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    Home / College Guide / Artie Abrams
     Posted on Tuesday, July 09 @ 00:00:10 PDT

    | | ( | | No edit summary |Line 20:||Line 20:| | | |Aliases = Dr. Y (superhero alter-ego)
    Professor X ([[Noah Puckerman|Puck]])
    Wheels, Bluetooth ([[Sue Sylvester|Sue]])
    Buddy ([[Will Schuester|Will]])
    Art, Blue Tooth, Stupid Boy, Stubbles McCripple-Pants, Four Eyed Loser ([[Santana Lopez|Santana]])
    Kid ([[Rory Flanagan|Rory]]) | | |Aliases = Dr. Y (superhero alter-ego)
    Professor X ([[Noah Puckerman|Puck]])
    Wheels, Bluetooth ([[Sue Sylvester|Sue]])
    Buddy ([[Will Schuester|Will]])
    Art, Blue Tooth, Stupid Boy, Stubbles McCripple-Pants, Four Eyed Loser ([[Santana Lopez|Santana]])
    Kid ([[Rory Flanagan|Rory]]) | | |Family = [[Nancy Abrams]] (mother)
    Unnamed father | | |Family = [[Nancy Abrams]] (mother)
    Unnamed father |?|| | |Relationships = [[Tina Cohen-Chang]] (backup fiancé, possibly dating)
    [[Brittany Pierce]] (ex-girlfriend)
    [[Becky Jackson]] (one date)
    [[Sugar Motta]] (ex-girlfriend)
    [[List of Minor Characters#B|Betty Pillsbury]] ( |+|| | |Relationships = [[Tina Cohen-Chang]] (backup fiancé, possibly dating)
    [[Brittany Pierce]] (ex-girlfriend)
    [[Becky Jackson]] (one date)
    [[Sugar Motta]] (ex-girlfriend)
    [[List of Minor Characters#B|Betty Pillsbury]] ()
    [[Kitty Wilde]] (ex-girlfriend)
    [[Holly Holliday]] (crush)
    [[Vanessa]] (casual relationship; ended)
    [[List of Minor Characters#J|Jessica]] (casual relationship; ended)
    [[Julie]] (one date; ended)
    [[Quinn Fabray]] (crush) | | |Friends = [[Tina Cohen-Chang]]
    [[Sam Evans]]
    [[Blaine Anderson]]
    [[Noah Puckerman]]
    [[Quinn Fabray]]
    [[Santana Lopez]]
    [[Brittany Pierce]]
    [[Rachel Berry]]
    [[Kurt Hummel]]
    [[Mercedes Jones]]
    [[Finn Hudson]]
    [[Will Schuester]]
    [[Lauren Zizes]]
    [[Mike Chang]]
    [[Marley Rose]]
    [[Ryder Lynn]]
    [[Jake Puckerman]]
    [[Kitty Wilde]]
    [[Unique Adams]]
    [[Sugar Motta]]
    [[Rory Flanagan]]
    [[Joe Hart]]
    [[Becky Jackson]]
    [[Holly Holliday]]
    [[Matt Rutherford]] | | |Friends = [[Tina Cohen-Chang]]
    [[Sam Evans]]
    [[Blaine Anderson]]
    [[Noah Puckerman]]
    [[Quinn Fabray]]
    [[Santana Lopez]]
    [[Brittany Pierce]]
    [[Rachel Berry]]
    [[Kurt Hummel]]
    [[Mercedes Jones]]
    [[Finn Hudson]]
    [[Will Schuester]]
    [[Lauren Zizes]]
    [[Mike Chang]]
    [[Marley Rose]]
    [[Ryder Lynn]]
    [[Jake Puckerman]]
    [[Kitty Wilde]]
    [[Unique Adams]]
    [[Sugar Motta]]
    [[Rory Flanagan]]
    [[Joe Hart]]
    [[Becky Jackson]]
    [[Holly Holliday]]
    [[Matt Rutherford]] | | |Interests = Directing, Singing, Rapping, Angry Birds, Popping wheelies | | |Interests = Directing, Singing, Rapping, Angry Birds, Popping wheelies Latest revision as of 00:07, 9 July 2024 |“|| | Im never gonna dunk a basketball or kill a lion.

    I need to focus on dreams I can make come true. |”| —Artie Abrams, Arthur James Artie Abrams is a major character on [Glee](/wiki/Glee_(TV_series)). He is an alumnus of [William McKinley High School](/wiki/William_McKinley_High_School), where he actively participated in the schools Glee Club, [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions), until his graduation. He is currently a student at the Brooklyn Film Academy in New York. He was one of the original five. It is revealed in [Wheels](/wiki/Wheels) that he had got in a car accident with his mother when he was eight-years-old, which resulted in him being in a wheelchair. Although he is paraplegic, Artie refuses to let that get in the way of his ambitions, such as in [Britney/Brittany](/wiki/Britney/Brittany), when he decided to join the [football team](/wiki/Football_Team). In [Dream On](/wiki/Dream_On_(Episode)), it is revealed that Artie dreams of being a dancer, despite being paraplegic, and hopes to find a cure for his disability. At the beginning of [Season Five](/wiki/Season_Five), Artie started a relationship with [Kitty](/wiki/Kitty_Wilde) but they broke up some time after he moved to New York. He graduated in [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions_(Episode)), along with [Blaine](/wiki/Blaine_Anderson), [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang), [Sam](/wiki/Sam_Evans), [Brittany](/wiki/Brittany_Pierce), [Becky](/wiki/Becky_Jackson), and the rest of the seniors.

    He returns to McKinley to help [Kurt and](/wiki/Kurt_Hummel) [Blaine](/wiki/Blaine_Anderson) find new members for the Glee Club and he also becomes [Brittany](/wiki/Brittany_Pierce)s and [Santana](/wiki/Santana_Lopez)s wedding planner. In [2009](/wiki/2009), it is revealed that he originally auditioned for the Glee Club because of a bet he had made with [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang)s goth friends. In [Dreams Come True](/wiki/Dreams_Come_True), five years after New Directions win at the 2015 Nationals, he rekindles his relationship with [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang). He becomes a film director and is present during the re-dedication of the Auditorium, performing [I Lived](/wiki/I_Lived) with the former members of the glee club. He was portrayed by American actor and singer [Kevin McHale.](/wiki/Kevin_McHale) Biography Arties friend, [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang), helps him sign up for [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions), due to him not being able to reach the sign-up sheet. For unknown reasons, they did not show Arties audition (later revealed to be [Pony](/wiki/Pony_(Song)) in [2009](/wiki/2009)). Artie is given the solo in [Sit Down, Youre Rockin the Boat](/wiki/Sit_Down,_You%27re_Rockin%27_the_Boat) with [Mercedes](/wiki/Mercedes_Jones), [Rachel](/wiki/Rachel_Berry), [Kurt](/wiki/Kurt_Hummel), and Tina, which makes Rachel furious.

    During the number, Artie is unable to dance or move that much due to his wheelchair. When Rachel tells [Will](/wiki/Will_Schuester) that Artie having the solo is ridiculous, Artie suggests Will is using irony to enhance the performance and Rachel states there is nothing ironic about show choir. Rachel almost rolls Artie off the stage in Youre the One That I Want, in which he performs background vocals. Artie appears sad when Will announces he is resigning. Later the football team (including [Puck](/wiki/Noah_Puckerman)) stuffs Artie in a Port-A-Potty stall, and plans to flip it. Artie is terrified and pleads mercy, but is eventually rescued by [Finn](/wiki/Finn_Hudson), who rolls him back to the [auditorium](/wiki/The_April_Rhodes_Civic_Pavilion). This annoys the football team. Artie performs background vocals (and guitar) in [Dont Stop Believin](/wiki/Don%27t_Stop_Believin%27). ( [Pilot](/wiki/Pilot)) Artie is seen with Mercedes, Tina, and Mr. Schue practicing runs. He performs background vocals in Le Freak, a disco song he and the rest of the Glee Club hate. He suggests modern music to Will, who rejects his idea. Artie performs background vocals in [Gold Digger](/wiki/Gold_Digger) and is present in a Will-less Glee Club rehearsal in which the club plans to appeal to the schools interest into sex appeal.

    He performs background vocals and has a solo in [Push It](/wiki/Push_It) to an enthused audience. ( [Showmance](/wiki/Showmance)) Artie is present at a Glee rehearsal, in which Rachel tells Will his choreography is lame. He is also seen at rehearsal without Will. Artie and Tina clean cars at the Glee Club car wash fundraiser. [Dakota Stanley](/wiki/Dakota_Stanley) kicks Artie out of the club due to his disability, which led to Tina leaving with him as well. Rachel stops them before they leave and she fires Dakota. ( [Acafellas](/wiki/Acafellas_(Episode))) Artie is seen in a Glee Club rehearsal, in which Tina is given a solo. He is seen at another rehearsal at the end of the episode. ( [Preggers](/wiki/Preggers)) Artie is seen practicing with the Glee Club for Invitationals. Artie and the rest of New Directions are skeptical when [April Rhodes](/wiki/April_Rhodes) joins the club. Artie is seen warming up with the Glee Club just before Invitationals, and he performs background vocals in [Last Name](/wiki/Last_Name) and [Somebody to Love](/wiki/Somebody_to_Love_(Queen)). ( [The Rhodes Not Taken](/wiki/The_Rhodes_Not_Taken)) Artie finds out which schools will also be at Sectionals. On discovering that the schools are barely any competition he puts his hand up for a high five from Brittany, who is standing next to him, only to see she had turned around, he puts his hand down sadly.

    Will tells the club that they will compete in a glee-off between the girls and boys, in which each team must perform a mash-up. According to Artie, the boys planned to beat the girls. The boys decide to perform a mash-up of [Its My Life and Confessions](/wiki/It%27s_My_Life/Confessions_Part_II). They perform their mash-up under the influence of Finns decongestant and Artie performs a short solo and background vocals. Artie watches the girls [mash-up](/wiki/Halo/Walking_on_Sunshine). Will is later furious with Artie and the rest of the Glee Club when he finds out about the performance enhancers [Terri](/wiki/Terri_Del_Monico) provided. ( [Vitamin D](/wiki/Vitamin_D)) [Sue](/wiki/Sue_Sylvester) steps in as co-head of the Glee Club. She tries to make Mr. Schuester look insensitive to minorities by taking Artie and other minority students into her elite Glee Club. Artie performs background vocals in [Hate on Me](/wiki/Hate_on_Me) and [Ride wit Me](/wiki/Ride_wit_Me). Artie storms out of the auditorium with the rest of the Glee Club after Sue and Will argue, and performs background vocals in [Keep Holding On](/wiki/Keep_Holding_On). ( [Throwdown](/wiki/Throwdown)) Artie, Tina, and Mercedes avoid [Dave Karofsky](/wiki/David_Karofsky) in fear of being hit by a slushie.

    [Will](/wiki/Will_Schuester) suggests a mash-up with [Bust a Move](/wiki/Bust_a_Move) to the Glee Club, and Artie performs background vocals (and bass) in the song when Will begins singing it. Artie is present at [Puck](/wiki/Noah_Puckerman)s performance of [Sweet Caroline](/wiki/Sweet_Caroline) and throws a slushie at Will with the rest of [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions). ( [Mash-Up](/wiki/Mash-Up)) When the group makes plans for [Sectionals](/wiki/Sectionals_(Competition)), Will discovers that the school wont give him a bus capable for Arties wheelchair. When he informs the group that they need to raise money, the other students are unconcerned, saying that Artie can just ride with his dad. This visibly hurts Arties feelings. He later sings [Dancing with Myself](/wiki/Dancing_with_Myself). Disappointed at the New Directions behavior, Will forces the kids to raise the money with a bake sale, and to ride in wheelchairs for a week to see how difficult it is for Artie to spend his whole life in a wheelchair. Artie tells [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang) that he was in a car crash when he was eight years old. While his mother who was driving the car was fine, Artie was left paralyzed from the waist down (although he still is capable of using his penis as he tells Tina).

