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    Home / College Guide / Top 7 strategies for spotting a STAGED EVENT within the first 72 hours
     Posted on Wednesday, April 17 @ 00:00:09 PDT

    1 1 09:56 PM #1 Top 7 strategies for spotting a STAGED EVENT within the first 72 hours Top 7 strategies for spotting a STAGED EVENT within the first 72 hours 04/15/2024 // S.D. Wells// 4K Views Tags: 9/11, awakening, big government, CIA, conspiracy, deception, deep state, disinfo, Fact Check, fake news, faked, false-flag, FBI corruption, Journalism, lies, mainstream media, Plandemic, propaganda, Resist, rigged, scamdemic, staged events, staged war, terrorism, tips, Tyranny, Vietnam Whether they are vying for control of the populace, taking their guns away, scaring them into forfeiting more constitutional rights, relinquishing all medical freedoms or simply declaring a fake war for political purposes (laundering and embezzling billions of dollars), the U.S. government stops at nothing to plan, stage, carry out and propagandize staged events.Some are real. Some are partially real. Some are nearly completely fake. Often these are set up and rigged by the FBI, CIA or other government entities. The media-brainwashed populace calls people who dont trust these events and their narratives conspiracy theorists, but you are actually a conspiracy theorist if you do believe the FAKE NEWS (all of mainstream media, social media, Google, YouTube and the sold-out newspapers).

    How to spot the tell-tale signs of a government-backed staged event #1. All of mass media has the same story from the outset. #2. Nothing seems to add up to the official story at all, as the so-called facts keep getting dismantled by truth media. #3. Always start with the guilty until proven innocent approach, because nearly every major catastrophe over the past two-and-a-half decades has been staged. #4. Mass media blames the Russians. #5. Right after the event happens, politicians and media pundits demand U.S. citizens back gun control (gun-grabbing) legislation or taxpayer funding for another proxy war. #6. The catastrophe cripples the supply chain of food and/or fuel that opposes the Democrats plan of complete government control through green living. #7. The event helps the government take away constitutional rights, medical freedom of choice and further empowers police-state tyranny. The sheeple that believes staged events arent inside jobs are all brainwashed by fluoride, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, processed food, fake news During the Vietnam War, the U.S. government had the majority of the populace believing we were winning the war, by using propaganda about communist aggression and falsified statistics about how many soldiers were coming home in body bags or without arms or legs.

    It was a complete horror story and a war that was impossible to win, in a jungle full of landmines and camouflaged enemies. When 9/11 happened, the brainwashed populace was led to believe that 19 Middle-Eastern terroristslearned how to fly commercial airliners (but never learned how to land them), crashed them into skyscrapers and this somehow brought down buildings demolition style, including a 50-story building the planes never hit. Plus, somehow, these same terrorists passports were found in pristine condition laying on the ground near the buildings. Someone must have thrown them out the plane window just before the big crash, so the FBI and CIA could solve the case later. Only people who are doped up on drugs in their water, food and medicine would fall hook-line-and-sinker for that false narrative, which makes no senseand contains no logic whatsoever. Theres a reason that the mass media industrial complex of America always has a narrative prepared for mass-casualty events that happen, and thats because most of them are planned, stagedand carried out by government forces. This can mean that FBI and CIA patsies are utilized (criminals trying to avoid more prison time), or paid stooges, or even agents themselves.

    Take a look at mass-shooting events, where the supposed shooter is always a young adult (white) male on psychiatric drugs (SSRIs) and uses an automatic weapon, but theres NEVER a video of the event as it happened, even though every school, movie theatre and college campus has video cameras running 24/7/365. The past few years, weve all witnessed and experienced staged eventswhere the government immediately instructs the populace to take deadly medications, forfeit their guns, pay for more carnage and bow down to more police-state tyranny. Watch out for all those evil-doers out there looking to bring down America (communists in Washington DC right now). So remember, if the news is blaming those pesky Russians, or some invisible terrorists that hate capitalism, or simply telling everyone to stop using gasoline, take blood-clotting vaccines and start eating bugs for meals, the events that support these narratives are completely staged. Tune your apocalypse dial to Preparedness.newsfor updates on real news about surviving and thriving beyond what comes this way. This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News. Sources for this article include: Censored.news NaturalNews.

    com Top 7 strategies for spotting a STAGED EVENT within the first 72 hours NaturalNews.comIf Border Patrol nabs illegal immigrants, smuggler after spotting SUV driving erraticalBy Beezer in forum illegal immigration News Stories & ReportsReplies: 1Last Post: 02-12-2023, 10:01 AM - Crisis Actors Used At Sandy Hook: Infowars Special Report Sandy Hook Staged EventBy AirborneSapper7 in forum Other Topics News and IssuesReplies: 4Last Post: 12-09-2014, 06:21 PM - County issues video on spotting terrorismBy JohnDoe2 08-24-2011, 11:28 PM - Nevada pilots to fly spotting missions along AZ-MEX borderBy Jean in forum illegal immigration News Stories & ReportsReplies: 0Last Post: 08-12-2006, 12:18 AM

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