Chain_(episode)) [Riley: Commitment Through Distance, Virtue Through Sin](/wiki/Riley:_Commitment_Through_Distance,_Virtue_Through_Sin) [Whistler](/wiki/Whistler)while Riley and Sam debate his going undercover within the Twilight Group. [No Future for You, Part One](/wiki/No_Future_for_You,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/No_Future_for_You,_Part_Four) [Genevieve Savidge](/wiki/Genevieve_Savidge). [No Future for You, Part One](/wiki/No_Future_for_You,_Part_One_(episode))– [Four](/wiki/No_Future_for_You,_Part_Four_(episode)) (flashback) [Live Through This, Part Two](/wiki/Live_Through_This,_Part_Two) [Anywhere but Here](/wiki/Anywhere_but_Here) [Sephrilian](/wiki/Sephrilian)for information on the Twilight Group and face uncomfortable secrets from both past and future. [Anywhere but Here](/wiki/Anywhere_but_Here) [A Beautiful Sunset](/wiki/A_Beautiful_Sunset) [Satsu](/wiki/Satsu)about her obvious attraction to Buffy, but the pair find themselves under attack from the masked Twilight. [A Beautiful Sunset](/wiki/A_Beautiful_Sunset_(episode)) [Wolves at the Gate, Part One](/wiki/Wolves_at_the_Gate,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Wolves_at_the_Gate,_Part_Four) [Wolves at the Gate, Part One](/wiki/Wolves_at_the_Gate,_Part_One_(episode))– [Four](/wiki/Wolves_at_the_Gate,_Part_Four_(episode)) [Time of Your Life, Part One](/wiki/Time_of_Your_Life,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Time_of_Your_Life,_Part_Four) [Melaka Fray](/wiki/Melaka_Fray)s time to fight magical enemies.

    [Time of Your Life, Part One](/wiki/Time_of_Your_Life,_Part_One_(episode))– [Four](/wiki/Time_of_Your_Life,_Part_Four_(episode)) [After These Messages... Well Be Right Back!](/wiki/After_These_Messages..._We%27ll_Be_Right_Back!) [Harmonic Divergence](/wiki/Harmonic_Divergence) [Harmony Bites](/wiki/Harmony_Bites_(comic)) [her reality TV show](/wiki/Harmony_Bites), Harmony interviews for a bartending job and squabbles with her personal assistant, [Clem](/wiki/Clement). [Spike](/wiki/Spike_(IDW_series)) [Betta George](/wiki/Betta_George)and [Beck](/wiki/Beck)to stop Wolfram & Harts Las Vegas operations, as well as the deadly psychopath [John](/wiki/John)— and Drusilla. (flashback) [Last Gleaming, Part One](/wiki/Last_Gleaming,_Part_One) [Spikes ship](/wiki/Spike%27s_ship)returns to Earth, and Spike catches up on recent events surrounding the Slayers and Twilight (and Harmonys newfound fame). [Vampy Cat Play Friend](/wiki/Vampy_Cat_Play_Friend) [Vampy Cat](/wiki/Vampy_Cat)helps a young girl overcome her tormentors. [Swell](/wiki/Swell) [Predators and Prey](/wiki/Predators_and_Prey) [Simone Doffler](/wiki/Simone_Doffler), and [her gang](/wiki/Simone_Doffler%27s_gang)of criminals. [Always Darkest](/wiki/Always_Darkest) [Safe](/wiki/Safe) [Hanselstadt](/wiki/Hanselstadt), 2006 [Courtney](/wiki/Courtney), a disillusioned Slayer, in investigating a supposed [Slayer Sanctuary](/wiki/Slayer_Sanctuary)— one that may actually be masking a dark secret.