    Artie falls for Tina because he feels connected to her because they both have disabilities (Arties paraplegia and Tina’s stutter). They finally have a date together which ends in wheelchair drag races down the hall. After losing to Artie, Tina kisses him. Afterward, Tina confides in Artie her stutter is fake, something she created to not have to do an oral report in grade school. Artie is hurt by the lie and claiming that the connection he thought they have is a lie, breaks off the relationship, much to Tinas disappointment. He performs solos and background vocals in [Proud Mary](/wiki/Proud_Mary), a special wheelchair number in Arties honor. ( [Wheels](/wiki/Wheels)) [Endless Love](/wiki/Endless_Love). Artie sings a solo and background vocals in [Lean on Me](/wiki/Lean_on_Me), a ballad dedicated to Quinn and Finn about Quinns pregnancy. ( [Ballad](/wiki/Ballad)) Artie is present at a glee rehearsal. Artie is given a wig and the Glee Club learns hairography. He performs solos and background vocals in [Hair/Crazy in Love](/wiki/Hair/Crazy_in_Love), [Imagine](/wiki/Imagine), and [True Colors](/wiki/True_Colors). ( [Hairography](/wiki/Hairography)) Kurt tells the Glee Club that having a glee yearbook photo would be embarrassing.

    Artie votes for Rachel as team captain, and refuses when Rachel asks him to be her co-captain. The club is cast in a [Mattress Land](/wiki/Mattress_Land) commercial, in which they perform [Jump](/wiki/Jump). We see Artie out of his wheelchair for the first time during the performance. They are all sad when Will is disqualified. Artie is seen getting ready for the Glee Club yearbook photo, and taking the photo with the club. The picture is later defaced and vandalized by Dave Karofsky. Artie receives a solo in [Smile](/wiki/Smile_(Charlie_Chaplin)). ( [Mattress](/wiki/Mattress)) Artie goes on party line with Mercedes, Tina, Kurt, Brittany, and [Santana](/wiki/Santana_Lopez) after Rachel notices that both Finn and Puck help Quinn get up when she slipped and begins to theorize that Finn might not actually be the father of Quinns baby. The others already knew this was true, but had not told Rachel for fear of her telling Finn. As such they discuss their chances at Sectionals, and their worry that Rachel may tell Finn that Quinns not having his baby. Artie is seen at a Glee Club rehearsal where the club discusses their set list. [Emma Pillsbury](/wiki/Emma_Pillsbury) is appointed as the new Glee Club head and Mercedes performs [And I Am Telling You Im Not Going](/wiki/And_I_Am_Telling_You_I%27m_Not_Going).

    Artie is seen watching Finn punch Puck, and later being loaded onto the special sectionals bus. The club is concerned when the Glee Club has the last performance slot. They watch [Jane Addams Academy](/wiki/Jane_Addams_Academy) and [Haverbrook](/wiki/Haverbrook_School_for_the_Deaf) copy their set list and are shocked and worried. Artie rams himself into a wall repeatedly in frustration and worry when the New Directions meet in the greenroom. Finn returns and the club figures out what to perform. Artie performs background vocals in [You Cant Always Get What You Want](/wiki/You_Can%27t_Always_Get_What_You_Want), and is shown listening in on the judges during their verdict. Despite the behind-the-scenes c onflict, McKinley High wins sectionals. They later perform [My Life Would Suck Without You](/wiki/My_Life_Would_Suck_Without_You) for Will, in which Artie performs background vocals. ( [Sectionals](/wiki/Sectionals_(Episode))) Arties response to answering the phone is Who dis be? and he performs background vocals during [Gives You Hell](/wiki/Gives_You_Hell) and [Hello, Goodbye](/wiki/Hello,_Goodbye). ( [Hell-O](/wiki/Hell-O)) Artie is very disrespectful towards Tina, but forgives her for lying about her stutter and says the only way they can be together is if she changes her gothic appearance.

    This angers Tina who later angrily confronts him which surprises him. Later he apologizes to Tina who gets emotional thinking he hates her, but they kiss and make up. He performs a solo and background vocals in [What It Feels Like For A Girl](/wiki/What_It_Feels_Like_For_A_Girl) and background vocals in [Like a Prayer](/wiki/Like_a_Prayer). ( [The Power of Madonna](/wiki/The_Power_of_Madonna)) Artie performs background vocals in [Home](/wiki/Home_(Stephanie_Mills)) and joins in while Mercedes sings [Beautiful](/wiki/Beautiful). ( [Home](/wiki/Home_(Episode))) Artie, along with Kurt, Tina, Mercedes, and Brittany, is angry about not being on the glist (except Brittany who was angry because she was fourth) so they decide to cause havoc in the library by performing [U Cant Touch This](/wiki/U_Can%27t_Touch_This) in which he performs lead vocals. They still dont get put on the glist after the performance. Artie then tells Kurt to admit it was them that put [Coach Sue](/wiki/Sue_Sylvester)’s rendition of [Physical](/wiki/Physical) on the internet. He is only one who doesnt dance in [Ice Ice Baby](/wiki/Ice_Ice_Baby) because of his disability. ( [Bad Reputation](/wiki/Bad_Reputation)) Artie is seen though the episode in the background.

    He also sings background vocals in [One](/wiki/One_(U2)). ( [Laryngitis](/wiki/Laryngitis)) Arties, crumples it, and throws it in the garbage as an example that their dreams will never happen. [Bryan Ryan](/wiki/Bryan_Ryan) asks the Glee Club to write down their biggest dreams on a sheet of paper. He takes [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang)admits that she looked at his paper and read that his biggest dream is to become a dancer. Tina really wants to help Artie fulfill his dream and wants to perform a dance number for an assignment. They practice a soft shoe number with taps on Arties wheels. Artie tries to stand after 8 years in a wheelchair and after a few steps, falls. Embarrassed, Artie blames Tina for encouraging him. Later, Tina apologizes. She said she has done research to cure Arties condition. She tells not to give up hope. While at the mall, Tina leaves to buy a snack. Artie imagines himself dancing in flash mob singing [Safety Dance](/wiki/Safety_Dance). Artie asks Emma to help him cope during the processes for him to walk. Emma looks at the research papers and tells him that he wont be able to walk for a really long time. Emma can see how disappointed Artie is at the news. Later, Artie tells Tina that he is okay with the fact that he wont be able to walk again and that hell work on a dream that he can actually make come true.

    Tina ends up dancing with [Mike Chang](/wiki/Mike_Chang). During the dance Artie sings [Dream a Little Dream](/wiki/Dream_a_Little_Dream). ( [Dream On](/wiki/Dream_On_(Episode))) Rachel comes into the music room with news that [Vocal Adrenaline](/wiki/Vocal_Adrenaline) is doing Lady Gaga. Along with Kurt, and female members of [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions), Artie is worried. When Will announces that they will be doing Gaga too, Artie seems happy, but when Finn confronts Schue about the guys doing KISS, Arties on board. Artie is seen watching the girls perform [Bad Romance](/wiki/Bad_Romance) and, later, he sings [Shout It out Loud](/wiki/Shout_It_out_Loud). He later sings [Beth](/wiki/Beth_(Song)) when Puck suggests a name for his and Quinns daughter. He also defends Kurt from the [football players](/wiki/Football_Team). ( [Theatricality](/wiki/Theatricality)) Artie is down after [Jesses](/wiki/Jesse_St._James) return to Vocal Adrenaline. He is also seen watching [Vocal Adrenaline](/wiki/Vocal_Adrenaline) sing [Another One Bites the Dust](/wiki/Another_One_Bites_the_Dust), and sings background vocals in [Give up the Funk](/wiki/Give_up_the_Funk). ( [Funk](/wiki/Funk)) [To Sir, With Love](/wiki/To_Sir,_With_Love), everyone including Artie reveals what they before Will and the Glee Club.

    Artie said that a year ago he never even kissed a girl. When Will tells the club that [Principal Figgins](/wiki/Principal_Figgins)is letting the Glee Club run for one more year, Artie is seen cheering. He watches Will and Pucks performance of [Over The Rainbow](/wiki/Over_The_Rainbow). He also holds hands with Tina and looks at her lovingly. ( [Journey](/wiki/Journey)) Tina breaks up with him because she fell in love with Mike Chang and because he hasnt been an attentive boyfriend. Artie is desperate, and asks Finn to help him to get on the football team, in hopes that Tina will like him again if hed be more like Mike. Finn is unsure at first, but he finds Arties idea of him being like a human battering ram great and agrees to help him. However, upon seeing Artie, [Coach Beiste](/wiki/Shannon_Beiste) accuses Finn of trying to make her seem like a monster when she has to reject a disabled student and kicks him out of the team. He is also seen sadly watching Tina and Mike dance, and rapping in [Billionaire](/wiki/Billionaire). ( [Audition](/wiki/Audition)) Artie agrees with Kurt on the idea of doing Britney Spears that week. When Emmas boyfriend, [Dr. Carl Howell](/wiki/Carl_Howell), comes to teach the kids proper dental hygiene, Artie learns he doesnt take care of his teeth.

    He states that he could possibly take care of them better if he could see himself in the mirror. At his check-up, he has an anesthesia-induced Britney dream of Britney Spears herself telling Tina that shes stupid for dumping Artie for Mike. She begs him to come back, but Artie says hes stronger without her. Following this, Artie performs [Stronger](/wiki/Stronger) with [the football team](/wiki/Football_Team). After the visit, we see Artie is more confident. Later, Beiste allows Artie to join the football team, fulfilling his dream. ( [Britney/Brittany](/wiki/Britney/Brittany)) Artie scores a touchdown at their schools football game after Finn wishes that they would win the football game for Artie. Artie is seen watching Mercedes performance of [I Look to You](/wiki/I_Look_to_You), Finns version of [Losing My Religion](/wiki/Losing_My_Religion), and Puck singing [Only the Good Die Young](/wiki/Only_the_Good_Die_Young). He also sings background vocals in [One of Us](/wiki/One_of_Us). Also he is seen a few times rolling his eyes at Finns revelation and he looks sympathetic towards Kurt. ( [Grilled Cheesus](/wiki/Grilled_Cheesus)) Artie is still trying to get over Tina. Brittany admits having feelings for him, and they start going out.

    Tina says that she wants to sing a duet with Artie because Mike refuses to, but Artie tells her that he is going out with Brittany. When Artie is at Brittanys house, Artie tells Brittany that he cant continue the relationship as he is not over Tina. Brittany has sex with him in hopes that it helps him get over Tina, thus losing his virginity. When he finds that the sex meant almost nothing to Brittany, according to [Santana](/wiki/Santana_Lopez), he becomes upset. He tells her that he feels that she was using him for his voice to gain an edge in the competition. Brittany is astounded by what Artie said and tries to save the relationship by saying that she specifically wanted to go to [Breadstix](/wiki/Breadstix) with Artie and re-enact the scene from The Lady and the Tramp and she has been practicing nudging meatballs with her nose. He then says that since he lost the use of his legs, no one was sure if he would be able to have sex. When they found he could, he felt it was like a miracle and Brittanys nonchalant attitude towards it ruined that feeling for him. Brittany apologizes saying she had no idea how much it meant to him, but he ended the relationship anyway and pulls them both out of the duets competition.

    We see Brittany really liked Artie because she is seen sadly watching as he passes by in hallway with Finn. She is also seen alone at Breadstix moving a meatball with her nose. Even though he didnt compete in the duets competition, Artie still voted for himself to go to Breadstix. ( [Duets](/wiki/Duets)) Will told [the kids](/wiki/New_Directions) that will perform a play of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Artie played Dr. Scott and a Transylvanian. Artie is also present at Dr. Howells audition of [Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?](/wiki/Whatever_Happened_to_Saturday_Night%3F). Artie also sings background vocals and gets two solos in [The Time Warp](/wiki/The_Time_Warp). Artie and Brittany seem fine after their break-up because they showed no sign of anger towards the other. ( [The Rocky Horror Glee Show](/wiki/The_Rocky_Horror_Glee_Show)) Artie is being scolded by Coach Beiste to wear a cup on the field which leads to Sam finding his mailman. Puck tells Artie that he is his community service. Puck helps Artie to become cooler, first, by telling him to sing for profit. They sing [One Love (People Get Ready)](/wiki/One_Love_(People_Get_Ready)) together. Later, Puck teaches him how to get Brittany back by acting mean to her.

    The boys double date with Santana and Brittany. While at Breadstix, Artie pretends that the waitress is into him, even though she is way older than him. While at dinner, Brittany hits on him. After the meal, Puck and the girls plan to ditch the bill. Artie does not follow through, and pays anyway. Puck becomes angry because he taught Artie his secrets and he still doesnt do it. After Puck has a fit in Principal Figgins office, Artie comforts him and says that since Puck taught him some new tricks and that he will tutor him in geometry. The two have solos in [Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind](/wiki/Stop!_In_the_Name_of_Love/Free_Your_Mind). ( [Never Been Kissed](/wiki/Never_Been_Kissed)) Artie enjoys [Holly Holliday](/wiki/Holly_Holliday)s care-free, modern teachings, but helps the [others](/wiki/New_Directions) in getting Mr. Schues job back. While Will hallucinates, we see Artie as a child, still sitting in the wheelchair. He is present at [Rachel](/wiki/Rachel_Berry)s and Holly performance of [Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag](/wiki/Nowadays/Hot_Honey_Rag). He sings background vocals and has solos in [Forget You](/wiki/Forget_You) and [Singing in the Rain/Umbrella](/wiki/Singing_in_the_Rain/Umbrella).

    ( [The Substitute](/wiki/The_Substitute)) While at Rachels Girlfriends of Football Players Intervention meeting, Brittany tells Tina that she is indeed dating Artie. Artie and Mike stand up to Karofsky in a two-man intervention. Karofsky loses it, causing Artie to flip over and Mike helping him. Artie is present at Burt and Caroles wedding. He has a solo in [Marry You](/wiki/Marry_You). He dances with Brittany during [Just the Way You Are](/wiki/Just_the_Way_You_Are). He is seen being upset when Kurt decides to leave McKinley for Dalton. ( [Furt](/wiki/Furt)) Artie and Tina believe that Brittany and Mike are cheating on them with each other. When Brittany believes shell fail at sectionals, Artie gives her a magic comb to help, even though it was just an old comb he found before meeting her. When Artie tells Brittany that she is guilty of adultery (a puzzling use of the word later revealed to be a setup for a blonde joke) runs off. Rachel, Artie, and Tina refuse to go on because of their relationship problems. Later, Brittany tells Artie that she thought he meant a-dolt-ery, meaning she is stupid for losing the comb. They forgive and kiss. ( [Special Education](/wiki/Special_Education)) Artie and New Directions try to reinforce [Brittany](/wiki/Brittany_Pierce)s belief in Santa Claus.

    Her wish to Santa is that Artie can walk. Artie freaks out because Brittany will be sad if Artie cant walk on Christmas morning. The two are seen happily singing in [The Most Wonderful Day of the Year](/wiki/The_Most_Wonderful_Day_of_the_Year). Later in the episode, Brittany becomes depressed when, the night before, Santa told her that Artie will not walk this Christmas and she needs to have patience. When Artie takes Brittany home because she isnt feeling well, they find a gift. When Tina and the gang comes back from caroling, they find Artie walking. This is accomplished after he received an expensive piece of technology, the ReWalk, from an anonymous Santa. Brittanys Christmas wish—and Arties dream—came true. However it has now been revealed that the ReWalk broke shortly after. ( [A Very Glee Christmas](/wiki/A_Very_Glee_Christmas)) Artie was present during the football game and witnessed the fight between Finn and Karofsky. Later, the entire football (minus the ones in Glee Club) cornered him with red and orange slushies. Artie isnt supportive of Mr. Schue and [Coach Beiste](/wiki/Shannon_Beiste)s decision to let the football team be in Glee club. He watches Puck and Rachel sing [Need You Now](/wiki/Need_You_Now).

    He practices Zombie 101 with New Directions and the football team and sings background vocals in [Shes Not There](/wiki/She%27s_Not_There). Later, when most of the hockey team shows up with slushies, he cowers behind Finn, but gets slushied anyway. Later in the episode, when most of the team quit, he plays football with Mercedes, Rachel, Tina, [Lauren](/wiki/Lauren_Zizes), and the rest of the guys. During half-time, he has a huge solo in [Thriller/Heads Will Roll](/wiki/Thriller/Heads_Will_Roll). When Karofsky and the rest of the players come back, he sits out during the second half. He celebrates when the Titans win the big game. ( [The Sue Sylvester Shuffle](/wiki/The_Sue_Sylvester_Shuffle)) He attends Glee Club and receives the assignment to sing their favorite song. Artie sings [P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)](/wiki/P.Y.T_(Pretty_Young_Thing)) with Mike to Brittany. Artie sings background vocals in [Fat Bottomed Girls](/wiki/Fat_Bottomed_Girls) and can be seen at Breadstix (with Brittany) during the [Warblers](/wiki/Warblers) performance of [Silly Love Songs](/wiki/Silly_Love_Songs_(Song)). ( [Silly Love Songs](/wiki/Silly_Love_Songs_(Episode))) After he sees how [the girls](/wiki/New_Directions_Girls) react to [Sam](/wiki/Sam_Evans) singing [Baby](/wiki/Baby), Artie along with Puck and Mike want to join Sams one-man-band, [The Justin Bieber Experience](/wiki/The_Justin_Bieber_Experience).

    Artie has lead vocals in [Somebody to Love](/wiki/Somebody_to_Love_(The_Justin_Bieber_Experience)). During Laurens first solo performance of [I Know What Boys Like](/wiki/I_Know_What_Boys_Like), she imagines Artie in his boxers and traps his face in her breasts. At the end of the episode, Artie sings background in [Sing](/wiki/Sing). ( [Comeback](/wiki/Comeback)) Artie, Brittany, Mike, and Tina want to leave Rachels lame party before they all start to drink, saying that they made dinner reservations. Through the entire episode, Artie seems to be one of the drunkest and thoroughly enjoys the party, throwing money at a stripping Brittany, saying Makin it rain! Yeah, thats my girlfriend! I love you baby! At one point, Artie wears Brittanys pink sweater and hat while she was wearing his glasses. The next day, Artie recommends some Bloody Marys to [the group](/wiki/New_Directions) for their hangover and sings [Blame It (On the Alcohol)](/wiki/Blame_It_(On_the_Alcohol)). Later, Artie has a small solo in [Tik Tok](/wiki/Tik_Tok). At the end of the episode, Artie is present during Mr. Schues rant about them drinking. ( [Blame It on the Alcohol](/wiki/Blame_It_on_the_Alcohol)) Brittany tells Santana that she is pregnant.

    Santana tells Tina, who tells Puck, who tells Lauren who finally tells Artie Congratulations! Oh, you dont know? Your girlfriends preggo! Youre gonna be a baby daddy! In the choir room, Artie is truly shaken by the news and admits hes not ready for a child and questions on how to support it. Mr. Schue asks Brittany if she really is pregnant and if she had it confirmed with a doctor. She tells him that she doesnt have to be sure; there was a stork building a nest on her property. Luckily, she actually isnt pregnant. Artie can be seen singing along, and slightly enjoying/ flirting, to [Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)](/wiki/Do_You_Wanna_Touch_Me_(Oh_Yeah)) with Holly. After [Landslide](/wiki/Landslide), [Sam](/wiki/Sam_Evans) tells Artie that he wishes that he was as close to Artie as his girlfriend (Santana) is to Arties. While present during [Afternoon Delight](/wiki/Afternoon_Delight), Artie looks very confused. Later in the episode, Artie can be seen with Brittany at [Rachel](/wiki/Rachel_Berry)s celibacy club. ( [Sexy](/wiki/Sexy)) Artie at first rejects the idea of doing original songs for Regionals, but when Quinn sides with Rachel, he and everyone else agree. He is present during Santanas [Trouty Mouth](/wiki/Trouty_Mouth), Pucks [Big Ass Heart](/wiki/Big_Ass_Heart), and is seen singing along to Mercedes [Hell to the No](/wiki/Hell_to_the_No).

    He sings background vocals in [Loser Like Me](/wiki/Loser_Like_Me). He is excited when [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions) wins. He also votes for Rachel as the very first Glee Club MVP. ( [Original Song](/wiki/Original_Song)) It is revealed that Artie, (along with Tina, Brittany, and Mike) are members of McKinley Highs Academic Decathlon Team, a.k.a. the Brainiacs, which is preparing for finals although they cannot afford the trip. Will sympathizes with them and promises to help raise money to support the team. Holly gives him the idea to perform a concert as a fundraiser for the neglected Decathlon Team. After Tina is heckled off stage, Artie proposes cancelling the concert, but Will refuses to. When Mercedes performs [Aint No Way](/wiki/Ain%27t_No_Way), Artie is seen happily watching her. Later, the Academic Decathlon Team is shown competing and the score is tied. The final questions category is Hermaphrodite Nazi Sympathizers. Artie and Brittany smile at each other, implying they are going to know the answer. They win the Decathlon. ( [A Night of Neglect](/wiki/A_Night_of_Neglect)) Arties shirt says Four Eyes, referring to the fact he wears glasses. ( [Born This Way](/wiki/Born_This_Way_(Episode))) [April](/wiki/April_Rhodes)s rendition of [Dreams](/wiki/Dreams).

    He later confronts Brittany on whether or not she is cheating on him with Santana. She says that since Santanas a girl, it doesnt count (according to what Santana told her). Artie becomes frustrated and exclaims: God, Brittany! Why are you so stupid? Brittany walks away crying and hurt, revealing that he was the only person in school who hadnt called her that. Feeling bad, Artie sings [Never Going Back Again](/wiki/Never_Going_Back_Again)with Puck, Sam, and Finn on guitars. Throughout the rest of the episode, Artie is quiet, looking up at Brittany sadly. He is present during Rachels [Go Your Own Way](/wiki/Go_Your_Own_Way), Finn and Quinns [I Dont Want to Know](/wiki/I_Don%27t_Want_to_Know), and sings background vocals in [Dont Stop](/wiki/Don%27t_Stop). ( [Rumours](/wiki/Rumours)) Artie wore a red tux and is seen hopeful when Brittany states that she doesnt have a date to the prom. Artie declines Pucks offer to spike the punch bowl; but, after his failed attempt to win Brittany back by singing [Isnt She Lovely](/wiki/Isn%27t_She_Lovely) in her Home Ec. class, he agrees. After performing [Friday](/wiki/Friday), Puck tells Artie to pour gin into [Sue](/wiki/Sue_Sylvester)s beloved punch bowl now.

    While Artie was spiking the punch, he is caught by Sue. After Sue interrogates him, and threatens to pull out his molars, saying: No, Im just going to attempt to give you a simple cleaning, Artie admits that all he wants to do is to dance with Brittany once and that he didnt actually spike the punch with alcohol, but with lemonade. Sue releases him because he was no fun to interrogate and didnt rat Puck out. Later that night, Artie can be seen dancing with Brittany to [Dancing Queen](/wiki/Dancing_Queen) and taking pictures with her. ( [Prom Queen](/wiki/Prom_Queen)) Artie is seen during the ceremony and sings alongside [New Directions](/wiki/New_directions) when they are singing [Pure Imagination](/wiki/Pure_Imagination) for Sues sister [Jean](/wiki/Jean_Sylvester). ( [Funeral](/wiki/Funeral)) [I Love New York/New York, New York](/wiki/I_Love_New_York/New_York,_New_York)and later performs [My Cup](/wiki/My_Cup)with Brittany. Artie is present at the competition and sings a solo on [Light Up the World](/wiki/Light_Up_The_World). ( [New York](/wiki/New_York)) Artie is present when Mr. Schuester tells the kids about The Purple Piano Project. Later, he is seen at the cafeteria with the rest of [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions) and sings background vocals in [We Got the Beat](/wiki/We_Got_the_Beat).