    [Living Doll](/wiki/Living_Doll) [living doll](/wiki/Living_doll)and is imprisoned by an old doll-maker, prompting the team to summon her ex-boyfriend to reverse the spell. [The Thrill](/wiki/The_Thrill) [A bored teenager](/wiki/Jacob_(vampire))allows himself to be fed upon by [a vampire](/wiki/Sebastian_(vampire))and his friends, but his outlook changes when he is himself transformed into a vampire. [Harmony Comes to the Nation](/wiki/Harmony_Comes_to_the_Nation) [Carpe Noctem](/wiki/Carpe_Noctem_(comic)) [Retreat, Part One](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/Retreat,_Part_Five) (flashback) [Death and Consequences, Part One](/wiki/Death_and_Consequences,_Part_One) [Turbulence](/wiki/Turbulence) [Wrathful goddesses](/wiki/Wrathful_goddess). [Twilight, Part One](/wiki/Twilight,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Twilight,_Part_Four) [Last Gleaming, Part One](/wiki/Last_Gleaming,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/Last_Gleaming,_Part_Five) (flashback) [Slayer](/wiki/Slayer_(novel)) [Shancoom](/wiki/Shancoom), 2006 [Nina](/wiki/Athena_Jamison-Smythe)is called as a Slayer at the very last second before the [end of magic](/wiki/End_of_magic). (flashback) [The Watcher](/wiki/The_Watcher) 2006–2007 Taking place during [Season Nine](/wiki/Season_Nine).

    |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic||B9: |[bug crew](/wiki/Bug_crew)while trying to return to Earth. (background) [Freefall, Part Two](/wiki/Freefall,_Part_Two) [Last Gleaming, Part Five](/wiki/Last_Gleaming,_Part_Five) [Slayer](/wiki/Slayer_(novel)) [hellhound](/wiki/Hellhound)with her bare hands, Nina and the members of the Watchers Academy finally notice she is a Slayer. (background) [Welcome to the Team, Part One](/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Team,_Part_One) [Magic Council](/wiki/Magic_Council)is formed to preserve what little mystical energy remains. (flashback) [Freefall, Part Three](/wiki/Freefall,_Part_Three) [Clare](/wiki/Clare)becomes a [zompire](/wiki/Zompire), her boyfriend [Severin](/wiki/Severin)discovers he has the ability to siphon magic powers, killing her in the process. (flashback) [Freefall, Part Four](/wiki/Freefall,_Part_Four) [Alessandra](/wiki/Alessandra)to avenge Clares death, Simone finds him and convinces him to join her plan to destroy Buffy. [Live Through This, Part One](/wiki/Live_Through_This,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Live_Through_This,_Part_Four) [Freefall, Part One](/wiki/Freefall,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Freefall,_Part_Four) [In Perfect Harmony](/wiki/In_Perfect_Harmony) [Slayer, Interrupted](/wiki/Slayer,_Interrupted_(2012)) [a fairy](/wiki/Tink).

    [Daddy Issues, Part One](/wiki/Daddy_Issues,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Daddy_Issues,_Part_Four) [her father](/wiki/Pat_Lehane), she and Angel investigate strange murders that lead them to a now-sane Drusilla. [Drusilla: Run and Catch](/wiki/Drusilla:_Run_and_Catch) [On Your Own, Part One](/wiki/On_Your_Own,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/On_Your_Own,_Part_Two) [Dowling](/wiki/Robert_Dowling)tracks down a zompire nest. [In Space No One Can Hear You Slay](/wiki/In_Space_No_One_Can_Hear_You_Slay) [creature](/wiki/Space-bug-zompire_thing). [Apart (of Me), Part One](/wiki/Apart_(of_Me),_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Apart_(of_Me),_Part_Three) [Spike: A Dark Place](/wiki/Spike:_A_Dark_Place) [Morgan](/wiki/Morgan_(demon))in search of a lost Hellmouth. [Women of a Certain Age](/wiki/Women_of_a_Certain_Age) [Lavinia](/wiki/Lavinia_Fairweather)and Sophronia seek help from Angel and Faith after suffering the unpleasant consequences of the end of magic. [Family Reunion, Part One](/wiki/Family_Reunion,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Family_Reunion,_Part_Four) [Guarded, Part One](/wiki/Guarded,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Guarded,_Part_Three) [Billy the Vampire Slayer, Part One](/wiki/Billy_the_Vampire_Slayer,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/Billy_the_Vampire_Slayer,_Part_Two) [Billy Lane](/wiki/Billy_Lane)trains as a Slayer with his crush [Devon](/wiki/Devon)to defend their town from a plague of zompires.