    He is a target during the food fight, and returns to the Choir Room afterwards with the club, very depressed and dirty. At the end of the episode, Artie is seen singing in the background of [You Cant Stop the Beat](/wiki/You_Can%27t_Stop_the_Beat), although he gets a duet with Kurt that is not shown on television. ( [The Purple Piano Project](/wiki/The_Purple_Piano_Project)) Artie is present when Will tells the Glee Club that he will not be directing the school musical. When Mr. Schuester asks Artie, after Coach Beiste and Emma show up, if he would like to direct William McKinleys adaption of West Side Story, he is hesitant, but eventually says yes. Artie can be seen judging through Kurts audition of [I Am the Greatest](/wiki/I_Am_The_Greatest_Star), Rachels version of [Somewhere](/wiki/Somewhere), and [Blaine](/wiki/Blaine_Anderson)s [Somethings Coming](/wiki/Something%27s_Coming). ( [I Am Unicorn](/wiki/I_Am_Unicorn)) Artie is present at Mercedes audition for the role of Maria when she sings [Spotlight](/wiki/Spotlight). He is also seen during Mikes audition song [Cool](/wiki/Cool). Artie is also seen during Rachels and Mercedes Ultimate Maria-Off, where the girls sing [Out Here on My Own](/wiki/Out_Here_on_My_Own); when he, Shannon, and Emma tell Berry and Jones that they will both play Maria; when Mercedes quits; and when he is posting the list of students who will be West Side Story.

    He sings background vocals in [Fix You](/wiki/Fix_You) at the end of the episode. ( [Asian F](/wiki/Asian_F)) Tina asks Artie why he didnt just give the role of Maria to Mercedes. Although Artie misses her, he says could not give the entire role because it would undermine his artistic credibility. Artie can be seen in the background throughout the entire episode, especially when Blaine sings [Last Friday Night](/wiki/Last_Friday_Night). Later on, Artie is seen during [Rory Flanagan](/wiki/Rory_Flanagan)s rendition of [Take Care Of Yourself](/wiki/Take_Care_Of_Yourself). He is later seen with [Mike](/wiki/Mike_Chang) and Tina when they attempt to say hello to the former members of [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions), Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany. ( [Pot o Gold](/wiki/Pot_o%27_Gold)) The episode begins with Arties voice-over as he talks about his position as a director of [McKinleys](/wiki/McKinley_High) production of [West Side Story](/wiki/West_Side_Story). He muses over how much power it gives him, even over stuff he knows nothing about. We see Rachel trying to find the right dress for Maria and Artie being difficult. Later Artie rolls up to Coach Beiste, who is welding a part of the set for the musical.

    Artie jumps right to the point and asks why Coach Beiste was so uncomfortable while he was confronting Blaine and Rachel. She admits to being a virgin, even though she has her sights set on [Cooter Menkins](/wiki/Cooter_Menkins). She says that it doesnt matter if she has interest in anyone, as she believes they could never like her back. Next time we see Artie, he is seeking out Cooter. They go to the set of West Side Story and Artie demands to know whether he likes Coach Beiste - he says that he does, and that he had asked her out, but she refused every time. Artie tells him to ask her out again, but this time, be obvious. We next see him at the opening night of West Side Story, Artie rolls by and talks to them briefly, but quickly leaves as his own nerves kick in. He tells Miss Pillsbury that he doesnt know what hes doing and he did everything in the play wrong. It is just then that the cast confronts him - he is scared, but they actually thank him - they say the entire show is thanks to his hard work and that they couldnt have done it without them. He gives them a small pep talk before the scene changes to Finn throwing his fists into the shower walls while he is still fully clothed, crying as the water runs over him.

    ( [The First Time](/wiki/The_First_Time)) Artie is not a heavily featured character, with the episode focusing mainly on Santana and Finn. He is seen taking part in the New Directions mash up of [I Cant Go For That/You Make My Dreams](/wiki/I_Can%27t_Go_For_That/You_Make_My_Dreams) and in the dodgeball match. He is also seen looking shocked after Santana slapped Finn at the end of [Rumour Has It/Someone Like You](/wiki/Rumour_Has_It/Someone_Like_You). ( [Mash Off](/wiki/Mash_Off)) Artie is again not heavily featured and the episode focuses mainly on Santana again. Artie backs up Finn in the song [Girls Just Want to Have Fun](/wiki/Girls_Just_Want_to_Have_Fun), he is also seen during the other numbers in the Choir room. ( [I Kissed a Girl](/wiki/I_Kissed_a_Girl_(Episode))) Artie is seen having fun during [Red Solo Cup](/wiki/Red_Solo_Cup) and seems to be excited to have Sam back at McKinley. He is also seen in the Choir room when Sam and Blaine start fighting over dance moves and whether they want to use Sex in their dance numbers. Artie is also seen in the choir room, prior to sectionals. Artie sings solos in the New Directions performance, giving his vocals in [Control](/wiki/Control) and [Man in the Mirror](/wiki/Man_in_the_Mirror).

    Artie cheers with the New Directions as they take first place at Sectionals. He is taking part in the song [We Are Young](/wiki/We_Are_Young) and lets [Sugar](/wiki/Sugar_Motta) jump onto his chair to bring her into the group. ( [Hold on to Sixteen](/wiki/Hold_on_to_Sixteen)) Artie is seen taking part in [All I Want for Christmas Is You](/wiki/All_I_Want_for_Christmas_Is_You). He is next seen in Sues office with Kurt and Blaine as she asks them to help volunteer at a homeless shelter on Friday night. The boys are confused about why she wants to help homeless people, having said she doesnt believe in them and called them urban campers. She reveals to them that she doesnt want to spend Christmas by herself as it is the first Christmas after her sister died, wanting to keep occupied. Kurt tells her that they are happy to help, and she then kicks them out of her office. Artie is later asked to direct the Glee Clubs Christmas Special, he is talking with the Manager, him stating how proud he is to have a disabled boy directing the special, accidentally comparing him to Tiny Tim to which Artie replies with saying he will ignore that in the spirit of Christmas. He tells the manager that he has two demands, the first one coming from a dream with Chewbacca saying its not Christmas without him, linking to a Star Wars special in 1978, and the entire show is going to be in black and white linking it to Judy Garland Holiday Special.

    He agrees to as long as he can produce it without going over $800. In the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, Rachel begins to sing [River](/wiki/River) in what seems to be an audition to be in Arties holiday special. When she finishes Artie calls her over and tells her that it was too depressing and didnt relate to his vision of the holiday special which is full of cheerful songs, with Rory dressing as Itchy the Elf and reciting a happier version of Frosty the Snowman. Sam finds this not true to what else makes Christmas special which is remembering whats really important and tells him he doesnt want any part in it and asks Rory to come with him as he leaves to which Rory replies, I should memorize my part, Sam. Blaine and Rachel perform [Extraordinary Merry Christmas](/wiki/Extraordinary_Merry_Christmas_(Song)), wanting to impress Artie so she gets a big part in the show. He is seen enjoying the performance, and agrees to put it in the show. Arties Christmas Spectacular goes extremely well. The holiday spectacular begins in Star Wars style, showing each and every one of the members of the club, excluding Sam and Quinn. Blaine sits at a window watching as the snow comes down and he and Kurt begin to sing [Let It Snow](/wiki/Let_It_Snow).

    When they finish they notice guests and welcome them into their home and begin to act cheesy. Rachel and Mercedes then enter with gifts. Mercedes gives Kurt a necklace which he was bidding for during the show. Rachel gives Blaine a bow tie with Christmas trees and candy cane striped pants. They then begin to sing [My Favorite Things](/wiki/My_Favorite_Things). After Blaine points out that if the snow continues that Santa Claus wont be able to deliver their presents. They hear jingle bells and they open the door to reveal Puck and Finn in Star Wars outfits, making sure that they arent purposefully dressed as Star Wars characters. They begin to sing [Santa Claus Is Coming To Town](/wiki/Santa_Claus_Is_Coming_To_Town). When they finish the doorbell rings and Brittany, with Tina, Mike, Santana and other Cheerios, sings [Christmas Wrapping](/wiki/Christmas_Wrapping). They hear another bell when Brittany finishes, [Rory](/wiki/Rory_Flanagan) enters dressed as Itchy and tells then that instead of reading Frosty he reads verses from the Bible, reminding the club what Christmas really is. Artie later comes in to the homeless shelter and performs [Do They Know Its Christmas?](/wiki/Do_They_Know_It%27s_Christmas%3F) with the rest of the New Directions.

    ( [Extraordinary Merry Christmas](/wiki/Extraordinary_Merry_Christmas_(Episode))) Artie is eager to prepare a number for the assignment Will gave to the Glee Club (help him come up with a proposal number for Emma). He asks Sugar if shed like to work with him, but she declines, so Artie prepares the number by himself. He suggests a song, [Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash](/wiki/Moves_Like_Jagger/Jumpin%27_Jack_Flash), for the proposal, but Will thinks that moving so much and thus getting sweaty during that song would turn Emma off, and so he decides against it. He later demands from Will to make a decision on which song he wants to sing instead. When the Glee Club finally settles on [We Found Love](/wiki/We_Found_Love) for the proposal, he is involved in the number. Whilst the fellow Glee Club boys jump into the pool from the pool edge, Artie rolls into it including his wheelchair. He then gets lifted onto an inflatable chair where he spends the rest of the performance. Meanwhile he gets asked out on a date by [Becky Jackson](/wiki/Becky_Jackson), who feels connected to him since they are both handicapped. Artie thus takes her to the [The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion](/wiki/The_April_Rhodes_Civic_Pavilion) to watch him how he performs [Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash](/wiki/Moves_Like_Jagger/Jumpin%27_Jack_Flash).

    He says that he doesnt want to go out with her after that, because he had only promised her one date and considers taking her to watch his performance that one date, but Becky manages to persuade him to go eat with her at Breadstix. On one of the following days he gets confronted by his fellow Glee-Club, who say that they arent okay with him dating Becky since she is Sues protégé. Artie thus accuses them of not being accepting and defends the girl, stating that he likes her, that he had a nice time with her, and that he admires her for having a positive view of life despite being born with a disability. Becky hunts Artie down the following day and asks him to come to her house the following Friday, since she wants to take their relationship to the next base. She adds, that, as a foretaste, she sent him certain stuff. After the girl leaves him, he checks his mobile phone, only to find obnoxious stuff on it. Disenchanted by this, Artie goes to see Sue Sylvester for advice. The cheerleading coach tells him, that if he doesnt want to be with Becky anymore, he should tell her the truth, since the girl wont be able to move on unless he does so. Following that piece of advice, Artie talks to Becky and tells her that he doesnt want to be with her and can only imagine being friends with her at the most, hence leaving Becky very sad.

    ( [Yes/No](/wiki/Yes/No)) Artie is revealed to be an avid Michael Jackson fan. He recounts how he spoke his first words while watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk and swears his admiration to the king of pop again the following day in the choir room. When [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions) have a [Diva-Off](/wiki/Diva-Off) against the [Warblers](/wiki/Warblers), he sings lead vocals to [Bad](/wiki/Bad). [Sebastian Smythe](/wiki/Sebastian_Smythe)pours a slushie into Blaines vision. He explains that he is having these outbursts because he is sick of them being treated in such a fashion. He wants to take revenge on [Sebastian](/wiki/Sebastian_Smythe)so badly, he even considers using violence. He doesnt even let himself be calmed down by Will, who tries to convince his pupils that violence is not a solution. This is followed by a dream-sequence in which Artie wants to know from his mates who shares his opinion. Mike stands up for that matter, and so does Artie out of his wheelchair. Together they perform [Scream](/wiki/Scream). He is later revealed to have worked together with Santana. While the latter had visited the [Dalton Academy](/wiki/Dalton_Academy)to confront [Sebastian](/wiki/Sebastian_Smythe), Artie had a recorder prepared in her bra, which enabled them to tape the confession which Sebastian made about preparing the slushie that hit Blaine with rock-salt.

    He hopes to get Sebastian expelled from his school that way, though this doesnt happen, because [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions)agree on beating him fair. He does however confront [Sebastian](/wiki/Sebastian_Smythe) with the others later. They explain to the [Warblers](/wiki/Warblers), that they arent going to do Michael Jackson songs for [Regionals](/wiki/Regionals_(Competition)). When [Sebastian](/wiki/Sebastian_Smythe) laughs at them, he explains that there is more to doing Michael Jackson than just singing his songs and that he cant do it. In an attempt to show how it really works, he sings [Black or White](/wiki/Black_or_White). ( [Michael](/wiki/Michael)) Artie can be seen performing as a torero in the beginning during class. He next thing is present when Sue asks the [New Directions Boys](/wiki/New_Directions_Boys) whod like to father her child, though she immediately counts Artie out because hes in a wheelchair. Thereupon he angrily explains that he wasnt born with the handicap. He later engages in the choreography to [Bamboleo/Hero](/wiki/Bamboleo/Hero). ( [The Spanish Teacher](/wiki/The_Spanish_Teacher)) Arties crush on Sugar is further explored. As soon as she announces that she is having a party at Breadstix where she only wants people to attend with a date, he immediately plans to make Sugar his date.

    When Rory announces that he has the same purpose, Artie tries to make him back off, declaring that he wants the girl for himself and Rory shows a four-leafed clover. Over the next couple of days he makes several attempts to make Sugar his date. First thing, he presents her with a candy heart, but Rory outmatches that gift with a bag full of candy hearts. At his second attempt, he outbids Rory, who had a heart pillow saying BE MINE by making heart-shaped confetti rain on top of the girl when she opens her locker. At last he tries to win her by presenting her with a toy-puppy, but Rory does better once more when he gives her a real puppy. Since things look rather bad for him now, he tries to win Sugar over with a song, and performs [Let Me Love You](/wiki/Let_Me_Love_You) with the [New Directions Boys](/wiki/New_Directions_Boys) backup for her. Impressed by the song, Sugar shows him his affection by hopping on his lap and asking him to roll her to class, indicating that for now she wants Artie to be her date. Artie, however, loses to Rory in the end, when the latter manages to gain her pity by singing [Home](/wiki/Home_(Michael_Bubl%C3%A9)) and whining in front of the entire Glee Club, leaving Artie without [Sugar](/wiki/Sugar_Motta) or a date.

    He can be seen staring heartbroken at Sugar and Rory during the Sugar Shack. ( [Heart](/wiki/Heart)) Artie can be seen with the New Directions while they are discussing Sebastians blackmailing, whilst they are performing at [Regionals](/wiki/Regionals_(Competition)) and waiting for the wedding ceremony at the end. Hes there when the group discusses David Karofskys suicide attempt. When [Will](/wiki/Will_Schuester) asks the New Directions what they are looking forward to in their lives, he says, that its his dream to see his children take their first steps. ( [On My Way](/wiki/On_My_Way)) Artie helps Quinn come to terms with her new situation, which is being stuck in a wheelchair. When Finn and Rachel reunite with Quinn for the first time after her accident, Artie is by her side and seems to have become friends with her. After talking to them, Quinn prompts him to roll to the choir room with her, where they perform [Im Still Standing](/wiki/I%27m_Still_Standing). After the song, Quinn remarks how her dance moves in a wheelchair arent as smooth as Arties yet whereupon he encourages her that they will be at some stage. Later on, he practices using the wheelchair ramp with her. Quinn thinks at first that she is unable to drive up the slope, but with Arties encouragement, she does manage it.

    Afterwards, he invites Quinn to spend senior ditch day with him instead of the other seniors, saying that going to an amusement park when youre sitting in a wheelchair can be frustrating, which Quinn accepts. She even prefers doing things with Artie, although Finn wouldnt have minded taking her along with him and the others. So together they go to a skate park, which is, as Artie explains, the place where wheelchair bound kids spend senior-ditch day. Together they perform [Up Up Up](/wiki/Up_Up_Up) at the rink, while they drive around making stunts. When Artie remarks that Quinn has spent time with people in the same situation as she is in, Quinn denies it saying that she is only temporarily paralyzed. Thereupon Artie tells her that she should stop denying that she might be debilitated for the rest of her life, causing an argument. Quinn announces that she isnt him, that she isnt changing her plans for the future, and that shes going to walk again one day. She leaves Arties last question (And what if you dont? When are you going to stop resenting that this isnt really happening to you?) unanswered. ( [Big Brother](/wiki/Big_Brother)) Artie participates in the dancing competition, whose winner is rewarded with a suit similar to that John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever.

    When the sex tape of Santana and Brittany appears on the internet, Artie says to Santanas face how much he enjoyed watching it. ( [Saturday Night Glee-ver](/wiki/Saturday_Night_Glee-ver)) Artie seems to be profoundly enjoying the performances of [I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)](/wiki/I_Wanna_Dance_with_Somebody_(Who_Loves_Me)) and [So Emotional](/wiki/So_Emotional). Towards the end of the show, he is seen first with Mercedes performing [My Love Is Your Love](/wiki/My_Love_Is_Your_Love) and is later joined with the rest of the New Directions. ( [Dance with Somebody](/wiki/Dance_with_Somebody)) Artie is part of the group that wants to try and bring back Puck to McKinley to help him pass his test and graduate. When Finn explains his plan to [the others](/wiki/New_Directions_Boys), Arties role was meant to be The bait. He was meant to roll into a pool with his wheelchair to distract Puck, but since the latter walked through the door that very second, it never happened. Artie then agrees to help Puck study for the test he needs to pass in order to graduate. He can be seen later on studying with the others in the middle of the night, and tells them not to give up because they still have 9 hours to study.

    He bursts into the performance of [The Rain in Spain](/wiki/The_Rain_in_Spain) together with his friends and pulls their attention back to the subject material after the song is over. He is also there to confront Puck after he takes his test and is one person to receive thanks from him. ( [Choke](/wiki/Choke)) Artie attends the prom, but doesnt play a major part in it. His only time in the spotlight is when he performs [What Makes You Beautiful](/wiki/What_Makes_You_Beautiful) with Sam, Rory, Mike, and Joe. He gets lifted out of his wheelchair by Sam when the group receives applause from the attendees. He presumably hangs out with Rory and Joe throughout the prom since he can be seen dancing and taking a picture with them. When Puck announces that he is going to attend Rachels anti-prom, he wonders what happened to his plan to spike the punch with alcohol, for which he almost lost his teeth the year before. ( [Prom-asaurus](/wiki/Prom-asaurus)) Artie insults Tina as Rachel in the persona of Santana, sarcastically hoping that she doesnt choke on her solo rehearsal like she did on her NYADA audition. He enjoys Tina-as-Rachels [Because You Loved Me](/wiki/Because_You_Loved_Me) and kissed Mercedes-as-Brittany when Tina-as-Rachel performed that song.

    After Tina is pulled from the fountain, everything is back to normal. He is shown enjoying Rachel and Tinas [Flashdance... What a Feeling](/wiki/Flashdance..._What_a_Feeling) on the bus, sung before they set off, ready to take on Nationals. ( [Props](/wiki/Props)) [Paradise by the Dashboard Light](/wiki/Paradise_by_the_Dashboard_Light)performance. And after that, with the rest of the club he sings [Tongue Tied](/wiki/Tongue_Tied)and also sing [We Are The Champions](/wiki/We_Are_The_Champions)to Will. ( [Nationals](/wiki/Nationals_(Episode))) Artie is singing [Sit Down, Youre Rockin the Boat](/wiki/Sit_Down,_You%27re_Rockin%27_the_Boat)when Will enters the choir room, re-performing the first song the glee-club had practiced. Afterwards, he defends the song against Santana, who jokingly said that the song is ghetto. He also attends the final week of the school year. He is present when the seniors perform [You Get What You Give](/wiki/You_Get_What_You_Give)to the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, and Rachel, Mercedes, and Quinn share major interaction with him thereby. When it is the non-seniors turn and they sing [In My Life](/wiki/In_My_Life), he announces that the song is a thank you to Finn because he sacrificed and plead himself for them so much.

    Artie is present with the other underclassmen at graduation cheering on his friends that graduated. He also is at the station in the final scene when the New Directions bid farewell from Rachel. ( [Goodbye](/wiki/Goodbye)) Artie is seen being interviewed by [Jacob](/wiki/Jacob_Ben_Israel)in the beginning of the episode, and it reveals that Artie had been seen sitting with the [Cheerios](/wiki/Cheerios)at lunch, most likely meaning that he was a part of the popular crowd. When interviewed again with the rest of New Directions, he also responds I am when Jacob asked who was the new [Rachel Berry](/wiki/Rachel_Berry). Artie was chosen to pick who would be the new Rachel, and watches as [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang), [Blaine](/wiki/Blaine_Anderson), [Unique](/wiki/Unique_Adams), and [Brittany](/wiki/Brittany_Pierce)perform for the spot through [Call Me Maybe](/wiki/Call_Me_Maybe). He is present at the auditions for Glee Club, sitting next to [Will](/wiki/Will_Schuester) as the auditions go on. Later, when he enters the [choir room](/wiki/The_Choir_Room), Tina attempts to bribe him for the spot as the new Rachel, but in the end, Blaine is selected by Artie. Artie sang [Chasing Pavements](/wiki/Chasing_Pavements) with [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions) at the end of the episode.

    ( [The New Rachel](/wiki/The_New_Rachel)) When Mr. Shue announces that it is Britney 2.0 week, he has Blaine and Artie perform the mash-up [Boys/Boyfriend](/wiki/Boys/Boyfriend). They direct the performance directly at Brittany who is falling apart after getting kicked off the Cheerios. When he, Tina, and Blaine witness Brittany beating on Jacob Ben Israel with an umbrella in the hallway, they discuss intervening. Artie suggests that she probably mostly misses being in the spotlight. He suggests giving it to her, leading to her lip syncing the assembly performance of [Gimme More](/wiki/Gimme_More). Artie suggests lip syncing is a terrible idea, which the other members, aside from Brittany, agree. ( [Britney 2.0](/wiki/Britney_2.0_(Episode))) [Brittany](/wiki/Brittany_Pierce) asks Artie to be her vice presidential running mate, saying it will help him get into college. Artie points out he has a 4.0 GPA, scored a 210 on his practice SAT, and was the only handicapable member of a national championship Glee Club so he isnt worried about making it into college. Brittany attempts to compare him to FDR who she claims was also part-robot. He reminds her he isnt part-robot. She manages to convince him to run by saying he could make all of the actual decisions if she wins.