    (flashback) [Love vs. Life](/wiki/Love_vs._Life) [The Hero of His Own Story](/wiki/The_Hero_of_His_Own_Story) [Whistler](/wiki/Whistler)sits down with Angel at a pizzeria to ask for help with his plan to restore magic to the world, while Pearl and Nash visit [their dying mother](/wiki/Susan_Finney). [Willow: Wonderland](/wiki/Willow:_Wonderland) [Wonderland](/wiki/Wonderland_(dimension))and San Francisco, 2007 [a supercoven](/wiki/Wellspring)of witches. [Death and Consequences, Part One](/wiki/Death_and_Consequences,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Death_and_Consequences,_Part_Four) [Spike and Faith](/wiki/Spike_and_Faith) [Ender](/wiki/Ender)demons to retrieve an artifact that may be able to recover Giles soul from the incapacitated Angel. [Welcome to the Team, Part One](/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Team,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Team,_Part_Four) [Anaheed](/wiki/Anaheed)face an unusually strong zompire, Illyria transports Buffy to L.A., where the Magic Council asks her to stop Severin. [The Watcher](/wiki/The_Watcher) [What You Want, Not What You Need, Part One](/wiki/What_You_Want,_Not_What_You_Need,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/What_You_Want,_Not_What_You_Need,_Part_Five) [The Core, Part One](/wiki/The_Core,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/The_Core,_Part_Five) (flashback) [United, Part One](/wiki/United,_Part_One) [magical plague](/wiki/Plague_ball)heals and transforms the critically injured Slayer [Nadira](/wiki/Nadira).

    [Love vs. Life](/wiki/Love_vs._Life) 2007–2008 Taking place during [Season Ten](/wiki/Season_Ten). |Type||Title/Description||Time/Location| |Comic||B10.01–05 |[new vampire](/wiki/New_vampire)breed with extraordinary abilities. [Where the River Meets the Sea, Part One](/wiki/Where_the_River_Meets_the_Sea,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/Where_the_River_Meets_the_Sea,_Part_Four) [Magic Town](/wiki/Magic_Town)from a gang of malicious pixies while Faith joins Kennedys [Deepscan](/wiki/Deepscan). [Old Habits](/wiki/Old_Habits) [a vampire](/wiki/Parnell)victimizing Londoners in broad daylight. (background) [Love Dares You, Part One](/wiki/Love_Dares_You,_Part_One) [a counselor](/wiki/Mike_(San_Francisco))to deal with his anger issues. [I Wish, Part One](/wiki/I_Wish,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/I_Wish,_Part_Two) [sirens](/wiki/Siren), and their own unrealized desires. [Lost and Found, Part One](/wiki/Lost_and_Found,_Part_One)– [Five](/wiki/Lost_and_Found,_Part_Five) [Return to Sunnydale, Part One](/wiki/Return_to_Sunnydale,_Part_One)– [Two](/wiki/Return_to_Sunnydale,_Part_Two) [Vampyr](/wiki/Vampyr)book back to Sunnydale, and the team follows to stop him from using its power to return someone from the dead.

    [Day Off (or Harmony in My Head)](/wiki/Day_Off_(or_Harmony_in_My_Head)) [Love Dares You, Part One](/wiki/Love_Dares_You,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Love_Dares_You,_Part_Three) [United, Part One](/wiki/United,_Part_One)– [Four](/wiki/United,_Part_Four) [Relationship Status: Complicated, Part One](/wiki/Relationship_Status:_Complicated,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/Relationship_Status:_Complicated,_Part_Two) [Archaeus](/wiki/Archaeus)and help him overcome its influence. [Fight or Flight](/wiki/Fight_or_Flight) [Old Demons, Part One](/wiki/Old_Demons,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Old_Demons,_Part_Three) [Restless Door](/wiki/Restless_Door). [Those Who Cant Teach, Teach Gym, Part One](/wiki/Those_Who_Can%27t_Teach,_Teach_Gym,_Part_One)– [Three](/wiki/Those_Who_Can%27t_Teach,_Teach_Gym,_Part_Three) [St. Cuthberts](/wiki/St._Cuthbert%27s)prep school to investigate a suspected vampire nest, only to discover Drusilla has an enigmatic plan. [Freaky Giles Day](/wiki/Freaky_Giles_Day) [A Little More than Kin, Part One](/wiki/A_Little_More_than_Kin,_Part_One)& [Two](/wiki/A_Little_More_than_Kin,_Part_Two) [Triggers](/wiki/Triggers) [incubus](/wiki/Incubus), Giles and Xan

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