    When Brittany announces that Artie will be her running mate and [Blaine](/wiki/Blaine_Anderson) questions her motives, Artie taunts him saying he senses the taste of sour grapes from him. Artie announces the latest poll results saying 90% of those polled are intending to attend the debate, but that 90% of them are coming to see her say something stupid. He then attempts to encourage her and prep her for the debate as Brittany and Sam perform [Celebrity Skin](/wiki/Celebrity_Skin). At the debate, Artie gives a very extensive answer to the question, Who in Gods name gives a hot, wet, steamy dump about student government? Everyone is shown to become very bored by his answer, which is shown to last half an hour. When Brittanys biggest campaign promise is to ban summer vacation and weekends, he announces that they just lost the election. Artie congratulates Blaine on his victory and announces she still got out of the experience what he wanted: [Sugar](/wiki/Sugar_Motta) asked him out on a date. They will go horseback riding. ( [Makeover](/wiki/Makeover)) When Finn makes a surprise show at Glee club, Artie comments Finn Hudson in the house yo! ( [The Break-Up](/wiki/The_Break-Up)) Artie visits the [tire shop](/wiki/Hummel_Tires_%26_Lube) to see [Finn](/wiki/Finn_Hudson).

    He asks him to co-direct with him the WMHS school production Grease, in which Finn first declines, because he thinks he is a loser. Artie gives him advice, and tells him he wont take a no. Finn agrees. And then during the auditions, he is seen alongside with Finn watching [Blaine](/wiki/Blaine_Anderson) singing [Hopelessly Devoted to You](/wiki/Hopelessly_Devoted_to_You). He wanted Blaine to play the role of Danny, but Blaine doesnt want to, since he is still heart broken. Artie asks him what other role hed like to get, and Blaine answers the role for Teen Angel. As Blaine leaves, Finn tells him he doesnt feel like hes up to directing. Artie reassures him that he knows what hes doing and reveals that [Mercedes](/wiki/Mercedes_Jones) and [Mike](/wiki/Mike_Chang) are coaches for singing and dancing respectively. He is then with the coaches and co-director, to see who can play Danny, and suggests a few. When [Marley](/wiki/Marley_Rose) and [Unique](/wiki/Unique_Adams) audition with the song [Blow Me (One Last Kiss)](/wiki/Blow_Me_(One_Last_Kiss)), he and the other directors are impressed by the performance. And then, he and Finn are considering juke boxes for the play. When [Kitty](/wiki/Kitty_Wilde) and [Jake](/wiki/Jake_Puckerman) audition for the roles of Sandy and Danny with the song [Everybody Talks](/wiki/Everybody_Talks), he and the directors are again impressed.

    For the final callbacks for those who auditioned for the two main characters of the play, he is with Finn on the judges table, and they witness the performance of [Born to Hand Jive](/wiki/Born_to_Hand_Jive), which was made to test the dance ability of the auditionees. He tells a few notes in between the song. He is also part of the revealing of the cast. ( [The Role You Were Born to Play](/wiki/The_Role_You_Were_Born_to_Play)) Its time for the musical and everyone in the New Directions is busy, but before anything else, [Will Schuester](/wiki/Will_Schuester) has to make an announcement. He will be joining the Blue Ribbon Committee and will be rewriting the Arts Curriculum of the Country. This made everyone including Artie happy for Will. On the other hand, he needs to temporarily be in Washington. Will continues by telling them that he took a sabbatical and will be leaving in a week. Artie, shocked with this announcement, is puzzled by that he thought Glee Club is Wills life. Will responds to that he decided to have Finn as his replacement, which made Tina and the rest of the Glee Club to react violently. Artie, also shocked, tried to keep Tina down while holding her arm. He is seen next in [Hummel Tires & Lube](/wiki/Hummel_Tires_%26_Lube) for the musical practice.

    The reason they will be practicing there is because Sue reserved the auditorium. Finn then spearheads telling them what Glease is about and Artie agrees as to that Glease is about signing a blood oath with your brothers. The boys then join together for [Greased Lightning](/wiki/Greased_Lightning). During the practice, Artie is seen on the side with Finn appreciating the production. Since Wade cannot play Rizzos part, Santana comes over to help. Artie, being a co-director of the play with Finn, is concerned about Santana being able to perform it well since they just handed her the script. Santana assures them that she is born to play the role. After the musical, in the choir room, Artie reads the reviews they had for that night. One review says its like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel. Another review says that the directors, Finn and Artie should be headed for careers at NASA because they plucked stars and named them [Marley Rose](/wiki/Marley_Rose) and [Ryder Lynn](/wiki/Ryder_Lynn). Grease, McKinley, Bravo ( [Glease](/wiki/Glease)) Artie joins [The Secret Society of Superheroes Club](/wiki/The_Secret_Society_of_Superheroes_Club). He comes in telling [Blaine](/wiki/Blaine_Anderson) how fun it is to be there, but Blaine says that in that club his identity is Nightbird.

    Arties costume looks like Professor X from X-Men, and is warned by Blaine that he cant be that due to issues on copyright. He then declares that he is Dr. Y and he is super power is wheelies. [Dottie](/wiki/Dottie_Kazatori) comes in the meeting and tells them to go to the choir room. Somebody took their Nationals trophy and left a laptop. The idea got into Artie and wondered who leaves a laptop. The laptop reveals the Warblers have their trophy. Seated between [Sugar](/wiki/Sugar_Motta) and [Tina](/wiki/Tina_Cohen-Chang), Artie laughs at Finns idea of performing Foreigners concept. He thought Finn wasnt serious. Blaine didnt like the idea and leaves the choir room. The next scene shows [Finn](/wiki/Finn_Hudson) in a superhero costume, admitting that his initial idea was bad. Artie agreed saying it is worse than [The Night of Neglect](/wiki/The_Night_of_Neglect_Benefit_Concert). He then asks Finn who he is dressing up as and thought Finn is dressed as the bulge that makes all the gym socks disappear. Finn reveals he is the mighty Treble Clef. Artie agrees with Finns new idea and tells Tina that it is slightly a better idea. During [Ryder](/wiki/Ryder_Lynn) and [Jake](/wiki/Jake_Puckerman)s duet, after revealing their names as MegaStuds (MS), Artie asks Finn about whether MS is a degenerative nerve disease, referring to Multiple Sclerosis.

    Finn answers and tells him he thinks its a girls magazine. During [Marley](/wiki/Marley_Rose) and [Kitty](/wiki/Kitty_Wilde)s performance, he is shown avoiding Kittys whip together with the rest of the Glee Club. When Finn announces that Blaine left for the Warblers, Artie says that Blaine has been taken by the Dark Side. In the lunchroom, Artie is together with other Glee Club members lead by Ryder to defend Jake from [Phil](/wiki/Phil_Lipoff) and [Bobby](/wiki/Bobby_Surette). When Blaine and [Sam](/wiki/Sam_Evans) perform [Heroes](/wiki/Heroes), Artie is shown with the rest of the club painting a vandalized wall. The team played around with the paint and Blaine painted his back. After getting the trophy back, theyve given Finn the tools he need in a bag. Artie said that its a superhero utility belt. They huddled up, and sang [Some Nights](/wiki/Some_Nights). ( [Dynamic Duets](/wiki/Dynamic_Duets)) The alumni come home for Thanksgiving and agreed to lend a hand to [Finn](/wiki/Finn_Hudson) with preparing the club for Sectionals. Artie like the rest of the [New Directions](/wiki/New_Directions) is excited. Finn tells the club how great these alums are and tells them that they may be the next president.

    Artie replies telling them that he is not sure about that. . Being the previous National champs, a lot is expected from them. Artie thinks that any show choir that can raise the bar in five minutes deserves respect. Artie also joined practice with the rest of the boys lead by [Mike](/wiki/Mike_Chang). During show circle, the club get together and prayed lead by [Joe](/wiki/Joe_Hart) and Artie finished it with and with our righteous dance moves! Amen! The club then perform [Gangnam Style](/wiki/Gangnam_Style) on stage. ( [Thanksgiving](/wiki/Thanksgiving)) After Marley collapsed, the New Directions assembled in the choir room. [Ryder](/wiki/Ryder_Lynn) and Jake helps Marley sit on a chair in front of Artie. Artie tells them that no one in show choir competition history has anyone fainted. Because all of them left the stage, the Warblers wont he sectionals as announced by Sue as she enters the choir room with a show choir rule book. After getting the choir rooms key, Sue Sylvester imagines how the Glee Club members will cope up with what happened to them. In Sues imagination, because of their crushed dreams, Glee Club members were shown chasing other dreams. Artie is shown saying he was forced to sell his legs to science.

    During another Glee Club meeting, they discussed about the Glee Club being over. Artie tells everybody that Sugar already left. Tina then talks about what everyone else in the choir room was thinking about, and it is to blame Marley. Tina continues telling Marley that she isnt Rachel Berry and to that Artie agrees to her with Preach!. Finn convinces them that it still doesnt stop and that they can prepare for the Holiday Concert. Artie disagrees performing in front of the whole school because it will just look like a pity party since they just got off from losing sectionals. In the hallway, Artie is seen meeting Tina and Blaine in the hallway. Everyone is wearing different uniforms. Artie then tells them he joined the Marching Band and he is the Drum Lead. Finn isnt happy about what they did. He reminds Artie on how he convinced Finn to co-direct Grease. Finn also finds it hard to believe that Artie joined the Marching Band since the costume is awful. When Rachel calls Finn, she reminds him about the friendship between Artie and Puck and how they sang together. The club then gets together to sing [Dont Dream Its Over](/wiki/Don%27t_Dream_It%27s_Over). ( [Swan Song](/wiki/Swan_Song)) At the start of the episode, Artie is seen rolling down to his locker with his head down and a cut on his cheek.

    As he puts his stuff in his locker, his bag including all of his papers fall on the floor. Finn spots him and goes to help, when he asks him what happened, Artie angrily says that the janitor forgot to salt the ramp. His wheels do not have chains so he slipped backwards and tipped over on the ice. He tells Finn that it is fine and its nothing. Seeing the damage it has caused Artie, Finn takes him to the nurses office where the nurse says that he hit his head really hard. The nurse tells him to lay down while she calls his Mom. Finn offers to help him, but Artie refuses and says that he doesnt need help from anyone. Finn tries to comfort him by telling him that everyone wouldve fallen onto the ice. Artie responds to that - telling him that others wouldve gotten up instead of screaming for help. When he finally lets Finn help, he says that he wishes that he was never in a wheelchair. Artie wakes up in his dream, wearing a letterman jacket and Nike shoes. He stands beside the bed and is so happy when he finds out that he can walk. Happily, he tells Tina of the great news - only that she doesnt know what Artie was saying. Tina said it with a stutter, which confused Artie. Rory appears from nowhere and explains it to him.

    He tells Artie that Tina still stutters because they never became friends. Rory continues by telling him that he is his Christmas guardian angel and that he granted his wish. His car accident never happened which explains his ability to walk. They walk together and lead Artie to Becky. Becky calls Artie a stud and invites him to fool around since she cant get pregnant. Rory tells him that she is the schools slut now and that nobody treats her with respect. He continues by telling him that the new Artie throws losers in dumpsters. He saw a familiar group of guys pushing somebody at the lockers. He sees Kurt being pushed against a locker by: Finn, Puck, Ryder, Sam, and Mike. Artie asks them what theyre doing and Ryder tells him that theyre having fun with Little Lord Gay Boy. He stops them and tells them that they arent douchebags and they sang Lady Gaga songs. Clueless of what Artie said, Puck grabs him by his jacket, pushes him against the lockers and tells him to stop lying about them or hell break his legs. Relieved that the guys left, Artie asks Kurt why he is still there and why he hasnt graduated yet. Kurt replies, as he strap his backpack on, telling him that he missed school because of the bullying and that homeschooling set him back a year.

    Artie asks him what Blaine thinks, but Kurt doesnt seem to know who Blaine is. He hurries into Mr Schues classroom, and asks him to call for an emergency Glee Club meeting. Drunk, he tells Artie to give up the idea already. Terri rushes into the room with a baby asking Will for money. Artie notices that what she is holding is a doll. Terri tells him that Will wont notice when hes drunk, she also tells him that he looks cute. He asked where Emma is and the answer he got was that Emma is together with Coach Tenaka in Hawaii. He walks into the library and sees Rachel as a librarian. He asks her why she isnt in New York. Rachel tells him that she will be in the Lima Community Players Production of The Music Man. Artie assumed that she will at least be playing the role of Marian the Librarian, but she isnt, she is just in the chorus. Confused by all the bizarre differences having in his dreams, he grabs Rachel by the hand and asks what happened to her and to all of them. Rachel resists and pushes him. She then falls over Puck and Finn. Scared by what the guys might do to him, Artie runs away to look for Rory. He finds Rory in the auditorium. Disturbed by everything being so messed up, Artie gets further answers from Rory.

    Rory tells him that since he was too busy with football, he didnt join the Glee Club, and as it turns out, he is the glue that keeps the Glee Club together. Artie then promises to keep them all together. He goes to the choir room which is now Sues craft room and sees all the Glee Club members there. He tells them that the choir room made them all of them feel safe. He shows them what he means by singing [Feliz Navidad](/wiki/Feliz_Navidad). After the performance, Finn tells him that the performance was so gay. He comes out of the room and Rory shows him a wheelchair. Artie asks if it is his, but it isnt. The wheelchair belongs to Quinn. She was never able to walk again after the accident because there were no friends to encourage her. Quinn died eventually because of a broken heart. Artie picks up the rose on the wheelchair, smells it, and sits on the wheelchair. He is woken up by Finn who tells him his mom is there to pick him up. Artie tells Finn he could use some help getting back into his wheelchair, that he realizes for better or worse, the chair is a part of him now and has made him who he is. The segment ends with Finn rolling Artie out of the nurses office, a look of positive acceptance across Arties face.

    At the end of the episode, Marley explains how she enlisted Arties help in putting something together to thank Sue for what she did for her and her mom. Artie then sings [Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas](/wiki/Have_Yourself_a_Merry_Little_Christmas) together with Marley, Finn, Joe, Ryder, Jake, Tina and Kitty in the auditorium in front of Sue and Millie, culminating in Artie and everyone else on stage happily shouting in unison, Merry Christmas! ( [Glee, Actually](/wiki/Glee,_Actually)) Artie is first seen being pushed down the hallway by his fellow [New Directions Boys](/wiki/New_Directions_Boys). They all are nervous because it is possible that a girl will approach them in order to ask them to the upcoming Sadie Hawkins-dance at any point. During glee-club, Finn announces a Ladies Choice assignment, where the girls are supposed to perform a song and then ask a boy out to the dance. Artie is present during that scene. When Tina sings [I Dont Know How to Love Him](/wiki/I_Don%27t_Know_How_to_Love_Him) in the locker room, Sam asks Artie who he thinks shell ask to the dance, to which Artie replies that he assumes she will ask himself. Artie gives off an awkward expression when Tina asks Blaine out unexpectedly, and he rejects her.

    He can be seen swinging his arms around and dancing when the [New Directions Girls](/wiki/New_Directions_Girls) perform [Tell Him](/wiki/Tell_Him) in the history classroom. At the dance, Artie and the glee boys pay tribute to the girls and their courage to ask the boys out during the week in fear of rejection by singing [No Scrubs](/wiki/No_Scrubs). Later, when Coach Beiste encourages the [Too Young to Be Bitter Club](/wiki/Too_Young_to_Be_Bitter_Club) to find a guy to dance with, Sugar asks Artie, to which he says yes. ( [Sadie Hawkins](/wiki/Sadie_Hawkins)) The New Directions are back on track to compete for Regionals and they also got the choir room back. To raise funding for Regionals, Tina suggested they do Men of McKinley Calendar which will showcase the boy members of Glee Club. To this Artie, asked on why the girls arent included. Kitty told him and the club that girls are responsible for consumerism. Seeing everybody prepare and exercise for the shoot, Artie still doesnt seem to be enthusiastic about the idea. On his wheelchair, he watches Sam lead the Broga, or as he calls it, Yoga for Bros. He tells them that not all of them are like on the CW and some of them are more like PBS.

    He is then shown uninterested still while the rest of the guys are performing [Centerfold/Hot in Herre](/wiki/Centerfold/Hot_in_Herre). Finn offers him a high five, but he didnt high five back. In the library, Finn talks to Artie about Sues Vintage Pornography. He then tells Finn that he isnt comfortable with the calendar idea. Hes telling him that hes not comfortable about doing the calendar. Aside from that he is on a wheelchair, he is telling him that even guys have body issues and he isnt comfortable. Finn told him that its totally cool and its good that there are things that some people would still like to keep private. In the shoot Sam was acting like a jerk and Artie pretty much noticed it. In Blaines Documentary, Arties Testimonial was about Sam taking their trophy back from Dalton. Sam confronted him about his feelings on the calendar and told him that its all right if he wants to keep his shirt on. Artie, at first, didnt want to give in since it will just be him with a shirt on, but Sam said he is going to have a shirt on too. In the calendar, Artie posed for March and November. In the end, he and the whole club sing [This Is The New Year](/wiki/This_Is_The_New_Year). During the performance, Arties wheelchair is lifted up by his friends.

    ( [Naked](/wiki/Naked)) In the episode, Artie first witnesses the Divas of the club have a diva-off. He seems to enjoy Blaines performance of [Dont Stop Me Now](/wiki/Don%27t_Stop_Me_Now) too, dancing with Kitty. Later, he along with the Glee Club is surprised with Santanas return to Lima during [Nutbush City Limits](/wiki/Nutbush_City_Limits). He also watches Tina perform [Hung Up](/wiki/Hung_Up) in the schools courtyard, like everyone else, is surprised by her attitude. In the Glee Club, when Tina wins the award, Artie seems to be the happiest. ( [Diva](/wiki/Diva_(Episode))) Artie, along with New Directions, is glad that Mr. Schue is back in town, just in time for his wedding. When Emma cleans Arties locker, she tells Artie that her niece, Betty, will be at the wedding. She also says that Betty is in the wheelchair and has large breasts. Artie seems a bit taken aback and also realises that Emma is in so much stress. But Emma insists that its because it is flu season. At the wedding reception, Artie approaches Betty. but sees that she has a bad attitude, telling Artie to roll away and apologizes if she did take the last handicap spot. But he says that Emma asked him to talk to her to which she gets angry.

    Artie knows that Emma didnt tell Betty that the boy she would meet is in a wheelchair. Artie says people find him nerdy hot, but Betty says that Andrew Garfield is nerdy hot and that Artie is Stephen Hawkings brother. During the wedding, Artie is completely shocked that Sue enters rather than Emma. At the party after Emma ran away from the reception, Artie confronts Betty during [Just Cant Get Enough](/wiki/Just_Can%27t_Get_Enough), saying he knows that she has a mean attitude due to the fact that she is in a wheelchair. But Betty says shes also in the cheerleader squad and had many firsts. Artie insists on dancing with her, just one dance, to which she agrees and they dance during the song. When Finn and Rachel sing [Weve Got Tonite](/wiki/We%27ve_Got_Tonite), they roll their wheelchairs, seeming to have lighten up with each other. When all the couples go to their hotel rooms, Betty and Artie sing a few lines of the song and roll together into their room. They are later seen together, indicating that they had sex and she comments on how good he is, making him grin. ( [I Do](/wiki/I_Do)) When Will announces the Girls vs. Boys Movie mash-up he defends Sams Nicholas Cage impression against Kitty.

    He also mentions that he will be making a movie with the winning team. Artie gets asked, You really making a movie by Blaine with him confirming it as so. Finn asks Artie for help to find Ms. Pillsbury. He suggests a huge stakeout with Finn saying it would take too long. He then suggests to contact her parents which Finn agrees to. Artie joins the New Directions singing [Shout](/wiki/Shout) with Brittany and Blaine are on lead vocals. The huge dance number ends in the cafeteria. Artie tells Brittany and Blaine that it was great that they did a Boys vs Girls together; however, it was not a mash-up. Artie and Finn pose as gingers to get Emmas parents to tell them where she is. Artie tells them it is for his personal statement essay. They eventually give them her address. He is a part of the boys mash-up of [Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone](/wiki/Old_Time_Rock_%26_Roll/Danger_Zone). Sam and Blaine are lead vocalists for the number while Artie is on the Danger Zone side. While the girls sing their mash-up, Artie looks pleased with their number, often looking at Kitty. Artie is later shown performing in the group number [Footloose](/wiki/Footloose). ( [Girls (and Boys) on Film](/wiki/Girls_(and_Boys)_on_Film)) Artie, along with Tina and Blaine, confronts Will and Finn about their continuous feud that is putting a strain on the club.

    ( [Feud](/wiki/Feud)) Artie is seen in [Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go](/wiki/Wake_Me_Up_Before_You_Go-Go). [Wannabe](/wiki/Wannabe)performance, he seems to take special interest in Kitty. He then says to Kitty, Ive never seen you so... uh... happy to be part of the team, obviously wanting to say more. He is also seen in [Mamma Mia](/wiki/Mamma_Mia). ( [Guilty Pleasures](/wiki/Guilty_Pleasures)) After the gun shots fired, Artie is scared along with rest of the Glee Club. Hes dragged to the side from his chair to hide with everybody. He is making a possibly last video on his phone, in which everyone leave a tearful message to their close ones, until Sam shuts it down. At the end, he leaves a message too, saying that the Glee Club is his family. ( [Shooting Star](/wiki/Shooting_Star)) [Outcast](/wiki/Outcast). ( [Sweet Dreams](/wiki/Sweet_Dreams)) When the power is out, the students are forced to perform a cappella versions of songs. When its Arties turn, he says that he cant do it without his synth. Later, hes seen talking to Sam and suggests that Glee Club should do a song with no real instruments and is later seen taking the lead in [We Will Rock You](/wiki/We_Will_Rock_You). Before the song, after Ryder confesses that he was molested as a child by some teenage girl, Artie asks why is he ashamed of that, because he doesnt think its that bad.

    At the end of the episode, he sings in [Longest Time](/wiki/Longest_Time). ( [Lights Out](/wiki/Lights_Out)) Artie is first seen in the choir room, reacting quite enthusiastically to the fact that it was declared Stevie Wonder week in the club. After the lesson, Kitty comforts Artie in the hallway, calling him an offensive name, before pointing out that he has seemed depressed. She quickly assumes that it is because he is pinning for her, as she saw how he oogled her with his eyes during [Wannabe](/wiki/Wannabe) in Guility Pleasures Week. He quickly says that wasnt the reason, but he is depressed as when he came home there was an acceptance letter from the Brooklyn Film Academy. Kitty believes it is great news, but Artie says that hes not going and would appreciate it if she didnt tell anyone. Kitty latter performs [Signed, Sealed, Delivered Im Yours](/wiki/Signed,_Sealed,_Delivered_I%27m_Yours) in Glee Club, slightly taking Artie aback. She shares that Artie got accepted into film school, but Artie is upset that she told the whole Glee Club. He reveals that his mom is terrified of the thought of him alone in a big city, since she has taken care of him her whole life. Kitty surprisingly offers him some kind words and believes that he would excel in film school.

    When Artie arrives home later, his mother, [Nancy Abrams](/wiki/Nancy_Abrams), is in a conversation with Kitty, where it is revealed that Kitty had told his mom about the film school acceptance. She leaves, saying Artie and his mom had a lot to talk about. His mom has no fears of letting Artie go, but Artie doesnt want to leave his mom since she had done so many things for him due to his disability. He feels selfish and doesnt want his mom to be left alone. His mom says that he will adapt to New York and that she will be fine. It was his dream since he was little to do films, so she pushes him to accept that dream. She kisses him on the head and tells him not to imply she is an old hag ever again or shell tip him over. [For Once in My Life](/wiki/For_Once_in_My_Life), energizing the kids. ( [Wonder-ful](/wiki/Wonder-ful)) Artie is seen being pumped that Regionals will be at McKinley since that will give them a home court advantage. He is later seen watching Brittany giving her farewell speech, where she refers to him as the boy next door who plays with robots and she took his virginity. Artie is then seen as one of the guys leading the performance of [Hall of Fame](/wiki/Hall_of_Fame).

    Later, he receives the trophy from their victory at Regionals and is seen celebrating that, as well as Will and Emmas wedding. ( [All or Nothing](/wiki/All_or_Nothing_(Episode))) After the first glee club lesson of the episode, Artie invites Kitty to sit on his lap, which she does. They roll out of the choir room chatting, and Artie then asks her out on a date. Kitty is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees to go to the carnival with him. They then start to perform [Drive My Car](/wiki/Drive_My_Car). The song then cuts to Artie and Kitty enjoying themselves at the carnival with the rest of New Directions. Afterwards, when Kitty is asked by [Bree](/wiki/Bree) if shes going out with Artie, she claims to just be his friend. She then admits to Artie that she likes him though, and agrees to date him, but insists that they do it secretly. Artie is shown to be visibly hurt that Kitty wont admit publicly that they are dating while they perform [Youve Got to Hide Your Love Away](/wiki/You%27ve_Got_to_Hide_Your_Love_Away). This is noticed by Tina, who gets Artie to admit hes in a relationship with Kitty. He asks Tina to remain silent about it, but she still calls Kitty out during the next glee club lesson for remaining silent about her relationship out of fear of losing her status.

    Tina sticks up for Artie, who is nothing to be ashamed of, according to her. Kitty then comes clean, saying she wanted to hide her relationship status not only because she was ashamed, but also because she wanted to make sure she really liked Artie before risking her popularity at school. She then vows shes ready to make their relationship public. When Blaine announces to the club that he intends to propose to Kurt, as well as list the help of rival show choirs for the proposal, Artie claims that, though he understands Blaines idea, he thinks he and Kurt are too young to get married. He is soon convinced, and joins the performance of [Help!](/wiki/Help!), even briefly dancing with a Vocal Adrenaline member before she is pushed aside by Kitty. He can later be seen recording the other [boys](/wiki/New_Directions_Boys) performance of [I Saw Her Standing There](/wiki/I_Saw_Her_Standing_There) in black and white, true to the original music video. He is last seen participating in the performance of [All You Need Is Love](/wiki/All_You_Need_Is_Love) and celebrating when Kurt and Blaine get engaged. ( [Love, Love, Love](/wiki/Love,_Love,_Love)) Artie is in the choir room with the rest of the New Directions getting ready for another week of singing Beatles, when Sue announces he is one of the nominees for Prom King.

    After Tina declines Sam as her Prom date, Artie states that her behaviour is very uncool. Artie confronts Kitty because of the Prom posters along with the other members of the New Directions. Even though he is dating Kitty, it is shown that he doesnt believe her when she claims that it was not her who put up the posters. Later in the episode Artie is seen in the hallway talking about picking up his tux for the Prom with Blaine, and the two of them end up encouraging Sam to follow his heart and confess his feelings to nurse [Penny](/wiki/Penny_Owen). Artie goes to Prom with Kitty as his date, and looks happy to be among the people nominated for Prom King. After the incident at the Prom, he and the rest of New Directions follow Tina to the choir room and help her get cleaned up and go back to the Prom looking as a proper Prom Queen. At the end of the episode he is seen singing [Let It Be](/wiki/Let_It_Be) in the auditorium with other Glee Club members. ( [Tina in the Sky with Diamonds](/wiki/Tina_in_the_Sky_with_Diamonds)) Artie is seen singing [Seasons of Love](/wiki/Seasons_of_Love), along with the other members of New Directions, and some old members, at the beginning of the episode.

    He is seen to be saddened, when Will tells the group that they will be performing songs, in memory of Finn. Artie later performs [Fire and Rain](/wiki/Fire_and_Rain) with Sam, and back-up from New Directions. Along with the group, Artie looks at the memorial at Finns locker. During [Make You Feel My Love](/wiki/Make_You_Feel_My_Love), he is seen comforting a sobbing Tina, and is seen to be nearly crying. ( [The Quarterback](/wiki/The_Quarterback)) Artie is present at the beginning of the episode, listening to Will, as he mentions some of their competitors at Nationals. Artie says that he is a Katy, so therefore, he must sing a Gaga song for the assignment. Artie and Kitty enter the hall, and Artie asks if Kitty is still okay with dating someone who is so different. Kitty kisses him, answering yes. Becky witnesses this and has a go at Kitty. Confused by what Becky said Artie claims that he didnt sleep with her. He is present during the Gaga meeting, where Sam takes over, and asks for ideas. Artie performs in [Applause](/wiki/Applause), and is confused when Marley comes out in a Katy costume. Artie watches the performance of [Wide Awake](/wiki/Wide_Awake), and is seen happy throughout it.

    He believes that the New Directions should forfeit Nationals, when [Throat Explosion](/wiki/Throat_Explosion) tweets a number they will perform. Artie, along with the Glee Club, gets suspended for one week. He performs along with New Directions in [Roar](/wiki/Roar). ( [A Katy or A Gaga](/wiki/A_Katy_or_A_Gaga)) Artie, along with the New Directions, watch Blaines twerking video. Anticipating that this weeks assignment will be twerking Artie says its physically impossible for him to twerk, however Kitty cheekily says that she begs to differ, making Artie smile. When Sue pledges to end twerking at McKinley, Artie and the rest of New Directions are outraged. When Will incorrectly believes [Blurred Lines](/wiki/Blurred_Lines) is about blurring the lines between the past and the present and is sung by Alan Thicke, Artie tries to correct him, but is ignored. When the group sings [Blurred Lines](/wiki/Blurred_Lines), Artie has a solo. The whole school joins in, and cheers as the song comes to a close at the auditorium. When Unique performs [If I Were a Boy](/wiki/If_I_Were_a_Boy), Artie looks sad and holds Kittys hand throughout the performance. Artie and Unique are partners in Wills presentation to the school board demonstrating the jazz of the 20s.

    Will argues that dancing is harmless, and they seem impressed. Artie and the New Directions are appalled at the new portable toilet installed in the Choir Room. Artie is seen at the next meeting, where Unique says that she needs to use the toilet. Artie looks annoyed that Sue has made Unique resort to going to the toilet in the Choir Room. Later on, he enters the Choir Room, as Will rubs the board clean, and says that the twerking is over. At the end of the episode, Artie has a solo in [On Our Way](/wiki/On_Our_Way). ( [The End of Twerk](/wiki/The_End_of_Twerk)) Artie is seen excited with the assignment, explaining who Billy Joel is. He later rolls down the hallways, looking at different stalls at the Career Fair. In the mirror, Artie sees Becky, and goes up to her. Artie asks Becky what her plan for the future is, but she says she isnt going to college. Artie says that he has been researching schools for the handicapable. Sue walks in on them, and takes Artie away. She tells Artie to stop helping Becky, as she belongs as Sues secretary. Artie doesnt listen to Sue, and gives brochures to Becky, and tells her that she can even do cheerleading in college. Artie texts Becky, and tells her to make her way to the auditorium.

    Here, he sings [Honesty](/wiki/Honesty) to her. After the performance, Becky thinks that he has loved her since kindergarten. Artie says that she hasnt been honest about wanting to go to college. Becky replies, saying that shes scared everyone will make fun of her. Artie says that she will make friends, and her old ones, like him, will also look after her. Becky asks if they are friends, and he replies with always. Sue calls Artie to her office, saying that he didnt hear her that he should stop meddling in the affairs of Becky. Artie says that she should stop holding Becky back. He also says that he is taking Becky to a university tour in Cincinnati. Sue lets him, but tells him to make sure that he asks tough questions. At the university, they enter a class, full of down syndrome people. Becky enjoys watching the class, and Artie seems pleased. While Sue and Becky put up another stall at the fair, Artie walks over with Kitty. At the end of the episode, Artie sings a solo in [You May Be Right](/wiki/You_May_Be_Right). ( [Movin Out](/wiki/Movin%27_Out_(Episode))) Artie is seen in the Choir Room, playing the piano. Along with the New Directions, Artie is disapproving of Blaines ideas, and agrees that he is bossy.

    Artie is seen in puppet form during [Youre My Best Friend](/wiki/You%27re_My_Best_Friend), and during Jakes fantasy performance of [Nasty/Rhythm Nation](/wiki/Nasty/Rhythm_Nation). Artie appears with the group, opening the box full of puppets that Blaine has brought in. Artie is pleased with his puppet, commenting on the glasses. At the end of the episode, Artie has a solo in [The Fox](/wiki/The_Fox). ( [Puppet Master](/wiki/Puppet_Master)) Artie is present during Tina and Sams speech about the prize for the decorating contest, an angel. When Tina rambles on about the angel, Artie asks if they all share the prize. At the Christmas Club meeting, Beiste announces that the vice-president, Artie will speak. He says that Prinicpal Figgins has told the group to perform a Living Nativity. Later, the New Directions decorate the Christmas tree, they sing [Rockin Around the Christmas Tree](/wiki/Rockin%27_Around_the_Christmas_Tree), in which Artie sings a solo. When Sue enters to inspect the tree, Artie, along with the group, hum, which impresses her. He is seen proud when it is announced that the New Directions are the winners of the competition. At the auditions for the Virgin Mary, Artie is a judge, along with Beiste and Mr.

    Schue. Artie seems offended when Beiste says she has no show choir experience. He is seen very impressed by the audition from Tina, Marley and Unique. When Sam tells the New Directions that they are giving the angel to Becky, Artie asks if that is a good idea. He is seen performing in [Love Child](/wiki/Love_Child), singing back-up to Unique. At the end of the episode, Artie performs [Away in a Manger](/wiki/Away_in_a_Manger) with the New Directions. ( [Previously Unaired Christmas](/wiki/Previously_Unaired_Christmas)) [Whenever I Call You Friend](/wiki/Whenever_I_Call_You_Friend). When the performance comes to an end, Becky enters and tells Artie and Tina that Sue wants them in her office. Sue informs them that they are tied for Senior Valedictorian, and both are shocked. Sue then tells them that they will have to settle it, and that they will both present their speeches infront of a panel, who will choose the winner. Tina later tells him that he has to drop out, so that she can get into Brown. Artie tells Tina that everyone thinks a demon entered her body, but she says that Kitty is faking her love for him. Artie doesnt believe this, and says that Kitty does love him. Will tells the Glee club that they will have two solos at Nationals, and that the second one is to be decided.

    Tina states that she would like to sing it, but Artie says that he will like to compete with her. Will says that they should have a sing off, and the two sing a duet of [My Lovin (Youre Never Gonna Get It)](/wiki/My_Lovin%27_(You%27re_Never_Gonna_Get_It)). At the end of the performance, Tina accidentally pushes Artie out of his chair, who falls to the ground. The Glee club quickly get Artie back into his chair, while Tina apologises, but Artie rolls himself out of the room. At the speech-off, the two give their speeches. However, they both complimant each other, and both tell the panel that the other should get Valedictorian. Later on, Sue calls Artie and Tina into her office. Sue announces that the vote was a tie. She then says that the student who was rank three will be the Valedictorian, which turns out to be Blaine. In the hallways, Blaine apologies to the two, saying that he feels things are handed to him. Blaine says that instead of giving a speech, he will be singing, along with Tina and Artie. In the auditorium, the three of them sing [Breakaway](/wiki/Breakaway) as the episode comes to a close. ( [Frenemies](/wiki/Frenemies)) When Sam, Tina and Blaine perform [Jumpin Jumpin](/wiki/Jumpin%27_Jumpin%27), Artie watches.

    After the performance, he says that a quartet is a lot stronger than a duet. Later, Tina breaks down, and Sam and Blaine console her, Artie tries to join in, but is pushed away. At the end of the episode

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